Mixonset Is An Award-Winning App For Lazy DJs!!

Are you a lazy DJ? Would you prefer to sit back and let an app do the heavy lifting DJ, beat matching, track selection work for you while you drink, smoke or talk to friends? This app is for you then!  

New music app startup, Mixonset, is revolutionising DJing by letting users create seamless mixes from their Spotify playlists with a single tap. It's as easy as ‘shuffling’ a playlist. Their app gets rid of the biggest roadblock for DJing, which is how difficult, expensive, and time-consuming it is to mix music.

CEO Zeyu is an AI and DJ expert and combined his experiences to build this DJ app. They were recognised as one of the most innovative media companies in Canada by winning StartupFest's Videotron Disruptive Content Prize.

Mixonset uses AI to replicate how a DJ mixes music by beat-matching all the songs in your playlist and giving your songs a nice order so that every song flows perfectly. They've DJ'd for parties of 1,000 people and nobody could tell that the DJ was just an app!

If you’re a lazy DJ and want to make your party sound amazing, all you need to do is press ‘smart mix’ and Mixonset will seamlessly mix your playlist or find the right songs to fit the vibe. You can even bring the Mixonset party on your daily commute or at the gym.


Mixonset is now available for free for iPhone users with Spotify Premium. You can check it out for yourself by installing it at:

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