Best April Fools Jokes For Musicians & Producers

Even musicians and producers deserve a chuckle. Here's our favorite April Fools pranks relevant to the modern producer and musician that are worth watching - and some you'll wish were real.  

In case it's escaped your attention today, being 1st April, is April Fools Day. In short, use your discretion believing anything you read or watch today. That includes press releases and news items on the latest 'innovations' and 'new' music gear.

Here's our selection of our favorite April Fools pranks we've seen today, and a couple of timeless ones too.

Korg Volca (and Monologue) Cake

Korg volca cake

A synth cake? Yup. Though not as far fetched considering Korg have been known to send cakes in the shape of their popular synths to friends. But this one, we created at AskAudio, is definitely not real.

Phoneix Pro Guitar Plugin

Sneak Peek for Guitarists! Phoenix Digital Audio Teknologies & have created Phoenix Pro, a DSP plugin to "raise any performanc from the ashes". Toby Pitman tests this amazing plugin.

Probably the most popular April Fools prank from our sister company, Timeless.

Tim Exile's Negative Delay Plugin

Solve latency issues, get creative and reverse the passage of time with NEGATIVE DELAY. Find out more -> (Requires flux capacitor).

Reverse delay as a plugin will be physically impossible until someone figures out how to do time travel from within a DAW. Tie does hie best to make the coolest stuff he can imagine but he still hasn't managed to hack the laws of physics..!

Rode FoodMic Pro

RØDE Microphones is proud to announce a brand new microphone category – the Cuisine Condenser Microphone – and the world’s-first ever such microphone: the FoodMic Pro.

The RØDE FoodMic Pro utilIses a patented plate-shaped ceramic element and comes with a HPF (High-Fibre Pass Filter), 48V Phondue Power, Variable Gastronomic Pick-up Patterns, RØDElink Wireless TX-XLR included and boasts a Jus-Resistant coating. The upshot is an appetite-whetting, sumptuous surround-sound experience that will fill your ears as you fill your waistband.

Read Full Story:

iDAI AI Audio Interface

Audient bring you the brand new iDAI, the artificial intelligence enhanced, high performance audio interface from Audient. It's a peek into a dystopian studio production environment. iDAI introduces a completely new way of working with audio, a method which will revolutionise the audio industry. You won't believe what it can do!

Ableton Sax for Live

Does your sax game need changing? Are you an Ableton Live user? Then get ready for your sax game to get changed. Introducing Sax for Live:

Master & Dynamic MH40C1 Concrete Headphones

Master & Dynamic MH40C1 Concrete Headphones

Master & Dynamic is known for its use of premium materials in high-end headphones. We've seen forged aluminum and heavy grain leathers, and even brass earphones... now they've created a 10.6 pounds MH40C1 made from solid concrete.

Don't expect a review anytime soon... or anytime at all!

Hexinverter Rubber Chicken Eurorack Module

The heading gives this one away. But still worth watching.

Hexinverter are proud to announce the latest breakthrough in music and studio technology! A culmination of years of research and sonic experimentation have led us to this new method of sound synthesis.

Rob Papen Attention Plugin

Rob papen Attention plugin

Is it not often the case that you are far too busy in your studio and need some coffee, tea or whatever? But how do you order it? Or, are you mixing a whole band with many people inside your studio and need then to be quiet and focussed on what they are meant to be doing! Are you recording a vocalist but ‘auto tune’ gets simply overloaded and you really need something to keep the singer paying attention that it is again totally out of tune?

Well, we have now saved your studio and productions because Rob Papen releases the totally awesome and essential studio tool of all time!!! 

To obtain this absolutely Essential Studio Tool for FREE!! Click on one of the links below.


• Propellerhead RE

Mix Like Joey - Joey Sturgis In a Plugin

Mix Like Joey - Joey Sturgis Tones plugin

Sick of hearing people say that producing, mixing, and mastering isn't brain surgery? Joey Sturgis Tones took their plugin development team to the next level. Find out what happens when you combine one of the greatest minds in music production with a team of highly-skilled neural networking engineers!! 

Jordan Rudess Conon Drum

The Conon Drum is Wizdom Music's step into the future of the musical instrument as we know it. 
Featuring: Extended Multitouch, Physical spatial modeling and advanced Organic generative feedback. Jordan Rudess offers a first look.

Slate Digital Mixtron Plugin

A mixing plugin that actually works? Albeit with a cruel, cruel twist!

Slate Digital is pleased to announce the release of our latest breakthrough mixing plugin - Mixtron™. Join Steven Slate as he takes you through the details.

Available for Mac,PC and Atari!




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