Producing Bass House? Here's How To Get the Bass To Stand Out

Bass House is a genre where your bassline has to be the centre of attention. Watch Adam Pollard (aka. Multiplier) explain how to capture your listeners' ear and keep them interested.   

Bass House is one of the few genres of music where your bassline not only carries the track forward but has to be prioritised above other elements of the track. The clue is in the name! In this video taken from the complete course, electronic producer Adam Pollard explains how to approach this unusual method of composition and mixing, where other elements of the track are there to complement and support the bassline. 

Unlike in House or Tech House where the percussion does a lot of the driving, you will learn how in Bass House your bass part has to be at the forefront. Adam explains how to create and mix bass sounds that are suitable for this particular genre of electronic music. In other videos in the course, Adam goes on to show you how to mix and process your bass tracks as well as how to avoid common programming and mixing mistakes. 

Watch the complete Dance Music Styles: Bass House course here

About Multiplier's Bass House Course

How many Dance Music styles are there out there? Well, you’ll find out because Multiplier will likely cover them all! Join Adam in this exploration of Bass House and add this genre to your dance music arsenal. Produce Bass House now!

If Dubstep and House music got together and had an offspring they’d name it, Bass House. In this Dance Music Styles course, Multiplier AKA Adam Pollard dissects this genre and reveals all the juicy electronic innards that make it work.

In his enthusiastic way, Adam explains Bass House's defining features, common themes as well as its arrangement and structure. Next up, Adam leads you into the world of sound design where Bass is in the lead. You also learn all about the precision elements and those wet and dry sound interplay that adds excitement to the mix. Then, you get some of Adam’s very cool production techniques and tips and tricks to make your Bass House tracks really stand in the clubs.

Watch the complete Dance Music Styles: Bass House course here



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