How To Customise Any Drum Kit In Toontrack Superior Drummer

Swap out any drum sound for a different instrument or articulation to fully customise your kits. Matt Vanacoro shows you how it works in Superior Drummer 3.  

There's never been a better time to make authentic beats for your productions and one of the best ways to do it is with a sample-based drum monster like Superior Drummer. In this short video from the course Superior Drummer 3 101: More Killer Drums, Matt Vanacoro shows you how to swap out individual drum elements to tailor your kit and create unique rhythm parts. 

By simply right clicking on any drum in the graphical drum display you can quickly access a list of alternative sounds to assign to that drum. As well as alternative sounds you can also use different articulations of the same drum for another feel altogether. Explore the creative power of Superior Drummer 3 with this and the other videos in the course, and make better beats!

Watch the full course Superior Drummer 3 101: More Killer Drums in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

Superior Drummer 3 101: More Killer Drums

Recorded at the extraordinary Galaxy Studios in Belgium by award-winning engineer George Massenburg, Superior Drummer 3’s 230 GB drum sound library is really one of the best around. But more than just a drum library, SD3 offers an incredible number of features to create perfect drum parts every time. In this course, Matt Vanacoro demystifies every element of this drum powerhouse.

Matt starts the course by explaining how to properly manage SD3’s gigantic sample library, depending on your computer setup. Next, he explains how to set up the Audio & MIDI preferences, and he gives an overview of SD3’s four main sections. If you’re lucky enough to have an electronic drum kit (such as a Roland V-Drum), Matt reveals everything you need to set it up with SD3.

Moving on, you learn about the different kits, how to load them, how to preview and swap kit pieces, and how to tweak the sounds and create your own kits. You also discover how to stack kit pieces, import your own samples, and how to use alternate sticks and brushes. Continuing with the course, Matt covers important topics such as using the mixer, routing drums through busses, using effects, building complete songs with grooves, automation, macros, and a lot more!

So get your groove on with Superior Drummer 3, and take your virtual drumming to the next level with Matt Vanacoro!

Watch the full course Superior Drummer 3 101: More Killer Drums in the Ask.Audio Academy macProVideo | Ask.Video

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