Watch How to Create a Smart Reverb Riser In Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a complex DAW. In his MasterClass Adam 'Multiplier' Pollard shared 10 cross-genre EDM tips and tricks to help jump start your creativity. Here's one of the most impressive ones.  

To give you an idea of what the complete AskAudio Live MasterClass, 10 Cross Genre EDM Tips with Adam Pollard  has in store we've selected Tip #2 for you to check out. 

In this video Multiplier shows you how to add the frequency shifter device to a reverb return track. Then, after only a few points of automation, the reverb tail of the audio being sent to the return track acts as both reverb and riser as its frequency is pitched up over time. This combination adds more interest to an otherwise normal and overlooked element of a track. 

10 Essential Cross-Genre EDM Tips with Adam Pollard

Ableton Live has so many options it’s sometimes hard to get a handle on everything. That is why listening to a seasoned producer share their personal workflow moves and other interesting things they have discovered along the way is always a good idea. In this Masterclass DJ & Producer Adam “Multiplier” Pollard shares his top 10 cross-genre tips and tricks in Live. 

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