Behringer Model D Video Review

Here's a really good video review of the Behringer Model D analog synth, clone of the the Moog Minimoog Model D. There's so much to love about this $300 synth and some points to be aware of too.  

Loopop is back with an extensive review and feature demo video of the Minimoog clone, the Behringer Model D. Weighing in at $299 this three-oscillator analog synthesizer is incredible in its own right. As a clone of the original Moog Minimoog D, it's stunningly good.

Loopop starts with some cons about the Model D which includes the extra features and capabilities of the very soon to be released semi-modular Neutron synth (also from Behringer). We've got an in-depth video and preview of the Neutron here.

Here's the video review of the Behringer Model D by Loopop:



The Behringer Model D is an homage (or clone, depending on your point of view...) to the classic and legendary Minimoog Model D. Behringer's main achievement, aside from creating a faithful and great sounding synth, is pricing it at $300. In this video I review some of the "cons" of this synth, and the many "pros" that make it a very enjoyable synthesizer, including three oscillators, a classic ladder filter, 5 modulation sources, two envelopes, two LFOs and a small but capable set of patch points. 

Check out the Behringer Neutron semi-modular analog synth (available end of April) here:



Interestingly, Uli Behringer yesterday revealed yesterday that orders of the Model D have been phenomenal. They've made "10,000 Model D’s but we still have another 15,000 to go. With the rate the orders are coming in, we’re not even sure by when we will be able to catch up." So, yes, in case you were wondering the Model D has been popular. Some simple math points to revenue generated from Model D as $7,475,000 USD. Not too shoddy. We expect at the $300 price point profit might not be veyr much at all.


If you want to delve deeper and learn eveyrthing you need to know for sound design with the Moog Minimoog Model D, check out our full course:

More Loopop videos:





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