Ableton Announces Sax For Live

Ableton often take its users along new paths, sometimes even up the garden path as their latest release Sax for Live proves.  

In an unexpected move, Ableton have announced Sax For Live. It appears a new wind has been blowing through the Ableton labs for this one.

Here's what they have to say... and definitely stay tuned for the video and the real Ableton Live downloads below.

"Does your sax game need changing? Then get ready for your sax game to get changed. After countless years on our most un-requested feature list, and more than days of detailed sampling, sound design, and engineering, today is the day that now sees Sax for Live proudly unleashed to the world.

"What can Sax for Live do for you? In the words of beta tester Jazzy Terry, “I haven’t touched my sax in months.

"You too can discover a brand new, meticulously sample-based woodwind instrument that’s been pushed, prodded and processed into completely new saxophonic dimensions. Download it for free below and let a new wind blow through your music."

Sax for Live is available for Live 9 Suite, Max for Live, Standard and Intro editions. Go here to download Sax for Live! (Yes, to really download it):

Oh and Happy April Fools.

Learning Ableton Live for real is no joke. Take a look at Ableton video courses in the AskAudio Academy.

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