Watch A Tour Of Roland's Ultra Portable Boutique JX-03 Synth

Roland's affordable and ultra-portable Boutique JX-03 is endless fun. Watch Rishabh Rajan's quick overview to learn your way around its controls.  

Roland's Boutique synths are miniature marvels: the sound of classic Roland instruments in a truly portable package, with a host of extra modern functionality thrown in! This three minute video from synth expert Rishabh Rajan gets to the heart of how the JX-03 generates its sounds, walking you through the signal flow from the oscillators on to the filters and other stages all helpfully laid out on the front panel. 

Although the JX-03 is endlessly creative and hands-on, this video shows you everything you need to know to get started, explaining what each section of controls actually does and what they can be used for. So check it out for a great overview and then watch the other videos in the course to learn all the detailed ins and outs of this cool synth, and you'll be an expert in no time!

Watch the full course Roland Boutique 102: JX-03 Explained and Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Roland Boutique 102: JX-03 Explained and Explored

How can something so small be so cool? Leave it to Roland to figure it out with this JX-03 addition to its Boutique line of synths! This course, by our favorite synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan, digs beneath the JX’s classic faceplate and excavates every synth secret this instrument has buried in its unique, retro design.

First you learn about this Roland synth’s proud heritage. Then Rishabh takes you knob-by-knob and button-by-button through the JX-03’s synth engine. He explains how it relates to the original JX-3P and all the new and extraordinary features that this modern remake introduces to the signal path. Learn all about the synthesis architecture including DCOs, VCAs, cross modulation and onboard effects. The sequencer comes next with a couple of in-depth tutorials on its programmable note, gate, rate, tie and range controls.

To complete this course, Rishabh takes you through some cool sound design workshops where all the knowledge of the previous videos come together to build some pads, organs and lead sounds! Learn all the Roland Boutique synths in our ever-expanding course library!

Watch the full course Roland Boutique 102: JX-03 Explained and Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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