In this 5 minute video tutorial, Joe Albano explains how and why it's important to avoid the common mixing mistake of hard panning.  

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Guillaume Paillotin
I disagree so much about this article. Lots of big mixers like Andrew Sheps works in LCR, nothing between. And it gives you extra large stereo image. then, the deal is to create different spaces in the mix playing with phases on stereo...that's a real issues of techniques used by big mixers..To learn to students never to hard pan is the best way for them to never find the graal.
Are those your EARS
I wouldn't dismiss any approach out of hand. LCR is a tool you can add to your arsenal. What's true above all else, I find, is that every arrangement won't readily lend itself to being mixed this way. At the end of the day, it really becomes about what's best for the song. I've breathed new life into some of my old mixes with this technique.

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