NI Releases Kontakt 5.8 Update With Improved Library Management

Get better control over organising, searching and managing your installed Kontakt libraries with this new update, free for all Kontakt users via Native Access.  

Great news for Kontakt users - Native Instruments has just released an update to its flagship sample-based instrument and it's free to download now via your Native Access application. 

Kontakt 5.8 includes the following improvements:

  • Much-requested improvements to the Libraries tab: Alphabetical sorting and text search allow for quicker navigation.
  • The virtual keyboard now automatically resizes to match rack widths higher than the default.
  • It also adds a number of optimizations, enhancements, and features for developers, plus fixes for a number of rare but troublesome bugs. 

The new Library sorting and searching features will be very welcome for anyone with more than a couple of installed libraries, to save lots of time spent scrolling down long lists. Grab your update today!

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