These Adidas Roland TR-808 Shoes Look Great & Make Beats

These fab Mi Adidas concept trainers not only bring the Roland TR-808 design to life for your feet, but they also play actual beats too. Sonic shoes? We wonder if these will become "a thing"...
Editor's Note: The designers of the Adidas TR-808 shoes have just released an audio demo of the patterns their concept shoes will play. Listen here.

Trainers. Sneakers. Shoes. Kicks. Synths. Sequencers. Drum machines. Beats.

Here's what happens when the world's most iconic drum machine, the Roland TR-808, influences the design of trainers (kickers) by one of the world's most famous footwear brands, Adidas. This custom concept/prototype for Mi Adidas by Neely & Daughters combines the style and design of Roland and Adidas in a rather fierce looking pair of street shoes.

But, we're told, as comfy and trendy as they might look to wear, the Mi Adidas also pack a rhythmic punch too. Yes, these trainers can make beats. "The shoes are equipped with volume control and six different pre-programmed settings so you can recreate your favorite scenes from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo in your mom and dad’s kitchen on a broke down cardboard box from Costco."

The official name for this concept pair of Kicks is Mi Adidas TR-808 (Disturbing the Peace).

But the big question is whether you'd wear a pair of these shoes? And if you did, would you feel comfortable playing beats on them?

It would be excellent if you could connect these to the Roland AIRA TR-8 and download patterns and sounds to the shoes to play back. Maybe that's a step too far at this stage?

Now we want TB-303 trainers...

We're also not sure whether these concept TR-808 trainers are deisgned with built-in speakers or wireless bluetooth headphones or speakers in mind. They're defiitely not analog... either way, if these did catch on, the squeak from these shoes wouldn't mean the soles need repairing! (sic)

Now... if only they'd design complimentary Adidas TB-303 Acid Bass slippers... 

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Editor's Note: The designers of the Adidas TR-808 shoes have just released an audio demo of the patterns their concept shoes will play. Listen here.



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