Jordan Rudess Explores Rock and Pop Harmony in Music Theory Video Course

Do you want to learn how to play better music? Interested in learning more about music theory '" specifically harmony? Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater is on hand to help in these excellent videos.  

December, 2014'"This new course by Dream Theater's keyboard wizard, Jordan Rudess, is shot on location in Rudess' private studio, and takes you deep into the world of modern harmonic progressions. Jordan explains the theory while demonstrating the construction of various kinds of chords and their relationship to baselines, melodies and motifs as he leads you through the fundamental architecture of cutting edge pop/rock harmonies. 

close up of Jordan playing keyboard.

Jordan is a brilliant teacher and he generously shares his vast knowledge gleaned from years of performing and collaboration with the best musicians on the planet. Whether you play keyboards, guitar, bass or compose songs or dance music, you will find that the musical ideas demonstrated in this harmony course will inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and experiment with a new kind of harmonic language.

Shot in multi-cam, with lots of closeups of Jordan's hands and with onscreen, notated, musical exercises, this course is designed for every musician from beginner to advanced. The exercises are also available as a downloadable PDF resource file directly from the link at the top of this page. So sit back, explore and enjoy learning the harmonic universe of interplanetary rock wizard Jordan Rudess!

Watch this introductory video from Jordan's course on harmony here:

Watch complete video course at AskVideo here:

AskVideo: Music Theory 301 - Jordan Rudess: Harmony Explored

Music Theory 301 - Jordan Rudess: Harmony Explored

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Peter Henderson
I have been having a great time working through the first 7 lessons in the course (fanfare 5ths, jazzy 4ths and leading note modulations of triads) but where is the downloadable PDF resource you mentioned ...

The exercises are also available as a downloadable PDF resource file directly from the link at the top of this page.

It would be great to have a hard copy of the exercises even though the onscreen notation is excellent, as is the presentation by Mr Rudess
Hi Peter,

Glad you're enjoying the course! I just checked and it looks like the PDF link isn't live at AskVideo yet... but is live on sister site, here:

Your login will work at macProVideo just the same... please login to the site and then you'll see the download link at the top of the page.

Peter Henderson
Got it - I usually press the watch button rather than the course intro
button - that is probably why I missed it, I guess it shows the value of
visiting the AskAudio page

The only real complaint I have about the Rudess course is that it has
diverted me from the Gary Guttan Creating Moods and Styles course - that
is really great too - I will be staying with both of them for a while

No reply required - cheers

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