Unlock the Power of Ableton Live's Simpler & Sampler!

Are you looking to supercharge your Ableton Live production skills? Check out this 21-tutorial course on Ableton Live's Simpler and Sampler instruments, led by Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck.

Ableton Live's Simpler and Sampler devices are two powerful tools for creating and manipulating samples. Whether you're a pro or just getting started with Live, these sampling tools are perfect for creating intricate and distinctive sounds that are uniquely yours. Taught by seasoned music producer Thavius Beck, this course will show you how to master these 2 sampling beasts. It covers everything you need to know, from the basics of sound design to advanced techniques for manipulating samples...

Your trainer Thavius Beck (photo credit: Monifa Perry)

Your trainer Thavius Beck (photo credit: Monifa Perry)


Ableton Live Simpler

Thavius starts by looking at Simpler, a classic-style sampling instrument. You learn to easily slice samples, pitch them up and down, loop them, stretch them, filter them... Simpler is perfect for quick sound design work, but don't be fooled by its name because, as you'll see, it can do a lot. It even has features not available in its bigger brother, Sampler.


Ableton Live Sampler

Sampler is a more advanced instrument that allows you to create complex and layered sounds from multiple samples. Thavius shows you everything about it... You learn about Key Zones, Modulation, Waveshaping, all that good stuff! You even learn to do Frequency and Amplitude Modulation synthesis (FM and AM) on audio samples.

Simpler and Sampler Explored

AskVideo Ableton Live Simpler and Sampler Explored

So if you want to truly master Ableton's Simpler and Sampler, or if you want to learn some cool sample playback techniques, check out this course by Thavius Beck now! Let's get your sampling skills to the next level!

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