How To Use Arturia Moog Modular V's Powerful Onboard Sequencer

Modelling the classic Moog hardware means Modular V's sequencer works a little differently to some others. Rishabh Rajan shows you how it works and explores its many abilities...  

Arturia's Moog Modular V is a great-sounding virtual recreation of a genuine classic, and a good way to get Moog sounds without the huge expense of owning a real hardware model. In this short video from the course Arturia V 202: Moog Modular V Advanced, synth expert Rishabh Rajan delves into the workings of the instrument's sequencer section, which allows you to create authentic Moog sequences and patterns inside the synth itself.

Since it models the classic hardware, the sequencer on the Modular V isn't like the kind of grid-based note input models you might be familar with. Instead, it uses various voltage dials in combination with assignments in other areas of the synth to work its magic. You'll see an explanation of how to assign the sequencer to different sections as well as practical examples of creating sequences using different kinds of patterns. Check out the rest of the videos for much more on the advanced capabilities of Moog Modular V!

Watch the full course Arturia V 202: Moog Modular V Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here

Arturia V 202: Moog Modular V Advanced

Arturia’s Moog Modular V emulates all the complexities and nuances of the legendary Moog Modular series and then some! With its arpeggiator, Bode frequency shifter, ring modulator, and sample & hold modules, this soft synth truly offers limitless sound design possibilities. But like any modular synth, you have to know what you’re doing!

In this course, synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan carefully explains Moog Modular V’s advanced modules and features. He starts with a detailed look at the sequencer, explaining all its functions and peculiarities. Next, you learn how to use the very rare and sought-after 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter and how to create speech-like, vowel sounds using the Formant Filter. Rishabh also covers the Ring Modulator, Trigger Delay, Sample & Hold Envelope Follower modules, effects and a lot, lot more!

So join sound designer Rishabh Rajan in this advanced 17-tutorial course, and supercharge your brain with some advanced modular synthesis knowledge!

Watch the full course Arturia V 202: Moog Modular V Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here

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