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  • Monday 23rd Jawp
  • Tuesday 24th dosage
  • Wednesday 25th Gestalt
  • Thursday 26th Cabana


(5 lucky winners will be randomly picked to receive one of the following super bundles!)

Bundle 1 ($2411) WINNER:  WOLVERINE

Bundle 1 ($2411)

Bundle 2 ($1834) WINNER: BECOLT

Bundle 2 ($1834)

Bundle 3 ($1621) WINNER: THUNDERROD

Bundle 3 ($1621)

Bundle 4 ($1445) WINNER: MARK WALKER

Bundle 4 ($1445)

Bundle 5 ($1076) WINNER: MRZUZO

Bundle 5 ($1076)

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I'd like to win Bundle 2 coz it has Reason 7 which I already have but this is so awesome program that I wouldn't mind to have a spare copy, lol!

Reason is a helluva beast!
Marty VT
These are all awesome bundles. I'm a multi instrumentalist just getting into the tech. arena, so the ability to learn and win some great equipment is exciting. I have a MacBook Pro with Garageband and a presonus Firestudio interface but would like to add some ability with A.,the news letter and som 1st rate equipment!!!
Bundle 1 is the Killer bundle. Especially the u-he stuff is great. NI-Complete Ultimate is also great. Like to get it.
Best regards
I would totally go for a "bundle I" because it is just so sick as hell and all the best stuff that I ever need for my music production. With all of those cool stuff in one bundle, I can finally take my music to another level and dimension and ready to shatter the EDM!!! :)
Mike Johnson
Honestly, these are all really great bundles. Bundle 1 and 2 would be great due to the vast plugins and other valuable products offered. I mainly work with composition for a variety of media (tv, film, radio, etc). My main DAW is Ableton Live, so that helps fill some of the gaps along with Mashine. Bundle 3 is equally impressive and would fit nicely, particularly the mixing and mastering Izotope products. Again, they're all great bundles. My advice to any winners would be to subscribe to Mac Pro Videos yearly membership to learn how to use these products. Of course a free year subscription would be an awesome prize too! (:
I would love to have Bundle 1 to be able to test out all the amazing tools that Native Instruments has to offer on Ultimate. Really good promotion and thank you for this opportunity!
Have been a fan / user of mpv for years! I would personally love to get my hands on Bundle #1 because NI's Komplete 9 Ultimate is second-to-none! As an instrumental and dance music composer, having access to this vast library of sounds would be incredible! Cheers.

I would love any bundle proposed, even though No.4 has Ableton 9 (I'm on 8 Intro) and I've just finished the free Ab 9 trial and it's a killer! Thanks for giving us a chance to win such great tools, super generous!

M e t a c r e a
* Bundle 1 *of course for the NI Bundle..... A year of access to MacPro tutorials was good to..... !!!
Im looking forward to winning any thing made by Native Instruments because I have been producing music a while and never really gave NI a chance...I also look forward to possibly when some U-he plugins they make great Instruments and effects...real excited on the release of Satin by U-he...good luck to everyone.
I'd like to win Bundle 2
Best bundle is bundle 1. Komplete 9 is just killer.
Bundle 1 or 2, currently learning FM Synthesis with FM8, Komplete 9 or Ultimate would be a great addition as I'm interested in Additive Synthesis with Razor and Reaktor's modular approach, having these tools would really help me out.
I like bundle #1:
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXPansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287

Just the "NI Komplete 9 Ultimate" alone would add many hours of exciting music making!!!!
Then adding these other great music pkgs. on top, and there's not much that can't be done!!!!
Great mag also!
Hi! I'm a young producer and when i see the post of the contest i immediately run here, I would love to win this contest because my parents don't support my expensive passion, I only use my savings, but most of the time is not enough. Between the various bundle, what I need most is the bundle 3 (especially for the plug-in for mastering like izotope ozone 5 ecc...).
NI Komplete in Bundle 1 for me. Cheers!
dan gran
bundle 3 for the izotope
Nice contest!
And my target would be - Bundle 1. Only because of NI-Complete Ultimate!!!
For me the best bundle is number 1... Ni is there,so....
Would love to have bundle 1 or 2! I have always wanted Damage and Aeon, but could never afford it:( But if I had to pick just one, it would be bundle 2!
The twisted tools pack would be awesome, but bundle 2 would get the most use
Dj Greg
NI komplete 9 ultimate would be the #1 price for me, but I would be very happy with any of that prices.
Komplete 9 is the ultimate producing bundle for me. It has everything in it to produce quick and easy!
Bundle 1 is the best so far, specially because of the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. It's Alpha and Omega for music production. Would love to get it.
All bundles are exciting. Prizes I'm most excited about is 1 year of free subscription, and equipment/hardware that I would like to have in my home studio for using with LogicProX :)
i would love to win the reason bundle because I've been working with reason for about 5 yrs and will not use anything else.
Cool Mellotron
Hmmm, I would have to say that Bundle #1 would be the best prize for me, should I be lucky enough to win. I currently don't have any Native Instruments, and would absolutely love the NI Komplete Ultimate Pack. I have been saving to buy this one so that would be good... Bundle #2 is also great but I already use Reason, which is an awesome product!
BUNDLE 1!! NATIVE KOMPLETE 9 would make the complete set up for me! All the extras to produce some crazy beatz!

What an opportunity to kick start a studio collection!
Fingers crossed.....
I want bundle 5. It's go everything I need for my voice studio.
Well, I think that bundle 1 is really amazing. Why ? Because it contains Komplete 9 and DAMAGE. With these two sets, I'll be able to do almost everything I want. It costs a lot, that's no doubt. But still it's nothing compared to the amount needed to get all real instruments and synthesizers. I'm really happy that You guys make this kind of contests. It will help a lot of people. Even if this goes to someone else, I'm still glad to take part in this ! Peace !
I Would Love To WIN this! I'm going to music school in October taking EDM production courses. Had to take out a huage loan so anything like this would be a dream to win.
I can only agree with many other commentors here that all those bundles are absolutely amazing. I personally would prefer Bundle 1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is THE SHIT. Furthermore, I already tried out Ableton Live and Reason, but actually I freaking love the workflow of Fl Studio, so I bought the Signature Bundle myself, among an Interface and Headphones. I only lack of Synths and good Vsts at the moment, what's the reason why Bundle 1 would fulfill all my dreams considering music production and I could finally finish collecting deposit bottles in my spare time to afford software :P

Thanks to for this amazing contest.
Best wishes!
I have re-tooled now 4 times...from 4 track cassette, to Atari "final Cut", to Atari "C-Lab", to PC version of "Audacity", to Mac "Garage Band", and now Mac "Logic Express". I'm pretty much tapped out with Re-Tooling :) This would afford me the option of sounding So Much Better without costing a single "clam"!!
Any one of these packages would be an awesome upgrade from here where I sit. Kudos to you guys and sponsors for affording us the opportunity to possibly get in on it.
I'm really excited about the Livid brain jr and Ableton 9 both are amazing and would be such a pleasure to be able to learn hands on!
Jay Bizz
I would like to get because I have maschine and love it:)
It would be really nice to win bundle 3 or 4 ( or the other bundles^^)
Izotope matering suite or t- raxx would be soooo nice to have in my collection
ableton live 9 would be great to use with my serato set up... so i can use the bridge and kick some ass hahaha:D
It would be so cool to win any of the prizes as I never win anything :(
but if I had a favorite it would be out of the Native Instruments and Fxpansion bundle.:-)
Of all the great Bundles, I'd have to choose number one! I'm a keyboard player of relatively advanced years just starting to make my way in the world of computer music - in terms of writing, arranging, recording and mixing everything myself. I believe that Bundle One would be an absolutely invaluable aid in this exciting new adventure!
The NI Damage, for sure! love to mix those hectic sounds into some IDM!
For me it´s native instrument komplete ultimate i try 6 version an dit was si gooooood!!!!!
bundle 1 because it is an ultimate production suite with komplete 9 ultimate covering any aspect of sounds then adding uhe and heavyocity damage and twisted tools the ultimate gift for a beginner aswell as established producer, score or sounddesigner whatever senario it is all there, throw in a mac pro and the person that gets this package wont need more other than updating the package once a year........great bundle plenty diversity, plenty fun and innovation from manufactor to final user.........enjoy your day and creation :O) lovepuppetz
Joshua Garcia
All the products are great, but it would be awesome to get ahold of studio one pro, this would help take my church's recordings to the next level. With all of your mastering tools,and that much more power than is in our current studio one artist package. Great bundles, presonus you guys are always doing great things and moving forward thanks for all you do!
Any of these great tools would be very welcomed in my house. Of course Bundle 1 is the ultimate of them all. I would just be thankful for the Komplete 9 :) Thank you very much AskAudio Mag. for the chance m8.
I love the sound of bundle 3, the Steinberg UR28M Audio interface is something that I've been interested in picking up. I'm looking to further my home studio for both business and personal needs. The Idea of having help is awesome! Best of Luck to whoever Wins one of these great bundles!
Ocean Studios
Hey Guys,

Man I would love to win bundle 1 b/c it will help me in my home recording studio to produce great music! I just started my recording studio so it's small but I love to write & record music & I know this bundle would pay off big in the end with my produced songs!! Thanks!
Justin V
I would love bundle 1 just for Komplete the rest is just a bonus!
every bundle are absolutly coo!!!^^ I'm actualy on ableton 8 and get to the new should be awesome!
nice website with good article tuto and everything!
thank's from france
Any of these bundles are great and would be an upgrade to me regardless of which one I won. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be nice.
Bundle #3. I would love to have this Steinberg Interface :)
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. Be amazing to have that, the world would be at my finger tips.
BUNDLE 1 pleeeeeeaaaaase!! Reason? i'm just dying for Komplete 9 ultimate! Fingers and toes crossed :)
Matthew Cardenas
I love opportunities like this! I wouldn't mind getting bundle 3, really digging the Grand Mastering Suite....I Live this Music! Trying to awaken the blind in ears, inspire the youth! Winning this bundle, any bundle really will catapoult me to the next level to help out our youth! -PEACE -MC
I want 1)Bundle 1 2)Bundle 3 3)Bundle 2 4)Bundle 4 5)Bundle 5! Thanks!
I'd like the win bundle one, Komplete 9 ultimate is stunning, out of the box, you have the world of synthesis, FX , Drums & other acoustic instruments at your fingertips. Developing your own sound or style is made so much easier from the sheer quantity of sound design Komplete 9 ultimate . I cannot afford to buy Komplete, and I have desperately craved it since Komplete 7. And i see this as my window of opportunity to finally acquire this ultimate tool. I most look forward to Razor- due to its amazing built in tools and awesome UI. And the sound of west africa. The drum fills are truly spectacular. And the sound is pure, and clean
u-he is also a killer company. Their synths are pure gold, the flexibility, ease of use, and potential of these synths are stunning, and overwhelming!

I hope I'm chosen for the prize. I assure you guys i would put the tools to great use, for years to come :D
my email is...
Hardest question of my life so far. Getting fed up with the sunths on logic and I really miss the routing options in reason so option 2 for me although the NI complete 9 ultimate is very very tempting.
Bundle one is amazing :)
John Tosado
I hope I win bundle4. Every product in this bundle fills a hole in my studio, especially spectralayers. I have also been interested in building a midi controller with livid brain or brain jr since I first bought my base controller. I would truly put this bundle to great use.
I want 2 win Bundle 1. Komplete 9, Twisted Tools, u-he Synth Bundle & I'm going 2 use them with my Pro Tools 10... WOW, I would have 2 much fun with this
I'd love bundle 1 because I'm a huge VI junkie and I've had my I on NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
This comment may or may not bring me closer to Nirvana (and I'm not referring to the band from Seattle!)
I'm most happy about Bundle #1 because I've always been a big fan of BFD so I"m sure the new version is going to awesome and U-he is definitely in the top 3 of top sounding synths. Also I've heard nothing but good things about Native Instruments Komplete 9.
Hello, I come to your site by a friend who shared his taste for this page, I would like the package 1 because it would help me in my passion to work with music. Thank you very much for this wonderful contest and for their wonderful products.
All of the prize bundles look great, but #1 is my favorite for sure -- winning NI Komplete Ultimate would be like a hundred audio Xmas's rolled into one. Plus i could use the extra HDD!

Good luck to all -- Glenn
I would love to have any of them, just to have any of the bundles would be amazing enough. But it would have to be bundle one for sure it would take me years to save up for something like that prize. Fingers crossed. Good Luck Everyone.
Dj cucumber
Hello. I would like to win Bundle 4 please because I am fantastically poor and I have wanted to get the Ableton Live 9 since it came out. Fanks!
I'd love bundle 1. BFD3 inside ?
I'm most exited about the Wave Alchemy Complete Drums Bundle. I've been playing music live for quite some time now and recently started putting together a small home studio setup. Everything's coming together slowly and I've been looking to add new sounds to my sample and sound library. The free kits WA's had are top notch!
I'm going to go with bundle 5. With fruity loops free lifetime upgrades that bundle is worth alot more than it's listed as. you'll have the latest fruity loops premium instruments for free for the rest of your life. god i hope i win!!!
Victor Pena
i would really love to have bundle 3 it would be another step to helping me produce music with better sounding quality by having the accessibility and flexibility of using both izotope and t-racks mastering programs. also with the steinberg UM28M audio interface it would be easier to plug in speakers and be capable of controlling the volume knobs of the instruments when producing.Good luck to everyone else :)
Id like to win bundle #3.. Its better suited for the type of work i do,, recording and editing at its best
A great time for wining something, for the first time...
FL Studio - because is perfect. :-)
i would say bundle 4..just because i just love to work with ableton live, its my fav daw for couple of years.
tony cot
ill take whatever

Bindle 2 as I would love Reason and Komplete
Bundle #2 would be great, i use Reason 5 and haven't had the money to buy the new version. Komplete is something i have wanted to try for a long time and would be used greatly in my music. Macs rock.
Bundle 1 for sure, NI Komplete
Levi B
I'd really like to win Bundle 2 because of the Heavyocity library. Reason 7 is cool as well, but Heavyocity is on a whole other level.
Bundle 3 would blow my mind, izotope and ik are awsome and i'd like to check out if studio one is as good as everybody says!
Thumbs up for you guys!
The Manti
I need more cowbell. well more effects to help cowbell. please help me. Moo Moo Moo
I would love to win so my buddies will want to come over to my house when I have the best gear. Thanks
I think all the bundles are great! But bundle 1 is my choice. Komplete Ultimate.... Yes
Obtuse Angel
Bundle 1!!! NI adds so much potential!
i would love to see the training videos,that would be an awesome gift
good luck every one!
Kevin P
Honestly, although the other packages are absolutely incredible, my specific gear needs at this match the cheapest bundle: #5. Any of the bundles would be a HUGE, fantastic addition, but bundle 1 would be most fitting for the moment if I have the luck! :)
Hi ! I would love bundle 3 ... I have been doing Mac Pro video videos classes for a couple years & love it ! I recent bought Komplete & upgraded to Logic Pro X ... So bundle 3 has "great"tools that would go quite nicely with my set up . Mixing /mastering is quite an art. I was a musician / singer/composer until a friend got me into hmm....... Many years back with Acid Pro .... Then Mac- Logic & got hooked . Your site is well designed with great articles & tutorials . I always learning with your site ! Thank you. Maz
All the bundles look great, I've been really dying to buy diva and ACE from u-he
Brian S
Bundle #1 would be my selection. It has the most soft synths and plugins which is something that I am extremely lacking in my current setup. Native instruments produce a lot of very high quality virtual instruments which could keep me entertained for years. Not to mention that Komplete Ultimate is HUGE! My second pick would be Bundle #2 because it has Komplete and Reason which I have not used a whole lot.. If i was an extra terrestrial I would be stoked.
i would like bundle 1 because why not
Johan Westblad
Bundle 3 is my choice for sure as it will nicely expand my mixing capabilities.
Why wouldn't anyone want any of these bundles?. .. Myself personally. I need to upgrade to use for my college senior film project. I need this to be done well in order to graduate and Reason has always delivered amazing effects and compositions for tracking and foley.
All the Bundles are really really cool stuff, and that's amazing that websides like this support music culture. For me the best bundle for make my sets and produce it's "Bundle 1". I'm going to star next week the audio engineering degree and all these will be my best present ;). Big up and full suport to underground music from barcelona. thanks dudes
jay Floree
I would love to win the bundle 3 because I haven't Izotope bundle yet. It sounds really good. I use Mac Pro video to improve my skills and it's a very good website. Nice to launch ! Keep going...
Monsieur M.
All the bundles are awesome !!! According to my taste and opinion id for directly for bundle 4. Very proper audio creating and editing set plus im an Ableton fan big time !!!
Keep up the great job guys ! ROCKS !!!
I'm really interested in getting heavyocity damage, it's amazing for film work.
Jim Moffatt
Bundle 1 ...Simple...its the sounds man...wonderful beautiful powerful sounds
I need it, I want it, I love it. Bundle 1 is the best!
Bundle 3 looks pretty awesome. I could have fun with everything in that bundle, especially the Steinberg UR28M.
I'm going for Bundle 4 because I like it the best
Bundle 1 is the best but, bundle 4 has ableton live ! Ableton is awesome.
William Marcelin
Bundle 3 To master with Ableton 8.Musician coming from Boston Massachusetts name William Marcelin.
All of these bundles are obviously wonderful prizes, but I would love bundle number 2, to get the latest Reason which I could rewire into Cubase, as well as the cool U-He FX bundle.
Native Instruments is Simply the best! Since they started developing music gear back sometime when!?..they just keep continuing to raise the bar. Personally i have always wanted one of the komplete series but have just not been able to outright afford it. So fingers crossed maybe today is the day, my day. We shall see!
Native Instruments Rule! And of course Big respect to Ask Audio!
Keep up the good work guys
Tyler Talmadge
Bundle three and bundle five would be awesome because mastering is the final process in which an album I goes through before being published. And I personally need vocal software in bundle five!
Petros Gailas
For me the best is the bundle 3.
What a perfect combination, Steinberg, Presonus, IK Multimedia and iZotope!!!
What else can I ask?:)

Good luck to everyone!
Is difficult in these times to buy all this equipment, for me would be a dream come true. I love make music. THANKS for this contest.
I have BFD2 and have used on every record I've done for the past 4 years.

It sounds awesome and is a great plugin. I'd love to have BFD3 - Just thinking of it makes me smile =)

Bundle#1 would be my choice. I would love to own Komplete.
I'd go for Bundle 5, specifically the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones. Sweet!
Jabulani Jonny
I'd love bundle 3 cause I need a new interface. Oh and the mastering suite would be...sweet!
I never enter contests, but this seems too good to pass up. I use Kontakt every day, but I would love Komplete 9 as well as many of the processors offered. Thanks for the chance, at least!
Firstly, this concept of askaudio mag is such a brilliant idea, I am so sick of sifting through all the garbage on YouTube trying to find some good info and here it is all in one place! For me it would have to be bundle 1 or 2. I love the NI gear and both bundles come with so much I think it could even make my rubbish attempts at getting my tunes down sound great!
Rick NC
Bundle 2 looks good to me for Reason 7. I have reason 4.0 and the upgrade would really be nice!
Rick NC
The Komplete bundle from Native is my fav. I own a few of their plugins and love the quality!
Joseph Belcher
Bundle 5 really caught my attention. I've been reading a lot lately about how popular FL studio is and would really like to have a copy. Since I work on my music mostly at night It would really be nice to have a set of the Momentum on-ear headphones. I listened to the Air music tech and that synthesizer demo was pure ear candy. SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro? never seen anything like this! I watched the video and loved it! Lastly the Deckadance 2 DJ software would really be fun to learn.
Tony D
Would love to win bundle 4. It is hard as a pops to get all the toys when you have three kids and a wonderful wife that depend on you. they come first. I love music and producing. I pray to my creator to give favor to the one that needs it most. Thank you for your consideration. Truely any of them would be a honor. Thanks for being so nice
I would love the #1 bundle. I had NI's trial sound collection that came with my audio interface, and the sounds are fantastic. They really offer a lot of control and realism. Damage also looks like it would be amazing for my projects, but the price tag would cause ME a bit too much "Damage"!
Bundle 1 is huge because it has Komplete 9 Ultimate but I would be greatly satisfied with 2, 3, or 4. I'm stoked about I'm a production tutorial junkie!! Lol
Bundle 1 is awesome and nice package. The NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is an great tool for music production, and Damage is another good package. So I like this package. Thanks for this opportunity and promotion.
bundle 3 would be awesome .....just starting to get into recording having an interface would be a nice start
I'm vst geek... so being able to add bundle 1 or 2 to my library would be wonderful!!!
NI Komplete 9! Nuf said!
These bundles have a little something for everyone. I started out with Pro Tools. I am using Logic X now. I know Ableton has been around for a while. Which DAW is better? If one DAW was superior would everyone use it? I would like to try out the Ableton Bundle. Maybe the Sun will shine on me. Everyone wants to be a winner. The speed bumps in life are always with us. The real winner is the person who never gives up, so cough up the bundle so I can get back to
Cory Ehlert
I would love to get into Reason:) Iv heard nothing but food things about it!
I would love to win these awesome bundles because, they are all on my "want" list. I have two plugins (not on the bundles) and Fl studio producer edition, and all these would make a great addition to my tools for production. Thanks for reading and this contest!
I'm most excited about Bundle #1. This contains all tools that I don't otherwise have or have used, but I've heard a lot about. I could really expand the abilities of my project studio with this bundle. Not to mention, that I already collaborate with other artists who use Komplete, even though I do not have it myself.
Leroy FruityLooping Fool
FL Studio has been my mixing tool of choice since I made my first mix in 2003. It has definitely come a long way and offers various plugin instruments to make nice crisp beats. I want Bundle 5 since I will definitely make good use of it. I have even got my three boys into making beats and they love FL studio and the loop function. LD
I would be greatful for the Opprotunity to win Bundle 2 because I am a die hard Reason and Native Instrument Fan and with U he and Heavyocity for even more sounds to explore would take my production to infinity and beyond and I would finally be able to let the World hear what's inside my imagination
Bundle 1 looks fab, all very useful!!!
All bundles are amazing!! 1, 2, 3... to be honest. I will be very happy to put my hands on Komplet 9!! Also all the tutorials in are incredibly helpful and I learn a lot from them.
All the best!
I really like bundle 2: NI komplete is really complete!, The AEON sounds amazing, and I am curious about the Reason 7. and some exciting fx too ...
Hi, hard to decide here, Komplete Ultimate 9 is really, realy good, the u-he stuff is superb, but also the Bundle with Studio one from presonus is great, Studio one along with izotopes mix and master bundle is hard to beat... good luck to me and evreyone else participating! Thanks Askaudiomag.
Leo Sozos
Every bundle seems to have something that everyone would use often in a studio...especially in a homestudio due to lack of outboard gear. I would thrilled with izotope's mmasterplugins... I ve always wanted to check them out! Fingers crossed!!!
Would love to win bundle #1, lots of great plugins I've wanted to create music with.
I've great things about Native Instruments so I go for Bundle #1!
All of the bundles are awesome, 1 and 2 with both versions of Komplete are maybe the best ones, but i will be real y happy with any of them.
WOW!! What an awesome giveaway!! I personally would love to win either bundle 1 or 2, but really all the bundles are amazing! But why did I pick bundle 1 & 2 you ask? Well, I remember when you had the Heavyocity Aeon promotion and being in a band called AeonSatori I thought it was destiny. Of course I didn't win then, but now I have a 2nd chance! Bundle 1 has the AMAZING u-he synths!! I remember playing around with the DIVA beta and was BLOWN AWAY! Of course I would be happy to win anything, and I'm really just happy to see a great website like yours giving away great gear to great musicians. Its....well...GREAT!! Keep up the great work. :-)
Audio Daemon
Bundles 3 & 4 look like the perfect compliment to my analogue - digital mix. They would certainly help me move from enthusiastic amateur to real world contender!
Will get surgery on my back next December.I spent the last 2 years on my bed, 20/24h. So no luck here, I wouldn't even win a tray of eggs, if that was the prize.U-HE synths pack would be awesome.
Good luck to all you guys.
Hello, my name is Roberto I am musician percussionist in the Band ANNULUK.
I want to talk now not around. . . I'm at the moment not so much money to upgrade and if I the bundle number 4 could win would be wonderful! As would the next plate of ANNULUK certainly help.

We are currently working on several new Remix pieces of music.

http:\/\/www. YouTube. com\/watch?v=Mq9Pqlp2FYQ
http:\/\/www. youtube. com\/watch?v=Bgxrxk4KWG8
http:\/\/www. youtube. com\/watch?v=or2iweHkNig
http:\/\/www. youtube. com\/watch?v=MqJyMvePBz4

Best regards

Bundle 1, no question! The Komplete 9 alone is worth it by itself . This is a Hefty bundle! Getting free tutorials is a plus . Just can't beat it
Bundle 1 - becose it's super mix amazing instruments
I am entering this contest for my husband , these are all things that I know would help him and that have been on his wish list .
Oh man!! all great bundles. Im freakin out! Bundle 1 and 2 would be great due to the vast plugins and other valuable products offered. My main DAW is Ableton Live. Bundle 3 is impressive and would fit nicely, particularly the mixing and mastering VSTs.
I would like to play with twisted tools and heaviocity! Package 1
Bundle #4 with Ableton 9 would be awesome! So excited for that! Fingers crossed....
I luv the 2nd bundle, its crazy with komplete and reason, then to smash it out of the park with uhe and heavyocity. I have reason 5 and could so use an update cause i need the 64 bit. and could use the heavyocity for the small independent films i do. i have an older komplete and would luv the new synths that they throw in now with it. and never used uhe but wouold i luv to play around with it.

watch ur tutorials every night to fill my brain with info, keep it up! u guys are great!
I would like to win bundle 2, I want to try Reason 7 for the creative ability that it would bring to my studio.
I love the Native Instruments Complete Ultimate!
Stammy Shenk
Wow, realy nice Bundels? But Nr. 1 is killer!!!
Looking forward for even more news on your site.
Cu Sam
All of the bundles are great.I'd like to win the Live 9 bundle because I need to upgrade!
norelito brigante
NI Komplete 9 $550
u-he FX bundle $486
Propellerhead Reason 7 $399
Heavyocity AEON Collection $399
They're all awesome, but the live performance opportunities in Bundle 5 are amazing. SONiVOX + Deckadance + Loom = crazy yay! I could make even the most standard playlist sound unique.
Here's my rhyme:
So I can compete
With all those technical geeks
Bundle 1 for me
And I will be Komplete
Bundle 2 please! I need this because i am using old reason 5 and complete 8! Please pick me!
These are awesome bundles. The best one and attractive bundle is the third one; Bundle 3 ($1621). I am very interested in these things. Moreover, I am a electronic musician and I use to make new songs. To add, I like to use Garageband and Virtual DJ Home, this third bundle has a similar software as those I named before. :)
Gabriel Omionawele
Bundle 4 because they are production suite and will be great having them for use to improve my production skills. I will also be a great visitor and fan of your products.
i would like to have bundle 1and 2 . I really like native instrument and propellerhead softwares thats the most important reason .
best regards
Bundle 2 because I've had my eyes on reason for quite a while.
Bundle #3 simply for Presonus Notion 4. Love to sound like the players that come with that band.
All prices are great. It will be perfect to win something, for the first time...
Sounds sounds & more sounds! Rédon needs more sounds to keep poppin' magic, ain't a trick, Bugatti rocket sh!t, blast through dem clouds make the sun rise and set in the same minutes! 222 Rn, the spark of the star sum amazing sounds!
I would love to win bundle 4 to add to my arsenal of studio must have. This bundle will allow me to explore new options to further my creative satisfaction through music and better help me to teach the younger generation how to achieve creative expression through music!
David Baron
Bundle 4 for the contest is perfect livid and ableton were just meant to be no question about it. Love all tutorials here. This is my go to site when I want to learn something. Thank you guys for all your contributions to learning and making music. :) hope I win but I never win anything lol
Bundle 3 for me please. Has everything I need and more! Thanks for the great content!
Id love to get some native instruments gear, there are so many different plug ins & gear to choose from . I been working with abelton and I'd love to get to have professional tutorials . Can't wait to find out if im the winner (:
Hey there! I would say that ableton live 9 for me is most important if these prizes of all other. Have been using this software for 4 years and so far I dont find anything better to use it for producing techno music. Also I noticed you got wave alchemy loops package. Quite goid quality of loops too for producing so I would say that these ones are catching my eye! :))) Amazing bundles!
I'd love Shelton ruts
bundle 1 or 2 ...just recently started using NI Komplete and it's by far one of the best programs on the market. Thanks for this opportunity AskAudio Mag!!
Bundle 1 hope hope hope!!
Thank You in advance!!
VDJ Optimux

I would really like the macProVideo 1 year subscription so I can learn some more :) you guys are awesome!!
Phil Suil
Bundle 1 is all that I need for music creation. It's a great and powerful collection and it has everything. Thank you for this opportunity and for teaching!
Adam Guth
Bundle 1. Love to upgrade to Komplete Ultimate and grab some U-he synths!
Hmmmm...... Bundle 1 for Damage, Bundle 2 for AEON. Which one is best? I guess whichever one i win. ;-)
bundle 1. I ama hip hop producer and just got a macbook pro. I would love to install the komplete 9 untimate package on it. I would be siked if I won. fingers crossed!!!
Bundle 1 would be a very welcome addition here. I'm a big fan of BFD though don't yet own it and I'd like to upgrade to Ultimate 9 too. A one year subscription to MacPro video would be totally cool too!
Bundle 1! Because is all that I need to compose! Thank you! : )
As I researched Ableton Live can fully control my M-Audio Venom with some MAX devices, but I have bought Logic, so it would be nice to win a copy of Live. :)
Good luck to everyone!
Bundle 3 without any doubt! cause i'm trying to become a good producer and i'd love to get all those incredible stuff! From the great audio interface for cubase (that i use) to the spectacular and fantastic, not to mention professional, plugin by iZotope and IK to level up my mixing and mastering!!! simply all i need!!! :)
N-Jin Beatz
Bundle 2 looks sick I'm currently using reason 5 so would love to have 7 n the rest of the bundle would just be an amazing bonus!
Bundle 1. I dream about Damage.
Bundle 1 is great for my Reason 7 upgrade. Love to use some new tools.
And the winner is......I AM! Oh, so you don't believe ME??? Ask Audio!
Maybe i misunderstood but i think by prizes you meant individual ones, and my personal choice would be NI Komplete Ultimate 9... i've been saving to buy one for ages. Best of luck to everyone.
Any would make me happy but since "Any local tax or customs charges must be paid for by the prize winner" I'd choose the less expansive :-) and for sure I'll be happy to win a One Year MacProvideo Online Library subscription.


Bundle 1 would be awfully nice, between NI Ultimate and U-HE Synth bundle… Fingers crossed :-)
Bundle 1 would be fantastic as i am currently trying to get into writing for Tv or film. Komplete 9 including Damage would be a great addition to my current setup and would help me achieve even better results with my music.
Bundle 1 has caught my eye, FXPansion BFD3 , not released yet but guessing pretty special!
I would love to win any of the prizes, but especially bundle 3 because I have been very curious to try out Presonus Studio One!
I would like to win any of the prizes, but especially bundle 3 because I have been very curious to try out Presonus Studio One!
Would be great to win any of these--just getting started with digital audio!
I'd love Bundle 1 for the Komplete 9 Ultimate :-)
Bundle 5 would be awesome. I definitely would love the "Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones" to replace my defunct headphones, and the FL Studio and Deckadance would complete my mixing setup.
Bundle 1 has Komplete (more sounds, woohoo!) and BFD3 (I have BFD and I'd love to get the new one). Bundle 3 has Notion (I like being able to work with my sheet music on the road with my iPad) and the Steinberg UR28M interface (you can never have enough interfaces).
Bundle 5 would be awesome because I need some Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones to replace my current defunct ones. Also the Deckadance DJ would complete my mixing setup.
I like Bundle 1 because it contains Komplete Ultimate 9. I used Komplete through version 7 but was not able to upgrade past it because of several reasons including cost. It would be great to use it again. Plus, the other products such as u-he would be incredible to work with.
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be sweet!
I'd like bundle #1 because it includes Komplete 9 ultimate, and I'm due for an upgrade on my Komplete system (currently on 7.)
Greg M
Mmmm bundle 1 with Komplete ultimate, what more could you need!
I would like to win bundle #2. NI and Reason together = awesome music mojo
David Wallimann
So excited about Komplete 9!
Pick me! :-)
I would like Bundle 4. If I win it will be "music to my ears"!
Bundle 1 would be awesome. I love Komplete Elements and know that the Ultimate version of Komplete would be mind-bogglingly great!
I'd say Komplete 9 Ultimate... fantastic package!
Matthew D
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate!!! Best software instrument collection ever!
Chad D
This is an extremely great give away!
These tools could really have a huge impact on a producers workflow.
Thanks for doing this and giving everyone a chance!
Much love.
Bundle 4! Can't wait to upgrade to Ableton Live 9.
I would LOVE to win because I NEVER win anything and also I wish to rule the world with the music of love. Bundle 5 or 1 would be just grand!
Bundle 1 - Native Instruments Komplete 9 is awesome!
the iZotope bundle, they're at the top of their game with cutting edge plugins that i must have of course.
I NEED Bundle 3 ($1621)

Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface $499
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite $425
Presonus Studio One - $299
iZotope Mix and Master Bundle $299
Presonus Notion 4 $99
MPV have got me rockin with LOGIC, now tis time to master the dark art of mastering..... need need need :D
Chris Polus
First of all, congrats Rounik! Great new site! It looks slick and modern. It was always kind of a hassle finding the link to "The Hub" on macProVideo, so having your own site is very cool.

I'd also like to enter this compo and my fav bundle would be:

Why: It's the most interesting bundle to me. I'm on NI Komplete Ultimate 8, so the upgrade to 9 would be very nice! I also heard so much great stuff about u-he products but I never got around trying or buying one. I'd be very interested in the u-he products in case I won bundle #1. I have some Twisted Tools, too, but not all, and these products are awesome. More can't hurt! Lastly, I really like the Heavyocity Evolve products that came with Komplete. Getting Damage would be awesome. Their products are a great addition to every arsenal that wants to sketch some scenes with OOMPH quickly!

Since I already found my current favorite DAW, I'm not so much interested in FL Studio, Reason or Studio One (I am currently on Studio One). I own iZotope Alloy and Ozone so the Mix and Master Bundle is also superfluous :)
DJ Klashes
I Would like to comment for pack 1. As i am much more in production stuff and unfortunately, can't afford much of the stuff, i would really like the NI's stuff. I have used some of them (Older versions) and the result is staggering. Mostly, when it comes to the usage of plugins, i am always, relying on NI's Massive Libraries and modifying to get my sound ... and i hope that i might win this package as this might help me a lot in archeving what i am looking for and can't afford to get it on my on.
J Thomas
Any bundle would be gratefully received, thank you!
I'd love Bundle 3 or 5. Both of them have hardware and software that are top-notch, and also contain things that I don't already own. Hook me uppppp!!!! :)
I am SO excited about prize bundle 4! So many new features I have been waiting for in Live are now accessible... Bus compression, different pole and slope Eqing and so much more! Sound forge has always been one of my favorites and I haven't been able to cop a copy in years as I'm on a serious. Budget. I have never heard of the brain jr. Omni but I would love to find out! Haha. Would love to mangle and demolish some wave alchemy drums, all around this prize sounds amazing! Fingers crossed.
Thanks for the opportunity. I would not refuse to win bundle 1. Thank You.
Awesome, good luck!
Mario Hernndez
Thank you for this great initiative! I produce music for cinema, and if it is possible, I would be very grateful to be awarded with the first bundle.

I will use it to compose music with all my effort for the world.

Thank you again! And if you are another contestant, let me truly wish you luck here! :)


Awesome, good luck!
Great news, Askaudiomag is the home page from today!
I would love bundle 2 because of NI Komplete. However all of the products are great. I've been a member of Macprovideo for years now and I think I have about 25 video courses, they range fro audio courses through to things like Adobe products, music theory and notation, recording and much more. I love macprovideo and have learned so much.
FUN Studio
Any of this products is going to improve my work!

good site, good idea...all the best!
I would LOVE to win bundle 1 because it has NI komplete 9 in it which would really help me hash out production ideas when I am recording things at home!
Ableton and Native instrument plugins!
Bundles 1 or 2. Love to get more NI instruments. Also uhe and Heavyocity are amazing. Would love to expand my collection.
Steve Rudolf
Great contest! I would most like the Mega Loops Bundle because I would put it to great use. As a social worker in Brooklyn, I run a "beat lab" and engage clients in our outpatient mental health clinic through electronic music-making. Most of what I've learned about playing the producer role for them has been from macprovideo. We're having a lot of fun so far, and through trial and error I have definitely seen the value of having loops. Most people I work with like to rap, sing, and make music with the help of loops. It gives them a quality base to then build upon to the best of their abilities. This would be a great addition to our program!
Every bundle has something really nice to offer! I would love to win bundle #1 because I've wanted to own NIs Ultimate Complete bundle since they introduced it! Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good!
I would have to say that winning NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be super sweet! I just started recording more audio with my home studio (usually I do video) and this would be the ultimate tool to really make a big impression right out of the gate! I really need the tools in bundle 1 so please, please pick me!
Tom Topp
Bundle 2 PLEASE!!! It's all the stuff I dream about but can't afford.
Robert R
I am looking forward to this new look and all that it is offering. My kudos to Rounik and staff, I am WILLING the prize to me as I write! WOW, what I am going to do with a 1 x One Year Online Library Pass and bundle 5!

Thanks AskAudio
Bundle 1 is for me! :-) thnx
Bundle 3 for me please! Could really use a new interface and the mastering tools would be way cool.
Bundles 1 or 2!! Would love to get ultimate complete. Uhe and Heavyocity also rock so would love to add to my current collections of those too.
Bundle 1 of course, cause it's the most valuable one and I haven't had the money yet for bigger stuff, as I'm a student. Everything else is fine, too, however ;)

Greetings from Germany
Bundle 1 would be the most amazing one, and not just because it is the most expensive! Twisted tools makes great stuff, and I would love to own their collections. Native instruments complete ultimate has been on my wishlist since it was announced. I have been using native instruments products for years and I adore them. On top of that, damage is included? Yet another thing I have wanted since it was announced. The rest would simply be a wonderful bonus! Great choices for the bundles, nice work!
Bundle 1 would be the most beneficial for me - I don't own any of the software (though I would like to get Sony's Soundforge). Macprovideo is the absolute best site for learning audio software - I watch is almost every day! The subscription service plus the magazine is a no-brainer to me.
Woooooooooaaaahhhhhh!!! You can't answer that question! Everything winnable on here is exciting to me! So much good software!! Would love
Some Komplete 9 though.... Amazing.

Pick me and I promise to make good music - no nonsense!

Bundle 1 for sure! Great stuff!
Congratulations on your new site! I would love to get my hands on prize number 4! I have wanted to get into Abelton Live for a while and now would be the perfect opportunity. I am a volunteer at a non-profit so scoring either prize 2 or 4 would be a blast. Thanks!
Bundle 1 sounds the best to me! NI Komplete has been on my update list for a while now; sure would be nice to win it instead of buy it! PLUS, I already own and use BFD2, so getting the latest FXpansion BFD version would sure round out the package nicely! COOL!
Basically psyched for the chance to augment my studio. There's always more to learn and it can get expensive keeping up. I would say that anything containing the NI collection would be key for me. I have been getting into film scoring and really could use an upgrade to my sound library. I'm pretty set for DAW's at the moment, and primarily use Logic, Ableton and Protools. Notion would be interesting to me since I use Sibelius in my Music classes and would benefit from getting familiar with other notation software options. Funny if I got Bundle 1 because I know Josh Hinden (Twisted Tools), I'd have to let him know! I also use tutorials often for professional and artistic development, and would love to get a subscription to mPv. I know Steve as well. Small world eh? :P
Good luck to everyone, keep making music that lifts the world up!
Chris Irish
Bundle 1! Komplete, BFD, and more!? Boom!!
Bundle One --- NI Komplete 9 is an extensive piece of kit -- Must Have
u-He Synth Bundle is (as well) a great set of tools -- Oi !
I'd be grateful to win anything. The Mac Pro Vid year pass is pretty awesome as I use their tutorials all the time. If this site is as informational as that i will frequent here as well. I am also really interested in NI 9 complete or Ultimate. I'm currently on Komplete 6 lol. It works fine but I've heard great things about upgraded organs etc. Also I utilize Logic, which is my favorite DAW, so the DAWs aren't a big deal for me.
Bundle #1 for the U-he synths and NI would be my first choice although any of the bundles would be fine by me. I have really been enjoying the content from MPV, having purchased several Logic lessons.
Matt The Katt
Everything is pretty generous and awesome but the bundle I'd be most stoked on is Bundle 1 - NI Komplete is exactly that: complete, and everything NI makes is hands-down mind-blowing. BFD would also be clutch for adding realness to my drum parts - the multisampling and playability of BFD makes it the next best thing to a real kit and drummer!
Bundle 3. Izotope ! Izotope ! Number one in my toolbox !
I'd be stoked if I won an annual membership. I've always found that the tutorials and services of macprovideo are unmatched in quality and depth, so it'd be more than awesome to have unlimited access to all of it!
Bundle 1. Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate is among the best current music software. With the variety to create music within every genre, and with very intuitive GUIs. The authorization system are among the best too, only topped by Toontrack. Bundle 1 = a "must" have.
I would love to win bundle 1 as it has some of the best instruments going around!!! would kill for Diva.
KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE!!! Would be so nice....
I'd love to win bundle #1! The thought of being lucky enough to win the whole lot of the Twisted Tools collection, Komplete 9 Ultimate and the u-he synths…runs the risk of melting my brain.

By the way, congrats on the new site, guys/gals!
Bundle 3 will do for me - and if not that one, well, Bundle 1.
I would love package #1 - Komplete AND Damage would nicely fill out my current library.

Bundle number 4 has caught my eye. I am intrigued by the Sony Audio editing software quite a bit.


kevin moore
I like the wind bundle number one, the complete ultimate nine is an awesome set up and that's something I'm interested in winning thank you
Alexey P
I would love package 4. It includes Ableton Live and I would really love to learn it and to use it to the maximum!
I would love to win because of the Tutorials offered. I love and learn much from tutorials, they are like lessons toy can return to over and over again.
S Benjamin
Bundle 3, particularly the Steinberg UR28M, would be a killer win for me. Here's hoping, and congrats on the big launch!
Bundle 4 for the contest is amazing. I've been a macpro video member for a year it is awesome. Maybe I will win. Even though I have never won anything in my life of 40 yrs :(
Bundle 1 - NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. Wow. Bundle 2 w/Reason 7 would be fantastic as well! Thanks, guys!!
Bundle one is what I'd like, especially that NI Komplete Ultimate!
Bundle 1 for me please!!! BFD and u-he are both awesome, and Komplete 9 Ultimate really would be a dream come true! So many epic sounds! Thanks for the great opportunity and keep up the great work!
Wow, Bundle 2 will just take my music to the next level. NI Komplete 9 will allow me to make my beats sound even better. I always dreamt of releasing my own album but with the help of this bundle, my dreams will become a reality!
I would love to win Bundle 3. All that mixing software! Your mix is what determines how big, phat, clear and crisp your song or sounds become. That's where everything really counts! I would love to win all that mixing gear/software! That would definitely be a dream!
NI Komplete Ultimate would be supa great :) thanks for this opportunity!
Bundle 1 all the way for me, NI Komplete Ultimate, U-He synths, BFD, wow... some of the best in the industry.
bevan dittberner
Like the 5th bundle. need a new headphone set -and a year to Mac Pro -This is the most valuable by you're work-Bev
To me, winning any bundle would put me on cloud 9
as I'm finally following my dreams of creating and sharing
music. If I were to choose, bundle 2 looks pretty rad.
Thanks for the chance and I'll be back
I would like to get any one of these products.... I love making music.... I love the native instruments products.... Like the komplete 9..... or FL studio..... That would be great!!!!!!
I have been working electronic music since the days 24 track 2" and love
what comes Mac using Logic Pro 9!

Winning anything here, even some free MacPro Video training is of real value
and would empower on my next remix project (think Indaba music )
But of course I would love to have FXPansion BFD3 or u-he Synth bundle
in my virtual synth arsenal.

you can hear my tracks on SoundCloud - search 'koraDave'

Thanks and good to all!
Bundle #3 would be the perfect kick-start to running a professional studio! And that is just what I plan to do.
Seriously bundle 1 all the way! NI Komplete Ultimate and BFD... is there anything more to say?
Magic Fingers
Im highly interested in working with Heavyocity AEON collection and/or Damage... So Bundle 1 or 2 with u-he products would be totally amazing!!!. Bundle 4 with the Sound Forge Pro, and Alchemy Drum Suite would also be very cool to create sounds with. And owning a Livid Base already means i could enjoy the
I'm interested n Bundle 3. As one living the Cubase lifestyle, the Steinberg UR28M interface would give me the perfect portable solution.

Looking forward to the new pub, too.
Bundle 1! I have heard nothing but great things about Native Instruments.
Keyless Chuck
I'd go for prize bundle number 3. It has software I don't already have, especially the T-rackS and iZotope mastering suites. Just the thing to finish off new works. Sweet suites. A great opportunity. Thanks.
I'm interested in Bundle 3. Cubase user would get to take a small rig on the road with the Steinberg UR28M.

Looking forward to the new pub, too.
Bundle #1 is the one for me because it has all of the VI's I have on my wish list.
bundle 3 with the steinberg audio interface would be best for me... my interfaces seem to last one week beyond warranty period and then fail :(
BUNDLE #3 HANDS DOWN!!! The Steinberg UR28M looks like a perfect mobile audio interface (which I've been looking [read 'hoping'] for).
Both the IK and iZotope mastering suites look amazing! And at the end of the day it's the mastering that counts.
I must confess that I already switched to Studio One Professional. But after seeing the many ways Presonus upstaged protools I'm interested to see how Presonus Notation compares to finale.

Bundle 3 ($1621)

Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface $499
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite $425
Presonus Studio One - $299
iZotope Mix and Master Bundle $299
Presonus Notion 4 $99
Bundle 1 would be awesome! Mainly because of the Komplete 9 Ultimate Bundle. So many new toys! Better than Christmas !
Bundle 1 or 2 would be great, I really like NI Komplete!
Bundle 1 looks good to me, but rather than it being because of the obvious things I would actually like to get my hands on the Twisted Tools stuff!! I think Twisted Tools do some truly unique things and their approach to sound design is very similar to the sort of thing I like to do. Long may they continue to do well!
Bundle #4 or any of them. I am not greedy. i will take anything for free! :)
Melly Mel utap
I gotta have bundle 1. Them dudes at Native I just seem to get it right. I just really need that Komplete 9 Ultimate in my life right now. Keep it coming AAM. Your tutorials get the job done!!!

Brandon Jordan
I love bundle number 1. It's mainly cause I just love native instruments. I'm working with maschine now but don't have the new komplete 9 ultimate. I love massive to make my 808's from scratch. Plus it gives me some Awsome tech/ dirty south sounds to give my production to make my beats sound way different then other hip hop/ pop producers
My choice would be prize number 3 for the iZotope and prize number 4 for the Sony Sound Forge Pro. These videos really are helpful in detail to understand the program. Thanks for being you!
I would Love Bundle number 1 .. I love all NI products...
but any prize will do ;)
Hi, I think that the 1Year of access to the MacPro Video library would be the best prize for me. As I have purchased and downloaded all of my tutorials, I am unable to use the new Logic X MPV plug in. Winning library access would be at least a temporary solution.
Roadstead Music
Bundle 3 fits my needs the most and to be able to master my songs since it is very costly to have that service done. My main needs are the mastering tools from izotope and heard they are great sonically.
The livid brain jr is what Id want! To be able to build my own controller would be awesome! I can't even decide on a bundle. Maybe 1, 3, or 5? Any of them would be amazing! I wouldn't even care which one i won!
I'd be extremely happy with any of the prizes except maybe for the MacPro Videos prize, but that's only because I already have a one year subscription. I've watched over 70 videos so far so well worth the money.
Roadstead Music
A one year subscription to MacPro Video would be nice as I have several of their tutorials. My most recent is the Superior Drummer tutorial by Toby Pitman. Very well done as all tutorial are well done by MacPro Video.
Bundle 1 ,please !Native Instruments rocks!
Melly Mel utap
Hey, I gotta have bundle 1. Them dudes at Native I just seem to get it right every time. I just really, really, really need that Komplete 9 Ultimate in my life right now. On another note, keep up the good work AAM. Your insight and tutorials always come in handy. Make music everybody, just make that music!
--Mel at utap...
Brandon Jordan
Bundle 1 I already have native instruments running my projects I know most people always complain about not being able to mix or master they projects in maschine alone but I like that up with my izotope and get a Awsome mix. Now me being a hip hop/ pop producer I love the tech sounds that massive normally comes with but it'll be Awsome to have komplete 9 ultimate. I've listened and heard nothing but great reviews about it but I'm so ready for it to be in my hands to see what damage I can do with it.
Wow, these all look incredible! But, if I had to chose which I am most excited about, it would be bundle five because I believe in the DAW game, FL Studio's lifetime free update for registered owners, combined with it's incredibly easy to use interface, is a difficult DAW to not be in favor of. Combine this with some awesome headphones and real fun looking software, bundle 5 will be one seamless template for some serious fun-making!!! =). You guys @ askaudiomag and macprovideo rock!!!
I really want bundle 4 for the Sony products ...
I realize that after looking at the all the bundles, I have most of the products there and I am also a member of Macprovideo! What's left? The one area that intrigues me and it's my weakest is mixing and mastering. I have all this cool gear that I write music with on multiple platforms like Cubase, Reason, and Live but I just don't like my final product. It never sounds "Radio ready". My research indicates that IZotope products are highly respected as well as the IK Multimedia Mastering product line. I'm not greedy. I already own Komplete 8 Ultimate and I bought most of the plugins that would be part of Komplete 9 Ultimate like Monark, Session Horns, and Cuba... I couldn't wait! You guys won't be having this contest for Komplete 10 soon? No? In that case, I'd be most interested in Bundle 3 and I'd be more than willing to document my journey through Bundle 3 from a hands on approach. To be honest with you, the UR28M looks hot enough to take on a date... I'm more of a Cubase User than any other platform. And Presonus is no light weight. I have their products on my Ipad. I wonder how different or more powerful are they on my Macbook Pro?
Honestly, I never win anything, so I'd be excited about breaking my losing string with any of these great bundles.

Also, hey, good luck with the site. The mag is great, and this will be great too, I'm sure.
Freedom Renaissance
I wanna thank the askaudio mag & askvideo team 4 the generous opportunity to expand our creativity. I would like Bundle 2 because Reason thumps. I've been using version 4 & would love to get my hands on 7 to take my sound & recording process to the next level....Peace
Hey Rounik - don't mean to be greedy but I want all of it. If I had to choose, I guess I'm a bundle 1 man for the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
Naim Kostan
Bundle 1! Komplete 9 Ultimate is everything you need to do a... complete song :D
Bundle 2 would be nice too :)
Hello ,
I'm interested in Bundle 4 because of Livid Instruments - as I'm loving it.If i get Abelton Live than i can use this version for teaching my students.Sony Spectralayers 2 is also very nice product and can be used for teaching. Also i get lot of inquiry in my studio to repair recordings. I think this bundle will be nice add on to my wishes as well as for my students and my personal task.
Thanks in advance if products are coming. :-)
Bundle 1 would be great! I don't have any Native Instruments or u-he products and getting the whole bundle would be great. Also fun to show off in front of my students :) Syths are great to play with and even more fun to teach with!
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate = Sweet
Bundle 1 will be perfect as it have NI Komplete 9 and Damage and a most Important BFD, (stunning Drums) , I wish I wold have money to buy, but hope to Win!!!!
I'm up for bundle #3 because of the T-Racks grand mastering suite. As a mastering engineer, I'm always on the "listen out" for useful tools, especially for remastering. I was really impressed with the T-Racks compressor/limiter and would like to use it regularly. I also love the Izotope plug-ins, so that would be a nice plus!
I wish I will win NI Komplete
Bundle #1 is my favourite, although I'm confused to see the Komplete Ultimate bundle and Heavyocity Damage. Isn't Heaviocity Damage already included with Komplete Ultimate? Regardless, Komplete Ultimate is a fantastic bundle with a ton of great sounding instruments. I'm a big fan of BFD2 as well so I'm excited to try out BFD3!
If I didn't have ableton and a livid base already I'd say #4 but I think it has to be #1 too many good synths and sounds in there.
Chris of BlueHaven Productions
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is amazing, because has such a ridiculous amount of sounds and crazy abilities, and Aeon by Heavyocity is something that I really want badly, since I own everything else that they make, and this product seems mind blowing! - Chris.
Josh Dullat
Bundle#3 because of the extensive time I've had in the past using Izotope plugins as well as watch them develop to an amazing level of quality these days. I would probably also enjoy revisiting/integrating Reason into my current LogicX/PT11 workflow; however ANY of these bundles would be a greatly appreciated additions to my creative arsenal. Thanks AskAudio!
I'd have to say I'd be most excited for the Twisted Tools suite in bundle #1 - I picked up a copy of Reaktor when it was on sale for $99 and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've been learning a lot of the nuts and bolts of various kinds of synthesis and would love to play with some of the ensembles that the Twisted Tools folks have put together.

Man, that Brain Jr. Omni Kit in bundle #4 looks crazy too, though. All five winners are going to have a lot of fun.
Bundle #1 and One Year Subscription
NI Complete 9 ultimate would keep me occupied til the cows come home!
Bundle # 1 has me very excited. Komplete 9 Ultimate would be the last piece to my home studio. BFD3 is very intriguing as well.
I'd be absolutely delighted to own Komplete 9 ! I already own Massive and Reaktor, and was hesitating about the Razor Synth... I think I would'nt need to purchase anything else for a while after Komplete !
I also have u-he's Runciter which I love to use on kickdrums, and am really enthusiast about Diva's sound... So that would clearly be a Bundle #1 choice (especially since I own Ableton Suite, and don't wanna change my DAW !)

Thank you all and have a great evening !
David Leal
Bundle 1!! for me is the best pack! i've worked with N.I products and all i can tell is that Native Instruments has the most useful VST for all kind of music (YES, including music film); u-he pack is the best synthesizer (for me) for multiple functions and original sounds! (just consider that Hans Zimmer use this pack in most of his movies too!), -FXPansion BFD3, i have BFD2 and is my favorite for Drum pack composition, it's so realistic! -Heavyocity Damage like i said before... N. I. products are so useful and this VST for music film make any epic moment much better, it is amazing! -and finally Twisted Tools... honestly i've never tried before but after watching the video promo there's no doubt that i will!

hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it for you, Blessings.
Anyone of the bundles would be great to win.
I'd be up for Bundle 1, though this is a hard decision! Gotta love the NI Komplete Ultimate and I can't get enough synths!!
NI Komplete 9 would be amazing if I could get my hands on it...The sounds in it would definitely inspire me to create beautiful music...
Bundle 2. Im ready to start using the full native instruments package!
I'm not fussy, anything will do.
Art L
Great idea to complement a great site. Congratulations!
Bundle 4 so I can learn Ableton from scratch using AskAudio Tutorials !
Bundle 1 would be awesome. But I really want Ableton, so bundle 4.

Either or. :D
I would like to win bundle 3, im lacking mastering tools and that bundle definitely will improve my music :)
jackass penguin
I've been wanting the Komplete 9 Ultimate Bundle since it was launched. Battery 4 and all the effects and everything they offer really would put a smile on my face. To win anything would be super awesome.
I would like Bundle 4 because you're very handsome and who can turn down a gift from a very handsome stranger!
Mr Chiboiborn
Bundle 1 or 2 would be good. I could finally get Komplete 9 after all these months of try to scrap up money and something seems to come up, being married you don't have the luxury to buy whatever you want. I am just starting to try to do some work for song placement, and I could really use this bundle to further my creative process.
Bundle 5 becoz it has FL Studio !!! :D
awesome wells
I already use NI KONTAKT in Logic (thanks to MacProVideo tutorials), and love it! Komplete 9 Ultimate would be an incredible addition to my studio; the huge range of synth and sample based products would give anyone an edge in music production in any genre. NI KOMPLETE rules the world, and MPV teaches you how to drive it!!!
I think any bundles would be seriously cool for anyone, But for me personally I'd take Bundle 2 as it has Reason 7 and I don't have that, also I LOVE U-He software I don't have all of their software yet. Bu actually I don't care if I win the bundle or not, that Library pass would be invaluable to me at this time of learning and stretching my creativity. Thanks for this opportunity Ask Audio Mag!
As someone who is just starting out in audio/video editing, any one of these bundles would go a long way to help me achieve my goals!
French Thomas
the bundle that excite me the most is the bundle N°3, because it has everything i'd need to record myslef and make better quality mix :
I would like bundle 3 as well Jose. I need some mastering plugging for my set up and some extra inputs would help when I'm recording drums. MacPro video has helped soooo much in my learning! Thank you guys for doing what you do!!!
Wow I would love to get my hands on Ableton or Reason 7. I have reason essentials and its a beast of a program. This contest looks great even if i get a year subscription that would be awesome. If I win a bundle I would go bananas with all won products more ammo for my production...Great Contest and good luck to everyone
Bundle 1 would be amazing! That NI komplete would really give me a chance to expand my very small collection of music software! I'm stoked about the 1 year sub giveaway too! Congrats askaudio!
I was fortunate enough to use Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones listed in 5 during a sponsored showcase at SXSW this year. I would love to feel them lusciously cusp around my lobes again.
Bundle #3 would be outstanding to win! I've been looking into surround mixing, and it would be great to have a dedicated interface for that. Steinberg's UR28M would be perfect,, especially with its monitor control. I've also been really impressed with iZotope software. I love Stutter Edit, and can't wait to hear what I could do with the Mix/Master Suite. As I already have much software that I love, I'd donate the T-Racks, Studio One and Notion to some young musicians, so there would actually be several winners here.
Id love bundle 2. lots of synth power there. Reason is my favorite programs and NI i know has some great stuff to it and with a macprovideo account i would be able to learn it super fast
Bundle 1 ... fingers crossed!
Been using Native Instruments since Komplete 7, just can't go wrong there... also Heavyocity the Evolve Bundle has been used quite a bit and stretches really far. I'd love to use U-he more. Twisted Tools is awesome. One thing is for sure; an upgrade to Ableton Live would bring me to tears. All these bundles you are offering are five stars as is the videos. I reached 1000 videos 2 months ago. Thank you so much and MPV is the first place to go for learning on the net.
I would like to have Bundle 3 to add to my music production arsenal and my favourite weapons of choice in the bundle are iZotope’s Mix & Master,
Steinberg UR28M & IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand.
Greg Allison
I like bundle #3 because I could use an audio interface. I can only do single track recording, and it'd be nice to try to record more than 1 channel at a time. It'd also be a huge help to have some more powerful mixing and mastering plugins in the latter stages of production.
Honestly, I have enough DAWs (Reason 7, Logic Pro 9/X and MOTU DP8) so I'm hoping for bundle 1! u-he synths would be really exciting for me, as would the Heavyocity stuff (to go with the Heavyocity stuff in K9U!)

Then again, a year subscription to MPV would be just awesome, of course!
Just a beginner but I need an awesome kit like this to match my yet to be discovered talent !
Bundle 1 for me! I love so much in the Komplete Ultimate bundle, particularly the new mixing plugins they've added since 8. Also I just checked out Damage and that looks SO EPIC. I already have BFD but it wouldn't hurt to have a backup! And between u-he and Totally Twisted I'd never synth lust again!
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Damage included with K9 Ultimate? Doesn't really matter anyways, it's free lol... But my preference is the iZope bundle my master bus would love it especially if Ozone is included. On the other hand I think Slate Digital is having a crazy sale & I may grab the FG-X before it's over so I can finalize some tracks.

Thanks Ask
I'd be happy to add bundle 3 to my studio. optional basic sound tools to play with.
Bundle 3 with it's special optimized mayonnaise compartment. along with it's enchilada tampon and fiberglass hair net- leaves me alone, vulnerable, gassy.
I never win to any game, I will be happy with any price !!!

If I choose one, it would be NI Komplete Ultimate.

Bundle 1 is the 1 4 me. It will make me will Komplete me. Seriously, I've been drooling over the software in that bundle 4Fer, and I would be so Mpowered to make great tracks. Thanks to MPV for all the great education over the years and for offering this exiting contest.
I would like to win Bundle 1, mostly because of the NI Komplete and the u-he. Still couldn't buy those. Anyway, thanks. Hope this is it!
Bundle 5 will be one seamless template for some serious fun-making!!! =). I would love the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones to replace my headphones
All of them sounds nice. If I to choose, bundle #4-performance package would be pretty damn nice arsenal to go live.
I am a HUGE fan of all things Native Instruments as well as Izotope. Having any of their products would be a huge boon to my project studio! I love MacProvideo! Without you guys, my learning curve as a producer would have been much steeper! Keep up the great work.
Any bundle in my book!!The simple fact of musical expression can be accomplished!!!!!!!!!#LETSGO#MPV#AAM
I love bundle #3!

Music making is certainly fun, but engaging in the mix-mastering process is where lots of learning takes place. As the default "recording engineer" for our small music department where I teach here at the college, this bundle would certainly help ease the duty of recording and preparing our faculty and student recitals for cd and website distribution. Love what this site has provided!

Tejas Sharma Dj Any Me
I dream of this Bundle 3 thingy as I am weak in mixing and mastering, so this bundle suits me cent percent. First of all it has a sound card which is USB and has preamps. I have apogee One, but this will give me a new dimension for mixing. Izotope and IK Multimedia mixing and mastering bundle will help me a lot and will polish my mixes. I use Logic Pro as my DAW so I don't think I'll use Studio One because I have tried the free version of One, I preferred Logic but I don't know about the other versions Artist, Producer and Professional, may be after using the pro versions, I'll prefer this. I don't know much about Notion 4.
PS : Man, who gives these things free, you are just awesome, God bless you.

Dj Any Me
(New Delhi)
I'll take bundle 2 please. I could REALLY use the "Aeon Collection" for some upcoming Film Scores and Trailer Music tracks and releases I'll be doing with the brand new company I am working for! It would be such a blessing!
I am excited to win bundle1 ,Mac Pro video has great tutorials for all of these awesome plugins!
Whoa! I would be stoked with Bundle 3!.
Hard choice though.
I would be totally stoked to win the U-he synths! I have wanted to get these for a long time, but have yet to pull the trigger. I have been producing music, engineering, mixing and mastering for over 10 years now, and I feel like this would be an excellent addition to my arsenal. Their fx would be awesome as well! Thanks MPV for the the awesome opportunity, you guys help the pro audio community GROW!!
Chip Crell
I'd love the one year subscription to Mac Pro video because the one I am on will expire soon and my quest for pure energy audio domination will be thwarted... Drats... You cannot beat me . Ask audio man..!! Curses. Foiled again... - Jupitor
First, congrats on the new site! I can see myself spending plenty of time here. I prefer bundle 3 because it includes a great interface with an impressive set of features, a very popular DAW, 2 great mastering programs AND notation software. It is as complete a bundle as one could hope for and one that perfectly complements my existing set up. Cheers!
I'm terribly excited about the uhe bundle because of their great quality!
I use MacProVideo all the time. Great site, great tutorials. If you don't win one, buy the year subscription.
Luis Che
There is a lot of gear I am not familiar with!, others I already own but the Bundle 1 with the NI Komplete 9 ultimate is my favorite. I will be very happy with the NI Komplete 9 , it has everything I need!.
Lately I have been educating my self with this tutorials and I am advancing fast!.
Bundle 1 for the sweet prize of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. I never coud afford it and I think it's one of the best music software.
Bundle 1 will make it sound so nice.
I would love bundle 1, as i have no hardware yet to control my software!
Malcolm A Batten
As beginning and aspiring music producer trying to transition from just being a songwriter/dancer, I believe Bundle #4 would be for me only because I'm somewhat familiar with Ableton. But if I had the choice I would prefer the best and to me that would be Bundle #1. Any one of the Bundles I would be lucky to have!
Bundle 3 - this would sort me out for an audio interface and iZotope Mix and Master Bundle is a lovely addition. As funds are limited and its going to take me a long time to save up for studio gear and software so this would be amazing.
As a working composer it's hard to keep up with new gear and plugins. To be competitive in this industry, you need the tools necessary to keep your productions current and professional. Winning NI Komplete 9 and Heavyocity would bring anybody's production to the next level.
This content represents a wonderful opportunity to achieve greatness with the help of hard working developers and MPV.

Good luck to all contestants
ZUbin Balaporia
Winning Bundle 1 would be great as it is the most all round package and I think AskVIdeo has online explanatory courses for all the software bundled here.
holy cow.
sign me up
for #1
I've just gotten started with FL Studio and all of these prizes look amazing! Winning any of them would be awesome!
Anything from Native Instruments or iZotope would make me a very happy person.
Bundle 1 and 2 would be an amazing upgrade to my Arsenal for music production... Happy Birthday to me!
Dear team at MacProVideo
I am deeply grateful and indebted to you for all the highly competent and brilliant tutorials I have been able to learn from. Had it not been for MPV I would have been that much poorer in knowledge regarding the use of my DAW.
However, I come from a country where we battle to buy music software and gear because of the astronomical exchange rate. Our exchange rate is 10.5 rands to your $1. Therefore, I often look on with envy at the the vast array of music gear and software advertised knowing I cannot afford it.
I would be over the moon if I could win Bundle One as it would help me to assist other poor musicians free of charge. It would light up my and others' lives as studio time for those who have a dream and cannot realise it would become a reality.
Even if I don't win, I am so grateful to MVP for making it possible for somebody out there in the world to fulfill what the great Martin Luther King who once said :"I have a dream".
Blessings to your company and all the other companies for making this DREAM come true and may you all grow from strength to strength.
With love and regards
All of the bundles offer amazing products. I'm partial to NI, but the u-he synths are pretty amazing. I don't think you could go wrong having ANY of these in your arsenal.
Bundle #1. I like the sounds from the Kontact software.
I would certainly want Bundle 1. I love, sound and sound design, so above all Komplete 9 Ultimate would be a dream to have in my system. Must also mention that all the bundle is well-composed.
I would be most interested in Bundle #5, its the lowest cash value but has some interesting components that I don't yet have and would like to play with.
I am PSYCHED for bundle #1. Absolutely love u-he and Native Instruments stuff. Would love to win as taking care of my two little kids eats up all of the $$$ around here. Thanks for hosting this competition! (and for the awesomeness that is MPV and (I'm guessing here) for the future fabulousness of AskAudio!)
And my winner is...bundle 1... because it provides sounds for a lifetime...
I'd take any prize- though obviously that top one would have the most to offer.
Marty VT
Great contest, I'm trying to learn the tech part of things so the info. thats available and the shot at some great equipment is exciting. I have a macBook Pro with Garageband and a Presonus Firestudio interface but would like to add to my capabilities. Thanks for the opportunity!!!
Bundle 4 rocks for me. There's no redundancy with my existing home studio, and it has tools I have been DYING to add to my arsenal. Ableton Live 9, Sound Forge Pro AND SpectraLayers 2 - are you kidding me?! And I'm always building my drum sample library, so Wave Alchemy Drums is a perfect complement to what I have already. Last, it will be a blast to create something cool with the Brain Jr. Omni Kit.
I've been using Komplete 9 in a small way (mostly Kontakt)- bundle 3 gives me the hardware to get live performers along with my tracks and loops. Hooray for AskAudio!
I'm excited about any and ALL of 'em! Nothin' better than free stuff!
There are so many choices, yet so little time! If I had to have my pick, however, I'd definitely go with bundle one. The main reason is Komplete 9 Ultimate. A drool worthy product! The amount of creativity and expression that can be achieved with that bundle is limitless, and worth a great sum of money. To see it being offered as a prize is breathtaking! But, Komplete 9 Ultimate isn't the sole reason for my desires. U-he, FXpansion, Heavyocity, and Twisted Tools all make stellar products that any serious studio should have! Limitless possibilities are available with each of these. Offering them as one prize is like offering to have God come down and work in your studio! For free! AskAudio has really outdone it with these prizes, not to mention their wonderful education!
Marty VT
Thanks for a great opportunity to learn and grow in the art of music.
Marty VT
Thanks for a great opportunity to learn and grow in the art of music.
I would have to say I would be happy with any. Can't remember winning anything and I could get use from all of them. Curious why Damge is one of the prizes in 1 when it's included in Komplete ultimate? Could always sell it to go towards hardware....
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is perhaps the single most important, komprehensive bundles out there :) I'm so glad it's offered here!
Cool contest and giveaway! Sure I can use some of these packages. MPV has been a great resource to me for quite a long time now - so happy to see that you guys are always on the cusp of what's happening and delivering this content to us. Keep up the great work!!!
We desperately need bundle 1 or really just the upgrade from NI Komplete ultimate 8 to Ultimate 9. Unfortunately we bought it a little too soon and it's too much to upgrade for us at the moment. ;) good luck to everyone, I never win so I hope someone that can really use these prizes wins!
Bundle 1 looks awesome for me! NI Complete Ultimate is the so big package of sounds and instruments.Also the U-He synths are amazing in my opinion. Thank you MPV & Ask Audio for this amazing oportunity. Good luck to the winners.
Where do start. With the Komplete Suite you have everything you need to produce .. well everything. Ableton is amazing for producing awesome dance tracks. Izotop man what great effects to have and Damage! So much great music to make with Damage. Add twisted tools and SonIvox Vocalizer pro man how sick would that be????
Bundle 1. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. What more need I say?
Komplete 9 will make my one man band sound like a real band! I can wait to win!
Bundle 1 for me! Love Ni and love Twisted tools!
Just what I was missing :)
Man, you guys sure don't make it easy to choose. Bundle 1 has some of the best instruments and FX around anchored by the industry pioneer Native Instruments. Oh how sweet the sound.

Then there bundles 3 and 5 with hardware/software packs from Stienberg, a true giant and one of the backbones of DAW. Then there's Presonus with forward pushing features at dynamite prices. Or perhaps the cushy comfort of Sennheiser headphones is more e cure for that long session.

Oh man, I just don't think I could choose so easily. I could be quite happy with just about anything on this glorious list of true revolutions in sound.

Thanks for the contest and I'm looking forward to the mag!

I am PSYCHED for bundle #1. I love u-he and Native Instruments stuff. Would love to win since all my $$ is tied up in my primary noise-making devices (my children). Thanks for MPV and now AskAudio!
Bundle 1. Big NI fan!!
I would truly love any of the bundles, but I'm torn between bundle 1 and 2. I already own Ni complete but I would love to have Ultimate. I am intrigued by the Heavyocity plugins. Damage and AEON Collection both fascinate me. Some sounds just speak to me!
I love all of it, if have to chose i go for bundle 4 abelton is great and i dont have it. But bundle 1 is awsom so that will do to
Bundle 1 Please!! I need to Komplete my studio!!
Ill take bundle 4, Legit copy of live would be awesome.
Bundle 1 as I'm looking for NI Komplete and u-he synths. Thank MPV
Thanks to AskAudio for this gracious opportunity. Any of these bundles would make me a happy man but hard pressed i would definitely choose Bundle one. NI Komplete is an amazing software package, particularly the versatile, realistic Kontakt sampler. Every part of the bundle is an audio heavyweight in its own right.
What a great bundles but I like bundle 1 the most.
Now I am quickly going to check out the new site thnx
BUNDLE 1 for sure! To have the THE synths to crack out sick wobble basses like hell. DUBSTEP ist my name! THX
I think the Native Instrument Komplete software would be worth living in my studio. I feel like I've been missing ever get that feeling?! Dr. Evil to mini me style. Plus, you guys got the know-how to help me get turned up.
Bundle 1 - definitely!!! There is so much contained within NI Komplete 9 Ultimate that this one package alone would take me eons to scratch the surface of what it can do.
Bundle 1 if you AskAudio me.Fantastic prizes, Fantastic concept, infact a reel deal,which would Komplete my musical options.
Go you good thing
I would choose bundle 1 for my first choice just because everything in bundle 1 is just awesome i could use and would use all of the different programs! Bundle 2 is a very very close 2nd because of propellarhead reason 7. I have never had the opportunity to check out Native Instruments Komplete series personally but have read about it many times and know without a doubt that I would really love it! 360gb dedicated hard drive full of top shelf samples, loops, istruments & effects!
Bundle #3 would be awesome. I have been using my Steinberg CI-2 now for a couple of years, and have been nothing but pleased by how simple and smooth it is in a budget home studio setup. For a while now I have been thinking of getting an interface with more inputs, so that I can record live drums for my songs. The UR28M would be just perfect for that purpose.
All of these bundles are top notch! I'd use any and all!
Bundle 3 for me please.Everything i need.Thanks!
Laurenz Roth
At the moment I am preparing for an enigneering education. Any of these prizes would help me incredibly! Awesome contest by the way.
Bundle 1 is obviously the best! If I had Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate, I would have all the virtual synthesis and sampler power that I could possibly need! Then, add in the U-He Synth Bundle, and I would be absolutely inundated with high quality sounds. It would be hard to get any work done at my studio with so many cool distractions. However, the most useful piece of this bundle would be the new FXpansion BFD3 software. I use the Roland V-Drums to record most of the drummers at my studio, because it completely eliminates all of the bleed and phase issues inherent in recording acoustic drums. However, the TD-9 module only has stereo outputs. That's why the BFD3 software would be perfect for my studio. It would give me access to thousands of high quality drum sounds, along with the ability to put each drum on its own track. I could record MIDI from the Roland drums, load an instantiation of BFD3, and assign the MIDI notes to the chosen drum sound for each track. This is a fabulous offer! Thank you Ask Audio Magazine!
Honestly I already have a good portion of the prizes, this does not mean that I am rich but I have invested everything I have gained in my life in the original software. I own Komplete 9 standard not the Ultimate, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Reason 6.5, U-He Zebra and Diva synths, many FXpansion products, PreSonus Studio One Artists not the top, iZotope Ozone 5 Standard, FL Studio Producer Edition, and many others not included in your competition.
I wish to win something because money ran out...
Hello from Seoul, South Korea. I was very happy to get know MPV a year ago and I'm a loyal member since then. I watch MPV almost everyday! As for the Bundles, I'd like to pick Bundle 1 because I would like to try u-he synth and BFD3! God bless you^^
Bundle 3 is for me. Everything i need. Thanks!
I enjoy the contact and drums BFD.
Viren Harsora
I would go with "Bundle 3"... It has has everything I need. Most importantly is Steinberg's audio interface which is great if I get it as I'm not able to afford it.
Izotope would complete my mix and mastering needs. I'm very excited!

Thanks MVP and Audiomag for this wonderful competition.!
Package one is a fantastic collection of software instruments, but I'm perhaps most intrigued by package 4's Livid Omni Brain package. I've recently started using Mainstage to use software instruments live on stage, but the keyboard I use for my primary mainstage controller (Hammond XK-3C) has a pretty limited selection of controls and I've been thinking about exploring a Livid interface for real-time control of my software instruments. That looks like a perfect starter package for exploring the idea so that I can refine my requirements before spending a bunch of money to build something custom that exactly meets my needs.
bundle 5, i'm a big fan of Image-line products, they are great but i still can't afford to buy one for myself. i often play around with them at my friend's studio, some of my works even won some contests. if i could get them, my producing life would be easier...
The prizes you guys offer here is really outstanding. I think that few would be unsatisfied by any of these prizes. BUT, I have some favorites though. Native Instruments Komplete 9 U is such a beast. If you own it, you are actually complete. There's nothing else you need. And if you are still not satisfied, or complete, there's always Heavyocity Damage. To be able to play a blockbuster score creator! Nice. And as a drummer myself, I think FXpansion is one of the best instrument producers out there. So, for me it's definitely the bundle number 1 that is most interesting.
Bundle 1 is just dangerously awesome. When I read what's in it, my eyes got Totally Twisted and my dropping jaw Kompletely Damaged my desk. For recovery I need BFD3 ASAP, U-HEar me?
Amazing contest btw, thanks! :)
Bundle 1 or 2 would be really great, cause I love the Heavyocity stuff a lot. Thanks for the contest and keep up your awesome support!
I like Bundle 1 because I work with logic and I don´t need another sequenzer prog. I´m a fan of native plugs and the other plugs sound good to me
Of course, any of the bundles would be great to win. Bundle 1, however, does contain the 4 products that are on my 'to buy on day in the future' list (reaktor, diva, zebra & heavyocity 'mutations'). But 'sall good.

Should i give you my delivery address now ? :)

Thanks for the chance
Bundle 1 ---- fantastic for me Komplete - wow-
Bundle 1 would really take my music production to the next level.
NI Komplete is fantastic. Everything you may want.
MPV delivers great training. Nice contest.
Mihai Coporan
Bundle no. 1 because its perfect for film music, but i won't say no to a year subscription to macprovideo - i learned a lot from it before.
Yannis Georgiou
I love Bundle 1, just because of Komplete 9 Ultimate.
I am using Logic Pro X, so I don't care about other DAWs.

I really think Komplete 9 with Session Horns, retro synths and the effects adds a lot to Logic's plug-ins for every musician or sound engineer.

iwould love to have reason 7 and NI komplete.
Bundle #1 for the u-he synth and for the Komplete Ultimate if I wouldn't already own it.
I want Bundle 3 !
Michael F
I would like to win paket 1, because I am working with lots of orchestration software and it's good to work with high quality samples and products, to do a good job and to be able to create the soundscape, that is in your mind :)
Bundle 3 please
because of the mix and mastering suites,
the audio interface and studio one also neat.

Wow guys, this like having to choose between hot chicks! Well, as I'm a typical guy, I'll go for the blue eyed blonde girl: Bundle 1 or her little sister: Bundle 2. As an aspiring film composer, the Complete and Heavyocity soft would be like the hammer for the blacksmith! Thanks for this contest
AAAAAAAWWWeesome ! awesome ! i think native instruments komplete ultimate is a universe to explore .. :) wish to do that journey one day ..
hello nice to the competition and I would be happy to have the bundle 1
Bundle 1-2 for me, NI Komplete is just mindblowing, just don't have the money ATM. Also 5 stars to Damage and Twisted Tools.
George Bellos
All bundles are awesome..i would go probably for the bundle 1 just for the uhe synth bundle fix!
Bundle 1 or 2 has my interest... Really interested in Heavyocity at the moment and also BFD3... U- HE & Twisted tools also would be way cool!!

Thanks for the chance at this great contest.
Bundle #1 is the most interesting, it's got all the cool drum sets, u-he makes the coolest synths, and let's not forget the Komplete 9 Ultimate package!! Close second is Bundle #4 with Ableton 9, Sound Forge Pro and Spectralayers 2, and a cool Midi controller DIY kit :)
I wouldn't mind getting a 1-year subscription to MPV either :D
Bundle 1 would blow my mind! Adding that much to my setup, especially NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, would really make me happy. Good luck to everyone!
Bundle 1 for me. I wanted to buy NI's Komplete for a long time but never had the money to afford it (and I'll love to have U-HE's and Twisted Tools' bundles!)
Bundle 3
I need it to make my own mastering.
I'd really love to win bundle 1 as the Native Instruments synths/fx are amazing and I've always wanted to play with some of the u-he synths :)
Bundle 3! I'm a songwriter and producer and i have always used cubase for my works, but lately i tried Studio One on demo and i have been floored away by the simplicity of the interface. I believe this will be my main DAW! the bundle also include a nice steinberg interface which i wish to give to my son as a gift, so He can begin to write his own stuff too! thanks for the opportunity!
Bundle #1, I'd love to have Komplete 9 Ultimate; talk about swimming in an ocean of possibilities. Plus, Twisted Tools would be so cool, they make great sound packs as well as their famous effects. This is the greatest hobby. If you can't purchase that song in your head, go and make it!
Marko Zirkovich
I'd love to win bundle 2, especially because of Reason 7. But all the bundles look great, so thanks for the opportunity.
Scotty brown
Bundle 1 or 4 would be awesome for me. Thnaks
Komplete 9 would be the best, so number 1 or 2. With Komplete theres no need for something else.
u-he DIVA... if the Mac Pro will be reasonably priced i´ll get one and THEN i need something to really tax the CPU :)
Arron Storey
I'd choose bundle 1, as I've been saving for Komplete 9 for several months now, but Komplete Ultimate would be amazing! Cheers, Arron
Bundle 2 look very interesting to me. I few months ago I've demo Reason 7 and I really want to explore this DAW more and try to combine it with Native Instruments Maschine. As I already learn a lot from the Maschine tutorials on your site this would be a nice upgrade to my setup.
Wow, impressive contents on this site and gr8 launch! All the best for your team.
Scotty brown
Bundle 1-2-4 would be awesome for me. Thanks.
Ken Barnard
I'm a Studio One guy, so Bundle #3 for me!
Number 1 and a one year subscription would be nice !
Adam Luton
If I had to pick one it would komplete-9-ultimate bundle, but it all would be a massive help because I'm producing in logic 9, and I'm in a live dance music band,playing house, dnb and dubstep. Also producing and dj ing so you could say music is my life. And has been for 15 years. I ve done many courses at point blank, ect so the potential of this prize would not go to wast.
I'd go for Bundle 1 100%. I am a fool for Native Instruments, synthesizers and sounds. I makes my fantasy go wild. I get inspired and write best with great sounds. Also I am a drummer and BFD is great drumming software. I own BFD2 already, but 3 is even better!
Bundle 1 or 2 would be excellent. I'd be most excited about NI Komplete... so many beneficial tools and instruments in there would be an tremendous asset for me. Then I could pick up a Maschine... I've been dreaming about that integration.. sigh.. That'd sure be sweet.
I'd love to get bundle #3. It has everything i need starting with a new audio interface !!!
Anyway thanks for the contest ;)
Bundle 3 because it has the Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface in it and i need a new audio interface in my home studio. thnx for the contest.
All great bundles. I would like to win bundle 5. Those headphones by Sennheiser look great.
Bundle 1 or 2 would be totally amazing for Komplete 9 and the other amazing software bundles, but in truth, being a bedroom musician of limited financial means, any of the bundles would literally blow apart the way I could make music in ways I can only dream of!! Good luck everyone!
Bundle 5 looks like my fav.
For me, Bundle 1 would be simply amazing! I've just bought myself a Traktor Z1 controller for my iPad and am also currently learning Logic X in a bid to become a competent EDM producer. The totally twisted tools would go a long way to help with this in my quest as would the Komplete and all of the other great prizes in this package! At the moment I only have a small MIDI keyboard so if I were to win all of the above, I would upgrade my MIDI and be well on the way to becoming the next Olav Basoski!!
Graham T
love to win Bunddle 1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be a welcomed product to the setup !!

Many Thanks.
Beth McGowan
Amazing. I'd love any of these bundles.
Graham T
love to win Bunddle 1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be a welcomed product to the setup !!

Many Thanks.
Roberto Pedoto
I find it quite interesting almost all bundles, but I think the one that suits my needs (and also for the quality stuff that contains ..!) Is the bundle I. Amazing plugins!!!!!
Bundle 1 for sure. I already own Ableton live 9 suite and these tools would defenitly take my productions to another level.
Thanks for this opportunity, askaudiomag:)
I am so impressed with the amazing bundles ,I would be able to advance with my music and with these great musical software programs be able to help others to advance also within the music industry.Wow,i just love these.Thank you.
I've got more and more tracks to finish lately, so the iZotope Mix and Master Bundle in bundle 3 seems pretty exciting to me, and would be incredibly useful to get my stuff finished. Also, I'm a big fan of native instruments so Komplete 9 Ultimate, in bundle 1, seems like a huge array of amazing tools to play with. Also though, those Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones in bundle 5 look very decent and it would be good to have some quality monitoring headphones for producing/creating late at night when the rest of my house is asleep. All of it looks good!
I am ready. All of my skill is going into this comment.
Andre E
All of these bundles and prizes are pretty damn great but to be honest the most valuable price is learning and knowing how to use and get the most out of these apps without them interfering with your own creativity, so for that I think the one year online library pass to price is what I'm most excited about (although bundle number 2 is pretty frickin' sweet too!). Grats on the new site and keep up the great work, I've been a macprovideo "convert" since day one!
This is exciting. I quit my job 2 months ago and moved from Holland to
Edinburgh to spend all my time on making and performing my music.
Besides that i also have my own home studio and i could really use
bundle 3 to help bring my recordings to the next level. From the best
mastering tools to finally an audio interface that let's me switch
easily between my monitors. Thanks AskAudio Mag!
Christian Bader
bundle 1 is the star, of course. i like bundle 3 a lot too, though i'm quite curious about BFD 3 aooooouuuuuuuuuu.
Dario Dagaro
Hi guys amazing Bundles hard to praise so much work and commitment to us musicians.Dreamming of owning any of this incredible programs>I'm the new guy in music produccion ,tried everything look under the sun for ways to create music,But nothing beats software,the research and having the tools to compose makes a big difference.I have 5 kids so is hard to keep up with my dreams,my wife and I are musicians,my kids play instruments and starting to love what it means to create.I would love to own any bundle here and continue to praise them with my kids and my whole family!Thanks for the oportunity to dream the posibility to own any Bundle!
Ryan In5omniak
Komplete 9 AND BFD 3?!!! *head explodes*
Awesome bundles, you can't go wrong with any of them! But If I had to choose I'd say bundle number 1 because we really love Native Instruments stuff. Bundle 3 is also great and the Steinberg audio interface would surely help our little home studio a lot! Thanks for this opportunity and have a great day :)
All these bundles are awesome, but if I could chose, I would also go with bundle 1.
I`m already saving money for NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and Damage, so it would be incredible to win this.
Furthermore I wish you the best of luck for the future of your Magazine, I love your stuff!
I´d be most happy about Komplete Ultimate, because i´m already having Komplete Elements. I am saving money to buy Komplete at the 1st of October, if i´d win i could go straight to Izotope, because that is next on wishlist. :)
Bundle 2 would be amazing, I use a lot of NI instruments in my productions and soundtracks. Heavyocity is a great add on as well. All bundles are pretty amazing to be honest and brings amazing tools. But to get a subscription to your tutorials and magazine is priceless, I use them so frequently and love to go over old ones as well to capture some very precious hint and trick!
Patrick Robinson
The ability to have the knowledge of the industry leaders will be great, and the feed back from the users all helps. Some nice hardware and software would also be appreciated to help with the creation process.
Thanks for the resource.
I would love to win Bundle #1. I'm an excessive NI and FXpansion-user. I love their approach to synthesis and would to expand my arsenal with more of their beautiful products! I've had a couple of hands on use with u-he Zebra. And I absolutely adored it! This would also be a great asset to my studio setup! I'm mostly looking forward to getting acquainted with Damage, because of it's unique approach to synthesis and outstanding interface!

I wish everyone the best of luck in receiving one of these beautiful bundles and hope I can only be so lucky!!
Les P
Ableton and/or Native instruments ! Most powerful and my favorite combination for music of all genres ! My choice is Bundle 4 or 2
Ree Keen
amazing contest!! bundles are all essential!! ;D
bundle 2 for me :D i miss reason's playfulness n' uhe synths are just awsome!
bundle 1 would be great to win but I am never that lucky .it has komplete ultimate
bundle 2 would also be great it has reason7
good luck
The bundle 4 is the one having almost all the tools and instruments I still miss and I'd love to have and, in case, grateful to be able to work with, expanding my creativity and improving my musician, composer and sound designer skills! And able to join other people like me. Cheers and thanks!
I would really love to win Bundle 2 as i am a real 'REASON' 'HEAD' who has used Reason as my main sound source of 'INSTRUMENTS' to 'PROPEL' my production forward. I am also a 'NATIVE' of the UK who resides in the 'CITY' of Manchester which amongst other things is known for its vibrant music scene & 'HEAVY' rain. If i win this bundle 'U' will also make my production partner a very happy man... 'HE' is just as much a fanatic of hardware & software as i am! Big up Ask Audio :)
Bundle 2 would be sweet because of Reason 7 and u_He effects, but I wouldn't mind any of the others. If it's free, don't be picky, right? ;)
Anyways, fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone.
Hi, i love when such things happen.) It would be nice to get any of these beauties. Cheers. Have a nice day. Take care.
Wooow !!These Bundles are All very GOOD!! but i prefer the Bundle 1, Lost of VST Instruments !! looking to upgrade my current VST Instruments, this would be perfect for me!! Greatz.. Jamil
Bundle 2! AEON rules! Love u-He FX also.
All bundles are great, but bundle 3 is perfect combination for me.
Finger cross and Good luck to everyone
I'm studying to be a professional audio engineer and these great plugins would help me greatly to take my productions closer to that professional level I'm reaching for. Thanks for this opportunity.
what a great Bundles, from my perspective I would choose the bundle 2, Love AEON Collection to extend my Sound Library for my Sound Design part.. to get more inspired and more creative in putting sound together. will be very useful for my Project the new album .
many thanks and much appreciated..
Bundle 2 looks pretty tasty. Good luck! :)
yaay, competition. entered for u-he synths and heavyocity damage :)
good luck everyone.
Bundle 4 has it all, Music Production Software that know supports Dual Monitoring, Mastering Software, In Depth Audio Editing Tool with Visual Harmonics and Partials of Sounds, and VSTs. A serious Bundle for sound engineers, music producers live or studio use, and sound design.
Hey guys, firstly i love ur tutorials, very big part of my learning curve, keep up the good work. the bundle i would most wish to win is bundle 4, as an existing Ableton 8 user the upgrade to 9 would be great. i have just began a music technology degree and the Sony Spectralayer 2 and Sony sound forge pro would be indispensable to me in my assignments. Also the Livid instruments Brain jr omni kit could possibly be used as a college project, where i might incorporate it with Wave Alchemy Complete Drums and a fancy MIDI mapping and use it in my DJ set up as a "hardware type" drum machine. Its these reasons i would prefer to win bundle 4! Many thanks-good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan
Bundle 1 is great. I am all for it. NI has the best plugs out there along with U-HE! Urs for the win! Wanna have it... :)
What will it take to win
Bundle 1 Looks amazing! Would love to be win and test out the NI ultimate bundle
and Damage! Gratitude for hosting this competition! Thank you!
definitely bundle 3, I've got 2 pals recommending t-racks and studio one to me, might be a good chance to test them out


I'd like to win Bundle 3 mainly because of the mastering suits it has. I don't have any music notation software that's why Notion Music prize looks really tempting also. And last but not least, having one more audio interface is always an advantage, looking forward to try Steinberg UR28M.

So, once again - Bundle 3! Fingers crossed!
I would love to have Bundle 3 because I miss some tool for MAstering and my audio interface is showing signs of weakness! Also I don' know much about Presonus Studio one and i'm always in for trying a new DAW. Thanks!
I´d like to grab bundle number 1. For sure the Komplete 9 Ultimate prize, it´s a allyouneed for electronic based music productions. Inside we can find some sweets like KONTAKT 5, REAKTOR 5, and GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, plus the monosynth MONARK and the re-designed BATTERY 4. You'll also get SCARBEE RICKENBACKER® BASS, ACTION STRINGS, SESSION HORNS, ABBEY ROAD VINTAGE DRUMMER, and DAMAGE for truly limitless possibilities. And the REVERB CLASSICS, PREMIUM TUBE SERIES, and SOLID MIX SERIES deliver a complete studio effects suite. So as we can see just for this it worth the try. Beside that we have the goodies from u-he with their superb synths, FXpansion and Heavyocity Damage (NI) with the pristine and wicked beats and at last but note the least the crazy plugins from Twisted Tools...What do we want more?!?...I know 370 G to allocate Komplete and some more to the others and a lot of time to explore all those tools . I think i can live with that :)

Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287
Bundle 1 or 2 because U-he one of the best plugin manufactors
Bundle 1 all the way... All the software I want but can't afford!!! The new komplete bundle looks sooo good! U-he stuff is awsome as well. Thanks for this competition opportunity :):):):
Marc Reck
Glad to find this in my inbox this morning. :) Both for the tutorials and the opportunity.

Bundle 1 would be my choice. I moved onto a narrowboat last year and had to seriously downsize my beloved studio, but never able to afford kontakt. I have built up a software version of the studio now with any available cash i had, but komplete and kontakt is the only thing i need now. I've bought a few parts of komplete separately, and synchronistically bought 2 of the kontakt macpro video courses not making the connection between the two different versions, so bundle 1 would be enable me to put that knowledge into play too the free kontakt player doesnt allow me to use some of my sonic couture instruments.

Also Native Instruments as a whole is pretty much is the backbone for my djing and music production, with traktor s4, massive, guitar rig, and session horns, so the other instruments in komplete coupled with the totally twisted and damage plug ins would make serious sonic arsenal additions both live and in the studio. Similarly live drums is another sonic passion as is the warmth of live environments so Bfd3 and U-he would bring back some of the warmth and space i miss from back when i had space :)

I know this is a number generated comp, so you prob won't get to read this, but i'd like to add that im really impressed with macpro video site having bought quite a few from there, and similarly this new askaudio. I made my own tutorial site called Reckorder as my way of collating and sharing useful tutorials with people that might be learning, and so am drawn to anything on this tip. I put the site on hold for a while to focus on a couple of music projects but it still seems to get over 15,000 hits a month judging by google stats. I think the sharing of free and useful info is the way forward and browsing your site this morn has reignited me into getting a load of backdated posts up and running again. There are loads of useful music making sites, but there are few that consistently stand out in my opinion. Hope my modest reckorder site can help bring some more traffic to your free tuts, and best of luck to all who enter. All the best. Marc
Hi, bundles 1 & 2 are really awesome, I love Native instruments and U-he products, thanks.

And thanks for the great tutorials, Steve H. and Olav B. are such good tutors.

Thanks a lot, :)
Bundle 1 is awesome! :) It would be great if i get it . :)
Bundle 1 would be awesome, I have been waiting and saving my pennies to upgrade to NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. I have a ways to go, but winning this would add the necessary tools I need to create great music, not to mention how much the u-he Synth Bundle, FXPansion BFD3, Heavyocity Damage and Twisted Tools Totally Twisted would add so much to my setup. And getting the training from Macpro video would be the icing on the cake.
thanks for the opportunity,
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I just long for Bundle 2 cause I know I like it
Bundle 1 is where it's at! Native is no joke, not only from a hardware standpoint but there has never ben a software bundle even CLOSE to Komplete. Have to have it!
I'm pumped about bundle 1, because I'm really wanting NI Komplete 9 Ultimate! But I'd be happy about any of them...
Hamish H
Bundle 5 looks great. Fruity Loops 2 was my first DAW and I'd love to see how far its come in 9 versions
Hamish H
Bundle 5 looks great. Fruity Loops 2 was my first DAW and I'd love to see how far its come in 9 versions
Wouldn't mind winning any of these amazing bundles. The opportunity to win all this cool stuff as a celebration is great! Keep it up macprovideo, cheers!
dave the hat
love bundle 1 with the u he bundle plus komplete ultimate
I'd choose bundle 1, because of the vast possibilities for sound design it offers. I once got hooked on synths in the early '80s fiddling with the knobs on a MicroMoog with headphones connected directly to it, without really knowing what the knobs did. Now I do know! Also, in the early days of Audio Units I wrote a plugin of my own. In the learning process I remember reading posts of a certain u-he! It's good to see that he's doing so good still. It would be great fun to get the u-he synth bundle included in the Bundle 1, too.
Bundle 1 would be an excellent much needed addition to my studio!
Long time monthly subscriber to MPV. Congrats an much continued success!
Awesome prizes here, really worth a look, I favorite would be bundle 1, but I would settle for any bundle :)
Quite a bit of diversity in these bundles although if there was one thing I could pick it would be bundle one with NI ultimate - I have installed this complete package for a few customers and it has ENDLESS amounts of sample, synthy, orchestral,worldy production tools, and of course all the geekiness of the NI package - I run a few instruments in Kontact player 5 - but I can't afford the full suite. I do like Hardware -rather than software- but the full compliment of NI is amazing...
All bundles are great. I'd prefer Bundle #3, though. The audio interface looks interesting and I already own way too much software synths.
Bundle 1 for me. Great software that would compliment my set up. Thanks.
Andrea Lomuscio
You guys are great!
All Bundles contain cool tools, but probably the ones I prefer are #1 and #3
Good luck to everyone!
Vince M
Wow, how can one choose? Of course Bundle One is the Killer, However I really need a new pair of Sennheiser's. I would not turn any of the bundles down they all are really awesome.
bundle 3 would be the one that I could put to good use, but they all look pretty kool. thanks
Vince M
I mentioned that Bundle One would be the Choice of course However I would not get upset with any of these Killer Bundles. I do need a new set of Sennheiser's though
Clelson Lopes
Bundle 2 is my wish, cause with AEON collection I have the best REASON to KOMPLETE my sound library and FX with this bundle!
I have been using these vids for a while and love the stuff I have learned. It is awesome to have an opportunity to win some really cool stuff.
Michele R
Bundle 3 is a very good choice for people who have to record , mix , editing and master . Studio One is a great DAW ( sometimes even better than Logic ) , the audio interface is good , T-Racks plug-ins are great , iZotope are fantastic and presonus Notion 4 is another usufull thing you can have for a few money .
Great Bundle .
Bundle 2 is outstanding...why?....are you kidding???...Have you read those four company names there???...Have you read those four software names there???.
Complete producer pack right out of the box....
Murilo Faria
Bundle 2! Bundle 2! Bundle 2!

Komplete Kompletes Me!!!!!

Plus Reason 7, u-he FX bundle, Heavyocity AEON Collection????

= I Believe I Can Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bundle 1, Komplete 9 and Damage rules. :)U-He is also interesting.
I wish everybody good luck and joyful musicmaking.
Murilo Faria
Bundle 2! Bundle 2! Bundle 2!

Komplete Kompletes Me!!!!!

Plus Reason 7, u-he FX bundle, Heavyocity AEON Collection????

= I Believe I Can Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bundle 1 is just down right killer, providing an amazingly powerful collection of production tools. NI Komplete Ultimate alone is incredible. Not to mention the addition of the u-he bundle and BFD3!
I love bundle 1, since it has the Komplete 9 ultimate version with it. It's all the synths and plugins you need for a good track. Combine that with the u-he synths, FXPansion, Heavyocity Damage and Twisted Tools and you have a killer music production set up!
frankie H
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I can't wait to win bundle 1, as a Native Instruments Komplete user, I know the value of having all these great instruments in my arsenal. I have wanted to upgrade from 8 but times are very "lean" right now. Also, pretty much everything else in this first bundle I sweet. As for mastering, I have learned that recording and mixing are my thing, I will always send my stuff to a mastering engineer, as that just "what they do", Respect!
Bundle 1 would be awesome to win!, could really go a long way for me!
For me, the bundle 1 for the great NI products! High quality products and supports :-)
For me, the bundle 1 for the great NI products! High quality products and supports :-)
Bundle 2 because of NI Komplete and bundle 4 also looks awesome , because of Live.
sir joe
I love NI and U-He products, so having the chance to win bundle 1 or 2 is awesome ... not that I would complain if I won any of the others, of course! :-)
I would love to get my hands on the Reason 7 bundle. It's the production software I'm most familiar with.
Robin W
These are all great Bundles. I'll go for Bundle #1. Hard to choose! Congrats on the Launch. Looking forward to good things---
It would be really be awesome winning bundle 1 or bundle 2. I have quite a bit of NI software but the whole package would get some serious usage. I watch macProVideos just about everyday. Great stuff.
Bundle 1 would be my first choice as it would integrate into my current workflow the best!!!!!!!!!! All of them look pretty nice though!
M e t a c r e a
Hi from France.... I dream to win this bundle 1...

YES - NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
YES - u-he Synth Bundle $477

YES - 1 x One Year Online Library Pass to ($199)

NO need - FXPansion BFD3 $349
NO need - Heavyocity Damage $299
NO need -Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287

Good luck for all.... :)

Troy C
Am most excited about Bundle 1 because it includes NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
and the u-he Synth Bundle. Have a few of the NI plug-ins and love them. Would be awesome to have the Komplete set!
Bundle #1 is nice. Been wanting to upgrade my Komplete and now BFD3! Twisted Tools's stuff is sick, although I already got the product I like the most from them...U-He synths are a must, this would be nice to complete the collection.
Bundle 1, of course! Let me legalize my plugins!
Ken T
Would absolutely love bundle #3. One thing my set-up has really been missing is a first rate audio interface plus getting all the IK and IZotpe plugins is just a ridiculously sweet deal... Don't know much about Studio One but i'd be delighted to find out.
I'm a guitarist who's recently moved into electronic music production. The Komplete Ultimate set would be ideal since I primarily use Guitar Rig for sound design and the Ultimate set has fantastic Studio Processors that run from inside the Rig. Thanks for running this competition...the video tutorials are world-class btw...
Vern S
Bundle 1 is amazing because of the high end NI Komplete set. I'm also a huge fan of the Heavyocity sets. I've enjoyed the MacProVideo subscription in the past and the individual lesson sets that I've bought.
I'd love to win the steinberg audio interface. Not the most expensive prize, but high quality input to my computer is something I need almost every day.
twisted toosl are the mos exciting tools to create interactive and spontaneous music : sampling,slicing, stretching are a most have

Ricardo S.
Bundle 1 FTW!
This is my comment..." "
I too think these bundles are awesome...hence the comment
Bundle 1 looks killer to me. I really want to try out heavyocity. I also love NI and the u-he synths look amazing! Super sweet prize packages all around!!
The Sculptor
Bundle #2: NI Komplete 9, U-he FX bundle, Propellerhead Reason 7 and Heavyocity AEON Collection are high quality products with long lasting reputations that will ensure the best sonic quality for my music.

"Bundle 1" = inspiring products, and I either have (Bundle 2) or do not work in (other bundles) the other products
clyde w
I would go with bundle 1 or 2 they are both great.but would settle for anything there all great
Doctor Kono
Would love to win any of the bundles, but would really like to win the online pass. Need to learn me some stuff!
All the bundles are great! I'd have to pick #1, though, because it has everything you need to get started!
Gerardo Sloburn velez
Bundle 1 has everything I need. That would take my set to a whole new level. But even if I don't win the grand prize, I'll take whatever.
Lord Fkpants
I'd love any (or all) of the bundles. But if I had to choose I'd go for the Bundle 1, having the NI Komplete Ultimate and the uhe synth bundle would be a dream I couldn't afford!
Wow, this is a generous offering; good luck to everybody.

I'd be ecstatic winning any of these bundles, but Bundle #1 is purely magic waiting to happen.
I'm most excited about the bundle 1 for it has pretty much everything you can ask for!
Nick M
bundle 1 would be totally killer for me, but i would take any of them believe me!
Bundle 4 would be awesome. I've been wanting to jump into Ableton Live for ages. Just couldn't justify buying another DAW since I use Logic and Reason already. But I would love to have Live!
All the bundles are great - 4 or 5 would be cool to fill some gaps, but the tutorials .... the tutorials would be great for a year.

Great site!
Bundle 3 for me would be great, I am in need of a new audio card, this would help me a great deal as mine no longer works, just outside the warranty period too :(
I have the software, not enough of mastering plugins so they would go a long way to help me with my mixing!!! Pick me, pick me :)
Awesome contest guys! Wow...Bundle 1 would of course be an amazing win for sure. Really...any of these bundles would make my day. I recently moved in with my Fiance and am currently setting up my little home studio but on a tight budget. Winning one of these bundles would be a great boost to the quality of that endeavor. Ok....crossing my fingers and good luck to all of you. Thanks for putting on the contest.
I have to say that I'm very exited about the Heavyocity stuff.
Love their vision and their sounds.
I'd be thrilled to win Bundle 1. I've been working hard at mastering the included plugins in Logic Pro X with the wonderful tutorials on Since I do not have any third party plugins, this bundle would be able to take my music to the next level!

Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!
Lethal Mixer
Love the new zine! Throwing this contest is a great way to start things off. Bundle 1 is the one I'm after. Been wanting to get NI Komplete 9 Ultimate for a little while now and just waiting for a great deal on it. Winning it would be better! Also been wanting to upgrade BFD, so getting it as part of this bundle would be great. Cheers!
Any of these prizes would be awesome! But if I could choose just one it would be number 1, native insturments komplete ultimate is simply the most "komplete" package out there for production, and uhe is one the most innovative synth companies on the market, at least in my opinion, toghether with the other stuff, the bundle should cover my production need for years to come :) really hope to win this, the daily prizes would not be a loss either!
Prize 3 would be pretty sick because my current interface seems to be malfunctioning. That UR28M looks like it would be just the interface I need to help get my music to a different level. The year of tutorials would be priceless, though.
hello. bundle 2 please. i would not say no to bundle 3. thanks for great giveaway.
I would love to win bundle one, what an amazing bundle. All the bundles are great though!
NI Komplete Ultimate would be incredibly useful as I continue to transition from performing musician to producer. The array of samples is extraordinary and would allow me to create the sound scape of my dreams. I have written and am working with partners to produce a rock opera and Komplete would help me crush this project.
I ve been eyeing Komplete Ultimate for about 2 weeks! I didnt know it is such a great bundle! It would certainly make my life Komplete for sure! ;P
How could I choose which I'm most excited about. Any of those prices would be enough for a heart attack of so much excitement.
I would like to win bundle #1 because it has all the major stuff from the biggest brands on the market.
bundle 1 is packed with goodies. hope luck is on my side, keeping fingers crossed.
Komplete 9 Ultimate for sure! I've been looking for it because it simply covers so many corners you could possibly need as a music maker and producer. As a Maschine user I'd also get the most out of the tight integration between those two!
Bundle 2 looks great with both Reason and NI Komplete along with Aeon. But any would be awesome to win of course!
Wow first of all, pretty glad to see a new portal like this one for all my audio needs. Second, I would be absolutely thrilled if I won Bundle 1 because I'll be graduating from my Audio Engineering course in a few weeks and having all those tools from the start would definitely save me a bunch of money (and the time it takes to save up) which I could then spend on important essentials like a pair of studio monitors and microphones. That and it would make an awesome story when I tell my classmates what I won. :D

Thank you for putting this site together. Looking forward to some great web content, guys!
What a great contest! And how awesome that askaudio is it's own mag! Great developments going on over at ASK/MPV right now, it's so exciting. I've learned a lot already and the new logic courses are so useful to get a grip on all the new developments with Apple, including the new MPV plugin. My favorite prize pack would be the grand prize because of Heavyocity's Damage, and Native Instruments' Komplete Ultimate. I like to work with orchestral pop and composing for soundtracks so that would be the ultimate score! The best part of all the prizes is the subscription to the ASK library pass though. Because I would be buying that even without the other prizes! Haha keep teaching us to do what we love. - Matt Cameron
Erik Mitchell
Bundle 1: Komplete Ultimate. 'Nuff said
I could really use that presonus audio interface bundle. Love this site.
Any of these would be a great bundle but I'd be especially excited for Komplete and TwistedTools.
I'd be well up for winning me a bit of bundle 3, mostly since the Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface would be a great step up from my aging MBox2. But that there Notion looks like it would make for a far better way for me to note down snippets of composition with that guitar tab editor instead of scrawling on the back of an envelope. Throw in a new DAW to learn & play with and a whole bunch of mastering plugins (cos everyone always wants a new compressor) and I'll have all I need and more for a goodly while yet :)
I vote for Bundle 1, because more plugins will make me a better composer/producer/mixer. ;-) But seriously, I'm a long-time MPV customer, and Martin and co. have built quite a company over the years! Keep up the good work!
All the bundles are really cool, but I would go for Bundle No. 1. Komplete 9 Ultimate would be a good match with my Maschine and the rest of the plugins would be handy as well.
I am pretty excited about Bundle 1. I have already have Komplete 8 so Komplete 9 Ultimate will seal the deal for me. Native Instruments makes the best products for music production. To be honest I would take any of the bundles. I have been using MacPro for a couple years, Great stuff guys.
Johnny Zana
Great job on the new site guys! I'm certain that i'll be reading these news daily. The prize packages are amazing! Fingers crossed, and if i'm one of the lucky winners I'd love Bundle 1 because I've never been able to test other NI products other than Massive, or Uhe products other than the free synth, and looking forward to honing my creative skills with Fxpansion, Twisted Tools, and Heavyocity. I feel i could create some fire with those tools available.

In any event, good luck to everyone and looking forward to bookmarking Cheers!
Bundle 3 because my interface as seen better days. Along with I've had my eyes in iZotope's Mix and Master Bundle for quite awhile. Thanks for giving everyone such an awesome opportunity to win some really great products!
This Is reale Great the Give Aways and also all the Great Information
Any bundle can do the trick. Number 1 or 2 was cool since NI Komplete should be a good addition to my sonic arsenal! Pick me now! ;O)
would LOVE Bundle 1 just for the pure awesomeness of getting all of NI's stuff! Love their synths and would love to work with Reaktor to improve my sound design skills....

I would be very content with the daily prize of a library pass to this site as well. I love to learn and the stuff you guys put out is great! I had to cut back on some things due to unforeseen bills and haven't been able to get a membership like I wanted. :(
What a great way to celebrate your success! Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes :)

It's hard to choose between the stunning grand prizes, but if I would win I would love to get Bundle 2. Main reason why I would love that Bundle is Komplete. I want this for so long, but its quiet expensive... Also the u-He FX Bundle would be a great way to enlarge my small effects-library, and the Heavyocity AEON Collection sounds INCREDIBLE! Well, I have to admit I dont really need Reason, but a friend of mine would love to start producing music, too. I guess that would be the hell of a present for him :D

I wish everybody good luck, but still hope that I win ;)
I think bundle 1 is the most interesting, because of Komplete Ultimate, u-he and Heavyocity. And a year of free access to MPV would be interesting as well.
damon noriega
I would love to get my hands on bundle # 1. I saved up my money for the native instrument maschine. So I would love to get my hands on native complete 9. I cant afford it right now with a baby on the way. Love ive learned alot on my ni maschine. Ty. Cross my fingers and hope to win... one love
adam cain
Komplete Ultimate package bundle is awesome although I've been eyeing the iZotope plugins lately too. ... but quite honestly any of these have killer products.
I'd like to win NI Komplete 9 Ultimate cause It has all sound collections. For me If I have NI KU 9 my studio is complete. JEEEEZ & JEEEZZ in my life If I got this :P

I would love to win any of these bundles but I've really wanted Komplete since I downloaded the demo. I love u-he's free-ware products and wouldn't mind trying out Zebra 2 or some of their other stuff without the limitations of demos. Of corse I'd choose the grand prize, but if choosing just one thing I would go with Komplete... it's pretty incredible.
Dee Jay
Bundle #3 would be schweet! Especially the hard ware interface to go with my Cubase 7.
Bundle 1 looks tasty!
mauricio en mexico
I´m in for bundle one. I love NI products and I´ve heard great things about the other item in the bundle. My arranging and orchestration teacher would be more than happy if I had one of this.
I would like to win because winning is awesome and I'm pretty sure the prizes will help me conquer the universe.
Sascha got my undivided attention. Adding a comment here and returning to browsing the site now. Thanks!
I would love bundle 2... or maybe bundle 3. No, no, make that bundle 1. But 4 & 5 look good, too. It's just a fantastic offer.
i'd like to win whatever you want ! love macprovideo though ! i'm signed on a monthly basis, love go have a très year access.

To be honest I won't be complaining winning any of these prizes! Although NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be a fantastically amazing bonus.
iZotope plugins would be good ...Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface...would be good ...........
I choose NI Komplete 9 Ultimate.
Thank you!
I want Komplete 9 Ultimate!
Thank you.
I'm most excited about because I'm already addicted to similar sites, will this be the next one? ;-) I'm also excited about NI Komplete 9 Ultimate (can it really provide in all the needs?) and the u-he Synth Bundle because Zebra2 is a 'massive' sound creator. The NI one too by the way
Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface, because it is tangible
BUNDLE 2-is my choice

cause i been using Reason 3 for few years now and an update will be awesome
also i always loved the demo's of NI stuff but could not afford it,too expensive for we
Malaysians unless you're a studio/pro & you get paid well.
Well hoping to win this bundle 2 , else just have to save up till i can afford em :)
Bundle 4 is most compelling for me - Soundforge and Spectralayers + Livid DIY would make for an alternative/fun workflow
Bundle 3 i'd like to win this pack cuz i need an audio interface and the other stuff looks cool!
For sure N.I. komplete 9 ultimate (everything a producer can desire..
Bundle 1 for sure, I already have bought some products from Native Instruments, FXPansion and Twisted Tools. They are solid. Would love to complete my collection and get my hands on the u-he and Heavyocity Damage products, they have a solid reputation.
Bundle 3 really intrigues me! A new interface is something I have been toying with and IK multimedia mastering suite is a whole new direction for me. Thanks for the pop!
I choose Bandle#3 for Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface and iZotope Mix and Master Bundle.
Hey congrats! on this new endeavour , I very fond of the paper version of askaudio magazine, So this is very good news. Also a happy member of MPV. I would definitely would choose the bundle 1 because I a big fan of Native Instruments and Twisted Tools, but of course I would love to have the U-he Synths, Zebra2 and ACE just blow my mind. Also Tremor of fxpansion sounds great. And i already own Evolve and Evolve Mutations so it would be great to have the Damage library.
Bundle'1 Heavyocity Damage seems good to me. and Logic Pro is my choice of DAW so a up-to-date sound library is tempting.
There are so many awesome bundles but would definitely LOVE to win bundle 1 or 2....Especially bundle 1 with NI Komplete 9 Ultimate!!!!!!
I would like Bundle 3. It would be great to have the Steinberg sound card. Looks awesome!
I personally choose bundle 2. My excitement is the included Massive in NI Komplete 9. I had an opportunity to watch a tutorial and experiment with it and I was impressed. I am sure I would not hesitate to spend hours, days, months... using Reason and the rest of tools include in this awesome bundle. Let the fun continue.
Bundle 1 is my favourite. I'd love the u-he synth bundle.
Bundle 1 for proper upgrade of my home studio.
Karabo Ntswane
Bundle 1 or Bundle 2! Why? It includes Native Instruments Komplete. I'm based in South Africa and our currency is pretty weak so I saved up for months until I could afford to purchase a Native Instruments Mashine MK2. It was used but in great condition, unfortunately that is all I can afford but if I could win Bundle 1, it would complete my beat making arsenal!
I won't be complaining about winning anything here. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be fantastically amazing to own though. Or maybe the Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface....or iZotope plugins ...hmmm
Karabo Ntswane
Bundle 1. Why? It includes Native Instruments Komplete. I'm based in South Africa and our currency is very weak so most things from overseas are expensive(literally 1$ is more than 10times to the Rand). Though because of my passion for music, I saved up for over 8-months until I could afford to purchase a Native Instruments Maschine MK2, although it as used,I purchased it in great condition. That's all I can afford but if I could win Bundle 1, it would complete my beat-making arsenal and would help me greatly.
I'd love if I win a NI thing! I love it, because anything made by NI is simply Native.

I'm a fan of NI anyway :)
Komplete is an awesome package, but match that up with the likes of Damage, Twisted and u-he and we're talking some real damage. If only there were some big F'n drums to send that bad boy home...
Eeny, Meenie, Miney, Moe, any bundle's good to go!! Thanks for the info guys...keep up the good work!
Bundle 3 is the most exciting because of T-RackS CS Mastering Grand collection.It's a comprehensive, high-quality mixing and mastering plug-in suite which is a must to have for outstanding mastering. Also the iZotope's Mix & Master Bundle! for elegant sound and ease of word flow.
Presonus Studio One will be the standard DAW in a short time. User Friendly and great features.
Any bundle that comes with a year of access to MacPro tutorials would de me just fine.
My heart just skipped a beat when I saw those bundles. NI are the best.
The Steinberg UR28M is just what I need to get my home studio going, it's the missing piece between my instruments and my Mac. The other software in the bundle would be a big bonus too!
As a musician on a budget (who isn't?) any of these prizes would be an incredible boon to my meager recoding setup. I'm particularly interested in the Komplete bundle and UHE plugs. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner!
I'd really like to get my hands on bundle 2. I've worked with almost every other daw and learned them with MPV, except for REASON. My Komplete is 1 version back so it would be nice to upgrade that.
OHH YEAH!!! Good luck to everybody :)
Bundle 1!!! is very cool to add to Logic Pro X for example to expand soundscapes as NI have lots of good instruments for variety of music styles to cover.
Bruce Magee
I would like to win bundle 2 cause i am a propellerhead & i could compose some serious sounds with an arsenal of such quality. So thx 4 this opportunity to shine.
Bundle one for komplete ultimate, or bundle two for reason 7 :)
My preference is Bundle 2. I love Reason and NI Komplete
any prize would be great but would love ni komplete 9 ultimate.
I would love to win any of the bundles but number 2 would be great as I cant afford Reason at this time. Fingers crossed!
all those bundles are great but the first one : Bundle 1 is my favorite.

Well, great prices! I would not complain winning any of these prices, but if i would have to choose a favorite for me, it would clearly be bundle 3. Izotope mastering bundle...yummi :) Good look to everyone!
Gregg Sixx
Bundle 1 is the ultimate bundle for me. When I get NI Komplete 9 Ultimate then
my musical journey would be complete.
Bundle 1 would be perfect. I've recently started learning more about synthesis and really love what NI komplete has to offer, especially reaktor! The Twisted tools plugins for reaktor look super amazing too. I would love to get lost in them.
First off, huge congrats on the launch :)
For the question, I'd say the U-He FX. Considering I own a couple of their synths, and know their outstanding quality, the FX are next on my list.
If you meant which bundle, I'd say: Bundle 2. Native Instruments, U-He, Propellerhead and Heavyocity??? Enough said! The perfect bundle of amazing products
Bundle 1 for me, please. NI Komplete would enable me to update and expand my NI instrument collection with the other instruments, U-He and BFD, have always been gadgets I've wanted t o exploor. The Twisted tools looks amazing, the perfect complemenjt.
I'd like to win anything with the NI Komplete in it! So much epic content that it's hard not to make a hit! the rest of the bundle is just a bonus :D
I would love to win the NI Komplete Ultimate because I could certainly use the endless sounds it provides. I would also love to win the Sonivox Vocalizer Pro because I think that it is just the coolest new vsti in a while--but unfortunately, I am too poor to buy it right now. Great contest guys!
OMFG - this is a GREAT contest for all involved - what an array of great programs available. Like, N.I. Komplete, BFD3, iZotope Bundle, FL Bundle and SO many more.

Thank You AskAudio/Video :)
This is so exciting ! Bundle 1 with NI Komplete Ultimate and the u-he synths will fulfill all my studio needs. Just upgraded to Logic X. So this bundle will be really helpful for my film and advertising work. Cheers.
Mats N
I already have the tools I need to make music so I'm not really interested in any of the prize bundles so I hope the winner is someone who needs the stuff better than me. But, I'd love to get a one-year library pass to so I can learn more about the tools I use to make better music and productions.
Bundle 1. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, BFD 3 and especially U-he synths are the best tools you can have, except for some expensive hardware.
DJ Nyce
i've never won anything in my life so i'd be happy to win anything.
Dmitry Borisov
Bundle 2 very interesting to me. Propellerhead Reason 7 all you need to produce music! NI Komplete - amazing... Bundle 4 - great, i like Ableton LIve so I wish you all good luck!!! )))
Id love to get the Ableton bundle because I got an APC40 which came with a veeery limited version of Ableton (its rubbish!)

Well there all an improvement to my arsenal but I've really been chomping at the bit to get into NI's Komplete 9 and I'm an avid FXpansion BFD2 user so the BFD3 for free would be lovely. So I'd say Bundle One would be great.
Bundle 5 would make my year! Need some new headphones and the Sennheiser's look incredible... Thanks Ask Audio!
I will the most happy guy in a world if i could win the bundle 3! I will be able to mixing and mastering my tracks with pro products!
I am hoping for bundle 3 I could really use the UR28M audio interface.I just upgraded my computer set up and an audio interface is much needed.
I'll go for Bundle 1 especially because of the u-he Synth Bundle and
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted.
All the bundles are amazing! but if one had to say bundle 1 for the NI Komplete 9 or bundle 5 cause for an FL Studio type a guy it cant get better then that!
Bundle 5 looks awesome, especially the u-he stuff, I'm a huge fan of Zebra2. Tbh all the prizes are great, killer competition Ask Audio! Thanks!
Hi I would love to win Bundle 1. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is just a dream for me. More sounds only makes me one step closer to my DREAM..
Ilia Tilev
First of all hi to everyone!
Let's be straight! :D
Im not gonna lie whatever bundle i win i will be please! :D All of the bundles are great.There are some amazing things in all of them! Bundle 2 and 3 are my favorite ;)

Bundle 2: Propellerhead Reason 7 of coarse! Awesome DAW i've always wanted :) When i watch videos of Reason i just go nuts about the stuff this DAW can do :D
Native Instruments Komplete 9 i think i don't have the words to express how every thing that NI makes is so proffesionaly made and the quality is just amazing.
U-he stuff is also on top level i mean every bundle has amazing products. It's just amazing that you guys are gonna give someone this stuff!

Bundle 3: "Steinberg UR28M" I mean when i look at the design and quality this interface has is magnificent. The A/D converters on this thin are beast :D When i look at it i just wanna put my guitar and jam all night long :D
PreSonus Studio One is another DAW that i've heard that is quality! Presonus products are on top level!

IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite is another thing in this bundle that makes it even more awesome! I don't have any mastering plugins so this will be very usefull to my music! ;)

That's it from me.
Komplete 9 Ultimate would be simply incredible, but all of the bundles are loaded with awesome stuff!
Greetings AA, I give thanks for your great support in helping young and pro audio heads in getting theirs heads around some tight n easy corners in the sound planet. I will be humbled if I win any of the amazing prices in the 10k lunch party contest,,,,,I am hoping to set up a wrk-shop music production studio in Africa,,,,So any of the prices will go a long way in helping me towards realizing this dream since it will be a non profit project designed to help less privileged youths in developing their musical talents n skillz.

Give thanks once again n keep on keeping on! Bless!
ableton or the Monitor speakers
iZotope Mix and Master Bundle. No question. I'm rubbing my hands together!
Have to say all the bundles look great, and the daily contest ( a year's subscription) is a tremendous value. No consolation prize that.

But it's Bundle 5 that stands out to me: two products I've been itching to try - FL Studio and AIR Loom. Modular additive synthesis? yes please!
Throw in Deckadance, a vocoder instrument, and sennheiser headphones, and you've got a winning combo.
i'd be happy with any of them. i already have Komplete 9 Ultimate though. i'd honestly just be stoked to have a yr subscription to macprovideo

but that Heavyocity Aeon collection in bundle 2 seems like it might be promising as well. :)

or the livid kit in bundle 4.
Bundle 3 has to be my pick. The modern DAW Studio One is such a pleasure to use and to put it together with an interface such as this one and the mastering plugins? Simply heaven!
For me Steinberg UR28M is the BOMB.

Fortuna Audaces iuvat.
Bundle two simply works. The latest Reason is a great piece of software and Reason has always had great sounds. Not to mention Komplete and the AION collection that can run in Kontakt! And the effects bundle too? WOW. Many thanks to!!
Prize 3 , im keen on the mastering suite. Also a new iterface would be nice
Chow Shern
Dear AskAudio,

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway to us! I'm pleased that I'm a one of the members of AskVideo, I truly love the tutorials that you guys make. Seriously, my every day can't without AskVideo tutorials. Also, your knowledge make me become a better man.
All man! It would be a dream come true to win bundle 3 because i could do all of my own mixing and mastering from home!
Komplete 9 Ultimate would keep me busy for a long time, but I can think of uses for almost all of the things listed.
Wow. Seen some bundles of products ive never heard from but I bet tey are amazing. Bundle 5 would be my favorite. FL studio is what I have used in the pastfrom learning how to make the most simplest beat to a lil more technical sounds where to others is still entry level stuff but to me it is a lil hard. And with the extra plug ins and programs. Man its just asking to be explored.FL would be my number one choice
Swift Sloth
Bundle 1 with Komplete 9 Ultimate would just be a dream come true as I would never be able to justify buying it.. The steinberg audio interface would also be a treat as my audio interface packed it in some time ago
Ppjsm productions
Congrats with the release ... I would be very interested in bundle number two, the one with heavocity's Aeon.

Ps. Bundle nr one ... U give away Damage & Komplete 9 ultimate (so that is two times Damage ;) )
Bundle 4 would be my pick because 1. I have been wanting Wave Alchemy Complete Drums for a while now, and would love the chance to play with it.
2. Ableton looks like it is an amazing studio software for dj's, and I have just started a dj business. Big fan of MPV and thanks for the chance
Mike Digs
I'm most excited to win Komplete 9 Ultimate because it would make a solid foundation to my music production.
Scotty brown
I'm excited about any and ALL of them.. but bundle 1or 2 is awesome for me. thanks
zonik the flame
Bundleee 1 is for meeee :D :D im happyyyy
Eric Dang Music
I would be set if i could win Bundle 2! love anything NI and Reason would just be the cherry on top ;)
Lux Likuid
I would love to work with Bundle 2
I always been wanting to learn to make songs with Reason..
Bundle 1 would be my bundle of choice because it offers an amazing sound database and beyond, but the other bundles are great as well!
for me honestly, i would choose bundle #3 because it has izotope, which would greatly improve the power behind my producing and also the other mastering tools, because they would give me the needed incentives to master mys songs correctly. :)
Besides, the day before the competition closes is my Birthday. :)
Michael Saccar
I would love to add more production software to my studio. I love reading your posts thanks for the giveaways!
music is my drug and I want to get high as a mother fucker !!!
any of theres prizes would be a blessing thanks for the opportunity.
Michael Saccar
Bundle 1&2 looks awesome thanks for the giveaway! Best of luck to everyone
I would LOVE to Win Bundle #1 as it comes with NI Komplete 9 Ultimate... Heavyocity Damage and prizes there would just be the icing on the cake... :)

Mr Savage
Bundle 2 looks pretty swank, without a doubt. Ive been using Reason 5 so an update to 7 would be ideal for completing my album with :)
Bundle 2 here... great stuff and perfect for my needs. thank you and good luck to everyone!!
Arthur Migotto
Bundle 2 or 3 would be killer additions to my mix/productions! Such items would be great to kick my new independent label.
bundle 1 looks amazing in the variety with synths, FX and samples. has everything i'd want and need. this is an unbelievable give away
Bundle #4 is perfect for me! I currently use Reason for midi production and sound design, so I would love to be able to rewire in to Ableton with my custom sound designs.

As a drummer without a kit, being able to build my own midi controller with the Brain Jr kit and trigger the fantastic sounds of the Wave Alchemy drum kit is a dream! From there, I would then be able to clean up and optimize the audio with Spectralayers then edit to video with Sound Forge Pro!

Are you kidding me?!
scott pearsons
any of this would just expand my skills especially bundle 4 with ableton 9, sony music production products and more! not just me but mannum residents, visitors and a like would benefit as i am the local resident dj for the mannum community club. The community would welcome a new dimension of music with my already limited skills. haha
I would love to win "Bundle 1" or "Bundle 2" because I would really like to get Komplete 9. The sounds in Battery 4 are awesome and I would love to get a copy of FM8.
Bundle 3 has my attention, just because it has an interface. I don't have one, so this would be perfect!!
I can't remember ever wining anything so I'd be happy with any of the prizes! Bundle 1 is awesome and since I don't have Ableton Bundle 4 would be great! Heck a years subscription would be awesome!
Francesco Cardoso
I would be a lucky bastard with Bundle #1 man!!!!!

Best Regards
For sure, bundle #3, recording rock, blues & jazz would be so easy.
These are all amazing. I'd be very happy to win any of them.
They are all soooo good, but if i had to choose it would be bundle 4. I could really use ableton 9 and everything else in the pack
Bundle #3 looks really nice for what I do (mostly voiceover work)interface, mastering plug ins... what else do you want? well... a Neumann U87, but they are not giving one way here LOL
DJ Gregor
Bundle three would be the bomb! I've needed a new audio interface for a long time to really put my studio over the top. Great contest and mag!
like choose one? the interface bundle would be awesome! lots of i/o and a decent sampling rate with a very simple interface. choosing one? with the fxpansion bfd 3 in another one. all of it is a music makers drool pool. Which am i most excited about? all of it.
Bundle 5 is good enough for me . I am a beginner for computer (electronic music) and this package will get me a good start.
I would love to win bundle no. 1 Native Instrument & bundle no. 2 Ableton Live. These are two of the top Music Production Software / DIgital Music Work Station out in the market.

I can make magic/music with these two products and then some. =)
Sonny Haury
I really could use one of the bundles. "Fingers Crossed"!!
I could really use one of these bundles, like the komplete ultimate bundle to further enhance my workflow, and quality of sound, and I know I wouldn't the slightest problem using anyone these software bundles, thanks to macprovideo, and their awesome tutorials.
I honestly cannot choose which prize I'm most excited about! I have to say that Ableton & NI Komplete would provide massive improvements to my "studio" & help me propel the quality of future productions to a professional grade!
It's hard to beat bundle #1. I am currently using the Kontakt orchestral library from a much older version of Komplete more than anything else. The new additions in Komplete 9 would be great. Bundle #2 would still be a huge upgrade for me. And actually SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro looks interesting in bundle #5.
Pixie Bruner
I would really love to win something from this!
Want that bundle #1 cuz there´s Komplete Ultimate which has everything and also U-he synths too. Bundle #2 is also really nice bcuz of Reason and Komplete. Need both really but Komplete Ultimate badly;) BFD3 would be nice addition too.
I would love to have
Bundle 1 ($2411)

NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXPansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287
pick a bundle any bundle
Bundle 2 would be awesome! I am a big time Reason user. Don't really have the extra cash to get reason 7 lol so getting lucky enough to win would be great!! All the bundles are great though.
They are all incredible bundles and any to get of them would be a dream.
Bundle 1 is the most attractive to me for so many reasons. I'm still hoping to one day get one NI instrument, but the Komplete 9 Ultimate would be beyond belief. Also I'd love to use the u-he synths, the BFD3, Twistedtools gear and Heavyocity Damage. It's an incredible package!
I am looking forward most to trying NA Komplete.
J Citizen
Oooh...the Heavyocity Aeon would be splendid - everything those guys do is top notch.

But really, any of those prizes would be fantastic - what a great comp!
I'd love to own a copy of the u-he synth bundle, some of the best composers in the business use them. Some truly gnarly sounds can come out of these beasts.
I would love to own a copy of the u-he synth bundle. Some of the best composers in the industry use the software. I've heard some truly gnarly sounds come out of these pieces. They are truly a synthesists/composers dream!
I would love to have bundle 1 or 2 because I've always been a huge fan of native instruments complete bundles because it gives you an unlimited amount of options for creating sounds and it's still intuitive to use. I also love the u-he sounds they all sound great to me, wonderful and fun to use.
I would love to have bundle 1 or 2 because I've always been a huge fan of native instruments complete bundles because it gives you an unlimited amount of options for creating sounds and it's still intuitive to use. I also love the u-he sounds they all sound great to me, wonderful and fun to use.
Sebastian Komor
I would have to say anything from Native Instruments, so I would have to say the Komplete 9 package would be wicked, and used quite frequently in my productions. Anything iZotope makes is magic. I am getting intrigued by Ableton as I keep hearing about how wild it is, but I am an old school Cubase/Nuendo user so its a hard habit to kick :)
Sebastian Komor
Native Instruments keep impressing me with their sound and quality, so the Komplete 9 package would be very much enjoyed. Anything iZotope makes is magic. Being an old fashioned Cubase/Nuendo user I am intrigued by Ableton Live
Sebastian Komor
Native Instruments Komplete 9 and anything iZotope. I will use and abuse it well.
I allready have komplete 8 but I am to out of cash to update to komplete 9 ultimate, that package is heavy duty stuff!!!!!!!!!!! But any bundle would do the job if I win!!!! thanks askaudio........
Can't decide between Bundle #1 and #2, both are mouth watering. I guess I'd chose #1 if I have to give a definite answer.
All prizes are so yummmmmy except for bundle 4 lol, so please dont give it to me =)
Coming fromChciago's south side music is all i had i worked my butt off to get to fullsail university and i'll be graduating soon and i could use bundle 1 to start making money for my family and furthering my dreams. I'd really appreciate if you let a guy who never wins anything to have his day but god bless to everyone i wish all the best and thanks for making the opportunity giving us a chance to further our dreams. Thank you
The third bundle is amazing !
Marty VT
I,m a jack of all trades and would love to grow the tech side of music art with any of these fantastic bundles. Typical musician,$ 30,000 worth of equipment in a $5000 van!!!
Bundle 5 - yes NI Komplete is nice, but those cans are the biz...
Why don't you pass one of these amazing bundles this way, bub?
Bundle #2 looks amazing!!! you cant go wrong with that package, its perfect. matter of fact every bundle being offered is great.
I am ALL about #3 thats my DREAM right there!!! good luck to everyone!!! and thanks to AskAudio!! for the contest and the mag!! good work!!! ONE T.James.Dean E.C.M.Unltd
First of all, I'd like to thank you for supplying musicians with such great resources to learn from. The maschine, lightroom, ReCycle and Ableton courses have been amazing for me. I'd definetly buy your mag!!!

In Regards to your contest, bundles 1 & 2 are the most attractive to me. I'm a big fan of U-He and their incredibly powerful synths. I use them in my productions already.. I hadn't seen that you had courses on them! 90% of my music comes from various 3rd party vsts so your offering is quite enticing! Komplete would be an absolute dream. You're incredible... thank you!
so many people they love to learn , so many people they working hard about learning , so many people they need to learn to be lucky in job in life in work . all ways is same but the point of target a little bit different , most important think is which master teaching you , because master can show you short and best way to end .
i am choose Macprovideo .com
Karim Barolia
Hello, for me its bundle #1. I am studying audio engineering and i would love to have these things for the projects but they are so expensive can not buy them, Plus i am against piracy. Thanks
Never win unless you're in. Any bundle would be like all my Christmases & Birthdays rolled into one
i would like to win the bundle number 5 why? well since i started my music career i always had been a fan of image line software example fl studio is a very basic but yet a strong music workstation no only does it suit my music needs but also love the fact that is very fun and easy to place my ideas from simple head ideas to stunning masterpiece compositions in my case i am a humble man and i like basic and simple software is not the software that makes the musician a musician but the way you use your ears along with the tools to create great music! and unlimited updates from image line will be the best gift any musician or audio enthusiast cool get and the vocalizer might come in handy as well as the headphones and loom very awesome pack ! 1000 dolar well expended in case of purchasing this thats why i choose bundle number 5 because its worth and you can do great music from it
Alberto V
10000 thanks for this great oportunity. Any bundle # will do :)
Good luck to me.
S.M. Daniel
I think that the bundle 3 is perfect.Why?Because it has all you need to record, mix, and master.These 3 steps I think that are the most important in the music production.You can't record, mix and master without a similar bundle like this one.
Thanks for giving me a chance to win this!
I can imagine now the great joy and cut off from society if I had bundle number 3! A dream come true!
bundle 2 !! its a great and useful pack !!
Eddie Dinero
I'd be grateful with any buddle. i'm already building my studio one item at time and you'll be helping me get that much closer to haveing a nice but modest home studio where I can produce the music that I love.
I totally would love Komplete Ultimate because it comes on a HD and I'm sick of installing my Kompletes off of DVDs :D
My choice is Bundle 1! No doubt! I think Native Instruments is the best synth developer in the world!
I'm a Reason user for almost 3 years and it would be great to get a new version of their amazing DAW!
Bundle 1 has the best stuff, especially K9, but any of those are just awsome.
Something like NI Komplete will complete my life since I can't afford to buy it "for now". and also Alicia keys included in that baby love o play the piano with it for the first time. but whatever result comes will make me happy however my goal is to have NI. or any type of audio interface something that I can replace my old presonus audiobox.
3, 5 and 1 are most interesting for me, but they all are amazing
bundle #1 it's good
I am for Bundle 1, not only because of NI but also for the new BFD library and u-he synths. Some killer tools out on the market. Thanks to all you guys.
Il live so much bundle1 and bundle2.
I usually sue fl-studio and i live to use komplete Sto arrivando! Sound library!
The 2nd bundle would be nice. I started making music with reason on the computer of a friend of mine. Then I bought it on my own. I never upgraded it. But if I got the chance to get it for free that would be nice.
Bundle 1 is great! It's has everything that i need to make my own music. Firstly, Native is THE BEST programs out there, with such a huge variety of sounds to choose from, which could give me the ability to create awesome sounding songs. The other products would also be very useful, especially for my music production, since i always need new sounds to continue to evolve my music. It'd would mean the world to me to win BUNDLE 1, as it would help me in my music career to evolve as a musician!
I am a composer & sound designer and a music technology teacher. All bundles sound good to me, but specially 1 and 2 as they include NI komplete. I am looking forward to expand my pallette of sounds and this bundle is really offers industry standards.
Bundle #1 would be my choice because of Komplete9 and U-he Synth Bundle!
I would love to have Bundle 5 :D I need some good headphones! Plus, My computer can't handle Komplete size! I've always loved hardware equipment as opposed to software.

If I win Bundle 5, My Productions will be at much higher level then its currently at! :D

Thank you guys so much for providing these, for people who otherwise couldn't have afforded :)
I'd like to win Bundle 1
higher purpose
1st bundle is awesome! Komplete 9 and u-he synths are top of the line.These would really help me to add that professional edge to my productions. Thx guys!!!
Hey there!
I love these contests but I never win nothing!
I hope this time...
Tom Thorton
This is a dream contest:) When I first time here about Native instruments I new its the best company in music production buisness and I love with it:) Komplete 9 Ultimate
Bundle 3 is nice for me, i realy need a good interface and Steinberg is my choice, but i dont have the mony @this time...
AskAudio Rock´s! :)
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is by far the most interesting for me. and u-he makes sweeeet synths - so bundle 1 is the way to go
bundle 1 as I've been eyeing up the ultimate 9 for a while. Or bundle 4 as fancy trying out the ableton plus sound forge was something i used a bit in the 90's when i was using a pc. But i'd be very happy to win any of the prizes. always good to have new things to play with.
I'd love to win the Mega Loops Bundle from AudioBase !
Hi team! Great design on the website! I would love to win the Bundle 1 especially for NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and FXpansion BFD3! the u-he Synth Bundle would also be great, as I am just getting into synths. Thanks!
Hi team! Great design on the website! I would love to win the Bundle 1 especially for NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and FXpansion BFD3! the u-he Synth Bundle would also be great, as I am just getting into synths. Thanks!
Anything with native instruments because I love my maschine and you can be dam sure it will integrate seamlessly with it!
thanks for the chance to win
Bundle #1 because of the u-he Synth bundle!
This year I Deleted all my pirated software Cold Turkey! I just use licensed and stock plugs. Its not easy but its a personal resolve and i don't regret it one bit. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would help "ease withdrawal symptoms" as it pretty much has 1 of everything.
Thery E
I want haz Aeon plz O.O

I'd get all the tasty synthy BRAAAAMS I could handle!

Bundle n°2 FTW!

Holy crap you guys are awesome!
I will go for the Bundle 1 because you have the NI KOMPLETE 9 ultimate and that is fucking awesome.the vst's such as reaktor massive battery 4 kontakt 5 etc
are the bomb,i use them all the time and you get some pretty freaky sounds out of them and with the ultimate you have 370 gb of sounds/presets and i will love to have the bundle 1.Sooo that's for the KOMPLETE part and with the u-he synth bundle i will be 200 %complete and yes those fxpansion series are very suiteble for having them in my Techno projects sooo i think i described it very good why i choose for bundle 1 :-) I hope i am one off the lucky guy's greetz and beatz Danucci from Belgium
I like the most Bundle 1 because it contains Komplete Ultimate 9 with huge amount of sounds and quality plugins, plus u-he synths which are great plugins.
Bundle 1. It fits perfectly since my NI Komplete needs updating, i'm customer of U-he and also user of BFD2.
Bundle #1 is my choice because of Komplete 9 and U-he Synth Bundle!
I like Bundle 1 because it has Everything I need!
iZotope Ozone is my most used plugin. I am currently using version 3, and for me it is the most intuitive workflow I have ever used, with an amazing audio quality and a particularly interesting color that often fits what I'm looking for.

Not only I use it for (pre)mastering but very often also as a plugin for separate channels in the mixing stage. The way it is designed, low CPU usage and its versatility allows me to do a very fast enhancement in the sound to quickly find an overview of where I am going in the mix, and later carefully fine tune all the parameters. Together with the RX 2 (specially the spectral repair tool) it is also a very powerful sound editor.

I am very curious to see how Alloy 2 and version 5 of Ozone combine together.
Bundle ..... oh gosh ....ok..... Bundle 1 - why?.... NI Komplete 9 Ultimate ...... wow!! even a year's sub to macprovideo!!! awesome bundles!!
Stan the man
Bundle 1 : Komplete 9 baby !!!
I would appreciate being blessed with Bundle #4. I feel that it would be a perfect complement for remixing, sample editing and sound design of which would allow me to find my own unique sound. Not to mention an entry into the DIY world with the Brain Omni kit...sounds like fun times. (Thanks for the opportunity)
Bundle 1 would be amazing, I use a lot of NI instruments in my productions and soundtracks. Heavyocity is a great add on as well. All bundles are pretty amazing to be honest and brings amazing tools. But to get a subscription to your tutorials and magazine is priceless, I use them so frequently and love to go over old ones as well to capture some very precious hint and trick! I always recommend people where I learn all my Stuff... Thanks!!!
Bundle 3 is the best especially if you are chasing a dream, like me. Us family folks seem to be constantly juggling life between family, work, and dream. Having the right tools for the dream is often times sacrificed because the kids need something, I need something else at work, or my honey needs to get out and away for awhile - resources are poured into the family and work not the dream. Bundle 3 offers tools this singer/songwriter can use but not afford. Either way I'm going for it - I'm not getting any younger :-)
Definitely prize #1. I already have Damage but the U-he synths and Twisted Tools would nicely complement K9 Ultimate. So many usable sounds and fx in that package.

And thanks for the competition. It's very cool of you guys to launch with such a bang.
Chow Shern
Dear AskAudio,

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway to us! I'm pleased that I'm a one of the members of AskVideo, I truly love the tutorials that you guys make. Seriously, my every day can't without AskVideo tutorials. Also, your knowledge make me become a better man.
I have a use for every single item being offered in this contest (and who doesn't, those bundles are stacked and it's all wonderfully made), but Heavyocity Damage or Aeon would make my friggin year(s). The iZotope Master Bundle would not hurt me feelings either. ;)
Max Christensen
Such great products from such great companies, but for me its Aeon.
Cant wait to use it for inspiration, sound design and awesome scores.
So awesome !
Bundle 3 looks pretty awesome with the Izotope suite, but as a percussionist, bundles 1 and 2 take the cake with the inclusion of Heavyocity. I'm going with bundle 1 because not only Heavyocity but the full NI package thrown in just sends it over the top. An amazing opportunity to make some great music.
I'm just a humble UK "peri" music teacher, all bundles are outside my budget at the moment so any would be great! Bundles one or two here with
NI Komplete 9 would suit my needs best as this is what I am currently saving towards buying. But hey even just the one year library pass would have me jumping for joy. I have made quantum leaps in my skills, knowledge and ability since discovering Thanks either way boys!
Alex Cuervo
I definitely want the U-He synth bundle. I've been coveting Diva and Zebra for a long long time.
Frito Zanzibar

I'd like to win the contest because i feel my music i ready for the jump into hyperspace. Im most excited by the 3rd bundle, with studio one and izotope, and the steinberg interface- sounds like a mastering dream come true!!!!


ka ching!!!
Definitely bundle 2! Heavyocity's Aeon collection has about the coolest, most cutting edge sound out there right now. Add NI Complete 9 and that makes one killer prize!
I love the NI Komplete 9 as it has sufficient instrument samples to produce cool digital music !!!
Bundle 1 would fit my need perfectly. Already an NI user, it would be great to expand my tool box! Also a fan of Twisted Tools. Love their Reaktor ensembles.
I'd love to win bundle 2 as I love native instruments' products, as well as U-he's. Getting AEON was on my list, as well as the powerful reason!
As a composer, bundle 1 is really interesting for me, would love to have it. Good luck with the page !
Well AskAudioMag team, this is one hell of a chance for a soundtrack composer like me to get PRO ! These bundles are simply top notch, so is this unique contest, I would be honored to have this opportunity as a kickstarter for my career !
Jonny F
sure! bundle 3! i love Izotope products for mix and master my tracks and the audio card is one of the best ! i need a setup upgrade to improve the quality of my production!

First of all, thank you for this opportunity, wether I win bundle 1,or 2 doesn't not take the fact that you guys are great. I write music for film and I believe the package you guys are giving here are outstanding, just as well as your website, I will be straight I would love to win bundle 1 because I love the sonic properties of native instruments, U-HE it's also an amazing synth with infinite possibilities.

If I win, I would love to write a little piece for you guys, of course made with this instruments.

And by the way thank you Rounik Sethi for being such a great writer. love your articles!!!
This is amazing, just by seeing this I realize how cool and original you guys are, I will love to win either prize 1 or 2, but if I win any other I still be grateful.

Thanks again and god bless you all.

Good luck to the other contestants as well.
I dig Bundle #1 the most! Ive yet been able to pickup my own copy of NI Komplete, So thats pretty huge! Then add in Heavyocity Damage? Done! Awesomeness complete!
Izotope, NI and Twisted tools... cause their shit is the balls... and I want to make sweet music with those shitty balls...
very insterested with bundle 3 cause of the steinberg interface.
mad goat of Flanders
Bundle 3 would rock - IK Multimedia, Presonus and iZotope are 3 of my favorite companies!
Baby Brown
Bundle #1 is the dreamboat supercharger for my saucy white Maschine!! Fingers crossed!
Looking forward to the info in the mag. Love bundle #3. Big Presonus fan. The rest of the package is killer too! Great upgrade for my set-up!

Bundle #1!!!Had experience with FL Studio and was not really great. Heavyocity Collection was awesome though. But Native Instruments Komplete is just amazing. So much you can do on it. It does not just get the job done. It does it perfectly and 100% complete giving countless hours, days, weeks and even months of absolute and pure enjoyment and satisfaction. KOMPLETE 9 Ultimate is the way to go.
Bundle 3 is a real reward for those involved in production.
Was there T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite.
If I do not win I hope you're going to win you!
Bundle 1... BFD !
Bundle 1... BFD !
i would like to win AEON COLLECTION because is one of the best music software i had ever heard...............thenk you!!!
wow, these Bundle are all great (can I have all ... ok it is onlay a joke)
as a Native Instrument fan and with the great need of Heavyocity AEON Collection
I chose bundle 2

thanx for all
best regards
I suppose bundle one for NI ultimate and uhe bundle
i would like to win AEON COLLECTION because is one of the best music software i had ever heard!!
Ben Nichols
Definitely bundle 3 please, a new audio interface is always nice and the izotope mixing and mastering suite would be amazing! Would really help with the mastering of my soundtracks for commercial release, and the IK mastering suite would only give me more options/solutions. :)
Forest C
Owning either of the Heavyocity libraries would be amazing and really take my hybrid cinematic music to the next level. Also NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be endlessly useful. Dear random number generator, please pick me for bundles 1 or 2!!!
I would be so happy to win NI or U-He software!! thanks for the chance
wow what a great bag of swag! hope to win some, too.
Hello there :) my name is Pau I play the guitar in Metropol band, also i produce in my home studio our songs. I will love to win something to expand our potencial ;) thanks!!
I would be happy to have any of the bundles. Any of them would allow me to expand my sonic palette.
Thanks for the great offerings, both web site, magazine and attitude. It's time I learn how to master, so bundle 3 would be great to have.
Stoked to see bundle 3!!!! I've just recently gotten into mastering a lot a more and I'm ready to take it to the next level. This bundle would really help me do that! The T-RackS mixed with the iZotopes would be amazing! Not to mention the other plugins that would really give my studio a nice pick up!

Thanks for the excellent info on the site and thanks for the chance to win some cool gear!
I would have to say I'm most excited about bundle 1 because I made the transition from reason to Logic so I'm in dire need of fresh sample libraries and plugins. Bundle 3 looks great as well. I've been really fascinated with mastering my own tracks these days and bundle 3 looks like all I would ever need for the ultimate master:)
Hi there! I would LOVE to win one of the bundles containing NI and Heavyocity because they offer one of the best products on the market at this moment. Komplete is at it's name says - a complette solution for anyone who creates music with the aid of a computer and Damage and Aeon are just amazing, like the icing on a great musical cake!
Bundle 5. Whilst they all are awesome, i have Ableton 9, and i have NI Komplete Ultimate 8 + The Giant Plug-in. I also have a bunch of recording stuff. What i do lack is more fun stuff, such as the Dj program, and well my earphones are freebies from an old deal. Also the vocalizer video, made it look very fun, and versatile. Hardest thing, was choosing the many. But id certainly be happy with a different weapon in my Music making Arsenal :)
Bundle 3 would be awesome. Can't go wrong with all that mixing and mastering stuff in it. tha'ts something we all need and have in comment. nomather what style of music anyone is creating, it's nothing without a decent mastering rack.
hi there, this is Ewart, all of the packages are awesome, however I have always wanted to learn and use Reason. I have heard so many exciting stories of how powerful and fun it is to use . I was never able to afford it though, so package # 2 is my choice. Hope that I win. Thanks.
Hi! I'd love to win Bundle 2: NI, U-HE, Propellerhead and Heavyocity.
Fresh sounds and fx boost creativity. This Bundle delivers top notch quality samples and audio software and would activate my "Turboboost"! :)
I'd love anything with NI Komplete..... I hear these sounds in my head. But with no way to make them reality, I'll never make it big. PLUR
This is awesome! Wish there were more competitions like this! Would be great to get some of these plugins
Hi my name is Paul ! I'd love to win bundle #1! The thought of being lucky enough to win the whole lot of the Twisted Tools collection, Komplete 9 Ultimate and the u-he synths…runs the risk of melting my brain.

thanks for the chance
I would be happy with the bundle 3 or 4.... already own Komplete 9 Ultimate so I think its time to get Sound Forge :)))
WOW all the items are gorgeous just I hope to take opportunity to grab one ;)
So excited for Bundle #1 - NI Komplete Ultimate would be the silver lining to my soft-synth collection!
Bundle #1, because i love NI and crave Heavocity... The other bundles are killer too though. And a subscription would also be nice. So, just let me win and i will be happy :)
I like Bundle 1&2. I like synths and drums. I really would like the mastering software so i can master my own music and learn alot more. I hope I win one of these bundles.
John H Nguyen
I'm excited about Bundle 2. I touch myself thinking about all the things I would do with this bundle, mostly with Heavyocity's AEON collection. Sci-fi sounds makes me hard as adamantium.
Komplete 9 is just an insane package with some amazing stuff in there. I kind of see it like pandora's box for producers.

i would go for bundle 1 or 3.
1 because it contains Komplete 9 and 3 because it contains the Steinberg UR28M Audio interface which is a beast in itself.

Any of these bundles would be amazing, but I think the thing I am most excited about is the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. Audio libraries are the way to go.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Komplete bc it will complete me ;p
Nf -
i will like Bundle 2, i am a broke musician, without a job,.. this will open a lot of possibility's for my music production. and mebay i can start producing sound for the local amateur theater. Building my way to the top slowly :D.
Its the dream anyway.

Thanks for the chance.
Nf -

I would like to win the Bundle 1 most, because NI Komplete, the u-he synths and als BDF are killer products.
I don't know the other two products included in the budnle, but would be glad to get the chance to know them :)
Michael Parson-McNamara
Well, there are a number of programs that are on my list! BDF3, NI Complete or Ultimate!, Isotope Mix and Master, and Sound Forge Pro, especially with the Sony SpectraLayers would all be marvelous additions to my set up!
DJ Arkum
As an Ableton user I would dig Bundle 4 because I can't afford the upgrade to 9. Or, maybe, Bundle 1 because everything in it is usable in Ableton 8.
NI Complete is my favorite prize, because I've been thinking about buying it for some time, but haven't done so, yet.
Jordan Panasewicz
I would have to go with Bundle #1. Soooooooo much possibility. Komplete Ultimate would be a dream come true in itself.. add the u-he synths.. the BFD3.. Totally Twisted and DAMAGE...!!! I would be in production heaven. All of these things I have always wanted, and never been able to afford. Thanks for the opportunity!

(Pick me, Pick me, Pick me)
I would love to win something, anything. Having a family and living in Austin means I am poor.
Mr. Meoff
u-he Synth or FX bundle here please!! Each of those bundles include NI Komplete, wanted this for years, Kontakt!, Massive! would be so iLL! Reason 7 would also be super sic!, I haven't updated since 4!!, I want Kong!
Jay Gill
I am most excited about Komplete! It's awesome. Thanks!
Hi! I'd be interested in any bundle with Heavyocity stuff, because of all the products I've used, and watch tutorials online about, they are awesome. On the other hand, I'm also a u-he fan, and though I own Diva, a copy of Zebra 2 would be awesome! I love creating my own style of music every week.
Bundle 3; looks like an total all round recording suite!
Jonathan F
Bundle #1 is perfect for my kind of production. I'm using BFD and the upgrade from BFD2 to 3 should be perfect, plus NI will complete my collection of plug-ins!
Of course the Bundle#1 for the NI komplete!! O.O
Anyway in Bundle#3 i like so much the audio interface from Steinberg...
Bundle 1... It's because of Komplete 9 Ultimate... I have just Komplete 7... And it's like having big orchestra in MacBook, well, orchestra with many extra features... You can do almost everything with this bundle... The only disadvantige is HDD space :)))
Bundles 1 & 2 are simply spot on, due to such huge collection of plugins. As an owner of NI Reaktor and TT Vortex, wouldn't mind upgrading my virtual plugins palette by both companies bundles. Then there's the u-he FX Bundle... Material for good few years of experimenting on experimental music. Sounds like fun. =) Anyhow, the winner will be the luckiest sob alive.
Marcus Reineck
I never won anything in my life, so any bundle would be great, big or small. Greetings from Germany. Best, Marcus
Hey guys,

every bundle looks great. Specially the first 2 with natives complete blow my mind^^. Natives flagship comes with so many possibilities to create any type of music.
And if you combine it with Heavyocity Damage, you will be able to produce epic tracks like the big names in the biz.
In my opinion Bundle 1 associates these possibilities the best.
Cause it's impossible to buy such great quality plugins as a student in germany, i try my luck and pray, pray, pray
I would have to go with Bundle #1. Soooooooo much possibility. Komplete Ultimate would be a dream come true in itself.. add the u-he synths.. the BFD3.. Totally Twisted and DAMAGE...!!! I would be in production heaven. All of these things I have always wanted, and never been able to afford. Thanks for the opportunity!
Bundle 2... LOVE complete 9. One of the best plugin-colections at the market.

Why is Fl Studio in the last bundle??? I would love to win that!!!! (Bundle 5 pls)
Patti Rayfield
I would love to win any of these superb bundles as I am studying music production at College and would love some more kit at home , I guess if I had to chose, it would be bundle 3 because I have heard of these products, it would be great to learn some new stuff and tell all at College I 'd won....
While all the bundles look absolutely fantastic totally drawn to bundle 1 because being honest, who wouldn't want such an array of epic musical possibilities at their fingertips with the combo of heavyocity damage and native instruments komplete. Brilliant competition and superb site :D Keep it up ^_^
I'd would love to win the second bundle because i love Native Instruments and i would love to give a try to the DAW Reason 7.
Jus Shane
I would really like to win the Bundle 3 for the izotpe plugins! There by far some of the best plugins ever made!!!
I'd choose bundle 1, loads of lovely synths to play with and create crazy sounds on :)
I'd be thrilled to win Bundle 1. I've been working hard at mastering the included plugins in Logic Pro X with the wonderful tutorials on Since I do not have any third party plugins, this bundle would be able to take my music to the next level!

Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!
John in Jax
Bundle 1
I would DEARLY love to win Bundle one as i TRULY believe that Komplete is THE best product for COMPLETE production of computer based recording of and genre of music.

Along with the other prizes, this is one heck of an opportunity!
I would like to win bundle 1 because of the NI Komplete Ultimate 9 and the new good stuff which is inside.
Need new stuff for beeing creative in Music Production. Good sound will follow :)
Everything on offer is fantastic and will undoubtedly enhance one's setup. What gets me excited though? Bundle 1. Why? NI K9U, need I say more?
I definitely look forward to owning the UR28M from Steinberg as it is a solid piece of kit with onboard FX and latency-free DSP monitoring. I've been hearing a lot of rave reviews about iZotope Ozone. Butch Vig uses it, enough said, that is definitely on my list. In addition, I am a huge fan of IK Multimedia products. Bundle 3 seems to be a great choice.
Liam Archer
I would very much like to win bundle #3. izotope bundles would be great, always wanted to get the ozone 5 mastering suite and would love to check out the mixdown software, the steinberg UR28M would be a great piece of kit to use and I lack any software specifically for music notation, so prosonus notion 4 would be amazing. I like the coverage of equipment and software for this package for all stages of production and the slight emphasis on the mastering side, you can get an enormous amount of plugins, effects and instruments online but specialised software for something as important as mastering a track can make all the difference. So would be very much excited to using all the contents of said bundle for my production work.
Guy Joyner
For me it would have to be bundle number 2 as it contains Aeon, which is all I need to complete the Heavyocity collection. I use the heavyocity range of synths and samples in pretty much every production project I work on because I find that even if I hit a brick wall, just by listening through a random selection of the wild and wonderful sounds on offer I'll always stumble across something to spark my creativity and provide me with a new direction.
Bundle 1 is perfect!
First off, we start with NI Komplete 9 which is maaassive! I'm very excited particularly about Session Strings PRO and Action Strings, since they have taken string playback and sampling much simpler and more inspiring.
Of course, that's one instrument among the many more included. (Very excited about The Giant as well)
Then, we have u-he software. I've been using the Zebra synth and have loved its sound.
I have not tried Damage and Totally Twisted, but they are both for NI software, and that already excited me.
I'm a huge fan of NI, and there's always one of their instruments on my productions. I use Massive and Kontakt heavily.
Jed Bensemann
Bundle 1. because Komplete 9 Ultimate has all the virtual instruments i could ever need, plus BFD3 and Damage for drums, u-he for synths. I couldn't ask for anything more complete!
you know times is very hard&me with my sons help we trying to create music!!!
i wish we where able to get the Bundle 5
FL Studio Signature Bundle $299
Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones - $230
Air Music Tech Loom $199.99
SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro $199.99
Deckadance 2 DVS $149

Bundles 3 and 4, cause of the mastering power three has and loop manipulation 4 has. both would do great in my studio, I am honestly barley getting enough money to eat but I am not going to stop pursuing my dream of one day being paid well to make beautiful music i like all genres, But my favorite is Trance. i hope that I can win this to add power to my studio setup. I know most contests there's little chance of wining but im an optimist so I am sure to win! It would be greatly appreciated.
Alton Herd
So many great products here; probably NI Komplete Ultimate is the pick, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of the Heavyocity stuff, and loads else beside. Great prizes!
Austin Haynes
I hope I win some U-HE or Heavyocity Aeon in particular but I also like Bundle 2 and Bundle 3 :-)! Hope I Win something!

Clark Mitchell
I'd take any bundle because they all have amazing things. Particularly hopeful for Ableton Live, Komplete Ultimate and Izotope mix and master.
Cliff Truesdell
All of the bundles look great - but bundle 1 has the Twisted Tools stuff which I would love to work with.
I'm most excited for Heavyocity's AEON Collection, as it's something I've been looking into since it came out, and the samples would compliment my library quite nicely. Heavyocity's has some of the best quality sounds out there when it comes to cinematic style, and the sound it brings is quite satisfying since I don't have to do much processing with it. It already sounds awesome from the get go.
Henryk Iwan
Bundle 2 for me please, it's got what I need ;)
Dave DeLizza
I would have to say bundle 2, Aeon looks very interesting and my komplete 7 is looking a little bare compared to 9's offerings!
Daniel Montano
Digging the u-he synth bundle!
I would love to have Bundle 1. KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE is just that, what else can I say.
The FXpansion BFD3 is one of the best sounding drum packages out there.
With Bundle 1 I could take my music production to the next level.
Johnny Yugoslavia
Bundle 3 looks so awesome! I've always wanted to work with Notion and until recently (thanks to your excellent article!) was unaware that Presonus had acquired it! This bundle really has some excellent mastering tools that really make it such a cool way to step up one's home recording game. This rig really excites me from a composition and engineering perspective!
Bundle 1. After completely immersing myself in the stock plug-ins in Logic for years, it's about time I enjoyed what the 3rd parties have to offer.
Feeling bundle #3 would be great to win this for my son. He's a audio tech for his church. Their in bad need of equipment.
Bundle 2!
K9 Ultimate, Aeon and uHe FX bundle would get more than a little use here ;)
bundle 2 for me. u-he FX bundle, Heavyocity AEON... that will be awesome!
3 for me please. I really love the Macpro video tutorials, awesome work!!!
Bundle 1 would be amazing to own. u-he synths are superb and Komplete 9 Ultimate is just nuts.
Ship it!
David Ling
Wow what a great contest! Would be really happy with any of the bundles.
I'd like to have Bundle 2, mostly for Komplete 9 (the only part of which I already own is Kontakt 5 - which is my main VST instrument), but also Reason 7, as I'm greatly interested in it, but could never justify the cost, since I have a huge investment in my VST host and plugins.
Hello, AskAudio! I am a twenty year old bedroom producer, and I have recently begun to invest into a full on studio set-up in a leased space. For the past four years I have relied on not so legal ways of obtaining software to learn my craft, as our economy has plummeted leaving loads of artists and musicians struggling to get back. I am now beginning to realize the benefits of owning legitimate software, so winning a bundle of the programs I already use would be so ideal. Bundle #1 is most alluring because I believe a professional producer should be equipped with NI Komplete, and since I have calling towards cinematic scoring for video, Damage would be an amazing resource. I am also heavily interested in Twist Tools package as well as U-he synths such as Diva, Zebra and ACE. All that gear is drool worthy, and would help me create a thriving business, as well as boost my creativity. I have never won a contest, hopefully this is my time. Thanks guys! Shout out to Mark H!
Bundle 1 - ni Fan.
Stefano Paganelli
I'm setting up a new studio...beside the quality of the prize packages, it's good start if i win, isn't it?
I would totally go for a "bundle 4" because it is just so good and all the best stuff that I ever need for my music production...hope dream comes true!!
Joe Barton
Having NI Komplete 9 is the best thing that can happen to any producer who is either a bedroom or a professional , because Komplete is something that gives you a way to discover a massive variety of sounds and modulations with them so as to create your own style and taste of music . I would love to have Bundle 1 or Bundle 2 as I get U-he synth tools with NI Komplete 9 in both of them which is the best deal and of best use for me being a DJ and a Producer .
Bundle 1 would be great for me, because I haven't upgraded to Komplete 9 yet (I'm still on ultimate 8) and while I've got Zebra, I would like to buy all of the other U-He Synths. Last bot not least, I've got BFD2 and I would like to upgrade to version 3. Awesome contest anyway...

I would love to work with Bundle 1, cause of Komplete 9 ultimate.
Number 1, cause i planned to buy the u-he Synth Bundle this year.
I can't decide... Bundle 1, cause it's the first and theire are all awesome.
fingers crossed!
Andy Riley
Bundle #5 as it has Sonivox - the only one to include something that would improve my voice!!!
Hallo askaudiomag,

Die Aktion ist soooo genial. :) Hoffe ich habe Glück und kann bundle 1 gewinnen. Grade wegen native instruments und den BFD Drums.... Das klingt so genial und würd perfekt in meine Beatz passen.

Hoffe ich gewinne.
Liebe Grüße
You go Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface фром бундле 3 and do a good song
Super Sache hier, würde mich sehr über Bundle 1 freuen.
Gerade wegen dem NI Komplete Ultimate. Ich brauche dringend neuen Sounds für weitere gute Music Produktionen. Good Sound will follow :)
Jon Calva
For me, the bundle 1 for the great NI products! High quality products and supports :-)
My friend told me about this contest. =) Very glad to join it.
I would love to win Bundle 5, cause the Demo Version of Deckadance is a pain in the ass :( and i need the fullversion for my sessions.

Please chose me!!!
David Flange
I need that Ableton 9 Standard, so I can produce my own songs. GL!!
Bundle 1 caught my eye, FXPansion BFD3 , not released yet but guessing pretty special!
Hey guys, i need the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones, since i listen to them on the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Pls bundle 5
Bundle 1 is my pick, NI ultimate collection is what I need for my home studio...
Id love to win Bundle 4. I need Live so I can learn to preform my tracks live. I work in Logic and Renoise, both great programs, but a too clumsy for live preforming. I also really could use Sound Forge, this program Ive missed since I went Mac. Love your site, great information and tutorials :-)
xavi perez
Hy, thanks for your contribution in scene, is more important make understanding the forms of the music... My dream is get Presonus Studio One... i don´t have money for this, but i love it. Thanks.
Toga Schneider
Bundle 2-
NI Komplete 9 $550
u-he FX bundle $486
Propellerhead Reason 7 $399
Heavyocity AEON Collection $399

i love all of them. The AEON Collection is so unbelivable and a must have on my list.
Timo Bollenbach
Bundle 2 for me please, it's got what I need ;)
Bundle number 2... Bundle number 2... Bundle number 2... and I'll be happiest dude in the world! Just love them! To end of my life i will buy their upgrades
Congrats on the launch AskAudioMag and thanks to MacProVideo and everyone that made this contest possible. I think bundle 2 would suit me best and am keeping my fingers crossed.
Bundle 1 ! Why ? Cause it is extra-terrestric. Even Aliens would use to create their beaming sound (it if they can get it). That pure music stuff.
All great bundles. I would like to win bundle 2. Those NI Komplete 9 plugins look good
Bundle 1! I have heard nothing but great things about Native Instruments.
dope bundles
Bundle 1; I always have good time playing and experimenting with Native Instrument and Heavyocity products. I didn't have the chance yet to try Damage so it could be a great opportunity!
gordon gekko
NI Komplete 9 (Bundle 2) would be sweet!
Hey askaudiomag

I would love to get bundle 2!!! They are so cool plugins in it. Reason 7 is a really professional software, which i want to use.
did anybody just hear the aeon demo???

IT's SO Cool- bundle 2 please
Bundle nr 1 becouse of komplete and uhe stuff
Bundle 3
The STeinberg is supposed to be amazing and I am very excited about the iZotope stuff!
Asia C
Bundle 3.
The audio interface is calling my name. I do believe my current audio interface is dying out. It's a beautiful brand but I love Steinberg's products. Really hope I could win something. Good luck to everyone.
Bundle 1
cause komplete 9 ultimate is over powerd :D
It's all about bundle 3. Having used demos of both izotope and t-racks I know their power and capability. Who would be excited for both of these awesome plugin bundles in one big bundle.
I need bundle 4, I want to take a career in ableton engineering because pro tools is overrated and I've always wanted to work in a different daw
Bundle 2 woud be a dream to me... I own my home studio but my stuff getting old and I'm not famous neither rich enough to buy new stuff so Reason 7, Ni Komplete and Uhu FX suite would be helpful, tons...
I would be incredibly honored to win bundle 2 since I've always loved Heavyocity's products and would love to get my hands on Aeon. Not only that but NI Komplete 9 is so freaking huge I would probably never get off my computer again.
I would love to see Bundle 2 in my collection, mainly because of AEON. :)
I would say bundle 2 looks great as far as making compositions with the new komplete 9 bundle. NI always does a Great job with the instruments they put together annually. Great sounds makes it easier to just create!
Just about any of them actually. I could use the mastering tools in #3, and I've been wanting to give Studio One a try. #4 would be great for updating my Ableton 8 lite. #1 & #2 would give me some nice new instruments to work with as well.

Too much good stuff guys.
Any opportunity to expand creative workflow is welcome!!! I prefer to work on the mac side of thing but would gladly accept windows only programs as well!!
That NI komplete has everything you need. The mastering software and izotope would be amazing for getting those clean crisp sounds.
Ed F
I could really use the Steinberg interface.
This is just unreal, the amount of excelent quality products there are on the bundles!!! INSANE!!! I would just love to put my hands on any of them!
Just the fact that one of them has KOMPLETE9, just makes me salivate!!!
NI Komplete is huge. It has everything you need. The mastering software and izotope would be great for cleaning up and getting fat sounds.
Maxime L
Bundle #1 for sure, Twisted Tools bundle and all who is inside the bundle is awesome ..
Hey guys and thanks for giving us this chance to make a big step in our production. It would be great if i be able to work with Bundle 2. Since i own damage, i stay tuned for the u-he FX bundle and complete!
marcel gugenheim
Bundle 5 please! Need to upgrade my fl studio^^
Bundle 1 would be fandabbydozzytastic for Native Instruments Komplete 9.
But seriously i'd be happy to win anything and i look forward to learning and working with your help on my next project.
Bundle 1 i want the Native Instruments so bad . Sorry for my bad english...;)
Bundle 1 for me. Great software that would compliment my set up. Thanks.
Bundle 2-4
NI Komplete 9 $550
u-he FX bundle $486
One Year Online Library Pass to ($199)
and good luck for me
Bundle 4 would allow me to take my live show to the next level. Have been wanting ableton forever!!!
Bundle 1, because it's amazing! But it's also espansive And it could be the first step for a professional production studio (expecially for komplete 9).
Thank you for the opportunity!
God bless,
I would be blessed greatly by anyone of these great packages! I am a beat maker/producer and i have been a christian now almost 5years now. I am using my gift to benefit Him and to help the church youth who i am in charge of teaching. God has been opening doors for me more and more to further my gifts and help these youth learn about God and develope self confidence through music and the word of God. I have a very modest bare bones recording equipment, analog style and this is my chance to break through to the digital way and since i could win it and not pay out all that money i dont have, this is a tremendous oppertunity! I pray i win and i send blessing to you for even holding this contest and i bless all the winners even if i am not one of them! Thank you for this oppertunity.
Scott Frost
Holy crap. So many bundles. This is awesome!

Would like to play komplete ultimate!
Bundle 2 Bundle 2 Bundle 2 Bundle 2 Bundle 2 Bundle 2 Bundle 2Bundle 2++++++
Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones - $230
good luck for me hihi
Aman Verma
Bundle 1 makes me crazy.....a whole production studio with top software and samples.....!!
Aman Verma
Bundle 1 makes me crazy.....its a complete music production studio with top quality software and samples.....!!
I actually want bundle #3, 'cause I've been out of the game a long time and need an interface.
bundle n3
Bundle 2 is my wish, cause with AEON collection I have the best REASON to KOMPLETE my sound library and FX with this bundle!
Bundle 2 looks awesome! Especially AEON.... :)
I want bandle#2 for Ableton Live 9 and Livid Instruments - Brain Jr. Omni Kit .
Well the macprovideo library pass is pretty damn cool, but bundle gets me all hot under the collar for the senheiser momentums. They are fantastic. But bundle 1 has the fxpansion stuff. I got to see their stuff @ producer sessions live in London a couple of weeks ago, and it is fantastically impressive. Especially Geist. The tricks and mangling you can pull on drum loops is nuts, and the guys who do it are so enthusiastic about it. Plus they also have some very good graphic design for their synths logos :)
Lance M
Komplete 9 would be dope!
Hey guys, firstly i love ur tutorials, they're a very big part of my learning curve, keep up the great work.
The bundle i would most wish to win is bundle 4 but i would love and appreciate any of the bundles, but bundle 4 would suit me best. As an existing Ableton 8 user the upgrade to 9 would be great. i have just began a music technology degree and the Sony Spectralayer 2 and Sony sound forge pro would be indispensable to me in my assignments. Also the Livid instruments Brain jr omni kit could possibly be used as a college project, where i might incorporate it with Wave Alchemy Complete Drums and a fancy MIDI mapping and use it in my DJ set up as a "hardware type" drum machine. Its these reasons i would prefer to win bundle 4! Many thanks to AskAudio Magazine for the great opportunity - And good luck to all who enter, i hope the prizes bring u success !!!!!!!!!!!! Alan
Danny Yanko
Bundle 1 would be a dream come true!

I've been dying to get a hold of Komplete Ultimate for ages. I have chronic abuse issues with Massive and Razor already and would likely be admitted into rehab after a weeks worth of time with KU9.

The U-He synth bundle I believe would be a tonne of fun although I only ever been able to play around with Zebra demo's before. I would love to play around with more of their instruments though!

I will be honest though! A few other packages are rather yummy looking to as I would love to add ozone 5 and alloy 2 to my studio as well!

Good luck everyone!
I could seriously use bundle 1 or 2. I've been wanting to get some of the Heavyocity stuff. That along with Komplete 9 and Reason 7 would round out my software and plugins for making heavy electronic music.
Great bundles, although if I could choose, I would've chosen bundle #2 since I'm a bit familiar with Reason, and the Komplete 9 and U-he fx would be two major cherries on the top!
Jit Leishangthem
I want Bundle 1 as its got the most to offer, specially Komplete 9 Ultimate.
Studio One, because it is time to change the indrustry standards in DAWs.
These are all awesome bundles, but Izotope Mix and Master Bundle it´s a Reallly great mastering tool for me at this moment..........simply i love it!!!!!
For me Bundle #3 will be fantastic!

Fortuna Audaces iuvat.
Zach B
Komplete package…that would make my LIFE!!!
Whichever bundle would suit me. Thanks for the site, by the way!
Dear askaudiomag,
Bundle 2! AEON rules! Love u-He FX also.
Wow, great bundles! Each would bring an early christmas :)
Ben Martinez
Bundle 1 or 2 for me please! ;) LOVE Native Instruments & Reason too!
lyrical aka bone
Bundle 1 or bundle 2 soundz is a key factor that we as musicians always are looking for and native instruments komplete 9 ultimate is what it says ultimate a great resource 4 any musician bundle 2 reasons 7 or any of the bundles I cant put one ove the other they all would help me a lot or any 1 who loves making good music I do this for the love of music and I have never won anything so maybe I van win 1 of these awesome packages
Bundle 5!!!!! Mainly for Ableton. I've worked in Colorado's EDM industry for the last 4 year and am just now getting back into production after a 10 year hiatus. Most of the artist I have worked with have offered to bring me up to speed, and they all use Ableton
Rodney Jackson
It's hard for me to pick just one! I wish I could make another bundle with NI Komplete Ultimate 9, T-Racks Mastering and Izotope mix and mastering bundle! Thats all I need! but if I had to pick one I would go with Bundle 3 because I could really use the mix and mastering tools more than the synths and samplers.
Aleks Pusz
Izotope is definitely the most exciting for me, because once I have a mastering package like that, I have all of the essentials!
Johannes Gni
Bundle #3 ! Why ? Because i felt in love with those iZotope PlugIns! Just powerful tools!
Dj Just In Case360
I would prefer Bundle #2 It Is Loaded With Samples & Effects. The Native Instruments products are all interlaced with Serato Scratch Live & The Synth Packs Are Tops For Producers. All Quality Programs.
bundle 1 is the one for me. ultimately, I would make some beautiful music.
I would be happy winning any of the prizes!
bundle 1 because the uhe synths are awesome
i'd want Bundle 4; it has everything I need.
I'd love bundle 2. I'm one of those guys that is still using a very old version of reason and desperately need the NI bundle!!!

Would love to have it!!
I would love to win Bundle #2 because of all those companies are truly awesome. Keep producing and good luck to you all...
Bundle 4 is my dream bundle!!!! Ive always wanted to out the Brain or Brain Jr and make my own controller but never have the money to spare!
I have to say Bundle 1 is the most exciting for me...When NI cut short the development of Kore (once called their "super instrument"), I cut my losses and sold everything I owned from them. I have to admit, though, that I miss Kontakt and Reaktor. It would be so nice to welcome those prodigal sons back home.
bundle 4 would be a great improvement to my production set up. I recently bought komplete 9 ultimate and am currently saving up some money for ableton 9. So if I could win it, would be a blessing. Cheers and thanks for the opportunity:)
Doc C
Bundle 1 or 2 look the best to us!
Damo A
I would love to win Bundle 4 because I really like Ableton it is my favorite DAW, I also want to make my own midi controller with the brain jr. I don't know much about sound forge but heard it's good stuff :)

Crossing my fingers lol
I would like bundle #4 because anything Livid makes is a solid product. I could build a simple drum controller for Live 9 and uses those wave drums!
Geek Model
Hello AskAudio team

I'm most excited about last bundle (#5) and that's why.. I have a friend who have a problem with hearing. Many sounds for him are hard to hear but he so much in love to create music! Mess around with some synths and loops ) He using old version of FL Studio. I wanna to win this bundle 'cause i wanna to make him a gift :) Also he need good headphones for production. That's all :) Thnx
Nathan Jenkins
I'd love Bundle 4. The Brain Jr is a great piece of hardware to quickly build custom controllers with!
The u-he synth bundle is definitely the most exciting, because it's the last synth bundle you would ever need! But the iZotope mix and master bundle would be pretty awesome to have too.
David Baron
Bundle 4 all the way want to build a controller with livid brain i have some awesome ideas :)

Star Rock
Bundle 3. I've been looking at Izotope for a while.
Bundle 2, having Komplete & Reason 7 would truly round out my home
studio. It would be awesome!
Want Bundle #3. Need iZotope!
Record/Reason 4
I would have to say that I would most excited for Bundle 3 with all of the mastering tools involved. I would also love some amazing delay plugins...
Namen Mulugeta
Hi, I would love to win any bundle, i guess all include great tools to produce high quality music. I wish all good luck and also my self. And thank you for being this generous, it really encourages upcoming artists to do more.
Hey....thanks for giving chance......
I really would like to win that unbelievable Bundle No. 5........... Because it contains my dream, FL Studio with Sennheiser On-Ear headphones. The Complete Work Station is that Bundle No. 5......which is best for EDM... thanks waiting for your reply... Hari OM
I would pick bundle 4, first of all because it has the brain jr. in it and I'd definitely like to make my own midicontroller. Other than that, the workflow on ableton's supposed to be amazing, awesome drumsamples are essential and exact control of my sound would be really nice. There is nothing not to love about this bundle!
Bundle 4 is the killer beast :) Because of Ableton and Livid Instruments.
Bundle 3 is really cool because of all awesome mastering tools it has which could be of great use for me currently:)
But the most hot bundle is Bundle 2 I think because it contains Heavyocity Aeon which I still don't have;)
I would love bundle 4 as I have been looking into making custom midi controllers and brain jr would be the perfect way to get started
Bundle #2.... great for my needs as a musician/engineer. Thx!!!
I would like Bundle 1 - I love the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate Sounds
love to win Bunddle 2, NI Komplete 9 would be a welcomed product to the setup !!

Many Thanks.
Bundle 1 NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is THE Best software ever!
Bundle 4 becouse I would like try Ableton Live!
mr sib
Bundle 2 is the best so far, specially because of the NI Komplete 9. It's Alpha and Omega for music production. Would love to get it.
mr Bim
bundle 4 looks amazing! i want that one because my Ableton hasn't been updated due to not being able to afford it. i really want the dual monitors amongst other things
Would totally be thrilled with any bundle that contains NI, simply love the possibilities that come out of that. Brain Jr. Omni kit would be fantastic as well cause assembling is a lot of fun and the controllers from Livid inst are awesome.
Bundle 1 and 3 looks amazing. With 1 I'll be able to track everything i need. It's complete set of great instruments. The best part of 3th bundle is T-Racks plugins and iZotope mix&master plugin. Which one is better ? Can't tell. I'm just happy with the thought that one can be mine, so I can improve my productions a little bit faster. Thank You for a chance !
bundle 3 please!
Amazing! I just bought some new hardware for my “music dream” and want to learn everything about it, then AskAudio Mag start this contest! Bundle #1 is my pick because right now this bundle is all my need! Thanks! AskAudio Mag & NonLinear Educating!
Ryan Esson
Would love to win it because I am currently at uni studying music and visuals and would love the ableton and native items.

Fingers crossed
the 4th bundle *.* the only one with Ableton Live!
I would love to win Bundle 1 because it is mostly Native Instruments sound packages and expansions especially the Komplete 9 which has been on my wishlist forever. This would be the best package to integrate with Maschine and Ableton Live.
Hector Lee
Bundle 1 and 3 looks absolutely amazing. Big fan of the NI Komplete, BFD3, Damage and AEON.
Kevin Nolan
I have been building with livid instruments and would love to add to my functionality.
i actually like all the bundle and it will be an honor to win and thank you for giving this chance to us.
would love to win bundle 2 :-)
I am still unveiling the first few chapters of my journey as a producer and any bundle would make a world of difference to me.
Thank you for this amazing contest!
Hey folks :) i would love to win Bundle #4 because of the Brain Omni Kit and the Sony Spectralayers2! Cheers
Bundle 1 is just my cup of tea with all the possibilities Komplete 9 ultimate has
plus BFD3, I just love drums
the quirky possibilities of Twisted Tools and u-he synths
it's just ocean of fun
Bundle 4 makes me happy !
#4; pick me !
I am very excited about Komplete 9 that bundle is crazy
it would be amazing to win bundle 2, amazing software there
Bundle 2 PLEASE!!! It's all the stuff I dream about but can't afford.
This is just simply an amazing prize list! My choice would be bundle 1 purely as I'm a big fan of Native Instruments! Komplete 9 Ultimate has just nailed it!! with a vast amount of quality instruments all in one simple package. I also have to agree with another comment made..whatever happens just glad to have been given the opportunity to take part in this amazing prize draw! :)

Good luck everybody!!!! :)))
Bundle 2 here :D
Bundle 3 or 4. brain jr.omni kit would be the shizznit
Nice give a ways ! Would love to win the Bundle 1 NI Komplete 9 Ulitmate but even tho other Bundles/Prizes are nice too... if i win anything or not would still like to mention that just for doing such a thing makes you guys AWESOME !
Bundle 1, because Komplete 9 Ultimate is crazy in itself, but then you've got all that other stuff. Realistically, you wouldn't need anything else.
That*s it ! Number 1 will bring all the number ONES to me. Thanks and best wishes
Thanks for the occasion. Great idea and fantastic that I can win the BUNDLE #1 which is an excellent software that covers all applications.
All of the prize bundles are awesome and would be a great addition to any studio.
I'd like to win Bundle 1 for all the instruments in Komplete.
whoa ! u-He synths + Heavyocity Library = Life is Komplete !
I would be really excited to win Bundle 1 - mainly because it has NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and BFD3, but other stuff is so cool too! Making music is my life - well, it literally WILL be, if i win!
Broken Ballrooms
While i do really like all of these extensive and generous setups i have got to say, bundle number four would definitely be the right one for me. One, because i have been using ableton for years and i have not had the money to upgrade to the new version.Two because i really need a new drum pack. And three, because i need a new brain for the midi instrument that i am designing right now... hope i win.
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is the holy grail of DAW plug-in bundles. If Jesus (not to be confused with Yeezus) himself was a musician, he would've transported himself to the year 2013 primarily so he could take advantage of this technology.

I could not be more excited by the possibility of winning this bundle, especially considering how much experience I've had with individual plug-ins within the bundle. Thanks guys for the opportunity.
So many good prizes!! I've been coveting U-he Synths for a long time. It would be nice to upgrade my demos to legit versions. BFD 2 is amazing I can't wait to see what version 3 has in store and who doesn't want Komplete.
Just any of the bundles anounced would be awesome!!! To be able to work with such softwares is amazing!!! Sign me up!!!
Sennheiser headphones please :D
I would like to win Bundle 5 , I always wanted FL Studio because of it's vast open playground features as a DAW, and I've been a very old and loyal fan of Sennheiser, I have the HD650, but definitely would love to own the new on-ear Sennheiser momentum, AIR, Sonivox and Deckadance are awesome too. "Fingers Crossed".
Woohohoww :-) All bundles are amazing but my heart beats for no.1. It's realy numer one. I love NI & FX Pansions products. Great sounding and uniqe plugins. But it's not all. You've added U-He synths, Heavyocity Damage and Totally Twisted. My brain exploded. It's madness harvest. I would like to have as much luck but I wish good luck to all !!!!
Greetings to all who wish Presonus Studio One
so sorry I won Bundle 3
I'd love to get my hands on Bundle 4 if I were to win for the Brain!
Good luck to all entrants and thanks for the opportunity!
Bundle #4 is seriously great, can't wait to transform my rubber duck to a midi controller. Livid is great, this bundle is biiig.
absolutely dvs8n
I think bundle 1 is great because it has the ultimate kontact which ive been wanting for quite some time..Thanx
I don't even know why I participate... I've never won anything in my life :)
Bundle 1 would be awesome for the NI Komplete package! I still have another 7 months left to save up for it! A years membership for MPV would be immense on its own!
Bandle 4! Looking forwards to DIY controller project with my brain jr ;)
Bundle 1 makes me drool because of BFD and u-he synths
Bundle 3 for the mastering tools though bundle 1 looks great as well.
I am most excited about Bundle #4. I love Sound Forge, I could use an upgrade, and the additional products would make the package the ultimate audio tool suite for me.
Bundle 4 Looks like the Absolute Business! Wave Alchemy have the most amazing collection of drum samples (especially analogue synths and drum machines) and Livid make some amazing controllers right here in Texas!
Sony SoundForge. I've been wanting to give it a try and see how it holds up against WaveLab.
Pieter Pi
Bundle No. 1: I'm looking to properly prepare for a very musical retirement and with such a vast array of incredible software being offered up, it'll take the next 40 years to fully get to grips with it all !! :)
Just want to get that daily drawing of a One Year Online Library Pass.
I would choose Bundle 1 for the u-he synths and NI content.
Best of luck with the site!!

Looking forward to the articles.
Definitely bundle 1....I currently own komplete 9, but having 9 ultimate would be amazing...almost twice as big sound library.... Not to mention all the other cool plugins in the bundle. Although I wouldn't mind bundle 2 with reason 7.
Thanks for a great contest! I'd be happy with any of the bundles, I have some of the Komplete stuff but having the entire collection would be awesome so Bundle 1 would be great. My second choice would be Bundle 4 as I've always been interested in Ableton but haven't been able to afford it!
Bundle 1. u-he Zebra FTW!
I'd love to win Bundle 1... Komplete 9 Ultimate & BFD3 are already on my wishlist for next year... Cheers!
Bundle 2. Reason 7 and u-he synth for the win.
You guys are great for doing this, I wish all the contestants luck! If I were to win I would love to win bundle 3 for the great sound card and plugins for mixing and mastering :-)

Much love
W Trebor
Bundle 1.... if I am the choosen one ;-)
Bundle 1 would be unbelievable! Thanks a lot and Yehaaaa :-)
Definitely Bundle 1 would be to me as if i were in musical heaven. I think that would be such for any musician creating music or any composer. Komplete 9 Ultimate is extremely versatile collection of thousands of sound and hundreds of instruments, best samplers and synths, set of effects for twisting, mixing and mastering your works.
U-he is in a class by itself like Komplete. FXpansion BDF3 and Twisted Tools-Totally Twisted are very good "extensions" of Komplete and u-he bundle as well.
I'm a bit confused about presence of Heavyocity Damage in this set because, as far I know, Damege is included in Komplete 9 Ultimate.
I wish everyone good luck and winners creativity to make music with all these sounds and software.
ableton 9, livid brian probably.... or Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface real hardware things are nice
Bundle 1 - omg got a lot of NI and the're amazing but the real killer here is the U-He - by far the best synths on the market Diva is way out there!
Bundle 1 or 2, NI Komplete.. enough said. :)
Bundle 1 would be my choice for the u-he Synth bundle, but Bundle 2 is also a good option for the Native Instruments package... A years free MPV membership would never go amiss
While any bundle would be very appealing I have to say that Bundle 4 with Ableton Live 9 just plain rocks. I have been eyeing that software for sometime now and even have a demo version that I use with Reason 6.5 via Rewire and it just works beautifully. With that combo there would be no REASON why I wont be ABLE to become aLIVE!
I would be pleased to win any of those bundles. Wish me luck.
Ok, bundle #1. Just because of Komplete (you can never have enough quality samples) AND u-he Synth Bundle (wanna have some quality time with Diva).
Bundle 1 cause there a lot of different sounds and this is what I love, have great tools to be creative! My mission in life is to hear as many sounds as I can, cause this is what makes me feel alive!
I've been a user of Reason and Sound Forge (even though SF was not on the mac) updates to these two would be really cool,
...the native instrument one would be cool too.
I look forward to using Maschine, I have been enjoying using iMaschine on my phone and iPad. u-he looks good too, this is like a candy store of audio, they all look quite sweet.
Ionerbreak Jigoku
i Wanth the bundle 4 because Ableton is the soft i use 4 produccion, Sounforge its a cool program and the Livid Instruments Brain Jr. its the card i always wanted for creation a midi instrumen because i use Arduino but the Brain Jr. is best!!!!!!!!
Bundle 1 is the best ;)
I've been following AskAudio Magazine and i learned lots about music productions.
I would like to win some of those prizes... To make my home studio better and give more quality in my productions!
Only AskAudio can offer those expensive products!!!
Bundle 5 would be alright for me. In fact, all bundles are fascinating but i am trying to be a minimalist.
But I will tell you the truth. I am actually here for the "One Year Online Library Pass to". Man! I need an education!
Thank you for setting up such an event.
Bundle 1 is just amazing.
I dream everyday to have Ultimate 9 Ultimate, it's simply amazing.
I need it to express the sound in my mind. Give a change.

Best regards and good luck to everyone,

Bundle #1 for NI Komplete would be sweeter than pie.
Bundle #3 would be of most use, though, for my mastering needs.
It would also mean new additions, rather than duplicates to my studio.
Great offers over all!
Bundle 5 ($1076) I would like to win the most , It just has everything I need to produce the music I like to produce the best !! This is an amazing opportunity for everyone and I think AskAudio and all the other companies involved in this .
Bundle 4 looks the most compelling to me because my friends have some livid instruments equipment and I know it's totally worth it. Besides that, I'm an aspiring dj with little money to afford my own equipment and I've never had my own programs nor equipment to begin working on solo dj projects. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I win something! I'd be happy with anything yall have to offer.
Bundle #3 will do me just fine. City/County took our local public access station away where we used great equipment to create our tv and radio shows. This bundle will fill the cracks. Thank you and please......
This seems like an awesome opportunity. I'm a big fan of Fxpansion Dcam and Geist and I would love to be able to play around with BFD 2!. I'm also a big fan of Native Instrument plugins and winning any of these products would make my arsenal complete!
I'm excited about the NI 9 bundle because they make amazing stuff which I know from personal experience and I'm also excited about the u-he and fxpansion because I've heard that their products are really good.
Bundle 3 and a yearly subscription to macprovideo!
NI Komplete 9 is great. NI have such great products, especially Kontakt and Battery. Would love to have Kontakt 5 and Battery percussion would add a lot my scoring work.
So bundles 1 and 2 are great.
Pedro Brbara
Wuao., What a contest!

I´m more than excited about this contest and with the posibility of wining the bundle No. 1., Because it comes with NI Komplete!!! and i read many good things from it and i would love to have it on mi hands, though the Bundle No. 3 isn´t that bad...xP but i´ll go for bundle No. 1 in first place, in second place Bundle No. 3 and in that order the next one will be Bundle No. 5 althoug all prices are Really Good!!!

Thanks for the oportunity.

Cheers and the best wishes...
All these bundles represent Sonic Heaven. If I have to, I'll pick Bundle 1 because of Damage, Diva, Zebra, Kontakt, Battery, Guitar Rig, The Grand... I'd add Aeon in there if I could (and I already have Live 9).
I want to win Bundle 3.
I have lot of synth plugins and lot of samples. But I need some badass mastering tools and this bundle contains nice stuffs for mastering. :)
Bundle 1 & 2 looks mint! Would love to get my hands on those. :D
ça peut etre riche de connaissance, les offres peuvent etre sympas mais est ce qu'il y a suffisament de place pour un disque dur! lol
Pat Buckna
Bundle #1 one would be supercool because of the Kontakt bundle and the Twisted Tools. I'm ready to load it up!
Hakan S
u-he's synth bundle alone makes bundle 1 the most exciting one.

There's a good reason why producers like Gareth Jones ( Depeche Mode, Erasure, Nine inch nails etc...) use u-he's Diva. U-he also being mentioned by Daniel Miller, head of the legendary and pioneering electronic music label Mute Records, as a favorite.

While many companies rarely gives away really good freeware synths u-he's collection of freeware synths has a higher quality then many shareware equivalents.

The quality of Tyrell Nexus 6, Podolski and even Zebralette, the lite version of the amazing Zebra synth, indicates the even better quality of u-he's shareware synthesizers such as Diva and Zebra2.

That said although I don't think the random number generator care to much about the motivation :-)
All bundles sound excellent. Would love to win bundle1 or 3. :)
R winterkamp
I'll hope i win something once. But with these kind of giveaway's i'm never lucky. I realy like bundle 1 or 3 .

Would love to try NI Komplete 9 - I've had my eye on their sampled pianos.
Bundle 2 for me please cuase Its a complete, professional software studio!
el mm
i'd like to win bundle 2 cause of amazing aeon products
Mac Black
Hi.Bundle #3 for me is perfect,reason mastering gear sort of missing in my Lab,the likes of Izotope,Presonus,IK Multimedia mastering suite and Steinberg UR28M audio interface wow superb gear. And I send a special thanks to Ask Audio Magazine and Associates for showing support to us producers and musicians we appreciates that.
Hi I would love bundle 1 since it includes NI complete 9 ultimate. Great job on the new site!
Good luck
Hi! Bundle 1 for me as I would get Diva from U-He, the only synth from them I still do not have. Good Luck to this mag (and to me...)
If I got NI Komplete 9, then my vst life will be COMPLETE !
The Audio Interface Steinberg UR28M turn on Fender Stratocaster, look out for the Presonus Studio One, produce with T-RackS CS and you've got a greate hit with Bundle 3
I'd love to win Komplete 9 Ultimate as I believe it would mean I never have to buy another instrument, and would lead directly to fame and fortune.

I am most excited about bundle 2 and 3 because they are quick and easy to install, consist of over 16000 new fresh sounds making the audio production krisp and perfect for the music I would like to make!! :)
Bundle 1 would be amazing of course. Would love to try them out, but even bundle 5 would be nice. Been hearing good thing about those headphones.
George B
I find Bundle 3 to be extremely appealing. Having such an exceptional arsenal of tools would greatly enhance my creative work flow. Along with a few great ASK tutorials to guide me that bundle will turn me into a rock star in no time!
So many great products in each bundle it so hard to choose. But that NI Kollection look pretty awesome.
Brent Stewart
The Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface in Bundle 3 would be great - I need a new interface, since all I have is an old Yamaha GO46 I'm borrowing from a friend. Great giveaway!
Cait Bern
Bundle 2 pls. I love Native and want to try reason =)
Hey guys,

hope you choose me. My friend told be about this competition. If i could choose i would take bundle 5, cause then we can finally work together with fl studio. Also i would get new headphones :D
Jeffrey P
I'm most excited about Bundle #2. The u-he effects look awesome and I don't own any of them. Plus, I've always been intrigued by Reason and with the new Rack Extensions, it looks pretty formidable. Then you've got an awesome Heavyocity library AND Komplete 9. Whew! Amazing. Bundle #5 is also pretty awesome.
Bundle 2 is mine. ;-)
Oh, Bunde 1's got what I need. The U-he stuff has always made me curious, I have some older NI instruments I love and I really look forward to have the latest and greatest BFD.

Ich hoffe, wenn ich auf deutsch schreibe ist das ok... ich bin komponist für filmmusik und würde wahnsinnig gerne Bundle 2 abstauben... grade weil ich noch nich Native komplete hab. Am liebsten wäre mir ja Bundle 1, aber ich glaube da bewerben sich zu viele drum.
Deswegen 2 für mich :)
Give Me Things
I want bundle three bro. Why? Oh, well because...

-I like Presonus products and I like Izotope. I would love those plugins for my music creating. Gimme. Please? Presonus has great products. I currently own the firestudio project. But it would be COOL to own additional software.

-IK mastering suite look SWEET. Boom. Did you see what I did there? Oh boy, I'm clever.

-Steinberg interface? Yes, please. Gimme dat.

-I like free things. Especially when they are things I would like to have.
In my opinion Bundle 3 rocks. It includes mastering tools. I've tested many presonus products and all of them worked well. My favourite set is :
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite
Presonus Studio One

GDG Sound
Package 3 would be the one I want most. All these packages are awesome. It was hard choosing between the five. I almost went with package one for the sole purpose of Komplete Ultimate. But in the end, the need of a new interface is what wins. I'm working off of a Presonus Firepod (before the abbreviated the name.) I think it's time for an update. Plus all of the mastering you get with IK T-racks and Izotope is killer. Could definitely help since I've been on location a lot lately with trying to get sound done for a web series. Need to get my name out there!
el yevo
Bundle #3. T-Racks is great at analog emulations that do not tout their analoguness so much that they destroy your sound. Rather, they help you accomplish musical goals in a way that's almost magical. Izotope's amazingness needs no explanation. Notion - cause I don't have a notation program even though I have a classical background. And though I already have StudioOne, it's a very sweet (and straightforward) DAW.
Josh B
I'd want bundle 3 - I LOVE the Izotope plugins!
I'd like to win Bundle #2
because hardware can not be downloaded & cracked :)
if you know what i mean ;)
Dayvid vp
How can a simple poor singer songwriter ever hope to be seen in this sea of creativeness! So many fellow musicians here that could all benefit from these great tools.

Any bundle would fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings for a long time.
Not mentioning the fine music i could be making with it.

But if i really had to chose i would go for bundle one of course, Komplet is complete you know :)

But also bundle 3 appeals to me, i have been holding of buying studio one for some time now. And not very happy with logic X now. So i'm in the middle between pt11 an studio one.

Great raffle and great mag, good luck to any one!
B DaRosa
Bundle 3. Need gear, no cash. Studio times to expensive, I'll do it myself
So excited for a chance to win! I'm really eyeing bundle 4! Even number 5! I've had a chance to use Live 8 (I know, that's a previous version!), so I guess I can kinda say I know my way around it a bit. The Sony SoundForge is used by one of my favorite artsits, She! It really makes a huge difference in the finalization of your sounds! With Live, not only do I love the interface aesthetically, but I find it very intuitive and pretty muh capable of creating any sounds you'd want. These prizes are almost crazy! It was hard for me to even decide!
Scott McCray
Bundle 1 - Komplete Ultimate - everything else is icing on the cake!
bundle 3 is enough for me.. :)
Bundle Two is a killer !
Gabriel L
Bundle 3 is for me, very sweet mastering options, a complete DAW, a great audio interface. It's got everything.
I would personally love to have Bundle 2, I started a mobile recording studio after years of piecing it together and I could only manage Reason Essentials so getting the full on Reason 7 would help me tremendously. I have a lot to learn but I feel like if I had some of these tools it could help me learn that much faster.
Lucky Star
Each of the bundles is awesome, Presonus Studio One is the best DAW on earth Hands Down ! U-he is the best soft synth developer in the game, Diva sounds is outstanding and capabilities of programing zebra2 are endless, It's the best sound design tool I've ever touched. I own a pair of HD600 Sennheiser Headphones, and i consider it the best pair of cans one can buy as producer or mix engineer, I chose it after auditioning literaly over 30 other pairs by diffrent manufacturers some of it way above it's price point, I had no doubt i want it when i put it on my head. It would be exciting to check another Sennheiser product. Just give me the tools and i show You what i can do with it!
Cheers, Lucky Star !
David S
Bundle 4 looks cool because it has Ableton and Sound Forge, I am familiar with those
Q-think The Welcome
I really want to get the second prize "1 x 10 Loops Mega Bundle ($ 90)"

Because I Windows users :)
I need a good quality Loops for I hobby making music

Especially if I get all the gifts Bundle. I would feel like a top musician.

I hope this website continues to provide information useful for audio and music world.

Keep Rockin B-) _\m/
Are you kidding? ALL of the ABOVE!!!! It's all awesome!!!!!
I like Bundle 3 because it's exactly what I need, a home recording rig!
kiran phalke
Hi this is very new to me and i liked the bundle No. 3 as i have experienced all of these demo versions and especially Izotop has changed the way i make music. It is a cream on my music. Stein berg is the the best they have given us ASIO4 all which has solved many latency problems.Presonus of course is my favourite DAW as it is very easy to work and all in all DAW. IK multimedia has given us best strings and flutes.I have not seen the stein bergs interface but must be very good. They are the masters. I request you to give tutorials not only on use of softwares but also midi keyboards which are rare.
Bundle 1, I mean who wouldn't want NI Komplete 9 Ultimate?
Bundle 3 it's the best for me, mostly becouse i need a soundcard and that Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface is one of my wish list and the new Presonus Studio One is my new studio DAW for my project but i'm using the free version.
Also those mastering suite are one of the best that i want for mastering !
Mal Km
Wow Bundle#1 looks the most amazing to me, love each company that's in that bundle and the amount of sounds available the possibilities are endless....thanks for the contest AskAudio!
Bundle # 3 please!
Bundle 3 for the mastering tools.
Da Drummer
Bundle 4! I want Ableton and Wave Alchemy Complete Drums!
Neville K
Bundle 2 Looks awesome. I have the 'light' versions of the Native Instruments and Propellerhead products and they are fantastic in their own right. I can only imagine what you could do with the full versions!
Hurricane Bill
Bundle 1 is awesome because of NI and BFD. There's some goodies in each though. Haven't played with BFD in a while, that could be fun with some of the new audio to midi features in Presonus Studio One 2.5
Marlon M
Thank you guys for setting up such a great prize package, and to enter it is really easy. At first I thought I would have to upload a video on YouTube of me creating music lol… but fortunately I was wrong.
Bundles 1-3, I see Komplete Ultimate, Reason 7 and Studio One. For me those three software's stood out. I would love to win any one of the three bundles, just for the simple fact that I don't own any DAWS or vst plugins, simply because it hasn't quite been in the budget, but maan winning would make me very happy
Thanks again 
Bundle 5
Those Sennhisers
I'd love to have Bundle 2, because additionally to all the plugs I would be excited about having the newest Reason, on which I did my first steps some years ago.
But the extra stuff with Ultimate 9 would be totally awesome too, I'm still on the seventh, normal version.
As many have said, any one of these bundles look great.
Any tools that will help me MAKE MUSIC the way I hear it in my head are exciting!
-Ben O.
I'd be thrilled to win anything ! See some great companies that make top notch products. Good luck to EVERYONE !!!
Bundle 3 for me please! I really need Steinberg UR28M.
Bundle #3 for the T-Racks and Izotope plugins. heard great things, would love to try them out. Winning the packages would even be better yet!
The bundle 1 is just awesome, will love to get that komplete 9 !
I would poop myself for any of those packages but bundle #1 and #3 are sweeeeeeeeet!
Patrice B
Hi there,
i am a student and i want to create own patches for Natives Instruments Kontakt Player with samples i recorded and i am also a keyboarder in many bands and would like to have the great Library Sound by Native Instruments. And last but not least all those great synths i always wanted to take a deep look at :) Thanks for all the great tips and tricks so far :)
would like to win bundle 1 yeahhh boi !!!
Nathan M
I'd love to win bundle #1 for Reason 7!!
Thanks for he opportunity!!
I would love the bundle with the Sony software!
N.E.D. iPad
Would love bundle 1 or 2 - anything with the NI would be great
Victor C
The Steinberg Interface looks great. I could really use that in home recording.
Christian Schilling
All bundles as im a beginner who is wanting to learn from the best and drown into the music world, just bought my first ibanez RG120 after a few years off and on playing with an aquostic. Without a job can't really buy much but in a catch 22 i got all the time in world to practice ;) dreaming about being the next Steve Vai/Dimebag/Zakk Wylde. Christian Schilling
Bundle 2!!! After i listend to the u-he FX bundle, i MUST have it :D
bundle 5, i'm a big fan of Image-line products, they are great but i still can't afford to buy one for myself
Bundle 3 for me please- need a new audio interface
Bundle 1 is the way to go! Komplete 9 and damage are so awesome! :)
Hi! Really a generous offer! I have Komplete 6, but haven't had chance to update to Komplete 9. BFD3 and AEON are also very interesting - so Bundle 1 or Bundle 2 would make me a very happy man ;) Cheers!
Thank you for being so generous! This is an awesome ooportunity! Each bundle is great, KOMPLETE is awesome and The Ozone is exciting, even the one year pass to macprovideo is incredible. Truth be told, they can all be game-changers but we gotta stay committed to learning with what we have. We can't chase stuff, there will awesome be new stuff. My advice: learn! Thanks everyone!
bundle 1 or 2 would make very happy. Why? because Heavyocity is an outstanding plugin for film composers and it would make my pproductions sound so much better. I am also a fan of everything U-he creates. And Native Intruments and propellerheads are just incredible software companies.
I'd be happy (and fortunate) to win any of the prizes! If I had to pick one, I would like the one with Live 9. I'm a Logic 9 user but also have a demo version of Live 8 that I enjoy playing around with - I see uses for both. I already own Damage and NI's complete 7 (and would love an upgrade to 9 Ultimate but don't want to be too greedy!). I love MacProVideo and the AskAudio mag is the icing on the cake - my learning curve has skyrocketed since I've discovered you guys. Thanks!
Komplete is an excellent prize, I enjoy the idea of winning this package, it is huge audio suite that has so many options. I will enjoy sculpting and producing original sounds with this software. Wow guys, thanks,
You have good taste.
Dj Chez Minster of House
I think any of these prizes are great. I could use them to teach young children in our city that there is a way is the answer! I have inspired several teens to plug an instrument, a turntable etc..I play the accordion, and I love to mix music. I would be happy with any of these bundles. They would be a blessing.

i'll be thrilled to win the bundle n°3 cause i've got a crush on the URM28 from steinberg corp.. I'm pretty sure it'll find me attractive and we'll both live happily ever after..
I would love to win bundle #1. It would go amazingly with the new i7 computer I scrimped and saved for the past year to buy, and should arrive tomorrow! Sound design bliss
Ya gotta be in it to win it as they say...... Bundle 2 would be kool.
Ask and ye shall receive. Bundle 2 is for me I believe.
I'm excited about winning izotope's mix and master bundle 'cause every time I've listened to them or watched reviews they have been nothing but amazing! I'd be able to my mixes so much further, especially with alloy.
For me the 2nd bundle is most exciting. The reason why is Reason 7. Don't get me wrong, everything in that bundle would be phenomenal. And in fact, every one of those prizes looks awesome. But the truth is, I learned Reason in my Computer Music class. While learning it I had written a ridiculous amount of music. There was a bunch that I was working on at the end of the class. I never got to finish. For that reason alone, Bundle 2 would be an amazing win. I just want to finish this music and hear it again.
Entering for my church. We're attempting to produce a CD for our congregation and guests so any of the bundles would be awesome. If I had my pick, I'd take bundle 3 or 5, since we could use the hardware as much as the software!
Ask always does everything top shelf, so any Bundle would be awesome, but if I had to choose, Bundle 1 would Rock My World.
Bundle 3 with the amazing PreSonus One!
Bundle 3 all the way...

It's the final stage in "never seeing daylight again" and having played with Presonus Studio one I can honestly say that no DAW has got my creative juices flowing like this gem since the day I popped my little blue dongle in my Atari St and patiently grew a beard while Steinberg Pro 24 slowly loaded.... A breathe of fresh air...
I would love to win the bundle 3, because it would be great for the master in surround!!
Thanks for the opportunity!!!
Evan Stewart
the reason i entered would be for the komplete 9 ultimate, but i would take any of these amazing prizes! i'm a 15 year old( i know.... this kid doesn't know any thing about anything), but the truth is i have been doing music recording since i was 13, i love everything about it, but if i could win something so professional like these prizes, i would have infinite possibilities on what i could accomplish musically!! even though i'm just i kid, an opportunity like this would be once in a lifetime!!
Captain Marsupial
Number 4, with the audio interface would be best for me.
Bundle 1 hands down is the ultimate prize. Are you kidding me? Who wouldn't want NI Komplete 9? It has basically everything synth and sample pack you need to make any sound for any genre of music. But it doesn't even end there, you have u-He and the new BFD3 by FXpansion for even more insane sounds and drums. This is insane, the Totally Twisted collection is phenomenal. I can't believe this stuff is being given away. Is it too good to be true? I'd say the excitement level from winning the Bundle 1 is equivalent to getting an exoskeleton with a jetpack. Both are awesome, but one is obviously cooler and much more useful, you guys know which one. =P
I'd be interested in bundle 2 because of the chance to win Propellerhead Reason. With Logic 9, Logic X, MOTU MSI, and a few other items, Reason would be the perfect addition to my system, not to mention becoming part of the AskAudio/MacProVideo university to learn how to use it!!! Hope I win! : )
Love bundle #3!!!!
Bundle #3 because of the UR28M and iZotope.Been looking for a good interface and iZotope rocks
Bundle 2 takes some beating. NI Komplete 9 in combination with Reason 7 would be enough to keep the creativity meter high for years! But then add U-he and Heavyocity to the mix and ones sonic world could turn upside down. Why sleep when you can mix? Just throw in a years supply of coffee and there's no turning back.
I can't begin to describe how awesome Bundle #1 is. u-he's plugins are awesome as is the Komplete bundle. I'm literally salivating.
Johnna Rhodus
I'm most excited about bundle #4 because of Ableton Live 9!!!
The bundle with the Wave Alchemy Complete Drums . I purchased a Presonos interface and was not allowed to use ez drummer.

bundle #2 because of AEON and Komplete 9
Bundle # 3 .. please
Daniel Jackson
Number 4 because I don't have Live and Sony products are superlative.
I wish Bundle#1 for Heavyocity Damage 'cause it sounds great. Demo makes me to do something creative with it.
All the bundles are great but especially the ones that include Complete 9 and anything by Presonus. Studio One is a great DAW.
k sauce
i would be most excited about wining bundle # 1 or 3
bundle 1 because of the komplete mostly....but # 3 would help my home studio way more as i am in need of a new audio interface and was already considering the UR28M
either way all of these packages are crazy amazing and anyone would be lucky to win any of them
Eduardo Adrian
el paquete 3 me interesa. T-Racks, izotope y presonus son lo mejor estoy comenzando con un home studio en Argentina y quiero hacerlo de la mejor manera. muchas Gracia por la oportunidad y muchos Exitos !!!!
Unknown Name
I saw what it took last time to win and I was going to write something like "my ears wanted to jizz for a certain product," but then I was like f**k it, Bundle 1. Why you ask, because NI Komplete 9 Ultimate!
I would like the NI komplete 9 ultimate, anything from u-he, izotope mixing/mastering, thanks Santa! I have been a good boy !
Hi all,
the bundle 3 and 2 it's what i need to improve y music :)
Bundle #4 includes most of the products I like/need in order to produce personal demo projects and also to produce projects for my church music teams. I'm a home studio 'beginner', with a bit of sound engineering and musician experience, so I'm on a super low 'shoestring' budget! Thanks for the opportunity!!
Bundles n. 1 and n. 4 are the bests. Good luck!
UR824. I like the programs and all the daws but personally I enjoy my "toys" and they get me so excited about producing& dj'ing everytime I get to use something new. The whole "how do i use this i suck at it " makes me want to improve. a constant motivation ; Well, I enjoy all of the prizes, my monthly income would barely cover the average cost of most prizes.
R winterkamp
I like bundle 1 or 3, but if i win anything else i Will be happy too.

For me, I would love to get Bundle 2 especially for Reason 7. Always wanted to use it, but never had a chance...
komplete ultimate hdd would be sick to own...anything izotope, too. love bt's stutter edit and their gui's. while any of these would be a significant boost to the lab...1 & 3 are definitely grabbin' my attention.
Bundle #1 - because an upgrade to ultimate would be sweet, bfd2 already rocks my world and bfd3 will also be a must have. finally u-he synths are among the best and the two additional soundpacks are amazing as well. Wouldn't say no to any of the other great bundles as well, of course !!
bas beejs
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287

really , how can i NOT want this ?? 0_o
simple as that :D
new and awesome plug ins are always good to have
since it would be a dream to have the NI komplete 9 , it would be even more awesome to win it ! :D
All the stuff is being given away for free? That´s unbelievable. ;) when I should be one of the lucky winners, than i would like to get Bundle 2, NI Komplete 9 is really awesome, and i would like to get my hands on Reason 7
Nice contest!
And my target would be - Bundle 2. Only because of NI-Complete!!!
Bundle 2. Im ready to start using the full native instruments package!
Bundle 2 pls:
NI Komplete 9 $550
u-he FX bundle $486
Propellerhead Reason 7 $399
Heavyocity AEON Collection $399

i need komplete and the u-he FX bundle for my production
Im new to Ask Audio Mag, but from what i see here i will be an avid fan in no time!
My preffered Bundle would be nr 2 as it would fit my productions the best.

Have a look on my SoundCLoud for more info:
Bundle 2 would be a good one to win, but honestly they look all really good and useful!!! Cheers. Maestro
If I would win, Bundle 1 would do it for me because I am a huge fan of Native Instruments Komplete Package - I already own Version 7 and an upgrade to 9 would be aweseome! But all of these bundles are absolutely worth it! Keep up the good work AskAudio!
I would like to win bundle #1 for the komplete ultimate
Why do you want to give someone else my Bundle 3?
If you do not believe that my'll see in a few days
when I pass you with Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface!
dub assassin
bundle 3 because the audio interface looks really nice would help with the mix changing easily between mono and stereo and between multiple monitors and headphones
I really dig the first 3 bundles. Bundle 1 for Native Instruments Ultimate, Bundle 2 for Reason, and Bundle 3 for its Mixing and Mastering suites. We will see. Awesome stuff here. :)
I'd be quite happy w the Ableton bundles...
They're all fantastic but bundle 1 is unreal
Definately Bundle 1: All the creative things I could do with NI. It would take my music to another level. If I would win that, I´d ask AskAudio Magazine to donate Heavyocity Damage to another contender, since it´s already part of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. Anyway, great contest!
Pim Vortex
Bundle #2 would be awesome to win!! :-)
I'm most excited about NI Ultimate. What a great package!
But I would be grateful if I won anything.
Great competition!
PreSonus Studio One
PreSonus Studio One
Bundle 1 ($2411). It has everything i don't own yet.
Bundle #4 is the most attractive. Ableton4lyfe.
Winning bundle #1 would be great, because Komplete is so... complete!
Bundle 1. BFD3!!!! ..... of course there are some other awesome things there too :)
Bundle one got me excited.. Err I've used the U-he Ace endlessly and would love to have the bundle at my fingertips
definitively bundle 3... 'cos I love to have all the possible I could have to make the perfect mastering ;)
always against loudness war!!!!!
All good kit, but bundle 3 for me. That steinberg interface looks great and izotope mastering software is essential mastering kit for every genre.
Bundle 2. Because it reads pretty much exactly like my personal "to buy as soon as possible" list.
Jonathan Baker
I'd love bundle 3 - Steinberg interface looks amazing!
Would love to win a Steinberg UR28M due to the DSP MixFx section - Fantastic sound! And also Sennheiser Headphone, i'm an happy owner of the HD25 series but that new series sounds great! -
Lloyde Sorrow
I think all the products/bundles are awesome as is this giveaway. Some SUPER useful items, too! It's greatly appreciated!
Bundle 3 is the greatest of the bunch because it is the most complete, combining software and hardware, and I'm already looking at upgrading my audio interface.
Yung Vere
All the bundles would be a great addition to anyone who is trying to improve their production or mixing! I'm a ableton guy myself so anything to do with ableton im riding with but bundle 2 or 3 would be the best fit for what i do. Cant speak for anybody else. Def would like to try out that new interface by steinberg in bundle 3, but reason 7 is calling my name in bundle 2 lol. Best of luck to everyone. Thanks for the contest guys!
I'd love to get Bundle 1, because of the amazing NI Komplete Ultimate
Twisted twisted Bundle 1!
all are amazing bundle, but i prefer the number one because there ar twisted tools and ni komplet9. Good team ;)
Sandy Aphid
They are all great but it would have to be Bundle Four, for the drum package, plus I've used Ableton before and I like it.
All the prizes are great, but I like most the bundle Nº3 (I'm a Studio One Artist user and I love this software, and Notion and iZotope software are great value too, and an Audio Interface too for the same price?. It will be really great for my mini Home Studio. Greetings! And thanks for the opportunity!
Bundle no 1 would be great. Unbelievable to have NI complete ultimate!!
All the bundles are great stuff I'm a big fan of NI and Ableton and Reason, Bundle 2 or Bundle 4 would be awesome!!!
Great mag!!Bundle #1 sounds amazing!!!!
Bundle #2 is great :) I Love Reason, then Bundel #2 is my choise. And why i love Reason ? Because of cables :P
Got to be Reason. Those guys are bending over backwards to give us what we want. Still on 6 so the update would be amazing! Especially with NI in that bundle for use with the new midi out or in rewire. Alas, the chances are slim; But a poor Audio Engineering student would feel all the more privileged to win such an amazing gift :D
I was able to try the trial of Reason 7 during a remix contest and loved its sheer power. Thus I am all in for bundle #2, even though all are awesome. :)
This site is really a terrific resource for quality articles and information, well done! For me Bundle #1 for BFD3 would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity to win some freebies.
I would love any of the bundles. Truly I'd be so grateful for new gear. I spend most of my time creating music, so everything would be put to good use. Lets say my first choice is 3, then 5, then 1. Best, xx
They are all cool but I would really like bundle 4!
















Alan T
I'm really excited about NI Komplete Ultimate 9. The wide range of sounds would definitely be useful for helping me developing music scores for some short films I am working on. Thanks for this awesome opportunity.
I'm really digging the first two bundles. I started producing with Prop and absolutely love Reason. I also got a sneak peak into Komplete once, it was just an incredible amountof new things to work with. But, quite honestly, being a broke student of the not so futurous humanistics, i'd be glad about anything really. Have i mentioned how much i like Komplete and Reason? I promise to thoroughly read every magazine you guys ever release in case you let me win. It may sound like extortion, but hey, a happy reader is a happy person. And a happy winner is even happier and can produce some great music. Which is what we all want, isn't it?
Cheers g7ys :)
Great contest! Since I already own Reason and Cubase my only choice is Bundle #1. NI Komplete is great software, UHE also. I have heard a lot about FXPANSION. As far as I know #1 is the only bundle without DAW, which I don't need. Frankly - others are great too:)
Crazy stuff!!! Crazy contest!! Bundle 2 sounds the best to me!
To win Bundle 1 would be so great because i need Komplete Ultimate for my audiodesign study and don't want to use cracks because they suck for professional work... I already own reason 7 and logic pro x and could really use the other plugins for my productions as well. Aww that would be so great after all my hardware crashes in recent weeks... =)
Out of everything, BFD3 grabs my attention. Having the cymbal swell modelling is huge, spending 10 minutes trying to get other drum samplers to sound realistic is far too much when you're trying to write a song. Having it all in one plugin, and having a 64gb flash drive with the files on is a great idea. The sound of the kit in the preview video on FXpansions website sounds fantastic and having drum mixes in the presets means songwriting is going to be so much easier. I've got other drum plugins, but this one looks like it could be a core part of my workflow.
Bundle 3 couse of the iZotope. But any bundle do, Just becouse im a gear slut.
Matt Bobb
Bundle 2 would be my choice, I currently use Reason 7, and it's awesome.
If I were to win bundle 2, I could gift my co-writer with his own copy of Reason.
Rory O'Neill
I like free stuff. Even if it isn't great. In this case... it's free and good. Expanding my knowledge is fun. Sharing with others, is cool. Bundle #1 will get the most use right away. Bundle #4 is very close.
I would love to win bundle 3 as I don't have good audio interface right now, Presonus audio interface sounds great!
Mark Walker
The uhe synth bundle as it adds such powerful synths to tracks from bundle one.
I've been dreaming about NI Komplete for a while. But any bundle would serve my bedroom well! ^__^
In 6 months i'll be out from my audio recording school to look for a job. This industry is too expensive to keep up with, I could use anything in the prizes to boost my production and music making. I hope to one day get into post production and have awesome gear and software to make music, but I can only hope that the universe conspires to help me achieve my dream. Good luck to everyone trying to win.
I think Bundle 3's the most interesting to me because the Izotope stuff looks really interesting, at least to someone who's new to all this.
Case 1!! NI komplete will bring maschine up to top notch performance!!!! Would be so dope
I'd be most excited for Bundle 1 and it's all about Damage-I've played with alot of the Heavyocity stuff and they do great work at creating usable sounds and sequences for alot of varying genres.
Adam C
Bundle 2 is looking sweetest to me, would love to get my hands on Aeon :)
Bundle 2. Because i do need Komplete 9, but not ultimate. 9 is enough. Another fantastic element is Reason. I'm a huge fan of analog synthesis, but i can't afford real analog synthesizers, so this is a way to plug some virtual cables into virtual slots, and have fun with routing. With Komplete 9 and Reason, rewired into my PT software I'll be the god of instruments. I'll slay all my minions with wall of sound muahaha !
Even though all bundles would be welcome, I am mostly excited about bundle 1. This contains the NI complete ultimate bundle. To win a bundle like this would be the bomb and would add a lot of sonic potential to my rig! Lots of creative possibilities with complete (or schould I say endless possibilities). It will at least keep me off the streets for a while and give my wife break ;-)
Reason and Abelton are 2 of my favorite programs! I can only imagine what I could create if I were to win! Please allow me to realize my vision!!!
Carpe Diem!!!
Bundle 1 . I love every l'indice of sound . I am the rap 'n rappresent
Great, no, AWESOME contest! I would prefer #1 or #5 bundles as I already own Izotope, IK Multimedia mastering and Sony Soundforge Pro, but would absolutely LOVE to own Native Instruments Complete - have heard a lot of Great things about it! Good luck everyone!
Richey Rich
I like all the prizes but that bundle one is looking really good with that komplete Ultimate
Any of the bundles would be useful to me other than 5 (only because I don't have windows to run FL studio). I would probably get the most use out of bundle 1,2, or 4.
The contest ends on my birthday, so it would be really nice to win!
tiberiu pascali
i like the win something ,i lose to the every lotery ,maby this time i luke ,
Hi! I'd like to win bundle1 to get Komplete Ultimate ^^)
Oliver Marshal
Bundle 1, really wonderful product from Native Instruments. u-he is the best sounding ever I heard and the evolving pads and leads really great. BFD3 contains a powerful built-in environment for pattern creation and editing, complete with a range of performances by legendary drummers for effortless production of drum tracks indistinguishable from the real thing. Heavyocity Damage is one of the best sounding plug-in for the film,TV and other industries I like to have it if I won Bundle 1 and finally all the great stuff that I ever need for my music production is to be Twisted Tools. Thanks..
The Verge!
I believe that Bundle 1 would be fantastic. I came in contact with EDM in 2000 with the massive track Saltwater by Chicane. Ever since i have been working my way towards understanding, creating and finally producing EDM. I have always wanted to learn how to write/produce the many styles of EDM. I love u-he synthesizers and having at least one of them will help me achieve my goal. Native Instruments is huge. All I want to do is learn what I can to produce EDM. This can definitely help me on my quest.
I'm most excited about the possibility of winning the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
Number 1 or 2 cause then my software requirements are Komplete.
Bundle 2 please! Awesome prizes, crazy contest! Hard to decide which bundle, but I've always wanted to try Reason. I already have some U-he instruments and I like them very much. And of course, monstrous NI Komplete with beautiful AEON... Mmm! Common, I'm almost ready to buy new macbook to setup all this stuff as standalone audiomachine for off-studio creation. Thanks!
Jared N
I'm an audio student/composer fresh out of college, and bundles #3-#1 would be a great addition to my arsenal. With those tools I know I can make sonically amazing music. Thanks!
Bundle 2 with Reason 7. I've been wanting to play with this for a while now. I was on a hiatus for a while and now getting back into production again. Woohoo :)
Bundle 1!!! Love to upgrade to Komplete Ultimate !
Bundle 1, simply because I need to start sculpting with Native Instruments. Thank You.
Bundle 3 would be a life saver, currently doing band interviews and performances in a very small space, this combination would save the day and have me stop dealing with horrible pre-amps built into video cameras.
I'd like to win either bundle 1 or 3. I currently own Reason 7 and I've started experimenting with rewirering it with ableton, especially for live purposes, so I need som plugins to fill up ableton :b
In that case I'm propably most excited about Komplete9 Ultimate or iZotope Ozone 5.
But if I had to choose between the two I'd propably choose bundle 1
Ronjo I
Prize number 1 looks like a sound design sonigasim!!!! I have been banging away on Reason for a couple of years. Once they provided a way to bring in my own audio, it was on. But, there are some glorious synths out there that have not been made available in the rack system. A lot of them are in the prize 1 bundle. I am salivating, really almost drooling, I hope this is the time I win.
I would love to have bundle #1 to go with Logic X & Reason 7 that I am currently using. Would love the U-He synths & NI Komplete.
Bundle 5 is my choice. I would love to try FL Studio again and those headphones would be magnificent! Thanks.
bundle1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be great, so versatile, great product from Native Instruments. And of course the synths from U-he, they sound really good
Bundle 3. The audio interface and the mastering tools.
Bundle 1 is a dream bundle. u-he and NI Synth are great!
I would love bundle#2. Reason 7 would be my new toy along with everything else to bring new music to the world!
First I will like to acknowledged u guys (Ask Audio & for your good work, U pupil make us know all the good Daws and plugins out there immediately it drops plus tutorials which keep us going. As an immature sound engenieer I wish i could win all the above because each of the bundle or the daw listed above are the best out there which are use to make all the hit tracks (music) we hear on radio, tv, club etc. And with the help of video tutorials from Ask audio & any of the software above will be easy for me and others to work with within some few weeks. Grazie...
Definitely bundle 1 - Komplete ultimate would set you up for life!
Donovan Krebs
I would say bundle 1 this would be amazing to win. Each company makes incredible devices for the creative sound designer ... Awesome package to win
Bundle 1 would be great. U-he synth bundle and Komplete 9 Ultimate? Is any more explanation necessary?

Bundle 2 would also be dope, though it's kinda funny to see Reason (which I own and use regularly) packaged in there with VSTs that it can't use. I know, I know, you can use them in the other software. But still. But hell yes, Reason.
Diego P J Stark D
Bundle 1 - cuz I love the Native Instruments Plugins and also would smash my next tunes with with U-he Synths......
Rich W
Bundle 1 would be my fave - not least because I like the look of BFD3.
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is the best package that you can find in the internet. So, I go for Bundle 1, you will get all of the handy stuff in one bundle. It's absolutely massive one. NI rocks !
Winning **bundle 1** will enabled me to improve my sound banks with new HQ samples and sound packs from NI, and upgrade my plugins to be able to achieve I better quality standard in my music production. Winning would also be something to tell all my followers about which would reflect well and bring more individuals to this site.
I'm interested in FXpansion's BFD3, because their Tremor is the most inspiring drum programming tool I've used, and I'm curious to check out their other stuff.
Francesco Nero
Bundle 2 because of reason 7 and, of course, Komplete 9.. Thanks
BUNDLE 2, Reason 7 i must have loVE MUSic!!!!!!!!!!!
Bundle 3 would be awesome!! Could totally use the UR28M! Thanks!
Dedicated Reason user, but would love to expand my tools, so to win anything would be mad as! My fav is probs bundle 1 and 2, cheers guys luv your work :)
Bundle 2 as I want to give it to my friends kids for Christmas as they are learning guitar and keyboard and I can easily teach them to use Reason. I could totally use the other swag that comes with this prize.
I would like to win bundle 1 because:
A) I just bought a new iMac and am broke!
B) It is free and I am broke!
C) It is an an incredible bundle (though they all are and I
Would be happy with any of them as I am broke!)

Thank you!

P.S AskAudio and Macprovideo Rule!
Bundle #2 is definitely the one I want, primarily because it contains Reason 7; I am currently working with Reason 4 as my DAW, and although I am a huge fan of its interface, it lacks several key features that are more than compensated for in the newest model (namely, its mastering suite and drum machine). NI Komplete 9 is, of course, an amazing software in its own right; I would use it in tandem with Reason as a plugin, and its power-based instruments, particularly THE GIANT, would be an invaluable asset to my dubstep-oriented tracks. The other additions - u-he and Heavyocity AEON Collection, respectively - would also be significant contributions to my DAW. I have been wanting to upgrade my workstation for some time, and winning this contest would be the perfect augmentation. May the best man win!
Hi, I'm here to win the Bundle 1 ... because I NEED IT !
That's all.
ty for reading

Your Dad
Bundle 1 ! Just saw the bfd3 announcement, and
It took me here ;) fingers crossed !!
Live 9 will be perfect... it will complete my Holy Trinity DAWs with my Pro Tools and Reason :)
Yeah, bundle #1 looks awesome! Plenty of good tools and updates I need in there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Bundle 1 would be my pick! As I embark on a new album project where I want to create large production set pieces, big dramatic orchestra and movie like soundscapes, this bundle would be ideal. With access to so many synths, speciality software instruments like Damage and a overwhelming collection of drum sounds, effects processors and instruments all in one package, it will make it the ultimate production opus magnum of my musical life!!!
Malice Vext
Did I mention...PICK ME, PICK ME!!! I'm a DJ in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, done remixes for some big groups & do music for films. You have no idea how some of this gear would change my life! I would promise to make you proud!
I excited about Bundle 1 , it has everything I need
I have no idea
I'm in the library and I'm meant to be studying for my statistics assignment but i keep opening reason to work on tracks... It's the most amazing and intuitively designed DAW I've ever used and it's really addictive. I'd love to try more but I'm just a poor student! Any of these bundles would be incredible.
I would honestly love to win bundle 5.
I've always wanted to get into music production, and this bundle would be the biggest blessing for me, being a student, i don't have a lot of money to spare towards these sort of things. Some of the reasons i would love to win.... It has a fantastic DAW (fl studio), which i could use to kickstart my music creation, a great set of headphones, which i could use to create quality music, with no interruptions. It also has some really great VSTs, like SONiVOX, and Loom.
I would also be able to improve my Djing skill's on Deckadance :).
Thank-you guys for letting me and other people have this opportunity to win these great prizes, we greatly appreciate it.
Nhan T Huynh
I would like to win the #3 Bundle with the Steinberg interface. I have always been their fan for powerful and slick products like Cubase and Waves. With the winning of the interface, I'll soon complete my Steinberg only studio.
I'm most excited about Bundle 1 and the two main reasons are that it contains a huge NI Komplete 9 Ultimate with its enormous library of sounds as well as the u-he synth bundle which according to various reviews has one of the best synth engines on the planet. I haven't used any of these products yet and would love to incorporate them in my studio setup. Bundle 2 would be my second choice on the list of exciting products as it also contains NI Komplete and u-he products.
I'm just getting started, so any one of the 5 bundles would really have me hit the ground running.
I would like to Go For Bundle 2 for sure.
Native Instruments Komplete 9 is the latest installment of the Komplete series, which combines a huge selection of professional-standard virtual NI instruments and effects for all genres.
Komplete 9 is really a modern producer needs to do—from making a dubstep hit to scoring a film—and there’s no question it should still remain at the top of any budding producer’s wish lists.

Ive been saving to Buy NI Komplete 9 for more than a year. Finally its really awesome to see this kind of contest. Thanks Askaudio Mag for this Opportunity.
Bundle 2:
NI Komplete 9 $550
u-he FX bundle $486
Propellerhead Reason 7 $399
Heavyocity AEON Collection $399

Bundle 1 because I already have Reason 7 and I've been lusting over the NI Komplete package for a long time. Also BFD3 looks awesome!
But of course Bundle 1. I have tasted NI Elements via Maschine and I want more!!! I use Reason as my DAW... it's DAWesome!
BroadWay Bangers
I would love to get bundle #2 i had 3 heart surgerys and spend most my time home and im not working im getting into music production and this bundle would be great for me.Thanks for the oppertunity and keeping my fingers croossed lol
bundle 1 would be the most useful for me. so many crazy great synths, so many beneficial tools, and the best soft-synth promo video ever: "He loves my pies…", absolute classic.
Love Bundle 1. I'd like to get my hands on the Komplete 9 and the u-he synths. The Heavyocity Damage sounds cool. Though all the bundles are great.
Omar G
It is wonderful to have the opportunity to enter a contest that can potentially provide me with useful gear to finally begin what I love to do. I hope this time I get it right.

Bundle 1, 2 or 3 looks interesting, but I would be ecstatic to win anything. At this point, anything would be useful.

Thank you for the opportunity to sign in!

All the best to the release of the Ask Audio magazine, I know it will be a success.

Best regards,

Omar G
Sorry for the double comment - I refreshed my window without noticing the "Your commends are pending approval" banner and didn't see my post, so I thought it didn't go through. Please delete my second post and this one. I hope I'm not disqualified.
All of the prize bundles are great and I'd be excited to win any of them. However, if I could choose one to win it would be a hard choice between Bundle 1 and 2, but I'd choose 2. Why I'm most excited about Bundle 2 is because I haven't been able to afford to upgrade to the latest versions of Reason and Komplete yet. So that would be awesome!
Bundle 3 with the whole chain from hardware to software!
I'd like bundle 4, caus i'm stuck here with some shitty daw's and want to do it with ableton yeah!
Id like to win any of the bundles as they are all quality products. I have a product out of each bundle in my home studio/bedroom at the moment but Im a big fan of NI, so i'd love to win a Komplete 9 bundle as I do not have it yet, but i'd be just as happy picking up a daily/weekly prize. Keep up the great work guys (@ AAM)
Paolo Masoni from Italy
Hi all!
Bundle #3 is my favourite. I've time ago the power of audio mixing and mastering of the iZotope and It could be a pleasure to have one copy. I'm studying to be an audio engineer and, as you know, an important thing in the instrumenst that you have in your hand, and this will be make me able to study many other things and audio techniques. So, now I cross my finger to get some luck!
Bye all!
bundle nr 1 is MAAAAADDD !!! Komplete Ultimate is awesome and I wanted some of the U-He synths for a long time, DIVA blows my mind! BFD3 is something to look forward to, think it's going to be great. The other stuff is superb for big heavy soundtracks. Awesome Bundle!!
Bundle #1 because of Komplete Ultimate. I like the NI synths like massive and want to have more of them. Also the u-he stuff is awsome: i have some reason rack extensions and i love them!
Bundle 1 looks the most interesting to me since it contains both u-he synths and NI Komplete! This sounds like a great combination and being that I am a Reason 7 owner I'm looking forward to experimenting with these tools and try to figure out a way to combine them!
I agree
i'd love to win bundle 1, the NI komplete ultimate bundle is just awesome :) more sounds than it could ever use and more instruments than i could ever play! thanks for this giveaway!
I'd love to win NI Komplete as this is something I've been wanting for a long time but can't afford. So many creative possibilities with it!
All the Bundles are awesome but bundle 1 is the one for me.
It contains all elements I need to produce a project I recently started and it would be totally insane to be able to add this bundle to my gear!
Alberto ARP
Bundle 1 or 2 would win, as a matter of 2 months ago joined my study Maschine MKII, and I use the komplete elements and it is fantastic. Therefore I would like to have the complete package, in addition to programs that include the bundle.
Any Bundle will make my day !

Go Ask Audio ! :-)
Bundle 5, because there is Fl Studio included and i like it :-)
Without a doubt, Bundle #2 got me most interested because of Propellerheads Reason 7 in it, but beggars can't be choosers so I'll be happy if I win Anythingâ„¢. :D
First of all, all bundles are great. But Bundle #3 sure will improve my music, It's a very balanced bundle for interfacing, composition and mastering.
Bundle 1 with BFD 3. It has been a long time since we all saw an update on what many feel is the best all around drum software instrument. I am writing more original jazz and bossa nova music, and BFD2 is the only product that delivered the quality I needed. BFD 3 is likely to take the foundation of my songs even farther.

AND...NI Komplete! Holy cow!!
MS sound
I would choose Bundle 5 as there are some products that I don't use in my workflow yet, but I am pretty sure that they would open some great new possibilities of audio manipulation in my daily creative process.
I would love to get my hands on the Sony Sound Forge Pro as it looks like a top shelf audio editor.
Donovan Krebs
Bundle 1 PLEASE..... this would add to my creative spark. U-HE alone. the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287
Is amazing bundle for anyone looking to add that extra tone to there music
I would go for bundle 1 since Native Instruments makes some really nice products and the other products aren't bad either!
Stephan Prime
Bundle 2 is a killer one for me!

U-he plugs will drive perfectly my Diva synth because of their awesome sonic quality and easy tweakness!

Komplete 9 will be fantastic tools for hours of pleasure and great synths!

Aeon collection is another great product from Heavyocity and will be perfect for my scoring soundtracks with modern vibe and unique good looking GUI !
hello! I would win the bundle 2 because of reason 7. I have reason 5 since a lot of years and if i could upgrade i would be very happy cause it have a lot of new things who interest me so much. For the Komplete 9, i'm looking for it since a lot of time but haven't enough money. To finish i think the other ones could find a good place in my productions.
Frequency of this comment is simply amazing!
Bundle 3 is awesome! great gear if you want to make your recordings sounds professional! If you don't, don't even enter this contest! This is for who loves music and audio!
Bundle 1 would send me!
I would go with bundle 1. It is the only one with BFD3...
I'm most excited about bundle 3 because a new audio interface has been next on my list of upgrades for the longest time, and also I've been starting to delve deeper into mixing and mastering lately so the bundle would help me out a lot!
I'd love Bundle #3, it's got everything I need to arrange, record and mix for my band! The horn section would love some good looking notation too! :D

I'd say Bundle #2 is the most good looking for me. I absolutly love Reason since version 2 and unfortunatly haven't god the opportunity yet to upgrade my version 5. Finally having midi out in Reason also makes it more appealing.

Im a big fan of the Komplete Bundle, as I am already using Komplete Elements.
I have products from most of the companies involved with this promotion, and they are very useful tools. I would love to upgrade or fill out these products!
Guys, today is my last chance to get Bundle 3 !
Help me, don't send your comments!
This is such a wonderful contest, the opportunity is greatly appreciated. Bundle #1 would change my life! All of these bundles include some amazing tools, but that NI package has absolutely everything you need to get a project studio up and running.
Bundle 1 looks incredible. With Komplete 9 and u-he i think my sample library and synthesis cravings would be satiated .... for a while :)
maan this is awesome!! i need bundle 1 since has ni komplete ultimate, i'd have to buy it otherwise :O
although the a mastering suite would also be sweeet :)
Nigel Rios
Bundle 1, because of the Komplete Ultimate and U-he synths. Plus I can upgrade my BFD2.
Bundle 1 would be a dream come true. NI and Uhe products are fantastic!
For me, it's between Bundles 1 & 4. Bundle 1 stands out with the inclusion of NI's Komplete 9 Ultimate offering, which I would definitely and obviously put to great use in damn-near everything I do. Bundle 4 is calling to me due to the Wave Alchemy drums bundle, which I'm also pretty psyched to play with.
Black Sword Studio
I would love bundle nr caus im very interested in the heavycity and damage pluggs. NI makes realy good pluggins i think !
Although all of the bundles are exceptionally great since I'm a newb daily prizes would mean more to me. So Daily Prize it is.
Simply amazing! I'd be happy with winning any bundle although yes #1 is ideal, but honestly just winning would be great
I'd be very excited to received the Steinberg UR28M. Excellent sound quality for an interface in that price range and that is ALL that matters :)
Bundle 1, not because it´s the most expensive one, but because of NI & BFD!
Vadym Mykhaylyuk
I would like to win bundle #4 because of Wave Alchemy. If not they, I would never know about this competition. Besides, some cool stuff there! Ableton's Live is a rock! And Sony! Oh, God. I would be very happy o win.
Bundle 3, because Ozone is amazing!
Reverend Entity
Bundles #1 and #4 are very appealing, because I would love to have Komplete or the full version of Ableton 9 to make more music with. But any of the bundles would be awesome!
Bundle 1 all the way. Since i already have a daw and audiointerface, etc... This softwarepackage is really the best you can have. U-He synths, NI with a ton of multisampled intruments, fm8, reaktor, a great drumsampler from fxpansion... puhh... and on top some crazy fx from twisted tool.
Bundle no 3, because Steinbergs interface looks good and thats tha thing I need next in My little studio workstation. In software IZotope creates best plugins in My opinion for shaping the sound.
I would love to have Bundle 1 for sure, with Bundle 2 a close second choice. I do have Komplete 8 Ultimate and am seriously considering pulling the trigger to upgrade to version 9 Ultimate. The U-he collection looks killer, and BFD is the biggest drum program that I dont have but want badly. Damage and Totally Twisted are also on my hard copy list, making Bundle 1 a clean sweep of being on my future purchase list.
Bundle 2 is what I'm most excited about - Reason and NI Komplete both look so cool, and Aeon has some nice sounding stuff! But these all look lovely.
I like to win Bundle#5 because it contains Fl studio and I can learn it from start.
Reason cause series of fl tutorials at is just started now. Able to learn full and no rush on mind that have some more tuts here.
Bundle 1 would complete my collection of libraries perfectly, especially NI Complete ultimate!
Bundle 1 because with NI Komplete 9 Ultimate I would never have to buy any virtual instruments again.
I would be happy to win any of the bundles. Actually, it would be nice to win anything at all! I would love to catch a break sometime. I have complete ultimate 8 but can't afford to upgrade to 9 so that would be nice. I am a big fan of U-he also. I have MFM and just recently bought Satin, so I would love to try out some of their synths. I have been wanting to get my hands on alloy for a while. All these prizes are very desirable to me. As a long time cubase user, The steinberg interface would be very handy for me to set up a portable laptop rig.
Hey guys, its an awesome thing! ...anyway, bundle 2 is my favourite because i need reason 7, now finally added the rack ext! ...+ Komplete 9, no needs comment ;)
Thanx !
Всё равно ни хрена не выйграю,но попытка не пытка,ясен пень первый приз надо,а так и пропеллеровскй ризон тоже ничего,удачи всем в розыгрыше.
Bundle #1; I've been wanting to get my hands on Komplete forever and have never been able to afford it; seems like such an amazing library!
Which of those prizes am I most excited about?? Hell...all of them! Though if I had to choose one, it would be bundle 1. I've been lusting after Komplete for quite some time, and the u-he synths are just awesome. Thanks for all the cool articles - only discovered the site a few days ago and have made it a daily destination.
definitely would love to get a hold of some NI! Don't have any at the moment!
I am excited by ALL the prizes. Mainly because I don't own most of them and now have a chance to win some of them thus relieving me of the periodic need to grovel and beg in front of my girlfriend trying to convince her as to WHY it would be a good idea for me to once again spend our hard earned cash on "toys" that don't even exist in the real world. :-P (Bundle 2 thanks!)
Bundle #1, because of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, u-he synths and S-Layer (by Twisted Tools). But other bundles are great too.
Oh man, I would love to get Bundle 1 just for Komplete and the u-he synths. Some of my favorite synth sounds for sure. Thank you so much!!
Hey AskAudio! I'm in my third week of an audio engineering program in Ontario called OIART. It's an expensive school, and all of my funding is tied up in tuition fees, making it almost impossible to get my hands on any worthwhile gear. I would be elated to win any of these bundles, but If I've got to choose one, it would probably be Bundle 2, as it comes with not only NI, but Reason software as well. Again, however, anything would help! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Looking forward to the rest of the schooling regardless.
Eduardo Trevino
I'd be so excited If I won Bundle 1, especially NI Komplete 9 because it would cover all my needs. Being an amateur songwriter I'd make use of all the different types of synths and multi-sampled libraries and basically keep it as my main tool for composing, the rest of the products look awesome as well so they'd be cool too , to add something on top of the basic, essential stuff.
Boy, thats a tough decision. If I had to base this solely on what I need most, bundle 3 would be my pick. If I had to choose solely on what what make my smile the biggest, bundle one would place permasmile on my ugly face for many weeks. Great giveaway. Whomever you choose will be one lucky and happy camper. Thanks for doing this.
Bundle 2 would be nice since I could use AEON for some special synths and fx in my sound track type music.
I would love to get my hands on some twisted tools. All the the crazy things I could do with them would make me a happy man.
Ricardo Fernandes
They are all great bundles, but Bundle3 would do it for me as I could use the hardware and the Mastering Suites.
I could really use Bundle 4. I've been working with the free Ableton Live and would like to get my hands on the real deal. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this. If I could afford to buy it right now, I would!
Tim P
I'd really love to win bundle 1 because I am putting together my first album and Native Instruments would allow me to express my ideas fully and not be forced to make compromises due to the lack of quality software.
3 and 5 seem nice
Bundle 1 would be the great bundle for me because of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. I´m loving analog synth but I intend to get the komplete bundle for fast SW options. Hope to win that bundle.....
please,please,please!heavocity is the beast! i'm crying!!!
All great bundles but #1 or #2 would be awesome! I'm really impressed with Native Instruments. These bundles would transform most DAW's into a professional sounding studio with a massive set of tools and possibilities. Definitly would like to load these into my system.
Good luck to you all!
Bundle 3 is the bundle I'm most excited about.

Since I started making music, I've spent a lot of time and effort (and wages!) on something I love. The third bundle seems to have everything I'm missing in my home studio. Having taken a few music courses this year, I feel these tools would help me create - hardware and software-wise.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

recording hopeful
Honestly, I have never home recorded and know very little about any of the products. I would just be grateful to have any of the packs. I would very much enjoy learning to do this. I have been playing for 25 yrs. It would be cool to get my newer tunes out there :) Since I am fairly new to this area it would be a great way to get myself out there and get back into band life.
Wow! Awesome website with a lot of great and informative content.. cant believe I'm just finding out about it now.

Giving away Ableton Live and NI Komplete 9 Ultimate!? Awesome! :))
Lou Remondelli
I would love to win Bundle 4 for my Son he is a Musician and I would like to win it for him . cause I can't afford to purchase it. I have been disabled for
years. thanks for this opportunity.
a b l e t o n l I v e 9 please......
Gabriel Santillan
The bundle 3 would be excellent for me, I record simple covers with one mic, one instrument or voice at a time, this will take my music to another level!
As a bedroom producer constantly struggling to get a sound that rivals the hugeness of million dollar studio production, i'd really like to get my hands on any of these bundles. It will even the playing field, somewhat. Or atleast smoothen the road.
Bundle 1 for sure because is all i need right now!
I really want bundle 4 I love ableton for recording I have 8 but really want 9. I also would love to have wave I don't have any programs for drums and having one would be really nice!
All bundles look really great, but I'm most excited about Ableton Live, because I've always wanted to get into it but haven't been able to afford it since I already have to keep Logic and Cubase up to date!
Bundle 4! Ableton Live 9 just worth it!!! It's the easiest DAW and provides the tools any entry-level or pro needs
I'll be very interested in Bundle 3. I've already have a little studio but i'm trying to invest continuasly so that i can have a studio that is better to record and produce some of my community bands and not only them. This prize would help in such a way that i would be so much apreciated.
Please Bundle 3 i want you for me, come to me
Christian Brockdorff-Bruun
I'd would love the #1 and #5 bundle, love NI, and are coherently ruining FL studio as my main DAW, for my hard dance, but er using AVID, for bigger things, and some upgrades would be nice.
Dustin Labbe
I'm most interested in NI Komplete because broadening my library with over 16,000 different sounds would provide a fantastic platform for my upcoming EP. I am a huge fan of Native Instruments and truly feel like their sounds have propelled my production immensely.
Benjamin B.
Bundle #4 or #5 look really awesome, especially #4 since it has a full version of Ableton Live! But any of them would make me so happy as I'm an up and coming musician with limited resources for expensive equipment and software.
DJ Gary B
I'd like to get bundle three because of Izotope, it is the best plug in I have used so far.
I'd also like to upgrade my audio interface as well with that steinberg.
simone masina
Bundle n.1, perfect for me!!!
i really want the bundle 5 flstudio i like a lot flstudio and this bundles really help me to do my work. :)
simone masina
Bundle 1, perfect for me!!!
Michael Ellis
YEES! I would Love Bundle #3 because T-Racks makes Mastering pretty awesome, also I fancy the Steinberg Hardware, not to forget iZotope. They make pretty nasty stuff, too =)
That's it -> Bundle #3 definitively
I would like bundle 1 or 2 because I only have FL Studio and since 2004 I could not afford to buy any software because I can't get a promotion at work due to affirmative action and BBE : (
First of all I'm excited to see that AskAudio was created! This seems like a place I will most likely come visit from now on, it seems to be very entertaining and helpful. If I wasn't so poor I would try to buy Bundle #2! I'm a huge fan of Propellerhead's Reason and of Native Instruments as well and that bundles has them both! All of these tools would make any aspiring producer's dream come true. :)
Dharmesh B
I like Bundle #5 and Bundle #2 because propellerhead reason 7 and Fl studio11 is awesome combo for DJ and music composing.I give first preference to Bundle #5 and second would be Bundle #2
I'd love to have Bundle 5 because i need new producing headphones and other cool stuff and in the moment i don't have the money for high-end equipment.
Dharmesh B
I like Bundle #5 and Bundle #2 because propellerhead reason 7 and Fl studio11 is awesome combo for DJ and music composing.I give first preference to Bundle #5 and second would be Bundle #2
I'd love to have Bundle 5 because i need new producing headphones and other cool stuff and in the moment i don't have the money for high-end equipment.
I'd love to win Reason 7 and NI Komplete 9!!! Thanks!
Bundle 1 would be a perfect gift for an audio engineering student that just passed his mastering class this past summer quarter!
First of all I'm excited to see that AskAudio was created! This seems like a place I will most likely come visit from now on, it seems to be very entertaining and helpful. If I wasn't so poor I would try to buy Bundle #2! I'm a huge fan of Propellerhead's Reason and of Native Instruments as well and that bundles has them both! All of these tools would make any aspiring producer's dream come true. :)
I want bundle 4, Ableton Live 9 looks awesome, I only have a lite version of live 8 and it would be great to win the full version of 9 along with the others in the bundle
I want bundle 4, Ableton Live 9 looks awesome, I only have a lite version of live 8 and it would be great to win the full version of 9 along with the others in the bundle
I want bundle 4, Ableton Live 9 looks awesome, I only have a lite version of live 8 and it would be great to win the full version of 9 along with the others in the bundle
I like Bundle #1 or #4
Ableton Live - my favorite DAW
I would win Bundle 4 ,because I search a good midi controller and I would work with Ableton Live
ProFound Pro
Literally any of these prizes would be incredible.. but the Reason 7 bundle would make all my dreams come true! I turn 27 on tomorrow, September 27th.. hopefully my golden birthday will start out with a great prize package to make some great music!
Joel H
So much awesome stuff! Bundle 1 or 3 would be a dream to win. Bundle 1 because of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and i could really help my producing with all the different gear in the pack, there would be so many sounds to chose and to make. But also 3 because at the moment I'm focusing on getting that perfect mix and also teaching myself how to master and the Izotope and IK Multimedia would help hugely! And the Steinberg interface would be a great help as the one i have at the moment keeps crashing my computer when I'm in a project. Thanks for holding this awesome contest!!
Hi :), i would really love to win, bundle 3, especially excited to try Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface :), Presonus Stuido One i heard it is very good DAW, and i love iZotope especially Alloy 2 :). And IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite i never tried :). I will love this Bundle 3 :)!!!

Thank you.
bundle 2 because NI Komplete and Reason 7! i've always wanted reason! and i have maschine so Komplete would just be amazing!
i would like bunlde 2 or 4 cause im a big fan of ni and ableton and i seriously need a studio upgrade!
I'd say all the bundles look great, however I'd go for bundle 3: I'd love to start using notation in a DAW-like format such as Notion 4; the IK multimedia and iZotope mastering bundles would be extremely useful to me; and that fine audio interface certainly wouldn't hurt...
i would like bunlde 2 or 4 cause im a big fan of ni and ableton and i seriously need a studio upgrade!
Dainius K
Bundle #3. It would be amazing to win audio interface, because mine (E-MU 1212m too old, and not working correctly). And theese mastering programs its also seems very powerfull. Sorry fot my bad english. Thanks for this contest!
Hi all, me too like to win the bundle 2 or 4 or even all bundles (is it possible ?)
Well i like Reason & Live, is it sufffisant ?
So, I really need Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones as my old Sennheiser are broken. If I'm lucky enough to win Bundle #5 I'll give other prizes to random people who commented here :)
I'd like to win Bundle 1, mainly because I want Komplete 9 for a long time, but it is too expensive for me to buy:)
Bundle 1 is craaaazyyy stuff, would be awesome to win!!
Bundle 1…. just all….
Bundle 2, because they are the tools that fit me, is perfect for Sound Design.
Thank you
Shane Stone
I would say Bundle 1 with NI Komplete 9 ultimate. That is probably the best software I have ever seen to completely unleash the creative genius, and make music that sounds natural in a pre-processed world. Although I would be happy with any of the prizes, I believe that Bundle #1 would be the one of the best production tools that any musician could ask for.
Bundle 3 would be great! Or 4, or 2? #1? Dunno...
I would like Bundle 1. I think I don't need to give a reason to get Komplete Ulimate :)
I am a dj who'd like to get into music production so I'd be super excited if I won Bundle #1, this seems like a great start because I'm a huge fan of Native Instruments and their diverse range of products.
Thanx for this amazing chance of getting cewl stuff that for sure everybody of us could need... If i could i would take the bundle 2 or 4... One of these would make my setup very much better... Thanx
I would love to win bundle number 1 because ive always wanted to get my hands on heavyocity damage! This seems to be a great oportunity for my to be able to get my production going. Right now i now i cant afford any of these bundles by myself so i would be great to finaly be able to take my music to the next level!
Bundle 2 of course!!!!!
I don't really know why... have you ever been in love with someone??? well it's like that.. you don't always know why you are in love but you are....

K'angs Toil
Bundle 1!
It would be like waking up in VI heaven. I have wanted all of those VI's for quite some time. All are tremendous products. Ain't to proud to beg. Please, please please, please,... pick me! :-)
U-235 Brian L Ward
Bundle #2 Complete and Reason would be the perfect compliment to what I already have!
Honestly...I'm excited about all the bundles. Why? Well, me being a minimalist and a mixed media artist, gives me thrills to use whatever possible to create unique sounds and music to influence different mediums/medias of art. Coding instruments with positive intentions of exploring the mind's corridors with sounds of all sort of abstract, concise, and even experimental orchestrated instruments, whether analog or digital, gives me the satisfaction of being a creator within the art community. I deserve any of these bundles, no matter how minimal or maximum it is.
Francis Mujakachi
Bundle 5 will do it for me am using Fl Studio i would like to see the signature bundle
Bundle #1 would be the greatest price to win. The Native Komplete 9 alone already would make my day! I've seen what it does and I would really like to buy it. Software as these don't come cheap and as a student it would come in handy! ,)
Bundle #4 would be a huge step forward for me, especially with sound design.
Bundle 3 would be perfect for me. I am user of Studio One v1 (which is my favourite DAW), and i'd like to upgrade my DAW to Studio One v2. There are also powerful iZotope Bundle, and good quality plugins from IK Multimedia. I would use all of them to improve my mix and mastering. UR28M looks like a perfect partner for my Audiobox USB ;)
Kito Rodriguez
Bundle #2 please! I have been a Reason user for years, I could use the 7 upgrade! Thanks.
Fish man
I truly need some hardware and if I won bundle 3 I would do three thousand backflips while holding a three eyed fish
I would love Bundle 2 because I am excited about trying out a new DAW. I love my FL Studio, my Oxygen 49 MIDI, my Traktor S2, my Avid package etc, but I enjoy the hell out of cranking new sounds out of new tools.
I'd totally go for Bundle #4 because of the super high functionality of ableton and sony products together!
JD Cure
If i win i would put good use to it, i know a lot of people who come to me for advise in music and who would find these resources beneficial. I would love to refer them to high quality products. My resources come are in California and Mexico
Hello from italy i would like bundle 3 especially because of the steinberg audio interface. I'm building a home studio with a huge economic difficolty, i just got a pair of monitors M-Audio BX5 D2 and the UR28M will be just like an oasi in the desert for me.

Definitly Bundle #3!!
I would love to have that audio interface for my beginning home studio. It would really help me with making progress in making music, so please, I would LOVE to have it.
Cheers! =D
DJ J-Dub
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate Is the missing piece of my beginning studio it would help me so much to have even just that.
David B
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate has sounds to please everybody. I'd love to have it!
Bundle 1: Here are the reasons why :)
- Komplete Ultimate would make me cry. I would spent days just listening to everything. It seems like it'd be soooo fun to play around with all of the high quality, Native Instruments products :)
- I've never played with uHe products, but they seem to be high quality. I'd love to try them out, or even give them to a friend of mine.
- Having BFD3 would make my drums so sexy! I'd love to be able to make realistic drums and whatnot with it.
- Heavyocity seems like a cool plugin. I don't play with many plugins, but this one looks unique. It looks like it'd be easy to learn and it's NI! So it must be innovative in some way.
- Totally Twisted looks like it has some cool little plugins that would make my mixes exponentially better. I'd love to see them and use them.

So again, I think Bundle 1 is the one for me! Looks so cool and I'd love to brag to my buddies that I have legit copies of all of these :)
i need all the bundles, i stuck in a job i hate and i'm making way below what i should making. This could start me on the path to a new career!!
I would like to win any of those bundles to get starting with my beatmaking. Im just currently using Akai MPC 500 samplerl and freeware DAW. So I would be very happy to win 1 of those :) And i got a name day tomorrow so it would be nice present :D
Bundle #2 is just amazing. What else could someone need to make music? That's like EVERY SOUND you can imagine. Happy with my bloody Reaper+Maschine setup, but you know, something more can't hurt ;)
I love Bundle 5#

Because FL studio is my Best friend I love the workflow and the sequencer native plugins all in the box are adorable. and with it Sennheiser headphone has best sound result and i love it's epic design.I'm experimenting sounds modulating vocodex in FL but with some VSTs Like SONiOX i wil be way more better.Simply Best Bundle for Sake Of Music.
Bundle #1 for the extraordinary amount of creative tools for composition, unreal. Also Bundle #2 for all of the mixing/mastering plugins between IK and iZotope bundles. Both bundles #1 and #2 are beyond generous for a giveaway. I would need to invest in in some training videos from MPV if I was lucky enough to win either!
I'm most excited about the ni komplete ultimate. The sounds it has are crisp and dope!
Gert-Jan L
Bundle 3!
I really like the idea of having the tools necessary to master my live-mixes!
I'd love to to win bundle 2. The u-he FX bundle, Propellerhead Reason 7 and
Heavyocity AEON Collection give me a wider range of possibilities in my studio. The NI Komplete 9 would be gladly used by my co-worker who want's it badly since months ;)
Buga Iulian Ionut
This is awesome and it's nice to see that askaudio is offering these bundles to some lucky guys. As an audio engineer i understand how important is to have this bundles and how all this can help you in producing a better sound to the audience. Working in the film industry I would like to have bundle 4 for making a better sound-design for my work. Thank's a lot askaudio for this chance!
I'm most excited about the ni complete ultimate. The sounds are very dope!
Bundle 2 because I have been a Reason user for years, I could use the 7 upgrade!
I would love to get the Bundle #2 only for to get the Reason 7. To me the most complete music software out there and the one that i've been using for the last 4 years....So imagine how happy i'd get whit that one
DJ T-Rok
All the bundles are excellent, but the first bundle and last bundle are mostly useful to me. I am a disabled producer so anything software wise is so much easier for me. NI Komplete Ultimate is on my wishlist.
Bundle1 speaks for itself amazing prize for any producer including myself!
I tip my hat to the prize givers Many a late night to be had working with this amazing bundle!

NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287
Bundle 2 because I have been a Reason user for years, I could use the 7 upgrade!
Bundle 5 for me because I'm used the Fl Studio and I could really use some headphones hehe!
All bundles looks awesome, thanks for this opportunity askaudio!
bundle #4 ! for ableton
)) O (( no need to speak just hear :)
Funky Primate
I wanted to thank ASKVideo for helping me understand how to produce music electronically and understanding the technology through there sister site MPVonline. From memberships I had in the past i learned how to utilize everything from Native Instruments (especially Kontakt) and other aspects of music production. There wealth of information stacks up to provide everything you need to know for the hobbist to the professionals. Kudos!
Bundle 1 for me, yeah!!!
Hi first thanks for the contest!All bundles are excellent but the 1st one is my favourite, Komplete 9 is so komplete and I have tried Uhe demos and their plug ins are so excellent!
Love the Bundle 3 with Izotope & T-Racks, but they're all got great stuff ^^
Lord please i want the Bundle 3!!! :)
Beautiful Mind
I'm stoked to win Bundle 2 since I'm most excited about Propellerhead Reason 7 because there are some wicked tricks for parallel processing in this new Reason. Tou che - you got me anxious AskAudio Mag.
All bundles are excellent options
The bundle 2 is the one I would really to the 100th power love to win, not saying i would be any less crazed out of my mind but just say that if the powers divine wants to give me a bundle 2. Komplete 9 is well words cant begin to explain the sound quality and the experience is well words cant explain, Reason 7 reminds me of the days when I was an apprentice studio engineer with all those out board gears, it gives you the feeling of total control and unlimited flexibility to allow your creativity to flow and flow if you cant think it you can patch thats sick.....

Please let me win too thanks the music GODS will bless you....Tack
i never could afford it...hope i win....
Bundle 2. Because i do need Komplete 9, but not ultimate. 9 is enough. Another fantastic element is Reason. I'm a huge fan of analog synthesis, but i can't afford real analog synthesizers, so this is a way to plug some virtual cables into virtual slots, and have fun with routing. With Komplete 9 and Reason, rewired into my PT software I'll be the god of instruments. I'll slay all my minions with wall of sound muahaha !
I would really like to have bundle 2, so i could use reason as a second DAW alongside Ableton Live. It would also be awesome because of the NI Komplete 9 that includes monsters like Massive and Absynth.
Bundle # 1: Damage and Komplete Ultimate!!!!??? Holy S@#$!!!
I would really like to have bundle 2, so i could use reason as a second DAW alongside Ableton Live. It would also be awesome because of the NI Komplete 9 that includes monsters like Massive and Absynth.
Rebeet Nooded
I'd love to win any of the bundles of course, and the first two would be preferred. Not very original, I know, but I'm just being honest here, as the first two are the biggest. Slight preference for bundle 2 'cause it contains Reason 7.
bundle 2 would be awesome!
I would like Bundle 1.

It includes so many tools that I've been wanting for so a long time.

NI Komplete 9 Ultimate is a sound design world behind itself. A person could easily write a Ph.D. thesis on this bundle alone.
u-he makes some of the best vst synths out there.
Heavyocity Damage and BFD 3 heavily complement each other. I write breakbeats. Given these two tools, I could gain mine this for ideas and gain musical inspiration for ages. It could be lethal in the correct hands.
Twisted Tools has great glitch tools. This heavily compliments the acidy, glitchey and psychidelic music I write.
Deckadance 2 is the best cause its something new and fresh and has a lot of possibilities to show off. AND of course SUPPORT IMAGELINE AND FL STUDIO.
brandon montalvo
Bundle one would be great because we would love some new equipment to expand what we as a band can do and actually get some things recorded I mean all the bundles sound awesome two win anything would be great it would make it so much easier to create
5th bundle would be the most suitable because the Sennheiser headphones look nice, plus FL Studio is great!
I would love to get my hands on bundle 5 as i would love to have some new headphones and get fl studio signature bundle :)
As a StudioOne user I think the bundle no.3 would make my day. Yes,I agree with all you guys that everything named NI is great and it would be the fortune of a lifetime for any of you (us) to have something like Komplete9 for free,isnt't it ? Now let's get real and stop dreaming :) What am I pointing to ? That Steinberg audio interface ! :) My M-Audio FastTrackPro seems to be asking for a break :))) Thank you guys for giving this chance to us dreamers. Promise you when I'll get famous you'll be my first magazine interview ! :))))
Esteban Najera
I would like to win any of these bundles, either be well
First of all, thank you guys from AskAudio Magazine for the opportunity.
I'm a producer from Brazil. I would love to be able to make music using, what for me is the most awesome bundle of plugins, Komplete 9 Ultimate/Standard, but as I live here, it is pretty hard to buy this bundle, the price is just insane.

All the bundles are amazing, but the 1 and 2 are speciall for me, because it contains Komplete 9 (Ultimate and standard).
I think bundles with NI KOMPLETE are the best! Really powerful and creative tools.Endless possibilities of sampling and tweaking. Also Ableton is the weapon of my personal choice. So that`s my 50 cents)))
Get lucky, everybody!))
Best regards,
Bundle #1 Kicks Ass ! twisted tools + Komplete .. That's what i need definitely .. ~8)
I think bundles with NI KOMPLETE are the best! Really powerful and creative tools.Endless possibilities of sampling and tweaking. Also Ableton is the weapon of my personal choice. So that`s my 50 cents)))
Get lucky, everybody!))
Best regards,
I would like the bundle 1 .. I'm tired of all the mediocre soft synths and NI
makes quality stuff .. And i'm actually broke as hell ..
I like Bundle 5 because of FL Studio. I like It. It's simple and it makes everything what I want fast.
Life Is Good
#1 because of Komplete 9 Ultimate! It has everything you need!

*Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Damage included in Komplete 9 Ultimate?
MaXxive Productions
I'm very excited in winning Bundle #3. Simply because I love the companies that create those great products and because the products will all be usefull to me.

I could use a new/better audio-interface, I love the mastering and mix bundles and I'm curious about Studio One!

Thanks for letting me participate!
All bundle is great! but i favorite bundle 3 since i want to try steinberg UR28M audio interface
bundle 4 is my choice.i just love working with albeton live. fingers crossed:)
I would like to win any of these bundles because then I could lock myself in my basement for the next year making mad beats about life passing me by. I mean really mad beats. Like devastating. Soul crushing beats. Am I getting my point across?
brandon montalvo
I would love bundle 1 me in the band would really appreciate it we good really do so much creative thing and won be held back by our equipment
thank you
Down Jones
Any bundle is great, but bundle 1 has Komplete Ultimate and u-He Synths which are very high on my wish list.
Down Jones
Any bundle will do, all great tools. Bundle 1 holds the most value for me since it has NI and u-He packages which I am looking forward to.
It would be nice to have bundle 1 and the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. Having all of those new sounds will be epic.
Down Jones
Any bundle will do, all great tools. Bundle 1 holds the most value for me since it has NI and u-He packages which I am looking forward to.
Neon Sea
All of the bundles would be a dream to win, but I'd go with bundle 1 because I know that Komplete and the u-he synth bundle has such a variety of sounds, and I make EDM but I like to incorporate different sounds then generic ones, so I think that bundle would be the best.
I wanna to get Bundle 1 because it consists of very cool Komplete 9(I like NI), u-he synths are the best in thw whole world, bfd3 is the powerest drum kit. For that reasons I choose Bundle 1.
No matter the ingenuity of modern software, spectacular bundles do not create spectacular music. Though Komplete may be a million times ahead of others, a million people are using it and it will take a million tweaks for me to get create something unique, let alone memorable.
I am a guitar player and learnt the hard way to limit my options. So Bundle 3 is what I would handle. Interface, DAW, notation/songwriting tool and mastering suite, the best of them too! Play till my fingers bleed rather than press buttons till my fingers are sore. There might be a song in there somewhere.
Spread the music.
But all others bundles are also great! I I'll glad to have any of them.


When I grow up I want to be a musician. My friends want to be rich, gangsters or superheroes. I want to be a musician, because musician's mission is the most important there is. The musician is very important for people, gangsters and superheroes too. He's who makes music so that they feel motivation and inspiration to their prowess. A superhero or gangster without music would never be the same and have so much inspiration and confidence in their jobs, like all the other persons.

The musician's mission is to show people their feelings is not as important as his. The musician also must show that what he does have more work than what it seems. The musician has to make people feel happy because grown people are more beautiful and friendly when they feel happy.

The musician need to act as a responsible person and never make mistakes, but if it happens it's because he did it on purpose. : ) The musician have the mission to explain to his family that he's not a Dj and he composes everything. He has to worry with what others don't care and choose other patterns beyond 4x4.

The musician first learns Rhythm while still in the womb, trough the mother's heartbeat (boom boom, boom boom, boom boom) and improve that acquired rhythm when starts walking learning the most varied rhythms patterns while jumping, walking, running, dancing… After has to place Melody on top of the rhythm. After the melody comes another melody and suddenly now learns what is an Harmony. The final secret weapon it's a very very very very strong bass, leading to the explosion.

So, the musician it's an advisor. He has to show the answer through a mystique conjunction of math and euphoria, in the form of vibrations.

Music it's innate, rooted in the ADN, and that makes anyone capable of feeling it without understanding it. One very important gentleman said that there is a musician within each of us. I like Hans Zimmer, Dead Can Dance, Adele voice, I want to win ALL AskAudio Mag prizes, and when I grow up I want to be a musician.

— Aalien

Bundle 2! Because there is no better daw than reason! And I'm tired of export audio via fraps (yes, I use the demo version)..

Thanks for letting me participate..
Music is Life. And to breath I need the Bundle #1.

NI Komplete will be my oxygen for the next decade.
The Uhe Stuff is going to be the salt in the soup.

thanks for that great chance.
i'm amazed by these prizes! specially for NI producs, but most of all the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones. I wish to get that headphones, really good to produce some tracks during the night! (i don't live alone).

I want the Bundle 5, first I love FL studio it a great tool for me making beats. The rest of the prizes in this bundle I would love to learn how to use them. Thank you.
I think I would appreciate 3,4 or 5. The Steinberg interface and the Seinheiser headphones would be very useful, and getting a copy of Ableton would be really nice too.
I wonder who made the bundles selections ,the bundle #3 is the best combo ive seen out of the 5 and my favorite.
Bundle #1
Winning this would make me feel I exist.
I would be happy to win Bundle 5.

I would be happy to win Bundle 5.
Thank you!!!
Bundle 2: Reason FTW
marcus marcus
bundle 2 - would be cool to have NI synths with U-he effects on Reason / plus the aeon to go along is just the cherry on top.
Yes! Bundle 2 is the perfect one for me. Reason 7 Rewired with my Cubase + NI Komplete is like WOOOH!!!!
Bundle 1 is my top pick since it has Komplete 9 Ultimate. Komplete has so many high grade synthesisers, effects and sounds and its absolutely on my list of sound production software to get hold of. And i also love the sound heavycore can make, it would come in very handy when I make some cinematic music
Dennis Lauritzen
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, BFD3 AND u-he? Now that is a triple combi I could make some cool music with!
I already own BFD1.5 and BFD2 and a third can only get better... The NI and u-he stuff will have me set for life... Wow
Looking forward to an online version of AskAudio Magazine... Finally!
Would go for nr 1 couse i already own a super DAW. Ableton!!!
And that bundle has so incredible stuff in it. Would take years to go through it all. But hey all we got is time right :P
Bundles one and two are supercool, Native Instruments Komplete all day long.
DJ Porky
I'd love to win, free is always nice & not only will the products be put to VERY good use but it'll give me something that I simply cannot afford at this moment in my life. Money is tight, I bust my ass to make ends meet & what little I can save goes towards the holidays for my daughter and wife. Family is first for me so if I was lucky enough to win something, then it would make an excellent treat for myself & an early Christmas present.

Good luck to everyone.
Well, for me Bundle 1 is would be the ideal, being a multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer it would level up my game :-)
Thank you for the possibility.
Naomi Neuts
We're really interested in Bundle 5, because our existing production platform is already PC-based, a mix between hardware and software, but we have a beginner's kit. Good hardware and software is expensive, and tools like that could really help us out a great deal with our upcoming releases that we're working on. Between the FL Studio, the headphones (which I could use for mixing and monitoring my record feed), and the Air Music software, wow... that would rock. No pun intended.
M Jones
All that Native Instrument stuff is so well built and designed, I am a total gear slut so any and all would be fantastic. Thanks!
That contest rock :P NI komplete for the win :P
I would like the Bundle 5, because FL Studio is the best I've seen in my life!
I would take all of them but if I had to pick it would be bundle 1 because I'm currently a student in music production and it would be a great start off library that I could never afford. I mainly do all of my own tracking and these would be a great addition to any studio.
Bundle 1 is great for composers. The best for my job!
I would love to work with the bundle 4, this bundle is just awesome, but I love it because of ableton live, I just love this DAW, the best I've ever tried. The first time I used it (Like 4 years ago) I was amazed by how easy it's to adapt to it, if you've ever used audio gear/software you get ableton in just a couple of days, not like other softwares that you spend 2 years and you still searching on the internet for how to do something. And plus, I can't afford ableton right now, but I´ve tried the demo and It´s awesome. Anyway, reason has amazing instruments, I love the Thor, and FL studio is also a pretty good production software, the first one I´ve ever tried and My favorite Piano Roll ever.
I would love to have bundle 5 , because theres lots of stuff I can use there and its amazing!!!
O men, bundle 3 it is...
Do you need a mastering, no problem?! :)
I would really love the bundle 1 as it suits the music I am creating, especiallly with the NI Komplete 9!

I am really excited form bundle 3, me and my brother we are neurofunk/dubstep producers from czech republic and we are now in step of mastering of our tracks and this bundle is amazing! If we win this, we definitely use everything for changing and dynamizing our whole sound :)

Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface $499
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite $425
Presonus Studio One - $299
iZotope Mix and Master Bundle $299
Presonus Notion 4 $99
I would be happy winning any of the bundles. They all include some great products that help produce even better music.
O men, bundle 3 it si!
Do you need a mastering, no problem!? :)
I'm mostly exited about izotope products. They are so creative it is downright rediculous! And all the other toys are equally as cool but regardless of the prizes I'm more exited to have you guys join with mpv. They have taught me a lot I constantly go back and brush up on my knowledge and you guys are equally as good at teaching so that's already a plus for me:)!
Bundle 4 for the contest is perfect livid and ableton were just meant to be no question about it. Love all tutorials here.Thank you guys for all your contributions to learning and making music. :) hope I win but I never win anything.
Thanks for this contest. Amazing bundles!
Like the first one with the Komplete Ultimate and the vintage comp and reverb developed by softube. Would be wonderful to finish to mix my first album with those.

Once again thank you,
I just discovered AskAudio, and I have been enjoying reading many of the reviews and interviews. The prize bundles are very impressive, and I could put any of them to good use.
I would be totally ecstatic to win any of the bundles with Komplete 9. But I would be most excited to win the daily prize of a year subscription! I love Mac Pro video and there is so much content.
Bundle 3. The mastering suite and plug ins will help me achieve the final sound I am searching for. I really don't have a mastering program that can tie the finalmix together and I believe bundle 3 will do just that.
Bundle #1! NI Komplete 9 is the best production bundle available in my opinion. Heavyocity's Damage content (30 GB) is crazy awesome and so are all the u-he Synths I looked at. Can't go wrong with BFD3 and its acoustic drums as BFD2 looks like a fantastic product. Totally Twisted would compliment Maschine quite well and has several inspiring tools to work with. Can't go wrong with either bundle but #1 would be my favorite to win.
Bundle 1! I just picked up Presonus Studio One to begin my foray into digital recording and this bundle would set me on very solid footing and put my midi keyboard to the test!
Patser 89
After spending all my vacation earned money on a new labtop and speakers I could surely use a quality DAW and those amazing plug-ins.
One of the 5 would already help me a long way but bundle 1 and 2 look super good with the Komplete package and the U-he synth.

Can't wait for the first reviews, interviews and articles,
Bundle 1 is the winner for me, I use Logic Pro X so I'm more after some amazing plugins than another sequencer. NI complete would be great and I've always been a huge fan of the U-He stuff. I'm clearing a space on my HD for this ;-)
Bundle #1, because it's Ultimate!
Bundle 1 for sure! Would spend so much time on and learning to use it too.
Also women love these "toys"! My favourite absolutely is number one! Good luck to all!
Bundle 1. If I could pick from every bundle ... hm that would be good. Since I own some of these software 1 is the best choice for me.
Bundle #2 looks delicious! I've been wanting Komplete 9 for months now. Reason 7 looks awesome.
It would have to be Bundle #1 for me. I am quite a few versions behind on Komplete, have only heard good things about the u-he synths but never used any and Totally Twisted Tools sounds intriguing...
I know it sounds stupid, but any prize you could win is fantastic! Just because someone from somewhere wants to support creativity... And, for me, there is no better prize! Cheers and good luck to everyone of us fellas! (and thanks to Producers and to guys from AskVideo :) )
Bundle 1. Macprovideo is here to stay for as long as...
Bundle #1 certainly looks the pick of the bunch, but they're all great. Good luck everybody!
Bundle number 1!
Especially for the U-he pack and NI Ultimate.
But great that they are giving away so many prizes. And an awesome way to list build!
All of these bundles are nicely put together. I could certainly use the Sennheiser headphones and other equipment after mine were stolen during a home break-in along with other equipment.
Either Bundle 1 or 2, would like some of those sample libraries.
All of these bundles are awesome, but obviously the one to win is Bundle 1, with NI's Komplete and the u-He bundle. I own a lot of the stuff in the other bundles already, and some stuff in the other bundles is PC only, I think.
I would like Bundle #2 because I love Reason 7 and I don't have it yet. Hope to have luck to win.
Bundle #4 I would be most excited about. I worked with a band that uses Abelton and loved what they were able to do with it and its on of the platforms I've never been able to check out on my own. Also, I own a few Wave Alchemy libraries and their work is stellar.

good luck & all the best,
I would love to win Bundle #1 for the Twisted and Stripy prizes.
i am most excited about bundle #1 because my whole family (especially my five kids) loves music and this would be everything we need to take it to the next level!!! this is awesome and i would be thrilled to win any of the bundles, and congrats to whoever does. so cool!!!!!!
I'm not looking for any particular bundle. They are all awesome in my honest opinion!! Good luck everyone!!
Sam Stoner
Mmmm! sounds delicious! I want it All! ;)
That U-he Synth bundle looks pretty nice
I'd like to win Bundle 1 because I need to launch into my video documentary business in a BIG way and want the best possible sound editing opportunities!
Bundle 5, because while scrolling to the bottom of the page, I forgot what's in all the other bundles.
Not sure to have any chance to win, but i'll try only because i really appreciate all the good work of MPV , congratulations to winners in advance
Bundle 1 with NI Komplete Ultimate because it's everything you would ever need.
BUNDLE 1 !!!!!!
I would like bundle #1 as Komplete would be a great addition.
Oh my! Any of the bundles would be great! However, I already own Propellerhead Reason (awesome tool). NI Komplete would be great, but would need to use a different DAW than Reason. Twisted Tools would be a load of fun to try out. I could definitely do some damage with Damage. So, bundle 1 would be my favorite. Bundle 3 because of iZotope - I used the demo and really enjoyed the quality of the master it created. And finally, Bundle 4 would rock with the Wave Drums and Sony Spectralayers.
Not sure to have a minimum chance to win, but i'll try cause i like hte good work of MPV team, congratulations to winners
I'd be most excited about Bundle 1 - especially because of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and Damage!
poivron vert
I'd love to win Bundle 1 for NI Komplete Ultimate!
Bundle 1, Komplete ultimate 9 is the last piece to my production puzzle, i hope i win ;-;
I would be happy with any of the prizes but if I had to choose I would like either 1, 2, or 4. What an awesome contest!!!
Bundle 1 ...NI Komplete 9 Ultimate would be sweet
I'm excited about Komplete 9. I've been eyeing that thing since I started school aeons ago.
Sennheiser Momentum: loving good sound
bundle #1 to me is the best one NI plus BFD3 will be powerhouse creativity producer dream come true
Max R
I have to say, the bundle that would really mean a lot to me would be Bundle #5. My wife and I both compose, and we've never had any good headphones to monitor with, which would really help out for when we write music for mobile apps. The Sonivox Vocalizer is also something I would never get tired of using. I used to sing all the time, but I don't often incorporate my voice into my pieces because I don't have software that really inspires me to want to work with it. The Vocalizer Pro would definitely fit that bill. Everything in that bundle would get a lot of use out of me.
Any of the prizes is amazing. And so is the site! Thanx! ;)
Any of the prizes is amazing. And so is the site! Thanx! ;)
NI KOMPLETE ALL THE WAY! I want the rosin on the bows of my low strings and cello crack my neighbors windows! Who needs synth bass when ya got bowed bass??? Kachung! That's what i'm talkin' bout! "If the cops haven't knocked on your door, you're playin too soft!"
Wow, well first off all of these bundles are amazing, but for me Bundle 1 is the best. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate... drool! and the rest is just awesome :) Good luck peeps but i hope i win one of these hehe :)
Bundle 1 looks fantastic. Should complement my existing setup really well as a solo home recordist.
I would be catapulted to music heaven by winning Bundle 1. NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and all the Heavyocity Goodness!! I mean Damage is in that bundle twice!! ;)
Bundle 5! Big fan of Sennheiser headphones!
Bundle 3 would be sweet as I need an interface and I only have a few of the T-racks modules and they are amazing. I would love to own the entire suite.
jayme simpson
I think its all about bundle 2. The reason behind this thought is b3cause it contains ni komplete 9 which could potentially aid me in writing a trackthat will help change peoples emotions from sad to happy.
The most exciting prize to me is Bundle 1. It consists of NI Komplete Ultimate 9 which has the most comprehensive set of effects and instruments available today plus the new and exciting BFD3 drum instrument. This setup is my "dream team" for the work I do (film music score). I never won anything in my life and I wish I was the lucky one to win. After that anything would be possible. I'd be more than happy to pass this Karma further and compose some free music for folks who might need it for their short or feature films. I wish myself luck. Cheers, Artur.
Product-wise Komplete 9 (true to its name) has to be my pick because of the entire arsenal vsts available in the package. Bundle-wise I'd have to go with Bundle # 1.
Jay Gill
I would love to have Komplete. Simply awesome!
I would like bundle 1 please because i am a greedy bar steward.
There is no better way to motivate creation than to provide top-rate tools to help to realize the vision. All of these bundles will do that. Number one draws my desire, as it gives me the drum device I love in it's latest form.
Best of luck to all, and thank the people who have provided this creative boost.
All bundles are great, but number 1 with Komplete, bfd3 and Damage is amazing.

Bundle 4 just so I can get Ableton and learn it through your amazing tutorials !
I have gotten the most amazing traction out of using NI Komplete. I have been lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to work on 15 commercial releases this year and NI has been a major element of that. If I were able to get Ultimate, along with the other programs, I think I would be able to really bring something new to the table.

I can say nothing but that I would use it to bring as much of my music to humanity as possible, and NI and the rest would enable me to do this on so many levels. :)
Beth Burnett
I'm most excited about Bundle #4 because I have been wanting to try Ableton Live for a really long time. Sony Sound Forge and SpectraLayers seem like excellent tools for further editing and processing of sounds. Wave Alchemy's Complete Drums would be a massive boost to my drum library. And of course it would be fun to build my own MIDI Controller with the Brain Jr. kit. Looking forward to visiting!
Oliver Marshal
Bundle 1, really wonderful product from Native Instruments. u-he is the best sounding ever I heard and the evolving pads and leads really great. BFD3 contains a powerful built-in environment for pattern creation and editing, complete with a range of performances by legendary drummers for effortless production of drum tracks indistinguishable from the real thing. Heavyocity Damage is one of the best sounding plug-in for the film,TV and other industries I like to have it if I won Bundle 1 and finally all the great stuff that I ever need for my music production is to be Twisted Tools. Thanks..
I really like bundle #1, because I am a fan and user of Komplete bundle and also FXpansion BFD3. NI Komplete rocks - FXpansion rocks toooo. So I would love to have them both.
Thank you so much
I've been producing dance and synth music this past year and want to expand my palette. I would love to win Bundle 1 for the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and u-he Synth Bundle. Also, I could definitely deal with Bundle 4 for the Wave drums and 5 for the SoniVox Vocalizer Pro.
Great prizes!! # 3 and #1 are my favs.... But a year subscription is not bad either
Absolutely going for bundle 3 as it has Ableton and Soundforge pro, two packages I'm really wanting to have for some time now !! had them years ago on the pc before switching to mac. Definitely want them back!
Bundle #1 for me (NI), but then they all have some tempting toys!

Good luck with the new site.
I'd be most excidet about NI Complete Ultimate and Damage!
Bundle 1. Looks sweet!
Narada Sauti
Reason 7 would make my life. I am currently a producer song writer and have been working a lot in logic and protools. If i had reason i could take my producing skills to the max. Thanks Much
MacPro has definatly helped me out of a jam ( and into some jams too!, the musical kind that is ) .... i hope im lucky enuf to win the one of the top 3 prizes and keep my luck starting to get into more soundtrack work & with a baby on the way, my new studio set-up would be damn near Komplete!
thanks again
I would love to win bundle 3!!... Though would be equality stoked with the daily prize :)
ANY bundle would be great for me. I'm retired and getting back into my love for making cool sounds, but the budget! The Budget! Help!! Thanks; LOVE the tutorials!!!
I'd like the win bundle one, Komplete 9 ultimate is stunning, out of the box, you have the world of synthesis, FX , Drums & other acoustic instruments at your fingertips. Developing your own sound or style is made so much easier from the sheer quantity of sound design Komplete 9 ultimate . I cannot afford to buy Komplete, and I have desperately craved it since Komplete 7. And i see this as my window of opportunity to finally acquire this ultimate tool. I most look forward to Razor- due to its amazing built in tools and awesome UI. And the sound of west africa. The drum fills are truly spectacular. And the sound is pure, and clean
u-he is also a killer company. Their synths are pure gold, the flexibility, ease of use, and potential of these synths are stunning, and overwhelming!

I hope I'm chosen for the prize. I've been a long time supporter of your native instrument products and I assure you guys i would put the tools to great use, for years to come :D Looking forward to the contest! Cheers!!!

My email address is:
I would love bundle 1, NI and BFD3 would be amazing!
Did I just say bundle 3 ? (where is my comment ?!) I meant bundle 4, for the Ableton and Soundforge, two programmes I've been wanting to have some time now. Had them years ago before I switched computer. Want them back ! :)
Alberto a Domenech

I would love to win the 1st bundle
I really love all of the tutorials
And the quality of plugins and knowledge have made a huge difference in my productions
Times are tough right now for many people a contest like this is really heart warming and the educators at Mac Pro video are providing light from there knowledge in the darkness
Of these extremely powerful
Programs which would take
Anybody years to learn I really appreciate and will be loyal to Mac Pro video forever thanks again cs80 Alberto Domenech
I have been working hard to become a good songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for a number of years and have just recently began the process of learning how to produce music. I quickly found out that it is just as intricate and nuanced of a process as learning an instrument, if not more so. The chance to win any one of these bundles would hugely advance my setup to aid me in my quest to become a self-sufficient multi-instrumentalist and producer. I am particularly excited by the NI Komplete and Reason stuff as I have recently read interviews with both Trent Reznor and Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) who use products made by those two companies, respectively. Coming from an instrumental background, the opportunity to delve into the computer world with inspiration from the likes of these artists would be an exciting proposition, as I would love to figure out how these artists use technology as an instrument, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to find my voice with them as well.
Hobo Joe
I am super excited about the Native Instrument Bundle, however I am MOST (emphasis on most) about u-he's synths. I have worked with their "Tyrell N6" synth and it is great. My personal favorite is "herbie's wet dream." Obviously not because of how it sounds, but because of it's name. I just love to create synths, and this Tyrell is a cool guy.
W Todd Reynolds
I really dig Bundle #5 for the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones...Because I am unashamedly and unabashedly a Headphoner... :-)
I'd love to get my hands on bundle 3. My audio interface is an old tascam us122l which is no longer supported for use with 64 bit daw's the steinberg ur28m would bring a real professional quality to my recordings along with a great bundle of software from presonus, izotope and ik multimedia it would be everything I'd need to for great mixes and mastering all I'd need to round it out would be some great training via macvideo maybe my dreams will come true.
Winning anything is awesome obviously...
But I switched from BFD to superior drummer years ago.. I really loved bfd but it was so buggy...

but after seeing info and reviews on BFD 3...i'm ready to switch back..and Native is a GOD in production tools...that just speaks for itself
I'm most excited about Reason 7 and Ableton Live. Two programs I REALLY am dying to get into in more detail. I know my DAW well, but I'm eager to try different approaches to making music and those two programs are at the top of my list!
I would like to win bundle 1 because, I have been watching hundreds of hours of tutorials on Macpro and dreaming of the day i can own these software packages.. I found the Best of the best in Macpro tutorials, now, i want to start applying what Macpro has taught me...
All great bundles, but even though it doesn't have the highest dollar value, bundle #4 would add the most to the capabilities in my studio. A great set of headphones is always welcome and the drum software looks awesome.
I guess I'd be most excited about bundle 1, simply because it has BFD3 and KU9, which I'll want at some point anyways. I can't say I wouldn't be excited to win any of them, really.
Karl K-Lab
Knowledge is always a valuable asset that no-one can steal from you. All the software prizes promoting the new Ask Audio mag are great; I love all NI products; Heavyocity have come up with some great tone generators as well; I've heard nothing but good things about Propellerhead Reason 7; and IK Mutimedia TRackS mastering products have a record of excellence. I'd be thrilled to have any of these of course, but the knowledge available at Mac Pro Video through a 1 year free subscription would be great to have.
Nice contest, fellows. I would like the Bundle #1, please... My skills on making music really evolved since I started learning with the help of MacProVideo... AskAudioMag will help me too, I guess.
Thanks for this great contest! All the prizes look fantastic. I look forward to a more in depth search of Good luck to everyone!
The prize I am excited about is the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999!!!!!!! I am a NI junky and having this prize would almost get me over my music hump. You guys are awesome to give people the opportunity to win prizes such as these.

God bless
william engler
Bundle3 for the Izotope mastering
Seriously awesome tools for digital music and equally awesome resources to learn about them right here! I would want to grab the NI Komplete 9 for sure and Damage. Best of luck with the new magazine!
I would love to win bundle 2 although after so much scrolling I had better scroll back up to check what's in it again. I have komplete 8 and was going to upgrade to komplete 9 but with budget restrictions and all that... Winning it would be simply fantastic. Heavyocity make quality sound modules, I have evolve and would like to get my hands on Aeon especially for cinematic compositions. Haven't had much experience with U-he fx but I firmly believe you can never have too many tricks in your pocket. Winning reason 7 would force me to switch it up a little with my production techniques, we can all become a little too familiar with our go to DAW. Wishing everyone good luck! Especially me.
I'd like to win Bundle 1 because NI Komplete Ultimate looks amazing
Thanks for the great contest! All the prizes look great. Looking forward to a more in depth search of Good luck to everyone!
Definitely most excited about bundle 1. I would love to get my hands on the u-he synth bundle. I'm a huge fan of zebra but I haven't picked up any of their other synths or fx. Thanks for doing this sweepstakes!
Definitely bundle 1 - Komplete Ultimate is such an inspiring set of creative tools, limitless possibilities.
I would love to have Bundle 1 to be able to test out all the amazing tools that Native Instruments has to offer on Ultimate. Really good promotion and thank you for this opportunity!
Super excited about Bundle 1. What more would I need?!
Soren Mortensen
Sure, I'll enter. Bundle 1 or 3 would both be really useful!
Bundle #1 is for me. I have none of these, and would love to expand my limited arsenal of musical helpers. I'm sure these great products will surely lead me to wonderful ideas for others to hear! Maybe even come up with something inspiring!

Way to go AskAudio, great site!

Bundle #1
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287
All these bundles look great! I have lost everything in a flood. So I have to slowly rebuild my set up again and reinvent my life. This would be a great help.
I would LOVE to win bundle #1, because a friend of mine has Komplete, and the sounds and instruments included in it are PHENOMENAL! Also, the synth bundle would be awesome to play with. I have heard good things about u-HE, and and I would never be able to afford these collections of studio instruments and samples on my own!
Love Bundle 1 for BFD3!
You know the other thing I forgot to mention about the FXpansion stuff is that I think strobe is being used lots for teaching synthesis, which I think shows it has a lot going for it.
Bundle 1 for me please ! Native, U-he pack, bfd3 : booyah ! Great effects and quality sounds ! Plus damaged and twisted tools, it´s really a great package !
Soren Mortensen
I think bundle 1 or 3 would be most useful. I'm not sure if my other comment went through, so I'm sorry if this is a repost.
Bundle 3 or 5 ... these bundles seem like a killer extra on my set !! Great prize by the way !!! awesome publicity !!! Succes to all !!!
I would love the bundle with Ableton. I have heard such great things about this program and have always wanted to get it and learn how to make it work. Thanks for the opportunity.
i would love to watch the training videos,thats the best gift for me
good luck everyone!
Bundle 1 - Quite simply because it contains a dream selection of some heavy hitting synths, tools and instruments that consistently perform across the board, regardless of style or genre.
Jacob Paskus
It would really be a blessing to receive bundle 2. I have many reasons why but to keep it on the simple side I will try to condense it down. First off I have only ever owned one DAW which is Ableton. I would love to incorporate another DAW into my workflow. I am a student right now and money is tight, my studio consists of very minimal vsts but I do what I can with them. Native instruments 9 would add so many possibilities to what I could create I would never leave my room. I have a lot of respect for U-HE just from the videos I watch. I do not own any of their vsts so that bundle would just be the icing on the cake.
In short, this year has really shown me I should continue following my passion which is music production. I am thankful for the little I have yet always daydreaming of what I could accomplish if I had more at my disposal. Thank you so so much for the opportunity at such a wonderful prize package. I would be forever grateful if I were to win and I would do my absoloute best to make you all proud with what I did with these tools. Much love. Many thanks. A humble producer who goes by the name Supramental Perception and Stratosohere.
Ableton bundle for sure. Such a great program.
I would love to win any of the bundles as I never win anything ;-) good luck to everyone!!
Bundle 4 seems really interesting to me. Sound Forge is a program I heard a lot about and I'd like to start using it.
Looking forward to checking out this website. I would be very happy winning bundle 1. I use a number of VST instruments so the NI Komplete package would be very useful. Good luck to everyone!
Honestly all the bundles would do me good. Quality stuff, hope to win!
dj everest
All the bundles are awesome, i want them all !! :D but if i have to pick only one it will be BUNDLE 4 Please.
All the bundles look awesome. I need some new software to update my game.
Bundle 5 coz its pack with great stuff!
Bundle 1 is definitely killer.

All the NI synths and sample libraries have been a huge part in my productions since I started, however I haven't been able to grab Komplete just yet, since music is my only source of income and as a young (19-year-old) producer I still haven't quite established myself it has been increasingly hard for me to expand my sound palette. However this has never been an excuse for me and as such I have been able to expand my skills though a more creative use of my current resources. To finally have access to all the libraries I've always dreamt of would definitely help me close the gap between the music I want to express and the tools I have to express it. Aside of the Komplete pack, U-He A.C.E is an awesome synth I've been already using for a long time, very flexible and Im definitely very enthusiastic about all their other synths, which although im not familiar, im sure have the same im not higher quality than that which I've seen coming from the guys at U-He!

Thanks for giving out opportunities like this, and im sure whoever bags these amazing bundles will definitely have something to brag about.

I want bundle #1 with NI Komplete Ultimate. Not sure I could ever lay down the cool grand to buy that package, but would love to have it to use in my studio.
All those bundles are amazing an well tailored to different needs!! I am most excited about bundle 1 as I am an aspiring composer to do sound and music for film an media and that is a fantastic blend of products in which I can craft a real top notch cinematic sound. They also great tools for doing sound design :) komplete 9 is amazing! Also I have got my first commercial project and wow to say that the bundle will help me is a understatement !!
Any bundle with NI is going to be good, Reason amazing as well, Aeon sounds fantastic, so if i had to pick one it would be number 2!!
Bundle 1 - love NI stuff, I have a Maschine, would love to komplete the collection... The u-he stuff looks awesome, too.
This is so awesome. Thanks for the opertinity. I am realy excited for NI9. I love that software and would love to use it on our new film next year
bundle 1 would be so killer its all i need to get started doing the music i need to write plus im looking into getting a maudio air cross my fingers this would be epic to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I honestly have a lot of the prizes already but wouldn't mind checking out U-he FX bundle. U-he Creates some quality FX! Can you ever have enough versions of FX.
sounds like a lot of fun
Djun Wein
Well, I couldn't have said better...

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all...and I WANT IT NOW !!!

All bundles are amazing, but I'd have to say bundle 1 - I have u-he ACE and it's great, but I can't afford the others yet, so this would be a great opportunity.
Bundle 3 definitely looks the most exciting to me. All of these components would allow anyone to really up their game when it comes to mixing, mastering and production in general. The IK Multimedia mastering suite looks especially appealing; awesome stuff. Many thanks! =)
I wouldn't mind the U-he FX Bundle.
Surprising how many of the Bundles I already own.
I would love to win Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface and Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones, I have to hear all the nuances
Any of these bundle will be for me a fabulous addition to my modest collection of VST instruments.
I would like Bundle 1.
Definitely excited about Bundle 5: I've been dying to get into FL Studio. It looks like a fantastic DAW and I'd love to check out its performance capabilities (life time free updates is pretty sweet too). The vocoder is icing on the cake. I've been an SSL user for years and would love to see what Deckadance is all about and the possibilities of incorporating that into my setup. Though, getting that Komplete 9 Ultimate would be equally amazing!
Good luck with the magazine!
Well, I guess bundle 5 is ok for me, the Sennheiser headphones and the SONiVOX Vocalizer would be great for my home studio.
Ashley Elgawad
Bundle 1 because Komplete 9 Ult. is an utter monster and Aeon collection sounds proper lush!!!

I'd love bundle 1! I think I'm sneaking in just under the deadline! Good luck everyone.
Mehdi Chahine
It would be really nice to win bundle 5, I really want the FL Studio!
I think Bundle #2 is amazing Reason 7 and komplete9 awesome bundle what I would do to have that.
Bundle #2: AEON and U-he look great. Komplete is awesome but I already own it.
Franco Raffo
I would love to win the Bundle 5, because it has Sennheiser headphones.
I am an electronic music producer from Chile. In my country it is difficult to get quality things like this.
I'd be happy with getting any of the bundles. All the prizes are really cool.
bundle 2 is the bees knees
Bundle #1 does it for me, mainly for the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and FXpansion BFD3. Bundle #4 would be a good consolation prize. I'm liking the Sony Sound Forge Pro and Spectralayers 2.
Thanks for asking me what I would like if I win. First off I never won something like this ever before it would be more than amazing, it will really not only just boost my self esteem, as a matter of fact, my career even!
I would definitely go with bundle number 3 because being on the road, it's hard to transport all your favorite goods with you! Having this will make things so much easier to get my work done in the road and just pick up on where I left off! Just simple, it's the simple things in life that astounds me! Thanks
My choice would be #3

The fact that you have an interface to record vocals, and have them processed with your mix right after using the iZotope bundle, and then finishing up the tune. Tie in studio one for some marketing, and maybe use notion to collaborate with some song writers...

All in all a very powerful bundle, and deffo worth having!
Ian Douglas
I have learned to use the gear and software I have to create things that may be more accessible through a bought plugin or another piece of hardware, but to be honest, putting food on the table is kind of important to me. I would love to get my hands on some new sound packages that I can integrate into my existing setup. For that reason alone I have to say Bundle 1 (for more soundscape options) or Bundle 2 (for the opportunity to learn Reason).
JB Sugarshot
Bundle number five looks incredible I'm really looking forward to playing around with FL studio a whole lot more!!
All of them! I badly need to upgrade my studio but lack the cash for anything as a student ;p
Bundle 1 with NI.
lots of great products in this contest. Some of I own and use - great stuff. Lots of it I did not have a chance to work with yet. Being addicted to gear, the prospect of more tools is always exciting.
Bundle #1 would go a long way toward making me Producer of the Year - NI Komplete Ultimate and the U-he Synth Bundle... my mouth is watering just thinking about those two items. The other three, well... icing on the proverbial cake!
WOW!! all these bundles are great.
Personaly I would go for number 1 of 3, ni Komplete ultimate would be amazing as well as the heavyocity stuff. But I would love the steinberg UR28M....

Hmmm... Tough call
I would love bundle 5
The headphones & being a vocalist who's about to record a home album
this bundle s exactly what I need.
I'm off work with a workplace injury to my knee so I would put it all to good use & be so grateful to win such a generous prize
I wouldn't be disappointed to win any of these, really. I love the first bundle because it has the Komplete and BFD3 in it. That'd be awesome to have in my toy box. Bundle 4 would also rock for the Ableton, both Sony products, and the Wave Drums, but I'd love those Sennheiser cans in Bundle 5, though too! Aww yeah.
I'm most excited about Bundle 1 because Twisted Tools knows what's up!
Bundle #1 would be awesome. NI Komplete Ultimate and U-he synth bundle!....Whoa!!! Where can I sign up to get em?
I have nothing to say.
JB Sugarshot
This stuff looks awesome all of it!!
all the bundles look amazing but my life would be Komplete with bundle 1 :)
Package one really mixes the best sounding VI package known to mankind.
BFD3! Is that even out yet!?! That would be the bomb! I love the BFD collection. I can't wait to get my hands on the new one!
William Marcelin
Bundle 3 would be great for mastering with ableton.
Petros Gailas
Petros Gailas

For me the best is the bundle 3.
What a perfect combination, Steinberg, Presonus, IK Multimedia and iZotope!!!
What else can I ask?:)

Good luck to everyone!
hi hey hello:) I wanna win thats stuff because i'm worth of it:P
John DrP
Winning Bundle # 1 is just what I need to elevate my recordings to the next level. Since I haven't won anything before in my life, it is my turn. I feel it is my time. Now all you have to do is make it happen.
I'm most excited by bundle one because the u-he and NI synths are amazing! I have tried the demos of a number and I simply cannot choose which to buy. All the amazing content that comes in the Komplete bundle would be an excellent Komplement to it!
Testicle Bill
great news, everyone!
I think Bundle #1 is totally OFF THE CHAIN this will be all I need to make music at a really high level Native instruments latest's Komplete is really unlimited the amount of music you can create uh-he is the HOTTEST synth budle out there I would give a arm to have this music tool is insane. The FXpansion will give my songs all the effects I need to give my songs a whole atmosphere. Hevyocity is so good for for rock sounds and scary sci-fi effects. Twisted tools has my ears drooling(literally) its one the best tools in the market when it comes to modifing the sounds in a way that you never seen before and beyond anything you've ever made before. These products are amazing and are worth way more than the suggested prices.
I have been looking to upgrade to Komplete 9 Ultimate to finish my effects line. I have also been wanting u-he DIVA for a long time.
Bundle 3 looks fantastic! Been wanting studio one and a new interface for a while. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!
Marcel Villamil
NI Komplete for me!!! But video tutorials are great too!
Michal S
All bundles have something in it that I am really interested in but if I were to pick one, it would be Bundle 3, since it has the iZotope mix and mastering tools in it, which would be very helpful to my work right now. I am missing some good mastering stuff. Thank you guys for this wonderful opportunity!
I would really enjoy winning Bundle 2 because I have a home studio running Pro Tools 10 and would like to use Reason via the Rewire feature!! Plus, I could really get into these other cool plug-ins!!! Thanks for the opportunity... who knows? I may just win something finally!!!
bundleeee 2 i love bundle 2 i really do ill walk there to get it seriously whats the address ahha
Bundle 1 no doubt. You guys are blinkin awesome
I would absolutely LOVE to win Bundle 3 because it has the Steinberg UR28M interface, which I hear is killer, along with the Presonus software and the IK Multimedia mastering suite, both of which are amazing and so intuitive to use. having said that, Ableton Live 9 Standard in Bundle 4 would be amazing to help with my live applications. And of course, Bundle 2 with Reason 7 would be a sweet update for my Reason 5 software - love it - but 7 will allow even more amazing editing etc. Bundle 1 is simply hardcore, and if I could be one of the 5 Lucky winners, I would be perpetually grateful and continue to sing the praises of ASkAudio while loving everything that Bundle 1 is allowing me to do. Good luck everyone. :)
I'm already a winner by being part of the ask family
Bundle 1 would be great not because it has the higher value but what is actually on offer. I already own Cubase and Ableton so another DAW would be best used by someone who needs one.
I have used NI stuff in the past and it would be great to have NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, as I am a composer and write for various TV shows.
u-he Synth Bundle never owned anything from u-he and hear it is the best when it comes to synth stuff I Iove subtracted synths and this company comes the closest to the real deal.
FXpansion BFD3 again a company that strives for the real sound
Heavyocity Damage any sound designers dream and sometimes I'm asked to create some pretty crazy grooves.
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted: Well if you have Reaktor then this just makes a whole lot of sense. All of these sounds and tools are a modern composer's dream, and most importantly they would all get used on a daily basis.
Cheers and all the best with the mag and vids!!!

X $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287

Jacob Arbutus
I would be happy winning anything from this prize drawing since I am just beginning in the audio field, so whatever i can get to get my foot in the door is extremely helpful. Thanks for this opportunity
I really liked the Bundle 2 instrument native is best! the truth I have really wanted to have it a long time and produce hehe. Good luck to all! :)
They are all nice but bundle #2 is the holy grail of beat making!
William Staab
Hey Everyone!!

I'd love to get my hands on the Native Instruments. The sounds would be an awesome addition to anything that I compose....oh please..please pick me!!
Difficult to choose a favourite - but bundle 1 would cover any music/sound fx/percussion needs anyone could ever have! Bundle 2 is also calling to me - Reason would be fun to play with.
Roodey Cutter
Bundle 5 - first of all I am not a greedy c***t and second FL studio will help me a lot to go further with my work!!!
Bundle 1, Komplete Ultimate would be so cool to have. So many options and sounds can be created with this software.
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. ULTIMATE!
Komment didn't get through before #1
Presonnus, ik, and sennheiser would be the brands I'd go to first. Would be great to have a higher quality home studio! Thanks
Adam Smith
Jeez, I would love totally, ANY one of the prizes, because they would each give on soooo much access to sounds and ways of making them. Since I'm just starting to broaden my composition work into tv, film, etc, plus just getting whatever my muse dreams up, down onto a hard, even that notation software looks pretty badass. I already use Reason, so other packages tweak my interest as well.
Bundle ONE is amazing! I wish i had all these incredible softwarestuff.
Bundle #1 would be absolutely incredible. Not having the funds to buy the new stuff leaves you feeling like you're stuck in the stone age(although its never good to.forget where it started). And new gear is always a bonus, so any bundle .would be great
Bundle #1 excites me the most as it has Kontakt Komplete 9 Ultimate, but all of the bundles seem awesome.
Bundle 1 looks like it has all the things that I don't have yet but want!
YESSS!! NI KOMPLETE 9 AND REASON 7 These two could help an independent producer like me get there :)
There is nothing here I would not want to play with, but bundle 1 with NI Komplete Ultimate has to be the dream.
Nick Zimmerman
Bundle 1 looks epic to me. I'd love to have NI Komplete Ultimate in Logic Pro X!
Renato G
hm ... all the prizes are great ... i would win bundle 4 ... because ... love Ableton and Sound Forge is the best editor for me cca 14 years ... good luck to all
Bundle 1 ! I need it I play edrums and need it badly for recording studio and komplete 9. Oh my god will be a dream for me and damage great library of killer drums for soundtrack I check all those products every week and ask myself how can I get those missing software to complete my dream studio you may be able to answer my question . Cheers !
Robbie G
I'm most excited about the iZotope Mix and Master Bundle. Good luck to me -- and to all of your contestants!
Jerry Mateo
I would love to win basically anything
Bundle 1 and two looks awesome!
Would love to win bundle 1. I've been wanting to try out Komplete ultimate!
Oscar db
Bundle 4 & 5 are like my dreampacks... all the stuff i dream and drool about! Can't believe you are giving away stuff like that for free! I must be dreaming...
Bundle 1! I want that ULTIMATE bundle as well as BFD3.
It will beef up my library nicely!
The Low Key
Izotope the ultimate mastering software. have been going crazy watching video on you tube on how to use only wish i had the original. It would take me music to that next level that we all want to reach at least every one that does music.

All the bundles are really a good incentive to create music. Maybe bundle 1 should be the best for me. I have Cubase and Logic and all the instruments and FX included are the best complements to use with them and create electronic music. Good luck to everybody!
Bundle 1 is the one I need to complete my project studio. It would give me a world of usable, inspiring new sounds and tools to work with.
Bundle 5, because of the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones!
All bundles are great. 1 and 2 would be wonderful with NI. Thanks for the contest.
I have been hoping to get deeper into Native Instruments. Bundle 1 is the one I am hoping for.
I must say that Bundle 5 with its Senheiser headset is quite attractive.
But Bundle 1 is where its at!
u-he, fxpansion, izotope..... waaaahhh.. so many good stuff... cannot decide... anything will do for me.. :P
u-he, fxpansion, izotope..... waaaahhh.. so many good stuff... cannot decide... anything will do for me.. :P
Number 5 bundle works for me. That seems like a nice starting point to get into audio software. Plus, I'm due for some good luck.
The presonus's look cool.
Carl Carlson
Bundle 4. ABLETON....

Man...if I win I'm gonna have to watch tutorials on this stuff for all of time.
Bundle #3 is awesome, Steinberg rocks
Martin Baird
I'm most excited about Komplete 9 in Bundle #1!
Any of the bundles would be wonderful, but would love bundle 2!
It would be great to win any of the prices. I can't decide which is my favorite - bundle 1 or 2. Can one win both? ;)
I have one more month until graduation from a production degree. I'd love to get my hands on all those sweet mixing and mastering tools in bundle 3. Talk about starting out on a roll!
Bundles 1 or 2 because I would love to expand my collection of U-he products. NI Komplete would be great to have also!
Well I definitely already commented but it doesn't seem to be showing up - Bundle 1 in any case, because Komplete 9 Ultimate is in there :)
Bundle 1 hands down...NI Komplete 9!
I would have to go with bundle 3 because I NEED a new interface. the one i have is driving me crazy. spending to much time trying to make things work & not making music.
i would like to win the first package. i love NI stuff, it sounds amazing and twisted tools stuff too! its so easy to manipulate audio in realtime :)
Need that NI Complete! I need a win!

While all of the bundles contain wonderful audio production tools and software, I really like bundle 3 for its mastering tools.

I learned of Presonus Studio One while I was a student at Full Sail University and saw great potential for its use in mastering audio, especially when used in conjunction with iZotope and IK Multimedia products.

And the Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface looks very impressive as well.

A big THANK YOU to Martin, JF, and all the crew at MPV for making such timely and in depth information available to everyone who has a computer! Here's hoping! :-)
I would be happy with any of them, as long as they work on Mac!
I definitely wanna have komplete ive been wanting to get my hands on that and Maschine mk2. I love Native Instruments!
I think Bundle 2 is the most compact and i would love to have it in my collection, thanks for the contest offer, I accept
I think buddle 1 or 2 would be great to win. I really like Native Instruments and
Uhe and Fxpansion. Great software!
NI Komplete. I am doing a lot of producing these days, I need new sounds and the option of creating my own. Even if i dont win anything ,eventually I have to buy it !! It wil take me to the next level!! Bundle 1 all the way!!
NI Komplete. I am doing a lot of producing these days, I need new sounds and the option of creating my own. Even if i dont win anything ,eventually I have to buy it !! It wil take me to the next level!! Bundle 1 all the way!!
Bundle one would be an amazing addition to the home studio I am currently building. Great contest.
John Davey
The greatest prize to win would definitely be Komplete 9 Ultimate. I have been saving it for it for so long and it would be a blessing to use that money for the Heavyocity AEON collection. It sure would be an honor to win, thank you for the opportunity - this website is awesome!
NI Komplete. I am doing a lot of producing these days, I need new sounds and the option of creating my own. Even if i dont win anything ,eventually I have to buy it !! It wil take me to the next level!! Bundle 1 all the way!!
Bundle 1 is awesome. Native Instruments and U-He makes some of the best soft synths in the industry with amazing sounds and verisimilitude.
Ace Outlaw
bundle 4 for sure. great program.
Bundle 3, studio one haven't worked with it and heard many positive opinions for it.
King Porthos
The Komplete 9 Ultimate package—for me, at least—is the crême de la crême of software collections. It contains a number of individual packs that I've been drooling over for years. The awesomeness fairly drips down my screen as I read the content list. In the vernacular of the day: Dude, this package is the bomb-digetty of software packages! And if I were to win it, my Logic set-up would ROCK with sonic opulence! Word!
Bundle number 1 looks perfect for me! Already a big fan of NI and Twisted Tools. Really like to add Heavyocity to my kit!
Bundle #1 – If I won it would help me get one step closer to achieving my dreams!
would love any of the bundles!!!!! TY for the awesome giveaway!!!!
Bundle 1. To keep da groove.
I'm a huge fan both of NI and Heavyocity products, so bundles #1 or #2 would add some serious extra joy to my studio!
I'd love to have Bundle 1 because NI Komplete is the missing piece in my personal studio jigsaw to have the ultimate music-making setup!
Bundle 1, 2 or 4 would completely rock for me. I have bits of the NI and Heavyocity stuff and would LOVE to have AEON and Komplete, for sure. #4 with the DIY controller kit would be loads of fun. But then #3 has that really Steinberg interface, which would be sweet for my home studio and multiout performances... It's all good!!
Man I want bundle one. It´ll be everything I need to develop my soundtracks for games and animation!
Bundle 3 is my number 1 choice for now. I jumped in this Spring, investing in a Yamaha MOX6 keyboard synthesizer, a Breedlove acoustic, and a home studio. From there, I upgraded to Cubase 7 and joined MacProVideo for some excellent Cubase instruction from Matthew Loel T. Hepworth. I have learned so much so fast from MacProVideo, and am hugely grateful. Bundle 3 has the Steinberg UR28M Interface, as well as some serious mixing and mastering goodies. My cousin has played professionally all over the U.S., and he wants me to get Presonus Studio One and have some other Presonus add-ons, so that's the clincher for me. Let's make music live with a higher purpose, everyone. We may even save the world!
Deejay Schmeejay
Pretty hard to look past Bundle 2 - NI, Reason, U-he, Aeon... Mmmmm... yummy!
bundle 3 and 5 im likeing a bit more for what i do. I already usea lot of stienberg products so have their interface would be a great addition to my little mini studio! also i have a friend of mine that loves fruityloops, so haveing that bundle would be awesome as well!

i thank yall for offering these great products!
You guys just continue to rock with your content and availability. Hard to choose with all the awesome bundles, but I would be happy with bundle 3. Keep up the great work.
If I may, I would appreciate Bundle 4!

I am a producer/DJ and right now I would like to take my production and performance onto Ableton to max out that live essence.

Thank you for the opportunity you're giving us.

wow. what a set up. anyone would be lucky to have any of these wonderful tools to help create music and build a music future. Cheers
Clinton Beacher
Bundle #3 Absolutely...

Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface
- Love the Steinberg gear and this interface..SWEET!

IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Grand mastering suite
- I have been moving into mastering my own music and am getting requests from others to do theirs... now I need somegood gear to work with!

Presonus Studio One
Presonus is a great brand I have some of their gear already which I love. I wanted to get a copy of Studio One so I could learn it as I have heard the mastering side of the suite is PARTICULARLY nice, but also because the drag and drop has great reviews.

iZotope Mix and Master Bundle
- I have Izotope Alloy, and I use it all the time. To have Ozone as well? that would be awesome, then I can stick it on the master bus as well.

Presonus Notion 4
- As a songwriter, this is would just be a god-send.

I will dream..........
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate will be something new to explore and learn & yes it would be awesome to have one
Dude the Obscure
I'd phreaq to win package 1. Native Instruments is absolutely the BEST audio software company, bar-none. I copped their Maschine mk1 which is a perfect symbiosis of hardware and software and Reaktor when they were running that special. Their rock-solid integration is something to be envied and emulated by every other software company out there, as is their software and support. I have been twiddling my grubby little mitts for a copy of Komplete 9 Ultimate with all of its soft synths, FX plug-ins and that XHD of Samples up the wazoo for sometime now. Come-to-Daddy!
Terry Presley
Bundle #3 would be he one for me. I already own Steinbergs's Cubase but with the additions of T-Rack Gs, Personus Studio and Notion 4, along with Izotope Mix and Master suite, my studio would totally out do my twin brothers
Pro Tools studio. Even cousin Elvis would agree.
Thank and good luck to all who entered.
Kerby Chan
Bundle number 3. Especially being an amateur producer, I want to learn more about interfaces and DAWs and Plug ins. I hope this would be it!
I like
Sonic os vocalizer
And bundle one and three
All have something to offer to the sound and mix
Thx in advanced
I'd love bundle 1 because Komplete 9 ultimate and the other tools would add SO many new and exciting sounds and abilities to my electronic music-making arsenal! I also wouldn't say no to bundle 4 as I think I'm the only person who doesn't have a copy of Ableton yet!
Wow those are some awesome bundles. I would love to upgrade my setup to live 9 or komplette 9 ultimate but i have to go with bundle 3 since my setup is lacking mastering tools and the Steinberg UR28M would be sexy to have aswell :)
Yeah bundle #3 is what seems to be flirting with me :)
Bundle #1 would be my first pick for sure, just due to the amazing sounds in Komplete. #3 would be second just due to loving Studio One and other PreSonus Products!
Bundle 2 is killer! Would love to get NI Komplete and specially Reason 7, i'm still using Reason 4:( Heavyocity AEON Collection would be a huge bonus to have as well! This stuff would really help me in becoming a better equipped small studio owner!
Bundle #3... the mastering software would be incredibly productive! I'm looking forward to digging into some resources here.
Because of damage and komplete 9 ultimate, I have to go with the bundle I. All the included sound banks are what I'm after to enhance my next creations!
I would love either NI Komplete 9, the standard version or the Ultimate.. both would be awesome for me cause i'm a Native Instruments freak and a sound design enthusiast, so I love creating new sounds and playing with them. Also Reason 7 would be great I've used Reason 4 in the past and it's quite fun to play around with the connections, also you get to understand how things work a little bit more, it's quite interesting.
And i'm also pretty excited about the iZotope Mix & Master Bundle, specially cause i've been wanting to get Ozone for so long, I'm an audio engineer student atm and still quite new to mastering. But those would be great for my home studio. The T-racks would also make me very happy for the same reason.
Bundles! Yes please.
Hi, I am most excited to win one of the 5 Grand Prizes of Komplete 9 Ultimate, u-he Synth Bundle, FXpansion BFD3, Heavyocity Damage, Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted! It would be awesome to have all of those tools to make music with! Honestly, I would be thrilled to have any prize. Excellent new site! Great resource for musicians and I appreciate the opportunity to win some awesome prizes. PJ RUSACK
I personally would like to get Bundle 3.

I've worked on Studio One Pro as well so that's a catch defintely. I'm excited about the Steingberg UR28M, T-RackS CS Grand and iZotope package. I've been reading up on mixing and mastering (iZotope Mastering Guide) recently because I plan to help out an indie artist friend to mix her songs so the two software package are stand outs, especially the Alloy 2.

Make my day guys! :)
Bundle #2 would be my choice. I am a Reason user and I would especially love the u-he rack extensions. I just found out about the contest by email 10 minutes ago. It would be great to win!
I like #1 bundle ueeeeeeeee
I'm most excited about reason 7, I'm still on reason 4
Bundle #1 is Awesome but looking at all of the these bundles I'm loving all of them, it be awesome if I won no matter what bundle it is.

Great Stuff - Thanks
I personally would like to get Bundle 3.

I've worked on Studio One Pro as well so that's a catch defintely. I'm excited about the Steingberg UR28M, T-RackS CS Grand and iZotope package. I've been reading up on mixing and mastering (iZotope Mastering Guide) recently because I plan to help out an indie artist friend to mix her songs so the two software package are stand outs, especially the Alloy 2.

Make my day guys! :)
I am excited most about the Komplete 9 Ultimate I work at Guitar Center and I'm a songwriter/Music Producer and I have been drooling over it since we got it in 😩 I want it soooo bad I really Need those sounds I know It'll take my music to the next level! 🙏 Please God let me win Komplete 9 Amen
Hola Amigos, me gusta el paquete Nº 3 por el Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface. yo trabajo con CUBASE y me gustaría también trabajar con los hardware de la misma empresa . me parece que me ayudara la compatibilidad.
Excited by all of them ! 8^)
Because, they are all about sound and music ! 8^)
Well I have terrible luck with contests like this, so absolutely anything from this awesome list of prizes would be incredible to win! Definitely most interested in Komplete Ultimate and the macProVideo 1 year sub.
I would love to win bundle 1! Great stuff in that one. Komplete 9 Ultimate alone would be worth it!
Bundle 1 with K9 Ultimate is my top pick! Mainly because of the insane amount of sounds that would allow me to compose music for film, video games and straight fun. Also all of the other bundled plugins make this a super combo pack that makes my head implode with the possibilities. =)
These packages are SICK. I need to take my Producing game to the next level, and these would be the best way to do that. The one I am most excited about is NI Komplete. Those plug-ins could really take my mastering to another level.
Bundle 1 with NI 9 and twisted tools and BFD!! great job ASK team !!!
I would love to win the third pack to really hone my mastering!
I've been working a second job for several months now to save up for Komplete 9 Ultimate, Heavyocity's Damage, and u-he's Zebra. The type of music that I'm passionate about contains big, brash percussion and epic analogue synths. The opportunity to have access to this software would be a blessing, for whoever is fortunate enough to be selected for Bundle #1.

Every time that Heavyocity's Damage and Evolve are used to their full potential, a puppy goes to heaven.
B Cox
Bundle number 3 is the standout for me, Izotope and IK Multimedia make fantastic mixing tools and I'm excited to see what Presonus do with Notion as they've already made leaps and bounds for DAW software with Studio One.
I'm voting for Bundle 1. NI is a great developer, and Kontakt is a great tool + I know and run Zebralette and Podolski synths from U-He in my Ableton.
Jol Audet
What a great time to renew my home studio. Bundle 3 seems to me an oportunity to concrete my decision to put more time on compositions and up-value my new bachelor PA. But I will take any of them.
Music IS life :)
I would love to get Bundle 1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate ! It has almost everything for someone who is new into the music industry! In NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, it has synths, cinematic instruments, drum, bass and piano! Wow, all essential instruments could be found here ! It would be awesome and amazing to be able to get that bundle and start making more good sounding music!
Kevin Kowal
All the bundles look great but Bundel 1 Komplete Ultimate would be the ultimate choise for me! With all 65 instruments and effects plugins, a 370 GB samples hard drive and 16,000 sounds!!!-I will be able to take over the universe
on 16th note at a time
As most of my pro brothers and sisters on here, I'd be most honored and blessed to receive the first package, though my eye is also on the second package. I've used Reason rewired into Logic and Pro Tools for years. Now that everything is 64 bit, Reason 7 would be a great addition to my project studio.....

Though Komplete 9 Ultimate would be nice too. Best of luck to all of you!
It's pretty hard to pick just one, I'd really love to get my hands on T-RackS and iZotope, so I'd love bundle 3, and I love SoundForge, and find Audacity frustrating, but am boycotting Sony IP (I'll use it, just won't pay for it), so I'd love bundle 4 too (though I've already got Ableton 9 Suite). But ultimately, well, I've been wanting Heavyocity Damage since months before it was even released, and I'd love to check out NI Komplete but don't really want to invest in another DAW, so I'd go with bundle 1.
Ableton Live bundle is the bomb!
Bundle 1, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate ! It has almost everything I need! It would be a dream come true! :D
Its a tie between komplete ultimate 9 and bfd 3!!I love drum plugins!
davy goldschmitz
$10,000 Party Contest because I always can use new software
Sing Ern
Bundle 1!
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate $999
u-he Synth Bundle $477
FXpansion BFD3 $349
Heavyocity Damage $299
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted $287

I don't have any NI stuff other than Kontakt 5. Would love to get my hands on many other NI libraries! Would totally make my day!
Definitely the NI Komplete 9 ultimate! An amazing production suite!
Jol Audet
Great time to renew my home studio. Bunble 3 seems to me a good opportunity to up-value my recently bachelor PA. I will take any bunble with enthousiasme.
Music IS life!
For me bundle 1 . NI Komplete 9 Ultimate has been on the top of my wish list for quite some time. Would be amazing to win any of the bundles but if I have a choice Bundle 1.
I'd honestly love to win any of the bundles! Komplete 9 Ultimate is any composer's dream, which makes Bundle #1 appealing. And I have been dying to use some of the u-he instruments. I would be happy to win anything. I haven't won anything like this before so it would be great either way.
Mario S
Bundle 2 for me!! Because of Reason and the NI instruments!! Reason is such a great tool for musicians!! A complete studio full of sounds in your hands!!
With what type of sound lab that I have the bundle #1 would really update as well as upgrade the labs performance, generating a deeper yet totally compromised sound that would prompt industry individuals challenged would seek!, that no other DAW software compare too!.
I'd like Bundle 1 because I work a lot with solo artists who need a lot of BFD drums and NI Komplete 9 soft instruments to fill out the arrangements of their tracks.
crazy contest!!, huge prize!, hope can win one of the prize..., all the best for you!!
Native INstrument, U-he, Heavyocity, Fxpansion, Twisteed tools, Propellerhead, Presonus, IK Multimedia, Steinberg, Izotope, Ableton, Sony, Livid, Wave Alchemy, FL Studio, Sennheiser, Air, Sonivox....THE HALL OF FAME, indeed !
bEvo_xP Musik
Awesome contest! All the the prizes are great anything would be nice to have and a great addition to my studio!
Soy un modesto usuario del daw de fl estudio
desde q tenia 15 años mas o menos,
con la version 3 Pase buenos momentos
creando pequeñas secuencias con su poderoso step sequencer y el ahora play list q incluye control live mode y
automap en su version actual.
Increíble es emocionante tentar la suerte de poder llevarme algun premio
son todos muy buenos paquetes (Sennheiser, Air Music, SONiVOX Vocalizer)
pero algo q me gustaria probar es la nueva deckadance siempre la eh visto por ahi y me ah llamado mucho la atencion su interfaz y de lo q puede llegar a hacer :D
Paul G
While I would be happy to win anything at all, I think that bundle 3 would best suit my needs because for me the hardest part is getting the vocals recorded properly, and I could really use that Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface to clear up the latency issues that my shoestring budget creates. Thanks.
Paul G
Los Angeles
Bundle 1 is a killer!! komplete ultimate & u-he stuff is great!
All of these bundles are great!
Bundle #1 would be perfect with BFD3 and Komplete Ultimate and U-he synths
90% of what I do is created in the box and this bundle would be killer!
HI, I am from India and I would want Bundle #3.. I am a struggling producer with no financial support and have to work with things that i can afford.. izotope, presonus have always been in my wish list.. but sadly i cannot afford to buy them.. So bundle #3 would be a dream come true for me... For the first time in my life i would actually own something that is really super cool and super awesome.. Thanks.. keeping my fingers crossed!!!
As a growing producer, ANY of these bundles would be a great addition to my arsenal of tools. MacProVideo has been one of the greatest assets to my career over the past 6-7 years?!?! and I don't know where I would be without their innovative tutorials. Thanks MPV for all that you do!
Scott Lehman
Bundle 3, I just started a recording business and those mastering plugins would really give me more money to spend els where like on mics and rent lol. Mac Pro video, I could not have done it without you
Bundle 3 and 4 as they contain everything I don't have.
Bundle ONE... is Bun-duh-Won-duh-ful !!!!
bundle1 ….just all in one!!!!!
Winning NI Complete (from Bunde 2) will make me involve far away the limits of my live music.
Bundle 1, because is very big!
I have the Kontakt 9 Ultimate, but man there are a lot of great prizes here. Some have done there home work. Great work ASK.

I'm getting giddy with it, just thinking about it.
Izak Van Ward
I already feel like a winner just knowing about MacProVideo and AskAudio. Winning a year subscription to MPV would save me some money and feed my brain but winning Bundle one would save me much more and feed my passion!
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and the u-he synths.
The most important prizes for me? NI Komplete Ultimate and BFD 3. I'm dying to see what new stuff has fxpansion to offer. Been a BFD2 user for ages. But, any prize will be very welcome!
I would love to win Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate because I'm at Oktoberfest and just saw there's only 24 hours left to enter, so I must do it now! But seriously, I have Komplete 6 and it's awesome, I can only imagine what I could do with Komplete 9 Ultimate! Happy Oktoberfest, everyone, tiki toki, tiki toki, hoy hoy hoy! :)
Honestly, any of these bundles is more then enough to satisfy any producer. Whether your a novice or professional producer, at home or in a million dollar studio. I'll be excited no matter what because it will pack my library with a vast array of sounds and instruments, effects and mixing tools. Anybody would be lucky to receive a gift of this calibre.
Would be most excited about Sony Sound Forge Pro - to up the game of my recordings!
Bundle 1 for me Thank You!
Bundle 1, because of NI Ultimate!!!
I have been producing for about a year now and I love all Electronic music. I have decided to dedicate my life to it. It makes me happy, it makes others happy, and I want to share with everyone. I would love to have the bundle #1 that includes NI Komplete Ultimate and the U-he synth package. I have tried out many of these and I love them. They would add so much to my arsenal, and make my productions so much better. I don't have a ton of money to spend on gear right now, so it would be such a blessing. Hope I win! :)
All of the bundles sound absolutely awesome. I would go for the #5 though. I'd love to get the FL studio (tried it before and would love to mess around with it some more) and the Sennheiser Momentum Headphones!
bundle 3... YES PLEASE!! ;)
I love to have bundle 1, everything to finish my arctic project
To be honest, most of us would not even scratch the surface of any of these bundles. My personal vote would be for bundle #two. Between all the synthesizer plugs and native management samples, I can't imagine running out of things to explore. But to put a cherry on top, the aeon bundle sounds devastating. My thanks goes out to all you guys!
Bundle number 2 for this Logic Pro x user! More creative tools, som of the, twisted!
Bundle#1,because it`s time to hand over my musical creativity to my kids and let them introduce to the great NI Komplete Ultimate and U-he products and the other great software to be won and then my kids can go crazy on their home made music!
Bundle #5 is pretty attractive for me: I'd like to get a chance to switch t FL studio and new headphones would be nice %))))
Bundle 3, bacause I definitly need a new audio interface. And who could say no to Izotope?
Juan Fragoso
As Sound Designer, Bundle 1 is the perfect tool(s) to bring any Film or Video game to life.
All awesome bundles. got me sorted with Logic 8 & then Logic Pro 9. now I could really use Bundle#1 to enhance my home studio gear.

Good luck to me :-)

Sheldon Lawrence
I like bundle 4 because I want to give Ableton to someone who cannot afford it. The other things in the bundle look interesting to me, too. The chances of me winning anything are pretty close to zero, but if I enter enough contests, someday, maybe something will come through. Here's hoping!
excited bout the steinberg interface and ni-ultimate bundle! make me a winneeer! ;)

thanks a lot!

music is life.
I would be greatful for this Opprotunity to win Bundle 2 because I am a Die hard Reason and Native Instrument Fan and with U he and heavyocity for even more sounds to explore Would take my production to Infinity and beyond and with all this software I could finally let the world hear my imagination Thanks AAM for this beautiful Opprotunity
Bundle 1 would be a blessing. As a budding 30 year old producer, bills are frequent and money is tight. The NI Komplate Ultimate and u-he synth bundle would have to be my #1 choices. Thank you for the opportunity!
I use NI, Heavocity, Ableton, and Mac Pro Video all the time. All are killer!!!
I'd love any bundle, great competition, you guys are the best!

(5 lucky winners will get one of these super bundles!)

Bundle 1 ($2411) Because i need it Komplete for my assignments as a broke a** audio student. Plus i love Komplete and its preset sounds it would further myself to become a better producer.

Bundle 3 is my favorite....Izotope and IK Mulimedia the greatest
I would like to win a set number one.NI Komplete 9 Ultimate. ULTIMATE - One of the best Vsti & Plugins.Great sound and a variety of instruments & samples.
u-he Synth Bundle - сontains unusual sounds and helps to create own unique sound. Zebra is the best. FXpansion BFD3 - helps me handle the drums, especially the bass drum. It turns out very good and powerful sound. Heavyocity Damage - Never used these sounds, but I want to try. The demo on the site is very impressive. Super modern sound.
Twisted Tools - Totally Twisted - I'd like to use these sounds in my own tracks.
I would like to win this bundle number 1.
They will help me to create your own unique sound to the my tracks, which are then hear the whole world)
Thank you for your contest.
Best regards!Aleksey.
I would be very happy if I win Bundle 1 or bundle 3 !!!
Good luck !!!
I don't care, as long as I've won something..
They are all nice, but Komplete 9 Ultimate would be awesome. I've heard nothing back great things about Komplete.
Bjorn Thorleifs
I honestly cant decide between Bundle 1 and 2, both are so incredible and would make my life as poor student/artist become so much easier.
I would love to win bundle 1, because I am so excited for BFD 3 which I think will be awesome. AND U-he synths are just the best.
James McGuffie
Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate would be everything u'd ever need on the mac. I'd love to be the lucky owner.
Whoooooooooooo ! bunble one!!!! native instruments addict !!!! great sounds, so many possibilities, incredible Kontakt !!!!! incredible sounds
I d love to win anything! and all the prizes look great although particularly a big fan of the komplete mega bundles and livid interface/controller
Can't see my comment so I'm posting again. Bundle 1 for the win!
bundle 5, because I,m just a begginer, whereas, I always wanted to do music, but I never had the money for doing that...So please that will help me a looooooot!!! ;)
I also know a little bit about Fruit Loop, and about the Sennheiser, who seems to be very cooool, and very complete. I don't know the others software but they seem to be very usefull, and professional...
Thanks to every partners and to askaudiomag for doing this contest, that's very very nice and good luck for everyone! ;D
Bundle 1 - Please
I can afford a DAW anyday, but its the Quality - Plugins, VST's, Effects, Sound Banks, etc.. that i wont be able to afford and even if i somehow get them all; it will create a deep hole in my pocket.

I see that Bundle-1 has everything i need to become the best music composer in the world; so please give me Bundle-1

cheers :-)
I would like to win any bundle really, but wll be satisfied with Bundle 2 or3.The IKA multimedia bundle iZotope mix and mastering bundle, all just sound good. Can Do so much with that bundle.
would love to win trip to space but if not any of bundle 1 or 4 will do it .until now i work with logic which i like but the new version X (dark side) somehow pushes me into dilemma to start to learn Ableton .NI instruments rocks so hey .
Bundle 2.The combination of Komplete 9 and Propellerhead Reason 7,Completes me. I'll have all the tools to make music,and enough goodies to
tweak to my hearts content.THIS is the Komplete truth!!!
I've been waiting AEONs for something like Bundle 2 to come along. For me it has the Komplete package - and it is incredibly Reason-able for the wonderful Ask Audio peeps to give it away. Me, u-he and she can all benefit from this generous offer.

...(I'll get me coat)...
Bundle 1 is the killer for me and I would love to win it. I'm interested
in Heavyocity Damage and NI Komplete 9 Ultimate.
I would love to win Bundle 4. I spend a lot of time editing waveforms, and layering to make soundscapes, so SFP and Spectralayers would be a natural progression for me. I have also been looking to work with Ableton for a while, being a fan of it's real-time workflow. WA Complete Drums would give my drum sample library a much needed boost, and the Brain Jr Omni Kit looks awesome - I love building things and an easily portable MIDI controller would be fun.
Number 1 is a killer bundle. Lately I tend to stick to Fabfilters and Native Instruments plugins only and I did not upgrade my Komplete Ultimate 8 to version 9 yet so I would go for bundle 1. I also own some Twisted tools stuff and they make great ensembles. S-Layer delivers particularly interesting results.
Bundle 4 is the clear winner for me - Ableton Live is the best tool for creating and performing live music onstage.
I like Bundle # 3.
The only bundle I'd like to have is number 1, mainly because of NI suite, I d'love to have one...
Bundle 1 looks best to me,
NI Komplete don't come for free,.
Twisted Tools for mangling Sound,
The u-he Synths are the best around!

BFD will fill my fill,
Of super drums that sound so real.
For me though Damage is the one,
This package looks like so much fun!!

I love MPV and I love everything associated with them because you are allowing us to become masters from the comfort of our own Home. I learnt more about Logic 9 with Steve H before I started my degree than I have in the entire 2 years I have been studying! It's insane! For that I have endless gratitude and appreciation for you guys.

I have just purchased a new Mac Pro for my final year of Uni (Studying 'Music and Sonic Media') and winning this package would make everything just so perfect. My fingers are crossed and I am sending out my strongest positive intentions to the Universe. Whoever wins I am sure will be so happy : )

:) :) :) MPV Forever :) :) :)

Peace, Light, Love and Blessings to All Beings.
I hope you all win the packages that you need most!

∆∆agic ƒind
Bundle 3 for me! Could do with a new interface and some mastering software..

Really cool bundles!

I'm most exited about the u-he Synth Bundle. I've seen the Hans Zimmer Interview were he talks about his work with Zebra. It must be a great synth, its sound design capabilities must be endless. And if it comes with Diva and Ace ... just awesome :-)
Anything with Native Instruments please for my scoring projects!
Bundle 3 for me! Could do with a new interface and some mastering software...

It is difficult to choose. All are great !
Fiston K
I think this is a very brilliant idea has made for supplying these bundles to winners, I like bundle 3 and I just hope I should win and get it.
Bundle 1 - to have that vast wealth of sounds at my fingertips would just be incredible.
I would like to have bundle 1 because it has all that i dont have!!!hehehe
I only have live 8 and a novation controler and it would be a great upgrade to my setup!!
I wish all the best askaudio mag!!!
#4 Ableton!
Bundle 1, even if it was just for the NI Komplete 9 Ultimate alone.
All bundles are very interesting and exciting ! But I have to admit that number one and two are my favorites. The NI Komplete 9 has been haunting my dreams for a very long time now...
I wouldn't have been writing my comment here if Image-Line was not a part of me & my Life! Before FL Studio, every sound was scattered all over my mind and since after my birth to Image-Line, I'm connected to the multiverse of sound, rhythm, creativity. Image-Line is Life-Line! I'd love to win anything (and everything) that can be used inside FLS. Great work guys.
Still dreaming about the first bundle, eeh... someday :)
any hardware would be nice, headphones to replace my beyer
Hello giks,
each bundle is only worth if we master elements included , whatever bundle ! This is where good tutorials/reading/community help, as ask audio mag helps , reading the iPad version for several months. So as I have to say which one and why here is my selection the reason why
- the bundle one is heavy and covers all production dimensions (from composing to polishing a mix)
And why ?
- I love learning challenges !

All the best,
Really awesome bundle!!!!
The Komplete Ultimate woiuld be great, and the u-he fx looks real nice, too!
Bundle 4 x Ableton Live 9 = My choice!
Mike Leonard
I'd like bundle three for the simple reason it has the most things I don't already have.
Damn! I should have entered this sooner! I would be most excited to receive the one year subscription to MPV, as I really enjoy the tutorials there. Of the bundle deals, there all quite awesome but I'd choose Bundle 1 for NI Complete Ultimate, or Bundle 3 for the iZotope plugs. Fingers crossed, eh?
What I would love to win is the Bundle #1 package.

This might sound cheezy, but sure is a true telling and a big dream that continues to live inside of me.

I've always been driven by music, playing music, listening to music - CREATING music.

I've literally spent all my money on studio stuff to get going in the best possible and legit way.

Ever since I was 15 I've dreamt of having access to all of these high quality acoustic drums, percussions, strings, real sounding pianos and expensive synthesizers. But my wallet never liked me in my buyings and always were low and sad - she simply set my limit. My family didn't really understand my music interest and didn't support me with money. Actually we're pretty poor (not mega poor but average poor). I'm now 24 and I'm working my ass off to afford things like this.

Ever since my grandfather died, I decided to make my dreams come true and I also promised him to follow my feelings and what I enjoy doing the most, because he once told me that life is too short to not follow your dreams. Music is my true dream and I've spent hours and hours (YEARS) practicing piano and learning synthesis. And seriously I won't ever stop with that.

I see this chance as a HUGE opportunity to make that dream come true.

Therefore I would really love to win Bundle #1 because I simply love all instruments and effects that NI complete includes. I'm also a huge fan of epic cinematic stuff, which this package absolutely covers aswell.

I've always bought FXpansion's stuff such as Guru, Geist, Etch and much more. Although I've never afford the BFD3. It's a huge quality drum library that would be a pleasure to work with.

Aswell as u-he which does amazing stuff. Zebra2 is an amazing synth, ACE also, and their effects!!

HeavyOcity Damage is probably the biggest and best sounding percussion library I've heared of EVER. I think it's character and quality is simply amazing. And I've read that the guys at HeavyOcity worked years to sample these sounds, by crashing cars, windows, breaking wood and stuff and recording it.

It might sound cheezy, but they all deserve the money they require to buy these products, as they really contain high-quality sounds. But for a person like me which barely can buy new clothes, it just won't happen without winning something like this.

I thank you guys alot for this opportunity! It's amazing you guys have such contests giving out highquality stuff.

May the lucky one win this dream package.
Alan John Acredale Studios Eyem
As a small, two-man start-up studio, any of these bundles would provide us with resources that we simply could not otherwise aspire to and which would have a terrific impact on our ambitions: on what we are able to explore and achieve; on the quality that we can aim for - in the short- and medium-term. We're crossing fingers (and virtually everything else!).
I'd totally freak out no matter which bundle I won
For me bundle 2 or bundle 1.
Thanks for your effort.
I would love to win the Komplete Ultimate package. Then I would be able to do almost any kind of music in my small home studio :)
Bundle 4: Ableton Live is such a great DAW for remixing and creating music in a different and inspiring way tahn Logic which I'm using today. Would love to build my own MIDI Controller with Livid Instruments kit.
Bundle 5 because I could really use FL Studio but any of the bundles would be nice.
Michael Hanson
I would like to win bundle 1 or bundle 2 because it would compliment my pro work very much. Especially because of the komplete-9-ultimate and the Reason 7. I would like to use these sounds and EFXon my releases.

I'm starting collage next week studying Music Production for Games. Bundle 4 has everything I need to get me started, a DAW, an audio editor ,some great sound design tools and a cooler than cool controller. The perfect tools for my journey into game audio.
Anthony Tru-nature
These are all great bundles and would add some incredible value to any winners studio set-up. And as hard as making a choice is, I'd go for BUNDLE 1.
I currently use Logic Pro 9 (and thanks to MVP, recently Logic Pro X) and FL Studio. I used to run FLS via bootcamp, but now it's got a beta version on mac and I'm loving it even more. I use the Komplete 8 package along with my DAWs, so based on this I'd go for BUNDLE 1.

NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
u-he Synth Bundle
FXpansion BFD3
Heavyocity Damage
Twisted Tools

The Native Instrument collection is absolutely mind blowing, and thanks to AskAudio and MPV, everyday I'm finding out crazy, new and interesting ways to be creative. It's astonishing what can be done with NI.
Heavyocity's Damage is also on another level, with it's amazing soundscapes, and ethereal sounds, creatively using these could see a production breaking new grounds, sonically. The fact is, because of the NI package and Damage (amongst others), I'm looking at furthering my learning into music for motion pictures (that'll be something).
I've always admired the sounds from the u-he Diva; and having the synth bundle............... well, would be something.
Then there's FXpansion. I was at their stand this month at the 2013 Producer Sessions in London, and I'm very impressed. It is one of my goals to have their BFD series and some of their effects wares.
Then there's the amazing sampler and effects from Twisted Tools.
I feel a bit greedy hoping to win all these; but, well, if AskAudio's providing, I'm here all the way.
My girlfriend is an enthusiast in making EDM music, I hope any of these bundles will give her a big incentive and surprise. =)
Mr Magnu
Package One.

Komplete Ultimate is; ULTIMATE! Just dying to have this to my collection and the tools would benefit me in making the sounds the way I imagine them to sound like.

The other kits/packs in the first pack is just a BIG bonus, getting tons of tweakable synths, sounds and WICKED opportunities to create ''that''sound!
Shurman martin
Bundle 1 because of Ni komplete 9 ultimate and u-he synth bundle. Producing is my passion and my productions are getting better and stronger each day, i'm sure that this bundle would give a boost to that sound the instruments need.
I still can't believe that these prices are given away.

Thanks for all the great tutorials and speakers! I love them
Amazing competition!! Bundle 1 would be awesome (as would Bundle fact any of the Bundles would be mind blowing!). Komplete 9 has so many amazing sounds and instruments that I can't imagine ever needing anything else in the future! So many possibilities!!
Bundle 1 with NI Komplete 9 & FXpansion BFD3 would be a great improvement for my studio.
give me it or the puppy dies!
Native Instruments sets the standard, so Bundle 1 would be my pick. The Sennheiser headphones in Bundle 5 would be very welcomed as well!
I'm on any bundle, but the first one could be nice, it would help me to be a more komplete producer lol
I'd love to get my hands on the bundle 1! All the other bundles seem cool, too.
Bundle 1 for me, thanks! It would help me to be a more komplete producer
Francis 7
Bundle 3 is the one for me. I've already got most of NI's wonderful stuff including the Heavyocity plug ins. I am tempted by u-He though. However, I'd like to try the mastering software from IK Multimedia & Izotope. Already dabbled with a bit of software from those two companies. As for the Steinberg interface & Presonus, I'm still happy with my Apogee Duet and Logic Pro X is prettty darned good, however, my nephew is a budding musician and he certainbly would appreciate a nice interface and cool software to take him to the next level. We'll probably end up recording together when he gets his license. Got to keep the musing going for the next generation.
I'd like to win bundle 1 because of Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate. Those Native Instruments are absolutely awesome. Guess no one doubts - they are number one on the market! Looking forward to winning it!!!
wow! this is a serious softwares lottery. bundle #2 would be highly appreciated because of the reason 7, heavyocity aeon collection. the u-he looks promising too... i didn't mention Komplete just because i'm already using it!
I would go for Bundle 2 - I use Reason and think it's a great product!
HI - I would love bundle 4! I could create so much with this bundle and also make my own controller - how far out is that. superb!
I'm just starting out on my Mac using Garageband and a Live version that cam with my APC40 so I would be excited to win the daily prize (MacProVideo).
However, when it comes to the bundles I'd go for Bundle 1 because of Komplete (Bundle 2 would be great as well but I don't need Reason7)
Bundle 1 or 2 - Heavyocity and Twisted Tools gear would be awesome!
Robin Kormendi
Bundle 2!!! NI Komplete 9 is something I have been longing for ever since I purchased my Maschine mk2 with 7 expansion libraries. Native Instruments has super good sounding, and super flexible VST instruments. Their software combined with the knowledge I continuously soak up from AskVideo made me able to produce my songs exactly the way I have them in my mind. No matter how little time I have for music on a daily basis, AskVideo helps me to spend that time very efficiently, thank you!
I would really like to have Brain Junior because I love tinkering and designing - I would create a really cool face.plate and use that to control Ableton Live - a DAW I am currently exploring... BTW Live 9 would be also a great prize to win and The Monitors from M-Audio would be also neat. Good Luck to all of us!
I would really like to have Brain Junior because I love tinkering and designing - I would create a really cool face.plate and use that to control Ableton Live - a DAW I am currently exploring... BTW Live 9 would be also a great prize to win and The Monitors from M-Audio would be also neat. Good Luck to all of us!
Robin Kormendi
Bundle 1 or 2!!! NI Komplete 9 is something I have been longing for ever since I purchased my Maschine mk2 with 7 expansion libraries. Native Instruments has super good sounding, and super flexible VST instruments. Their software combined with the knowledge I continuously soak up from AskVideo made me able to produce my songs exactly the way I have them in my mind. No matter how little time I have for music on a daily basis, AskVideo helps me to spend that time very efficiently, thank you!
I would be totally stoked winning any of these tasty packages. Thanks for making such a great competition. I would be happy winning any of the Bundles...
i'd go for the first prize, as this is a social capaign you're having here. it should be called "Keeping kids off the street". only reading the manuals for that stuff would take like two months. i'm hooked, i need this, man!

Bundle 1 with the Native Instruments Complete. This is such an awsome collection of instruments, effects and plugins, I tested it at a friend's home studio and it blew my mind. Am currently unable to afford it, so winning this one would be a big help to build up my own music production.
I might be greedy, but if I win the grand prize, I'll be gravy!

I would love to win the Grand Prize Bundle 1 because I'm looking to upgrade my Komplete 6 to the Ultimate 9.

The u-he Synth Bundle, FXpansion BFD3, Heavyocity Damage and Twisted Tools would be the icing on the cake, or as I like to call it... extra gravy!

Congrats with the new launch and thank you for this amazing contest!
PJ Gibbs
Bundle 2 For Me..

Propellerhead Reason and Native Instruments Komplete 9 = Enough Said! :)