Ableton Live Hacks!!

Ableton Live already offers an amazingly quick workflow, but guess what? It’s possible to speed it up even more, as you’ll discover in this new Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course.  

No wonder Ableton Live is one the most popular DAW around... Thanks to its fast and effective workflow, it's quite easy to get started producing music with it, but once you get more experienced, you can learn ”hacks” to speed  things up even more. In this Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course, famous house producer Olav Basoski packs his favorite tricks in a course specifically designed to make you a better Live producer.

21 Ableton Live Hacks You Need to Know

At Nonlinear Educating, we’re always happy when Olav Basoski creates a new course. Not only is he an amazing producer with years of experience, but he’s also an incredible teacher who loves sharing his wealth of knowledge with others. With a really down-to-earth approach, Olav has the ability to make you feel like you’re in the studio right next to him. This is exactly what he does in this 21-tutorial course…

AskVideo Ableton Live Advanced Hacks course

Drum Rack Workflow 2.0

Here’s one Drum Rack trick, taken from the course.

As you surely know, the Drum Rack is a powerful device for creating beats. Drag up to 128 sounds into its MPC-style pads, and you’re ready to rock. However, all Drum Rack sounds are triggered and mixed on the same track, which is not always desirable. More often than not, you’ll want to send some elements of your drum kit to separate tracks for greater flexibility when arranging and processing. You may need to give the kick its own compression and EQ settings, add reverb to the clap only, saturate the snare independently, etc.

One (tedious) way to do that, would be to duplicate the track with its drum rack, delete the element you want to isolate from the original MIDI clip and then solo it on the duplicate track. But there must be a faster and better way, right?

In the tutorial below, taken from the Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course, trainer and producer Olav Basoski discusses this topic, and reveals how to greatly speed up the process with one simple trick.

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This is just an example of the kind of trick you will learn in this course. There’s a lot more to discover. Clear and straight to the point, each tip included in this 21-tutorial course is designed to boost your Ableton Live skills and make you work faster and better. So watch it now, and get ready to ignite your Ableton Live skills! 


Watch Ask.Video's Advanced Ableton Live Hacks course.

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