Bitwig Studio 1.3.15 Adds Comprehensive Support For Maschine JAM

In this exclusive video, Thavius Beck demonstrates the latest update for Bitwig Studio which adds unrivalled support for NI's Maschine JAM. The level of control is head spinning. Well worth watching.  

Bitwig has updated Bitwig Studio to add extensive control mapping for Native Instruments' Maschine JAM hardware controller using a brand new remote script, plus a guide to how it all works in the documentation. Expert controllerist Thavius Beck has put together a video, exclusively for AskAudio, showing you exactly what’s possible with this great new update! And believe me, this is well worth checking out.

Thavius demonstrates awesome new Maschine / Bitwig control options including:

  • Creating new empty clip slots, activating the metronome and quickly programming a pattern in Bitwig from JAM, including setting velocity levels. 
  • Duplicating a clip and building variations, overdubbing and adding swing, all from the hardware. 
  • The ability to jump between controlling Bitwig and Maschine running as a plugin, without even stopping playback. 
  • Integrating Bitwig and Maschine VST in powerful new ways like routing audio from Bitwig into Maschine running as a plugin, then using JAM’s ability to control performance effects to DJ effects like stutter in real time on your Bitwig beats and patterns. 
  • Taking advantage of JAM’s Lock States feature to jump between different effect settings for cool performance tricks. These can even be changed using MIDI notes, meaning they can be triggered from note clips in Bitwig! This opens up a whole world of cool performance possibilities. 
  • Using Maschine VST’s MIDI output capabilities to play Bitwig’s instruments directly from the JAM hardware, with access to Machine’s powerful arpeggiator tools. Record these patterns directly into Bitwig!

The new controller script turns Maschine JAM into an incredibly powerful controller for Bitwig and opens up whole new worlds of creativity! 

Download the Bitwig update here:

NI Maschine product page:

Learn Maschine JAM in AskAudio Academy here.


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