Pittsburgh Modular Demos Electronic Sequence Designer - 1st Look Video

This compact sequencer from Pittsburgh Modular works with eurorack and regular MIDI gear and will likely suit anyone looking for hands-on control of sequencing. Here's a first look.  

Modular hardware specialists Pittsburgh Modular have brought their latest creation with them to show off at Superbooth 2018 - the Electronic Sequence Designer 128. Available both as a standalone or rack mounted unit, it has MIDI in and out as well as 4 channels of gate and CV so it works both with CV and MIDI-triggered gear. It's at home both in a Eurorack setup and hooked up to a regular synth or workstation. 

Sonicstate chatted to the guys about the new sequencer. 


  • 4x32-step sequences or Performance Mode with all live parameters on one page
  • Save 32 groups of 4 sequences onboard for instant recall
  • Pre-program your set for performance
  • Live button to switch from pre-programmed to Live mode
  • Built-in scales with 2x custom scales
  • Directional sequencer 

It's expected to ship in July 2018 with pricing TBC .

Learn more at https://pittsburghmodular.com/

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