AudioBus Updated With MIDI Learn - Control Every Aspect Of A Session From MIDI Hardware

AudioBus 3.3 now features MIDI Learn, which opens up whole new worlds of creative possibilities for controlling sessions from MIDI hardware. Here's what's new.  

AudioBus, the app that facilitates communication between iOS audio and MIDI apps, has had an update to version 3.3 that adds some rather cool new functionality - MIDI Learn, for greatly enhanced MIDI control of sessions from hardware. Here's what the developers told us about it.

MIDI foot switches, control surfaces and other MIDI sources can now control every aspect of award-winning iOS audio and MIDI app Audiobus, with the exciting new MIDI Learn feature launching today.

Audiobus 3.3 is available today for iPad and iPhone and introduces powerful new MIDI Learn features. An extensive range of functionality can now be controlled via a foot switch, control surface, grid controller or any other MIDI input device.

With the $2.99 MIDI Learn In-App Purchase, users can switch presets, adjust levels, toggle or manipulate effects, and control an extensive range of third-party app functionality via the Audiobus platform’s Connection Panel and Remote Triggers features.

Building on the rich features and widespread third-party support of the Audiobus platform, Audiobus MIDI Learn makes Audiobus an even more potent tool in the studio or on the stage.

Full List of MIDI Learn Actions

  • Switch presets
  • Mute and unmute, solo and un-solo apps and Audio Units
  • Adjust gain, pan and effect dry/wet: continuously, by direct assignment of a particular value, or a nudge up and down by a particular value
  • Toggle effect bypass
  • Toggle session play/pause
  • Adjust session tempo
  • Adjust Audio Unit parameters
  • Switch to apps and Audio Units
  • Toggle play/pause for apps
  • Trigger any Connection Panel button
  • Trigger any Audiobus Remote button (an expanded set of third-party app functionality)
  • Switch Audio Unit factory presets
  • Send MIDI messages to Audio Units (PCs, CCs or Notes)

Audiobus is available on the App Store for $9.99 USD. Audiobus MIDI Learn is a $2.99 USD In-App Purchase.


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