C-Tools from Heavyocity and IceBreaker: 3 Gorgeous Retro Instruments for Reaktor

C-Tools is a collection of 3 instruments for retro sound creation not tied to any particular vintage hardware. Capsule (drum synth), Coil (hybrid mono synth), Clique (hybrid string & organ synth).  

Heavyocity & Icebreaker Audio are proud to present C-Tools, a new retro synth instrument for Reaktor. Inspired by the future aesthetic of the 70's and 80's, C-Tools is your all-in-one tool for building the vintage synth sound of yesterday, today.

Watch C-Tools Trailer video:

Watch C-Tools overview video:

Pick up C-Tools in the next week FOR JUST $29 (Reg. Price: $59)! Bundle it with HY & Icebreaker's other Reaktor release (BitRate II & MonoBoy), and get both for ONLY $59 (a $108 value). Both offers end 7/28.

Web: http://www.heavyocity.com/product/c-tools/

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