Get Overkill Drums from Real Drum Samples for $1!

How much would you shell out for a premium drum sample pack comprising 120 high-quality wav files? $25? Possibly. $1? Almost definitely! Check out this offer from Real Drum Samples below.  

The good folks at Real Drum Samples are offering Overkill Drums, one of their premium packages, for just a single dollar (normal price is $25). The rest of the copy below is from their website where you can also listen to sound examples too. Oh, and they offer a 7 day money back guarantee too'¦

So, what do you get in Real Drum Samples' Overkill Drums?

  • 10 '˜EPIC'˜ 808 Kicks (Instant Impact)
  • 15 '˜Murder'˜ Kicks (Competition? What Competition?!)
  • 15 '˜Killer'˜ Snares (R.I.P. other drum sounds)
  • 15 '˜Knock-Out'˜ Claps (System overload'¦)
  • 15 '˜Grooving' Hi Hats (Your mix will thank you for using these)
  • 50 '˜Exotic'˜ Percussion Sounds (Spice up your beats with unique flavours)

No Tweaking Necessary!

Everything is already EQ-ed, compressed and filtered: they are fully radio- and club-ready!

.WAV Format

Compatible with any DAW or Drum Computer.

Extremely Categorised & Organised

Find what you are looking for in seconds.

No Filler Sounds

As obsessive perfectionists, we have only handpicked the best of the best sounds for our collections.

100% Royalty-Free

If your beat happens to become a hit, you own the full rights.

Web: Get Overkill Drums for $1 here

(Full Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link. Should you follow this link and then purchase any sample packs at we will receive some payment for referring you to the site.)

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