Version 1 of WaveDNA's Liquid Rhythm was pretty impressive. When Liquid Music arrived we were also impressed by its potential. Now in version 1.6.1 AfroDJMac digs in to see what all the fuss is about.  

Brian Funk aka AfroDJMac is a musician, producer, and Ableton Certified Trainer. He runs a music production blog where he shares his knowledge, explorations, and creations. Brian teaches Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live and gives live performances and educational seminars. Read More


ugh workflow/..... the most OVERUSED word in music-ware circle and a good way to lose me (especially) in the first sentence?! anyway nice article (thanks) as you end this by saying what you shoulda ssssaid in the first place "I think of it as an inspiration machine."...which is WHY any musician (but the most cold-blooded professional) should BUY ANY gear....and even most pros are always seeking INSPIRATION....and IDEAS! if something doesn't INSPIRE ME then screw everything else. i don't want to be brilliant FASTER, or sound harder FASTER....or more glippy or gloopy....or oooh even deeper or HOUSE-IER FASTER. i just wanna BE INSPIRED... inspired to make music, have fun making music, making music i didn't make LAST WEEK...(which everyone else will be making next week snort ). LIQUID MUSIC makes inspirational gear....if you're worried about cheating then don't buy the gear (would be my advice).....if you can make buckets sound good then you can make a cheating-machine honest. in the early days drum-machines were cheating....and yes quantizing also (as you stated in the article) >>>EVEN WORSE YET record-quantize....and the biggest crime of all...STEP_RECORD! haha...i enjoyed LIQUID MUSIC's last drum-machine...a bit quirky to figure out but fun, inventive to say the least. i like hearing how WAVeDNA has put some thought into how to make this device easy to learn. that's always good...PLUS anytime you can drag your midi onto your DAW you have A VERY USEFUL TOOL....oh hell workflow here we come...ta : P

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