Ableton Live Trade Secrets Revealed

Olav Basoski Releases New "Tell All" Course

It's a rare time when a producer with huge industry cred releases a collection of videos sharing the secrets of his platinum success. But Olav Basoski is no ordinary producer and has nothing to hide! He knows that it's really the music that rules and these production tips are designed to enhance tracks not create them.

Even more in-depth production tips

In this new course, More Advanced Ableton Live Hacks, Olav follows up on his wildly success full Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course with even more in-depth production tips: the very same ones that power his chart topping productions.

More Advanced Ableton Hack Cover

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Olav Basoski brings a slew of crucial technical production skills to every one of his dance tracks. After the release of his Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course, he received requests for even more tips and tricks from him.

Here's what's in the course

The course starts by exploring various compression and sidechaining techniques: shaping the sound of your sidechain signal, ducking specific frequency ranges, using sidechain compression on the master, and how to combine these techniques. Olav then explains tricks to create vinyl stops and scratching effects using Live's built-in plugins. In the next two sections, you discover the secrets of creating multi-tap and pitched delay effects, and lots of MIDI editing and performance tips to improve your workflow and boost your creativity. You also learn how to make deep sub bass translate well on small speakers, a cool Haas effect widening trick, and even more tips!

1 Introduction

2 Sidechain Shaping

3 Sidechain Masterbus

4 Sidechain Combined

5 Sidechain Envelope Follower

6 Vinyl Stop

7 Scratching

8 Multitap Delay

9 Pitched Delay

10 Focus Button

11 Link Tracks

12 CPU Meter

13 Record Arpeggiator

14 Record MIDI Chords

15 Scales Hack

16 Correct Accidentals

17 Draw Mode Pitch Lock

18 Haas Effect for Width

19 Not Group in Folder

20 Bass Saturation

21 Tuning One-Shots

Olav loves sharing his knowledge with other producers. So join him in this course now, and take your Ableton Live skills to new levels

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