CloudBounce Online Mastering Now Integrated Inside Tracktion

There are a number of online, automatic music master gin services available. CloudBounce uses machine learning for high-quality mastering and is now available at a low price for Tracktion T7.  

HELSINKI (August 22, 2016)

CloudBounce, the cloud-based mastering platform serving amateur musicians, announced today a partnership with Tracktion Corporation and their flagship T7 Digital Audio Workstation. With this first DAW to integrate with CloudBounce platform, T7 users are getting direct in-app access to mastering anytime, anywhere. Mid-session mastering provides invaluable perception for users to finalise mixes, and now all music producers have an opportunity to reach commercial level results with an affordable price point of $4.90 per hi-res master and $29.90 per month for mastering infinite amount of tracks.  

Tracktion T7 is an innovative single-screen music recording app that’s feature-packed, has gentle learning curve and yet remains affordable. Their team’s passion to serve the audio community with outstanding but accessible products is shared in the CloudBounce camp. “Mastering has a very important role as the last creative step to give a track its signature properties and to enhance the audio quality. With a similar vision about helping the ever growing amateur musician segment, bringing our technologies together complementing the T7 in-app production chain, is a logical step forward for both of us”, says CloudBounce CEO Anssi Uimonen. 

“Through partnering with Tracktion, we want to show our belief in the leading edge mastering technology, and offer Tracktion T7 users a chance to reap its benefits firsthand. We can already say that autonomous mastering is here to stay, co-existing with traditional mastering, and providing the most flexible, valuable tool during every phase of the creative process”, Uimonen continues. As Dave Rowland, Tracktion’s lead DAW developer puts it, “a built-in mastering capability of this caliber, offered at such a breakthrough price, gives T7 users the ability to do true mid-session mastering. This brings invaluable insight toward the finished sound of a recording – eliminating a lot of guesswork.” 

CloudBounce integration in Traction T7 DAW is seamless.

CloudBounce integration in Traction T7 DAW is seamless.

Tracktion Lead Developer Dave Rowland, CloudBounce CTO Pekka Jääskeläinen and Mr Uimonen collaborated seamlessly to develop a fully customized integration into the flagship T7 workstation. Unobstructed team communication via Slack was integral in achieving the desired outcome. Tracktion users gain access to mastering by simply selecting “Master With CloudBounce” option inside the T7 user interface. Downloading the final master in multiple hi-res formats is only 2 clicks away, provided the user has already a rendered stereo audio file ready for mastering. 

Another service to integrate the CloudBounce mastering API is the London-based Rotor Videos. Rotor Videos offer musicians an easy and automated way of creating beautiful music videos that are synced and cut to their songs. “We're looking forward to being able to provide the CloudBounce technology for our customers. It's important for us to only offer services that can add real value to the user experience and we've found that the CloudBounce mastering engine is superior to the competition. That's why we're happy to benefit from integrating their audio processing tools into our web app", states the Rotor Videos founder and CEO Diarmuid Moloney regarding the upcoming integration. The integration will be launched live in November 2016.

About CloudBounce:

CloudBounce is the music tech startup delivering high-quality cloud-based audio mastering for amateur musicians, bands and sound designers already in over 60 countries. Driven by passion, CloudBounce brings the algorithm based mastering technology to the previously underserved segment of music producers. CloudBounce is also a proud member of the Abbey Road RED incubator. For more information, please visit:

About Tracktion: 

Tracktion is the world's fastest and easiest way to compose, record, edit, mix and share your music. For more information, please visit:

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