Interview: Ben Arthur on the New Dubway Sessions SongCraft Series

Ben Arthur, singer/songwriter, author, and one of the team behind the new MPV SongCraft tutorials explains how these "reality-TV" style music production tutorials were born and what they'll grow into.  

Ben Arthur is a singer songwriter, and one of the team behind the popular Dubways Days projects as well as the stunning new video-tutorial series for SongCraft: Producing Lauren Balthrop. The tutorial focuses on capturing and documenting the entire creative and technical process of creating a real song. In these tutorials, Ben collaborates with a talented artist to write a song from scratch. Once written, studio owner and producer, Al Houghton, captures it. Then Mike Creore, studio owner and engineer, polishes it into a finished product. It's a novel concept and one that I'd highly recommend checking out. A genuinely unmissable tutorial for anyone interested in audio production!

During the early production stages of this title, I caught up with the multi-talented Ben Arthur to find out how this whole idea was conceived, how it works and more...

RS: Tell us about your background and your current musical projects.

BA: I've been doing the professional musician thing for 20 years now. My newest record, '

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