Rishabh Rajan Releases New EP: Cigarettes in Cinema

It's a total vibe when one of our trainers drops a masterpiece blending their insane skills and boundless creative flair. Cue up Rishabh Rajan's latest EP, "Cigarettes in Cinema"

Hitting play, this EP grabs you with its inventive spirit.

It's a journey through imagination land, but the real kicker? The production quality. We're talking tracks cooked up in Ableton Live that trick your ears into thinking this is the vinyl era reincarnated. And when I cornered Rishabh for his secrets, it all boiled down to Live's own overdrive magic and some crafty rig play, serving up that lush, gritty sound that hits just right.

Here’s the scoop.

Dive into your studio vibe for us. How did you engineer those slick drum and percussion layers?

For the acoustic drum sounds I used samples from a pack called Dead Drums. It’s a collection of drum sound recorded in a really dead environment. For the more traditional percussion sounds I’m using samples from Crypto Cipher Samples, a sample library company based in India.

How'd you dial in that unique guitar tone? Were you pushing air with amps, or keeping it digital in-the-box?

The electronic guitar parts are all recorded directly in Ableton Live and FL Studio. I usually use the stock guitar processing plugins and for the overdriven guitar sounds I’m using Guitar Rig from Native Instruments. I've also recorded some acoustic guitars, baritone, ukulele and mando-guitars. I used a stereo AEA ribbon microphone for these.

Tell us more about the title, "Cigarettes in Cinema” 

I worked on this EP in January 2024, fresh from my travels through India and Nepal. The title ‘Cigarettes in Cinema’ is a playful riffing on Bollywood's habit of including smoking advisories whenever a character lights up on screen. I also noticed people seem to smoke cigarettes a lot more in India and Nepal compared to the US. 

Which one of your courses on our platform really stands out as your favorite?

With nearly a hundred courses under my belt for macProVideo and AskVideo, singling out a favorite is a challenge. Yet, if pressed, "Moog Mother 32 Explained & Explored" stands out for me. This was my inaugural venture into camera-filmed courses, igniting a passion for creating cinematic experiences in my teaching repertoire. 


It's pure Rishabh and it doesn't get any better

Rishabh's been laying down killer tracks and creating mind-blowing courses for us for ages, truly some of the best gems in our massive collection. Now, diving into this EP? It's a must. Trust me, it's beyond cool. The vibes? Rich, electrifying. The beats? Fresh, utterly gripping. And those timbres? Absolutely stellar. You've gotta experience this auditory bliss firsthand – I can't recommend it enough. Legit, it's the freshest sound to hit my ears in ages. It's pure Rishabh and it doesn't get any better… until his next EP, that is! 

Here's where you can score this masterpiece.



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