These Ableton Short Films Show How Katie Gately Samples Her World

Follow Katie Gately as she finds inspiration in the world around her, then brings those sounds into her Live setup to create other worldly electronic music.  

Ableton has released two new and beautifully shot short movies in which LA-based sound designer and producer Katie Gately discusses and explains her creative process and how she approaches using found sounds, field recordings and more as the basis of her tracks, which are known for their blending of beats, vocals and electronic textures. 

The first short film follows Katie as she searches for sounds, using all kinds of things around her to make noises and then capturing them before importing them into Live and starting to manipulate them. 

In the second video, Katie demonstrates some of her methods for processing and transforming sounds in Ableton Live using various kinds of EQ, effects and many other tools. It's a fascinating insight into exactly why she makes certain decisions and how she uses the raw materials she has assembled to create something unique and interesting. 

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Does anyone know what kind of mic she uses under that fuzzy wind sock for her H6 when location recording? Shotgun? Or just the built-in mics?

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