Superbooth Video: Black Corporation Kijimi, Poly Kobol Inspired Synth

Inspired by the rare Frech analog synth released in 1979, RSF Polykobol, Black Corporation show off their soon-to-be-released Kijimi 8-voice analog synthesizer at Superbooth...  

The Black Corporation, responsible for Deckard's Dream - 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer inspired by Yamaha CS-80 - arehave previewed their latest incarnation, Kijimi.

Kijimi is inspired by the RSF Polykobol, a rare French polysynth from the late ’70s. It was available in liited quantities.

In this video Black Corporation explain the synthesis behind the Kijimi and explore its sonic capabilities... though this is a pre-production model that isn't yet finished: 

Oh... and we chuckled a little at this woman taking a shine, maybe an unhealthy one, to Nick Batt from a distance during the video...

Does Nick Batt from Sonic State have a stalker?

Does Nick Batt from Sonic State have a synth stalker?

Price: $3749 USD fully-built / $999 DIY Kit

Estimated Availability: August/Septmeber 2018



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