This Ableton Live Sequencer Creates Music Patterns based On Animal Population Behavior Equation

This free Max for Live sequence generator isn't like any other sequencer. Based on an equation that models animal population behavior it creates compelling or chaotic IDM sequences in Ableton Live.  

Logisitic isn't an easy Max for Live sequencer to write about, but it's a lot easier and more satisfying to play with.

What makes LOGISTIC stand out from the crowd of other seqeuncers is that it utillises a very different chaotic model. In fact, it's perfect for IDM and music that really plays away from the traditional four to the floor. Logistic is based on an equation that predicts animal population behavior, also called the Logistic Equation. Despite its simplicity, the logistic equation can generate complex behavior that becomes chaotic (you can find more details here).

This sequencer was initially made by, and for, Marco Cisi (also known as hate fish). He tells us he is quite interested
in IDM and has created many “weird” melodies and atmospheres in the genre with tools like LOGISTIC.

Logistic musical sequencer - max for live

After experimenting with LOGISTIC Marco decided to share it and added a cool “screen” to visualise what is going on under the hood.

He tells us "the most important parameter of LOGISTIC is the “chaos parameter”. For values < 3 the LOGISTIC outputs repetitive sequences but, for values > 3.57 LOGISTIC becomes unstable and generates chaotic sequence. The interesting thing is that the sequences are not random, they tend to stay as close as possible to a trajectory, this way LOGISTIC generate sequences that sounds more like subtle variations.

We think LOGISTIC is a very interesting and inspiring musical tool for Ableton Live users. What do you think? 

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LOGISTIC demonstrates some of the issues with using chaos equations in that they quickly degenerate to static sequences. As noted you need to use values for the chaos parameter greater that 3.57 to more interesting sequences. At values 1 2 or 3 the sequences are single or double repeating notes.

The sequencer does not generate rests and the octave range is spread over 4 to five octaves which does give it a specific style but this limits is application.

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