Watch SynthStrom Audible Deluge Synth & Sequencer In Action

Ian Jorgensen from SynthStrom Audibe contacted us to let us know about the new video walk-throughs for their much anticipated Deluge synthesizer, sequencer and sampler.  

October 18th seems like just yesterday. That's when we announced the upcoming SynthStrom Audible Deluge machine. You can read more about the features etc here.

In a nutshell, Deluge is a hardware synthesizer, sequencer and sampler with 128 RBG pads, plenty of knobs, and a lot of really appealing features. 

Synthstrom have begun releasing a bunch of videos. These include an extensive in-depth 90 minute walkthrough playlist of Deluge! While the audio recording isn't pristine, these aren't intended as showcase videos, more tutorials to show what Deluge is capable of. 

Here's the complete walk through playlist: 

Here's the latest 3 videos (which are a lot shorter and more accessible if time is an issue): 

Time stretching and pitch shifting with Deluge: 

Here's how to use a single sample to create all sorts of sonic mayhem (in a good way): 


Pricing: Aside from the fairly hefty early-bird / "rush me a Deluge" price. If you're prepared to wait a month or so, you can pick up one of these beasts for: $780 USD  /  £640 GBP / €720 EUR. Check the website for pricing for your location.




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