Korg Announces NTS-1, $99 Digital DIY Synthesizer

Korg are looking ahead to a world of DIY instruments and effects. Fresh from years of success with their volca range, the Nu:Tekt brand kicks off by launching the NTS-1, a powerful digital synth.

Melville, NY – September 4th, 2019 – For over 50 years, KORG has built upon their legacy of astounding product design and creation of musical instruments that stand out. Expanding upon their namesake of innovation, KORG has announced Nu:Tekt; a new brand with focus on DIY instruments, effects and utilities.

A first of its kind for the inventive tech brand, the NTS-1 is the first DIY synth in the new line, allowing synth enthusiasts everywhere to experience a hands-on approach to building, sound shaping and integration with other products. 

Here's 3 videos to kickstart your synth lust... the first is a promo from Korg, the second a tutorial from Korg on how to build it and the third a 17 minute review and demo from Loopop:

And here is the Loopop review of the Korg NTS-1:

For a product of its size, the NTS-1 impressively features a digital oscillator inspired by the MULTI engine as found on the acclaimed prologue and minilogue xd, along with an extremely capable arpeggiator. Beyond these amazing components, there’s also a multimode filter, one EG, three LFOs, and three effects processors (reverb, delay, and modulation) making NTS-1 a very powerful, flexible, fun-to-explore synth.

NTS-1 is compatible with logue-SDK; famously made for the Korg minilogue xd and Prologue synthesizers; allowing for the ability to run any custom oscialltor and effect content available for the acclaimed products, or for the user to create their own. 

The Nu: Tekt NTS-1 Digital Synthesizer is a unique approach to synthesizer creation, allowing for an easy and seamless way to assemble, all without the need of soldering. The package includes the essential tools needed to build, right down to the screwdriver.

Nu:Tekt NTS-1 can be powered over USB.

“[Nu:Tekt] NTS-1 is very capable, yet easy to grasp, digital instrument that’s simply loads of fun to play with, ” states James Sajeva, Director of Music Tech Brands for Korg USA, Inc. “With its DIY design, full-featured synth engine, Logue-SDK compatibility, and connectivity – all at a very approachable sub-$100 price point - there’s a lot to be excited about,” Sajeva concludes. 

The Nu:Tekt NTS-1 will be available November 2019 for $99.99.

For more information, visit: https://www.korg.com/uk/products/dj/nts_1/

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