Welcome to a New Chapter in Learning!

Pick up these exclusive eBooks (we call them Expert Guides) and take reading on your iPad and iPhone into the 21st Century. Designed with the mobile musician in mind, these audio and video-rich eBooks will help you stay ahead of the curve!

Music Studio Essentials

Mike Watkinson

Become a Music Studio Master with this ebook packed full of tips, illustrative diagrams and 14 videos from the AskVideo.com tutorial library!

Mike Watkinson walks you through the essentials from monitoring to mic recording for guitars, vocals and drums.

Remix Essentials in Logic Pro

Mo Volans

Join Mo Volans as he takes you step-by-step on a remixing journey. Using Logic Pro you'll learn all about editing, adding instrumentation, automation, mixing and more!

This eBook includes 29 audio examples.

Mashup Essentials in Ableton Live

G. W. Childs IV

Love Ableton? Want to learn excellent production tricks? You'll love this media-rich ebook!

Explore the world of mashups and learn about beat matching, mixing, automation, stutter edits and more.