NAMM 2016: Eurorack Roundup With Vermona, Pittsburgh Modular, Verbos, Mordax & Modal

The eurorack section of NAMM 2016 was buzzing, quite literally! We spent a lot of time exploring the new modules from some of the bigger and smaller players in the auroral modular synth world.  

If 2015 was a big year for the Eurorack manufacturers, then 2016 looks set to be even bigger. I get the distinct feeling that eurorack, and modular synthesis in general, is becoming more accepted by the mainstream music industry. Of course, Roland's 500 series proves that point (you'll find their NAMM announcements in a separate video post on Ask.Audio). 

We spent a lot of time in the Eurorack section of NAMM talking to the manufacturers and bumping into big-name artists and performers like Richard Devine. 


Martin Sitter, CEO of Ask.Audio & macProVideo, met Vermona and even challenged Thomas to make a crunchy techno beat during the sound demo!


Steve H talked in-depth with Mark Verbos about the new offerings announced at NAMM 2016. Well worth watching:

Pittsburgh Modular

This is one of Martin Sitter's favorite eurorack manufacturers so there was never a question as to who would be doing the interview here.

Mordax Modular

Martin gets excited by the excellent data module from Mordax. It features an oscilloscope so you can see the waveform and more visuals like frequency harmonics from the entire signal output from a module or the entire eurorack system.


Paul Maddox talks about the new Modal eurorack modules based upon the core features of their 002 and 008 super synths.

You can expect a lot more eurorack and modular synth coverage, including reviews and tutorials here at Ask.Audio through 2016. Stay tuned!

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