Watch These Music Robots Play Miles Davis-Inspired Jazz

If you've ever wondered what robots playing (and dancing to) a Mile Davis-Inspired composition would look and sound like, then you're in for a treat.  

The past few years there's been significant advances in terms of AI (artificial intelligence) in the music technology world. Take a look at WaveDNA's Liquid Rhythm and even Logic Pro X's Drummer. But Georgia Tech Ph.D student, Mason Bretan, has been imagining up something altogether more tangible. There are two types of music theory intelligent robots in this video. Shimon listens to and generates sounds, and three Shimi's generate dance routines based on the music being played and can play their own music too.

How technology like this will impact our music production software in the future is literally mind-blowing... imagine real-time accompaniment in [your DAW here] whilst jamming out ideas... 

Here's the video followed by the full description of the project from Georgia Tech College:

Jan 16, 2015 | Atlanta, GA'"A Georgia Tech student has surrounded himself with a team of dancing robots and an improvising, marimba-playing bot to collaborate on an original, Miles Davis-inspired composition. Mason Bretan, a Ph.D. candidate in music technology, plays the drums, guitar and keyboard. A robot named Shimon listens to the sounds, then generates music on a marimba using its computational knowledge of jazz theory and improvisation. At the same time, a trio of Shimi robots autonomously generates dance choreographies based on a joint analysis of the music and a self-awareness of their physical constraints and abilities. The Shimis also play their own complementing music, based on a combination of Bretan's original compositions and improvisational algorithms. The six-minute, high-energy funk piece is called 'What You Say'

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