Nu Desine Releases AlphaLive Update 1.3

If you've not seen AlphaSphere in action, then you need to visit this site more often ;-) This innovative MIDI performance controller has been given a boost with the release of 1.3 for its software.  

1st April, Bristol, UK – We are excited to announce that AlphaLive version 1.3.0 is now available. This is a significant update to the AlphaSphere software and firmware, and it includes some great new features and fixes. 

This updates includes the following main new features:

  • LED Control and Configuration - The RGB LED inside the AlphaSphere can now be completely customised - change the colour/brightness, make it flash in sync to AlphaLive's clock or an external MIDI Clock, as well as create completely custom colour changes and animations using external MIDI CC messages.
  • MIDI Dynamic Channel Mode - This feature allows individual MIDI channels to be dynamically applied to each pressed MIDI pad, allowing for completely polyphonic modulation of notes within software that doesn't support poly aftertouch.
  • Pressure-Latch Mode - This feature allows you to 'latch/freeze' the pressure value of a pad, enabling the pads on the AlphaSphere to act more like standard dials or sliders.
  • MIDI Clock Support - AlphaLive and the AlphaSphere can now both send and receive MIDI Clock messages, allowing for full synchronisation with your DAW and MIDI software.

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, go to the AlphaLive Version History page.

Download links are available from the above link, however the easiest way to update your copy of the software is to go to Help -> Check for Updates… from AlphaLive's menu bar, and follow the provided instructions.

We hope that you enjoy the new update, and feel free to get in touch via our support form with any problems or feedback!

Watch this video of the AlphaSphere in action:

- the nu desine team.

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