We see the word "unique" used for many instruments. But Eclipse from Wide Blue Sound really deserves that term. Using an "orbital synthesis engine", Eclipse offers huge sounds and a fresh concept.  

What Is This Thing, Exactly?

Wait, That’s It?

That DOES Sound Big 



Matt Vanacoro is one of New York's premier musicans. Matt has collaborated as a keyboardist in studio and on stage with artists such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel Band), Aaron Carter, Amy Regan, Jay Azzolina, Marcus Ratzenboeck (Tantric), KeKe Palmer, C-Note, Jordan Knig... Read More


Nathan Rightnour
Thanks for the fantastic review Matt!

We invite everyone to come visit us at www.WideBlueSound.com, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

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