iZotope tell us their new automatic loudness correction tool aptly named, RX Loudness Control, delivers loudness-compliant mixes at the highest quality. It's a plug-in designed for broadcast Pros.  

剑桥,MA(2015年3月25日) - iZotope,Inc.是一家领先的音频技术公司,今天宣布其新RX响度控制插件。 RX响度控制将有助于音频后期制作和广播专业人士以及自动可靠地打造高品质,行业标准的混合。 RX响度控制将亮相,并提供预购,在NAB 2015年在展台SL4330。


虽然有多种响度监视和测量工具在市场上,竟使水平为达标的任务一直保持到现在主要是手工,耗时的过程。凭借快速周转变得越来越公认的规范,有一个节目的可能性被拒绝,由于响度问题一直是一个持续的关注。 RX响度控制采取的猜测符合响度标准,无论地区和编辑的专业知识。

“我们很高兴能够提供后期和广播专业人士,满足对质量和精度的需求自动音量校正方法,”马特·海因斯,在iZotope的产品经理说。 “RX响度控制将会给用户绝对的信心,他们的工作,同时又易于使用,兼容大多数主要的音频和视频编辑平台。”

RX响度控制内部的智能DSP处理是全新的,是专门来保证透明响度校正,并提供响度容忍测光通过一系列的程序类型。 RX响度控制支持单声道,立体声和环绕声通道数,高达5.1,可无缝集成到任何工作流程。


RX响度控制支持的AudioSuite DPM和为Avid Media Composer和Pro Tools的AAX插件的标准。 RX响度控制也整合到Adobe Premiere Pro的开放式扩展API,使离线响度标准的处理到Adobe平台有史以来第一次。


RX响度控制可用于预购在NAB 2015年为299美元(二百七十九分之二百○五)(MSRP349美元/239分之325),与2015年春季预期的释放。

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Chris Polus
Hey Rounik, do you know if RX Loudness Control is a break out of the Loudness plugin in RX 4 Advanced? Or is this a totally separate and different functionality? From the sound of it it seems to be redundant functionality if you already own RX 4 Advanced. On the other hand, if you don't, this is a great tool for making the loudness of your mix compliant to a standard without the need to buy the whole RX restoration suite.

Hi Chris,

That's a good question. I've not had the chance to try it out yet... I'm thinking that RX Loudness Control, being designed for video broadcast purpose, is derived from RX Advanced. So if you have RX 4 Advanced and/or Ozone, for example, then you'll probably not need RX LC. Having said that, it's just supposition on my part and I couldn't say yet with any kind of authority one way or the other. :)

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