Inside Novation: Launchpad Pro Controller from Concept to Completion

Novation's Launchpad is an iconic music controller for Ableton Live and other hardware and software. We talk to Olly Burke, product manager, on how the Launchpad Pro was created & designed on video.  
The Novation Launchpad is one of the most (if not the most) popular controller for Ableton Live out there. Since its launch it's been improved upon and the soon to be released Launchpad Pro is likely to be a hit also.

But why? What makes the Novation Launchpad range so popular? What has inspired the designers of the Launchpad Pro? How important is Ableton Live to the design of the Launchpad Pro? How was the Launchpad Pro conceived? How did it grow and develop into what it is now?
If you're interested in the above questions, then read on...
Novation invited me to their HQ outside London, UK to chat with product manager, Olly Burke. In this fascinating video interview Olly reveals a number of elements that helped them decide on the path of the Launchpad range and how they design and test designs for the Launchpad. He also mentions certain directions they are looking to push into for future versions of this iconic controller.

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More info about the Novation Launchpad Pro can be found here.

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