Meet The World's First 3D Printed Modular Record Player

If you've ever dreamed of a 3D-printed, modular record player with a built-in stereo pre-amp and wireless streaming options, with solar charging upgrades, that is self-assembly, you'll love this.

For the past few years vinyl record sales have been on the rise. As a result record players have followed this trend too. So we're happy to see the world's first modular 3d-printed record player - which is basically an accessible DIY project - hit the market place too. Here's the official press release for the Lenco-MD:

Vinyl is experiencing a renaissance, but current record player design is still based on 20th century concepts. Their design is often pre-set, unambitious and options are generally limited.

We believe a 21st century record player should offer a general platform with the possibility to individualize, upgrade and customize. This vision is reflected in the swappable modules, as well as the open design and community activities surrounding the Lenco-MD.

The Lenco-MD consists of multiple modular units. It is super easy to swap them and adapt the record player to suit your particular situation. On a sunny day, plug in the ‘Lenco-MD Solar Module’, combine it with the ‘Lenco-MD Speaker Module’ and you are set up to go outside. Plug in the ‘Lenco-MD Bluetooth Module’ and you are ready to go wireless.

The Kickstarter version of the Lenco-MD is shipped with two empty modular slots. Modules like the Lenco-MD Speaker and Bluetooth Modules are currently in development and will become available after the Kickstarter campaign. If you are a maker or into tinkering, create your own modules using our pre-set designs or start from scratch. The only limit is your imagination.

The Lenco-MD record player is made by you. You can 3D Print it at home. Just add the quality Lenco hardware and electronics parts and have fun building it yourself. No 3D printer, but in love with the Lenco-MD? No problem, purchase a complete pre-printed set. All parts are printed with high-quality standards, by RepRapUniverse (RRU) at Qeske, The Netherlands.

The Lenco-MD record player is assembled in just a few quick steps. It is not only fun to build it by yourself, you also learn how the record player works. All mechanical parts and electronics in the Lenco-MD are genuine high quality Lenco parts, which results in the iconic and world renowned sound.

The record player of the 21st century leaves the smallest ecological footprint possible. It is made of PLA, a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic. PLA is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch and sugarcane. Degradation of the material will only occur under certain conditions (right temperature, humidity, bacteria, enzymes).

The Lenco-MD has a special tonearm, with a visually fascinating mechanical framework. Since the tonearm is perfectly balanced around a unipivot bearing, it does not skew or favor one groove side over the other. It reduces the ubiquitous resonances and frictions to an absolute minimum.

Lenco-MD is shipped with the quality AT3600 cartridge from Audio Technica. You have however, complete freedom to install your favorite cartridge. The handle on the tonearm is flexible and can be equipped with almost any cartridge & stylus available on the market. As an upgrade it is possible to upgrade the cartridge to the AT95E.

The Lenco-MD has a built-in stereo pre-amp and RCA line out port and headphone jack. A Bluetooth module is set to be developed soon after the Kickstarter campaign. This enables you wireless streaming options. It can be powered by a DC power supply or batteries. Additional powering options are currently being developed. You can expect an AccuPack and Solar Charging Module as upgrades soon.

The Lenco-MD record player uses a belt-drive to spin the platter. The system absorbs shock, and reduces harsh vibrations generated by the player’s motor.

The complete set of the Lenco-MD will be available first in seven colors: orange, yellow, apple green, sky blue, white, red and pink.


The launch of Lenco-MD on Kickstarter only marks the exciting beginning of a new kind of record player. After the the campaign, we will launch an online community platform where creators can share their own Lenco-MD modules and designs. We cannot wait to to see all great creations and challenge everyone involved to make the Lenco-MD a true modular and open system.

You are a maker or you own, for example, an audio/vinyl shop and like to offer a cool extra service to attract more traffic to your store? Become a manufacturer and print record players in your store. Our online platform will feature an overview of spots worldwide where the Lenco-MD is manufactured on location and can be purchased off the shelf. There is a special maker reward that features a new affordable RRU 3D Printer, specifically designed to print all pieces of the Lenco-MD record player.

Kickstarter (Main) Rewards

  • Reward #1: Lenco-MD Kit - €99. This Kit consists of all the hardware and electronics to build the Lenco-MD record player. You get a license to 3D Print all parts by yourself. This Kit requires a large 3D Printer (min. build volume of 330x330x100mm).
  • Reward #2: Lenco-MD Kit + 3D Printed Platter and Tonearm - €149. This Kit consists of the hardware and electronics to build the Lenco-MD record player. It also comes with the pre-printed Platter and Tonearm. You get a license to 3D Print all remaining parts by yourself. This Kit requires a standard 3D Printer (min. build volume of 200x200x100mm).
  • Reward #3: Lenco-MD Complete Set - €199. The Complete Set consists of all parts to build the Lenco-MD record player (Hardware, Electronics & 3D Printed Parts). This set requires no 3D Printer. You can immediately start assembling the Lenco-MD record player.

Available: Kickstarter launching on Monday 26 November 2018

Price: TBA


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