NAMM 2016: 10 Best of Show Highlights

In no particular order, here are 10 of our favourite music technology announcements / releases / overviews from NAMM 2016. Thank you for watching!  

Warning: The following highlights from NAMM 2016 are composed of my opinions. That’s right, even we have opinions sometimes! This is not a conclusive list, but is based upon what I saw, experienced and heard at the NAMM 2016 show during a haze of jet lag and excitement and... (well, what happens in NAMM stays in NAMM, but we’re more than happy to share the videos and articles from the show here).

These are in no particular order. Completely randomly compiled list. Find what you like, click it and watch the video :)

If you disagree we’re open to hearing your opinions. Drop them in the comments below!

Korg Minilogue Video: Its Creator Gives An Overview At NAMM

The Korg Minilogue analog synthesizer is already being thought of as one of the stars of NAMM 2016. Find out why in this video interview (at NAMM) with the man who created the synth!

Watch Video here


Watch Akai Pro Preview MPC Touch 2.0 BETA At NAMM 2016

Yes, my arm is in the way of the screen for most of the video. Sorry! But, there’s no denying that Akai Pro are putting some thought and development into making the MPC software seriously powerful.

We caught up with Dan Gill from Akai Professional who showed us the rather impressive beta of version 2.0 of the MPC Touch software at NAMM 2016. Warning: stunning features on show.

Watch Video here


New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Mini Synths

How can you not love this diminutive wearable synths?? They are just so damn addictive and fun to play with. In the video above Linus, the creator of the 3 new Pocket Operators explains the concept behind each one: Rocket, Office and Arcade, and provides a cool sound demo too.

Watch More here

Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Sound Demo - NAMM 2016

If you’re interested in Yamaha new flag-ship synthesizer, Montage, you’ll love this video demo from the Yamaha hall at NAMM 2016. I’m going to stop typing so you’ve no excuses not to watch the above video!

Watch Video here

Touché Expressive MIDI Controller

They teased and tantalized us before NAMM had even begun, but when we finally got a chance to try out Expressive E’s new expression controller we were impressed. And it’s not even finished or available just yet.

Read More here

Eurorack Roundup With Vermona, Pittsburgh Modular, Verbos, Mordax & Modal

All the Ask.Audio team spent a fair amount of time exploring the Eurorack section of NAMM 2016. And there are some lovely new modules on offer from Vermona, Pittsburgh Modular, Verbos, Mordax, Modal and more.

Watch Video here

Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer Overview

It’s a beast! There’s no two ways about it. The Arturia MatrixBrute looks and sounds very interesting indeed. In this video, Rebecca from Arturia gives us a tour of the new MatrixBrute.  

Watch Video here

ROLI Seaboard RISE 49

With the success of the original Seaboard RISE (25-key version which we loved it!) released just 3 months back, ROLI have released the RISE 49 with some software updates too. It’s just awesome. Has to be played to be understood.


Teenage Engineering OP-Z (Sneaky Peek)

The easiest decision I had to make at NAMM was when Teenage Engineering asked if we’d like to check out a prototype of the upcoming OP-Z audio synth with video output. 

Talking to Jonas, we learned a lot about the new OP-Z, its current capabilities, and possible price point. I think we’ll all be happy once it’s released!

Watch Video here

Universal Audio On Apollo, Unison Technology & New UAD 8.5 Plug-Ins

Perhaps not one of the biggest announcements of the show, but the quality of the UAD platform speaks for itself. Gannon from UA chatted with us about what’s new in UAD 8.5 (namely three new plugins) which we’re looking forward to checking out.

Watch Video here 


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