Look! An Arturia MiniBrute Desktop Synth With Gorgeous Wooden Panels

OK. Arturia have NOT just released a custom built desktop version of the MiniBrute. This SkiniBrute conversion kit removes the keyboard and replaces with lovely wooden panels. And it looks great!  

There’s been quite a wooden theme for Maschine and Push users this past week or so on AskAudio. But synthesizer users need not feel left out. This Arturia MiniBrute Desktop Case will help you remove the keyboard (which they say you might want to do as it’s only 2 octaves or if keys get broken). Plus you get to convert the MiniBrute into a slim, sleek, desktop synth with beautiful wooden side panels. The wooden panel can be ordered in a variety of different finishes.

SkiniBrute: converts Arturia MiniBrute into a desktop synth

Here’s what GMUSynth tell us about the SkiniBrute (which retails for just $95).

The new case holds the synth's instrument panel at an 11.25° angle (keep dividing 90° in half...you'll get there!), providing clear and easy access to the controls. Best of all, this conversion is non-destructive and completely reversible.

The case's side panels are modeled after the original MiniBrute design, including the fabulous multidimensional slopes and bevels.  These provide a sleek, refined look worlds away from simple flat cut piece of wood. (Say no to the dreaded 2x4 look!)

SkiniBrute rear view: converts Arturia MiniBrute into a desktop synth

A solid wood front piece fills the gap left by evicted keyboard, and a new metal base plate with rubber feet and hammer finish completes the case.  The kit includes all panel mounting brackets, spacers, and screws required for installation.  No synth repair or electronics knowledge is required to install, and assembly instructions are provided.

SkiniBrute Maple finish: converts Arturia MiniBrute into a desktop synth

The kit is available in a number of domestic and imported hardwoods including Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oak, and Mahogany.  Find out more about the woods here. If you’re looking for something even more unique, many other woods are available on request.  



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