Watch Arturia BeatStep Pro Sequencing 10 Analog Synths and Ableton Live, Now Available

Arturia's Beatstep Pro is more than an upgrade of the original Beatstep. The good news is it's now available and you can watch this excellent video showing it in action controlling 10 analog synths!  
'BeatStep Pro is fast, inituitive, and I can incorporate it into any situation. It's the missing link for all the pieces of equipment that I own.'

- Luciano (DJ and producer, 2015)

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: having blown musical minds when launched at The NAMM Show 2015, January 22-25 in Anaheim, California, and subsequently showcased to great musical effect at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany '" simultaneously sequencing no fewer than eight MiniBrute, MiniBrute SE, MicroBrute, and MicroBrute SE powerhouse monophonic analogue synthesizers via its impressive inbuilt connectivity, music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to announce availability of its eagerly-awaited BeatStep Pro as of July 7'¦

Arturia Beatstep Pro

Arturia Beatstep Pro

BeatStep Pro is a unique combination of many musical technologies '" assignable MIDI controller, two analogue-style step sequencers, a drum programmer, and live performance tool '" tastefully packaged into a compact, connectable device designed to make taking control of the creative process easier than ever, no matter what gear is available. As such, BeatStep Pro should surely blow the musical mind of anyone using it onstage or in the studio. Indeed, it's quite unlike anything anyone has ever used onstage or in the studio! Why? Well, with BeatStep Pro anyone can connect to almost any musical device. From computer and virtual instruments to modular synths, drum machines to iPad apps '" anything with USB, MIDI in and out, CV/Gate inputs, Clock in and out, or DIN Sync is fair musical game. Go grab some instruments, connect them to BeatStep Pro '" all adapter cables are included, then hit that perfect beat! Built-in clock SYNC with multiple standards ensures everything connected stays right on time. Always.

At its highly programmable heart, BeatStep Pro has 16 Projects. Professional by name, professional by nature, each BeatStep Pro Project holds 16 sequences per melodic (monophonic) sequencer (SEQUENCER 1 and SEQUENCER 2) and 16 patterns for the DRUM sequencer '" stretching to over 4,000 possible combinations per Project, no less! Less is clearly not more here, however '" all the more so since each correspondingly colour-coded melodic sequence can be up to 64 steps long with individual articulation of PITCH, VELO (velocity), and GATE time per note (with note tie function), making these amongst the most powerful step sequencers ever made. Musically, an ability to select scales to match songs so that wrong notes will never be selected when step sequencing is an added bonus worth its weight in gold.

Getting that perfect beat just right is even easier, thanks to the dedicated DRUM sequencer with 16 separate tracks per sequence '" one per pad. Realtime recording from the velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads or using the step buttons reliably resurrect classic drum machine workflow '" split-second familiarity for those with hands-on experience of using classic beat boxes. But there's a whole lot more to BeatStep Pro than that (old) faithful feature alone.

Arturia Beatstep Pro in action.

As a USB class-compliant controller, BeatStep Pro can be connected to any computer with a USB port and used as an input device for various applications. Anyone can now make MIDI devices and virtual instruments do what they want them to. Triggering clips from their favourite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or playing sounds from an external device, there are many choices to be had here. Helpful inclusion of Arturia's MIDI Control Center software means that a wide variety of MIDI commands can be transmitted by BeatStep Pro's buttons, touch-sensitive encoders, and pads. Performance effects also abound. Try the touch strip LOOPER '" which works on all three sequencers simultaneously '" or dial up the RANDOMNESS (randomiser) and SWING (shuffle) settings knobs to taste. Together with a slew of other hands-on controls, these make musical performances more memorable than ever before.

But BeatStep Pro does not necessarily need to be tethered to a computer. Connect a standard USB mobile phone charger to provide power and BeatStep Pro remains the ultimate standalone sequencing powerhouse '" perfect for flexible onstage usage, as ably demonstrated during Arturia's acclaimed Musikmesse 2015 showcase thanks to that serious synthesizer setup!

Spectacular showcasing apart, whatever connections are made '" from the oldest music technology to the newest and beyond, BeatStep Pro is ready and able to take centre stage in any performance or recording setup and well equipped to remain at the heart of the creative process for many more years to come.

Watch an awe-inspiring performance video showcasing 10 Arturia analogue synthesizers being controlled by BeatStep Pro in truly spellbinding style here: 

BeatStep Pro is available to purchase for €249.00 EUR/$299.00 USD from any authorised Arturia dealer or directly from Arturia here:

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated BeatStep Pro product webpage here:

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I'm kinda new to all of this but I'm Trying to build a full live station, using for the moment the TR8 for the Drums, a Novation Bass Station 2 and a microphone with effects for the voice.

But well I guess I don't have enough hands to do all I would like to do :)

So I wanted to know if this was this Arturia was the thing I need to -for example- record live loops, have more control on my live (filters and so on), adding other effects and loops from my keyboard etc...

Does it work well as well with a TR8 ?

So many questions :)

Thanks !
It's interesting to me that not one actual keyboard key was touched during this demo...just saying...

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