Using an Input Channel Strip in Logic Pro 9 to Record Audio with Software FX

What are the benefits to recording the fx direct to audio recording in Logic or any DAW? Why would you want to do this and how would you set it up? Jay Asher talks the theory and shows you how!  

The title begs the question, why would I want to do that? There are two philosophies about this that go back to the hardware world.

If you are recording singers and instrumentalists through compressors or reverbs, at that point it is a non-removable part of your audio files. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on the circumstances and your point of view. Obviously, if you are recording multiple parts and simply do not have enough of the desired hardware, you may have to do this. Back in their early days, The Beatles recording consoles and tape machines were limited and so they recorded virtually everything through a compressor, usually an Altec or a Fairchild, and I think it is fair to say that history has already decided that the result was pretty good.

That said, I used to work with two engineers with very different philosophies. Engineer number one used to say to me, 'I know very well what the sound is like recording through my specific compressor and I not only am willing to live with the resulting sound, I WANT that sound.'

Jay is a Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter, arranger and orchestrator, conductor, keyboardist, as well as vocalist. As a composer, he is best known for scoring the New World Television series Zorro. Among the films and TV movies he has arranged, orchestrated and/or conducted are Paramount Pictures' Blame It On Rio Read More


Great little tutorial. Everything wonderfully explained, the pics are very helpful.

I don't know if I will ever use it, but I learned something more about Logic I didn't know before.

Thank you!
Jay Asher
Glad you found it interesting.
Dave DeLizza
Nice tutorial, but can you explain the difference in just using an aux track on the input and bussing to an audio track? Seems like less clicks and not needing to do environment work. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Always look forward to your tuts though.
Jay Asher
Latency? So you're saying the IC strip has a different latency-profile than the Aux/Bus method? If so, very good to know (and makes this a key little tut--thx!)
Dave DeLizza
Cool. So, will an input strip not have latency, yet you can still monitor with fx? Or will it just have less latency than you would with aux>audio?
Great article, Jay. Thanks!

I almost went this route months ago, but then I read MPV's aux track/bussing technique in this article "Tracking with Dynamics Processors in Logic Pro" and have been using it every since.

It's much simpler and I don't have to enter, as Jay puts it, "the dreaded Environment". I will, however, follow Jay's instructions to give this a try.

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