Watch How iZotope Neutron's Mask Helps When Mixing Sub Bass & Kick That Clashes

Watch iZotope's Neutron in action. This AskAudio Mixing & Mastering MasterClass features Lead Product Specialist Evan Allen mixing a Track with Neutron.  

Neutron is a bit of a game changer and it is no surprise that the heavy weights at iZotope are the ones delivering it. The track assistant and masking features could very well set the standard for the mixing plugs to come. It was great when we got to sit down for an hour with lead product specialist Evan Allen for an overview of the new and exciting features. 

Included in this MasterClass are in-depth demonstrations of the highly regarded Masking feature and the Track Assistant. The show doesn’t stop there though. 

Allen takes us through a real world mixing experience where he talks about dynamic EQing, relative EQing, static EQing, finding & fixing frequency clashes, transient shaping, vocal processing, adding color via saturation and much more. 

In this highlight video from the complete course, we get the first look at the masking feature and some of its functionality. Using the dual EQ display and with the masking feature activated we can gather actionable information about where the sub bass’s frequencies are interfering with the kick’s. Adding a bell EQ filter node to the problem area highlighted by Neutron and rolling off some of the gain on the bass EQ we easily make room for the kick to breath in the low-end spectrum. 

Watch the complete video Neutron Masterclass video here.


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