Download Ableton Groove Files For Every Song On Every Radiohead Album

This free groove pack for Ableton Live allows you to apply humanisation, swing and timing from almost every Radiohead song to your own productions.  

If you're a fan of Radiohead's last three or four studio albums you'll appreciate how they blend and play interesting rhythms and make use of unusual time signatures. Now you can apply Radiohead grooves to your music creations in Ableton Live with the Radiohead Groove Pack.

The creator extracted the grooves from every single song on every single studio album from Radiohead. And this Radiohead Groove Pack is the result.

While this pack "won't make you sound like radiohead, it will, however, allow you to humanize, swing and otherwise alter the timing of your tracks based on the songs of one of the best bands of modern times." 

[Via: Electronic Beats]

Download Radiohead Groove Pack for Ableton Live:

Learn all about Ableton Live's Groove Pool with Afro DJ Mac / Brian Funk in this excellent AskAudio Academy course:


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