The latest music controller from Akai Pro is a sub $100 compact battery-operated, wireless bluetooth USB MIDI keyboard controller. GW Childs finds out if it presses his buttons.  
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What's the latency when connecting wirelessly?

Thank you!
I recentst purchased the Lpk25 wireless.
I love this small keyboard especially in combinaties with my ipad because connecting iT is a breeze and it is extremely portable.

Onlusten one thing frustratie the hel out of me and i can't get it solved and i'm looping for help: i connect this keyboard over Bluetooth to the ipad for example Garageband (or any other app that support midi and midi sync out) and i put the Lpk25 wireless in external sync it just don't get the midi clock signal !

I double checked my apps and they are configured correctly to send midi clock out.
I can't play the arpegiator because it doesn't recieve a midi clock (at least so it looks)

What am i doing wrong ????

Pls help !

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