Creative Recording Tips: Tracking & Comping Different Ideas Using Takes in GarageBand

GarageBand is more powerful than many producers give it credit for. Maybe because it's free with every Mac? Here's how to record different takes in one session and then comp them for perfect results.  

In the video below, from GarageBand 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide, Matt Vanacoro shows how to use Cycle mode to record multiple versions of a part which can be as similar or different as you wish. These are known as “takes”. 

Essentially cycle recording works by allowing you to record over a new or existing section. Every time you record over the existing section GarageBand intelligently mutes that performance so you only hear what you’re playing and not what was already recorded.


Then with “Frankenstein” as his inspiration, Matt shows how to combine different sections of each take to create a composite (or comp) of the recording. 

It wasn’t many years ago that recording takes and comping was introduced into Apple’s flagship DAW, Logic Pro. It’s inclusion in GarageBand means that everyone has access to powerful music recording and editing tools. Very cool indeed.

Selecting takes in GarageBand is easy once you know how.

Selecting takes in GarageBand is easy once you know how.

This is just one video from a full course by Matt Vanacoro: GarageBand 101: Absolute Beinner’s Guide. There’s 39 video tutorials in the full course and you can subscribe and watch it in The Ask.Audio Academy here.




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