Roland Releases TR-8S 1.03 Update, Fixes Tempo Sync Issue, New Improvements

Do you remember that minor tempo sync bug affecting some Roland TR-8S drum machines when five faders were moved at once? Well, Roland just fixed this via the new 1.03 firmware update!  

On 19 March 2018 Sunshine Jones made public news on two bugs affecting select Roland TR-8S units. One of these issues invovled a a tempo sync issue when five or more faders were moved simultaneously.

We're pleased to report that Roland has been working hard on resolving this and has put out an update minutes ago that resolves this and corrects other minor issues too.

Sunshine Jones got in touch and has released two videos to show how Roland have made things right for the new TR-8S Rhythm Performer drum machine.

Video 1 from Sunshine Jones:

"Firmware 1.03 corrects a bug which previously made the trigger outputs with certain devices a complete debacle.
Now it works like a bloody champ!"

Video 2 from Sunhine Jones:

"The 1.03 update addresses the multi fader clock interruption and allows us to move all the faders (as many as we can) as fast as we can, and the clock remains stable and solid. So awesome."

Here's what's new with the free 1.03 TR-8S firmware update:

Functionality Improvements

  • Performance when a number of level faders are operated simultaneously has been improved.
  • The required time and the timing of kit switching that occurs when PATTERN are changed has been improved.
  • The pulse waveform when outputting a trigger-out pulse from the ASSIGNABLE OUT/TRIGGER OUT jacks has been improved.
  • Other minor improvements in operation were made.

Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.

  • When the external clock is in operation, effects fail to correctly synchronize with the tempo.
  • Other minor bugs.

If you were concerned as you saw yourself using 5 faders simultaneously (unlikely for 90% of us) then this latest update for the TR-8S can put your mind to rest!

Go to the downloads and updates page for the TR-8S here to find out more about the TR-8S 1.03 update including details on how to peform the update. 

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