Befaco Instrument Interface Overview Video

If you're interested in bringing audio via mics and other instruments into your modular synth setup you need to check out Beefaco's Instrument Interface. Scott Riesterer shows you why and how.  

Scott Riesterer takes a look at the Befaco Instrument Interface. This is an input module which allows you to connect microphones, synths, drum machines, electric guitars and basses to your modular synth. Additionally, it provides a number of CV outputs and controls to allow you to use these input signals to dynamically control your patches. He provides a few examples of how you can put it to use.

There's lots to love about the Befaco Instrument Interface and Scott does a great job of showing a lot of what this module is capable of.


  • Neutrik combo input
  • Phantom power selector
  • Input impedance selector
  • Separated Audio en envelope level controls.
  • Envelope follower with atack and decay control
  • Gate and trigger extractor with threshold selector.

Learn more about the Befaco Instrument Interface here:

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