re-Connect By Joué Brings USB-C And MIDI Connectivity To Your Studio In One Cable

Take two cables into the studio? Just use re-Connect, the new and versatile MIDI-to-USB-C cable from Joué.  

Joué, designer of tactile MIDI performance hardware, has unveiled a new MIDI cable, and it's more interesting than you might expect from that description. Called re-Connect, it plugs in to the USB-C socket in the side of the Joué controller and splits it out to a single MIDI DIN socket and a regular USB cable that can be connected to a USB charging plug for power.

"re-Discover your iconic machines thanks to the re-Connect MIDI cable. No computer, no external box needed. Plug the re-Connect MIDI cable to your Joué and it will send native MIDI messages without latency."


  • Connectors : DIN female USB-A (power), USB-C (JOUÉ) Voltage: 5V
  • Weight: 38 gr
  • Dimensions: USB-C -> MIDI DIN female: 15 cm USB-C -> Power supply : 150 cm
  • Requires an external power supply USB 5V Requires an additional standard MIDI cable

Until the end of March you can also get re-Connect, Grand Clavier and Joué Board for the special price of 399 Eur.

Price: 39 Eur


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